I Am A Mutable Codependent!

mutable“Nothing is going on here,” I told satori. “I’m just waiting to see what everyone else is going to do.” She laughed. “Yeah, being a mutable codependent, this is what I do. I wait for all these Fixed people to fill me in on their schedule and then I adapt to it.”

This is my life. Right now, I’m waiting to see if my husband might make it home tonight. If so, I’m making steak fingers. If not, I’m freezing the meat.

I am also waiting on my son, who is having a friend over tonight, to see what they want to eat and how late the friend might be staying (or staying over). I may need to drive him home.

I also waiting on two tile / remodel guys. Not sure if one or both of them might come by to tonight to look at the house.

It’s a weird way to live, eady to morph at any time. If someone pings me right now and says they need a consult, I’ll be on the phone within ten minutes, or even on skype, talking to someone on the other side of the world.

Are you mostly Mutable, Cardinal or Fixed?

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  1. I’m a proudly “codependent” Cardinal with prominent Libra and a pinch of mutable. Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand where does the drive to be so adaptable and meet others’ needs come from.

  2. Only my dear Saturn in conjunction with North node in mutable Sag. Emotionally and relationally – if there is such a word – very Fixed with Scorpio Moon in Tnsquare with and Venus in Taurus plus the whole 1st house with Acs, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo. Also strongly Cardinal so I do not wait for anybody to make up their minds, I just act. Stubborn? Maybe a little bit. Selfish? Probably slightly.

    1. Oops. The txt left me unfinished. Was trying to type “Scorpio Moon in T square with Leo Asc/Aquarius Desc.”

      But I am still a nice person 🙂

  3. I’m fixed the majority of the time. People work around my schedule. My Libra-ASC smooths out the edges of my rough Leo/Scorpio stellium so I always have time and am quite mutable when it comes to parties or last-minute adventures (Uranus in Sag, woot!) 😀

  4. Seven fixed sign planets in the cardinal houses. Yes, I can come up with a plan and stick with it to the death of it, you or me.

  5. I’m all cardinal followed by a bit of mutable. The only fixed I have is by house (no placements by sign) Neptune in my 5th and Saturn in my 11th.

    Is there such a thing as cardinal co-dependent? I think that’s what I am. I’m moon ruled and the moon likes to orbit around something/someone, that’s me,

  6. hmmm…I have to google steak fingers:) My only mutable is my Gem Moon. 5 fixed planets and 4 cardinal and Libra rising. But I also have Neptune Libra 1st house and I wonder if this led me into situations where I’ve been manipulated into codependent situations??
    My last serious relationship with a Taurus stellium long distance truck driver was a perfect example. Every time I made plans for myself I’d get a phone call “Surprise Honey! I’m back early so cancel your plans cuz I’m only home 24 hours.” He always had a “to do” list for me and even though we are still friends I could never get back with him because my soul just doesn’t want to be that codependent.
    I’m happy to cook for people….just don’t tell me what and how to do it. Gots Mars Aquarius;)

  7. This is my life, exactly, right now. My world has been up-heaved and I’m waiting and watching and following other people’s lead for the time being. My actions are determined by the actions of others. I have a course to follow and I’m on the path, but within that, what X does or how Y plays out influences my moves.

  8. Re: Jilly, it seems like you would be able to make a large batch. Keep them frozen and fry a few whenever you wanted a fast meal. 🙂

  9. Lots of mutable! 5 mutable planets, plus my AC/MC. 3 fixed, including my sun; 2 cardinals, Mercury and Venus.

    I’m very flexible and go with the flow most of the time!

    1. YES! very important. I think those hemispheres show your leadership qualities as well.

      “People with a dominance of planets in the western hemisphere are dependent upon others”

      “People with a dominance of planets in the eastern hemisphere are independent and self-initiating go-getters.”

      1. on an actual birth chart, the left side of chart is actually the Eastern Hemisphere and the top of the chart is the Southern. Can someone clarify this???

  10. Ha ha – Love the title. Mostly mutable here. And codependent, although fixed moon and uranus do not think so. Cardinal angles + cardinal venus and saturn.

  11. I don’t know if I’m CoDependent, but dang if I don’t get some great dinner ideas from Elsa! Steak Fingers coming up!

  12. On the steak fingers, I tried the recipe above, using milk, since I don’t have buttermilk. I also used already-seasoned-by-the-grocery store cube steak, so I did not think it needed to marinade. The spices had been on the steak.

    So to did the milk & egg and flour – laid the fingers on a cookie sheet – froze for an hour or so and then fried one and tried it.

    It tastes just like Lucky Wishbone…I mixed ketchup and horseradish for the dip – PERFECT!

  13. The Lucky Wishbone steak fingers were a big hit. My husband loved them (taste just like they should – cocktail sauce, people, I’m tellin’ you). But my son, who had already eaten, stood by the table and stuffed his face.

    My husband said, “I didn’t know you could make those, but now that you do, I won’t forget!”

    So now I just have to figure out what’s in the seasoning from the grocery store. It’s red. Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder…what? Sound about right?

    Anyway, it’s a good recipe. Next time I’ll get the buttermilk, do a bunch up and freeze them. Great for a quick meal – they fry in less then 10 min.

  14. On the surface lots of mutable so I’ve learned how not to spin my wheels, go around in circles and I’m brilliant at juggling. When people discover that I have quite a bit of fixed energy, they are often surprised. Once I decide to focus I am formidable. But sometimes it takes me awhile (not much cardinal).

  15. My Sun, Moon and Ascendant are all fixed so I would say that I am a fixed person over all. However being a water sign I’m really pretty fluid.

  16. Mostly mutable with the fixed element as second strongest element. I am adaptable enough yet want control too so I accommodate to others while I think of my needs too.

    When I was younger I was overly adaptable

  17. And was often unhappy and depleted (pisces and neptune strong). Now I am still codependent and adaptable but in a more balanced way (for me). I get called selfish at times but hey I’m happier, less depressed 🙂

    The mutable bit does confirm I am a recovering worrier, and can be too indecisive and flighty (planets in gemini – fun though!)

  18. Taking in consideration only the main elements (I include Chiron),Axis and Nodes, I have 5 elements both at Fixed and Mutable signs. But I have Mutable axis, and my Chart Ruler is in its’ own, Mutable sign, 1st house, which I think makes me more Mutable than Fixed.I also consider myself pretty Cardinal, even if I only have 4 elements in Cardinal signs, because I’ve got Cardinal Sun and Moon.

  19. I also just figured my Daughter is VERY Fixed/Cardinal. She only has Mutable Neptune and Chiron, in Pisces. Yes, I can see myself becoming a Soccer Mom here. 😀

  20. wow, I am mostly fixed signs, sun moon, asc but my mars and venus are conjunct in gemini 7 th so I usually morph to whatever everyone else has planned, didnt it even realize that until reading this article…thanks for filling in another piece of the puzzle!

  21. I’m Sun and Moon in mutable signs and I never really thought about it but I do tend to defer to other people’s schedules and desires. I leave it up to them because my life is always a bit loosey-goosey. Shall we meet on Friday, Thursday, Saturday? Whatever is good for you. Shall we eat at X, Y or Z restaurant? No biggie, whatever you like best. If the plans are with another mutable person, I’ll probably come up with the ultimate plan. Maybe that’s my Cap rising? I’ll also usually come up with the time we do something, but I don’t know what THAT’s about.

  22. Lol, yep, story of my life. 6 planets mutable, 1 fixed. Nobody ever asks me where I want to go eat, or hang out, because they know my reply is always ” eh, anything is fine ” Adapt should be my middle name.

  23. My husband went to work this morning, as expected.
    He came home three hours later, unexpectedly. I think he will be home until tomorrow night or Monday…don’t know which! But have it handled, regardless. 🙂

  24. RE: buttermilk: I used to make biscuits & although I made everything from scratch, I did use powdered buttermilk (kept in fridge, lasted a long time) & no one noticed a reduction in taste. Although I’m probably pretty flakey (like the biscuits), I am set in my ways & don’t adapt to others anymore. Most of my planets are in fixed houses w/a Scorp Asc. Plus Leo Merc/Uranus. I can still get pulled off course if I’m not vigilant…Venus Gemini in 7th.

  25. I totally get it…mostly mutable here. And I even love how this thread went with the flow…it was like reading the conversations I have in my head all the time!

  26. I have the Cardinal sun sign of Libra, so I’m always thinking up things to do, like what job to tackle next on my day off, what project needs work, ect. and sometimes family members think I’m a little pushy b/c once I get something in my head I really try to get everyone on board with me, which works about half the time if I’m lucky. But if I’m not lucky, I have 2 mutable signs of Gemini moon and Sag asc., so I take what is left of my plan and scrape it for another day. And I really have a hard time with the fixed signs. I’ve learned never, ever to argue with them — big waste of time b/c they always win. 🙂

  27. I am def. Codependent and happily so. I am on a phone so there is a big happy smile for this. I have more than half mutable and mutable houses. I adapt all the time. W/ my dominant fixed man, you better believe it. Adding happy smile.

  28. Fixed in values, mutable in day to day stuff, but sometimes my mouth is cardinal in response to getting pushed around. Best to let it go and move on or move away from it. 😀

  29. I’m the same. So, so mutable. Then when someone else is leaving it up to me, I’ll change my mind a dozen times or more, especially if there’s no deadline. Let me examine every possible permutation to determine which is the very best, hmmmm…..

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