Moon in Scorpio – Manipulative Mother?

scorpiogrrrlIf you have a Scorpio moon, this means your mother is or was manipulative!

I’ve seen people make this claim and it simply isn’t true. There are plenty of people with their moon in Scorpio who have no complaint with their mother at all.  There are others who have a mother with dark energy or some kind of sordid past.

If your moon is in Scorpio, you carry the family legacy but you’re capable of transforming it.

If your mother set a good example and empowered you in the process – great!
If she set a bad example, you’re still in fine shape because you know exactly what not to do.

You’re using your mother’s energy either way. That’s what Scorpio does. Why not have a great life?

If your moon is in Scorpio, you have inherited energy from your mother, like her DNA for example. If she happened to be potent or powerful, all the better.

Who wants a weak mother, anyway?

65 thoughts on “Moon in Scorpio – Manipulative Mother?”

  1. I’m Libra with Scorpio Moon conjunct Venus in 2nd house. I was my Dad’s favorite when growing up which certainly didn’t help me with my Mom! Jealous, jealous. Our relationship is extremely complex. My aquarian moon sisters fared a lot better in the house with her than I did but we are all somewhat messed up relationship-wise. I was pretty much emotionally abused and neglected for much of youth and left before 13. We do ok now that I’m in my 40s and have the safety of my own home and some miles between us. I came along at a time that was very traumatic for my mom who is Scorpio Sun AND Moon. Her mother was Aquarian sun and beloved by all but both her parents (and eventually brother) were terrible alcoholics. She is a very strong survivor and did not carry on the pattern so I have a lot of respect for that. I spend a lot of my youth being the brunt of her resentments & trauma which she was never able to express with her own immediate family – so I didn’t get much of a childhood to say the least. There was a LOT of projection going on. She had crazy expectations of me and was incredibly severe & not playful with me and I was constantly reprimanded for being too sensitive and told not to cry. I was also told I was bad and wrong a lot which is pretty f*cked up to do to a little kid.
    I realized later that to get along with her, I learned to flirt with her & charm like a boyfriend so…which she loves so…I never really got to be her daughter. And I ever learned any normal mother/daughter things that get passed down. That persona that I took on, is the kryptonite type of guy I tend to fall for. Ugh.
    Unconsciously, she triangulated us kids a lot so we are not very close or cohesive (which she laments about now?!!). She is strong with many great values but extremely controlling of my father and paranoid about everything! I feel badly that she has these insecurities – which never totally seem to go away. I was the rebellious kid who emancipated early & got away. As a result, I grew up very lone wolf & independent. I have actually still not married and did not have children as it’s pretty terrifying to me but I love my animals all day long. (I have Saturn in Cancer in 10th squaring my Sun/Pluto, ASC in 1st, Moon conj Venus in Scorpio in 2nd and Mars in Taurus in 8th. My Moon and Mars are opposite each other.) I am seeing a lot of fixed sign karma here within families particularly Scorp & Aquarius. Interesting! Pluto and Uranus are my two strongest aspects. Only one of my siblings has had children & married. The rest of us are single & child free. (I truly do think our childhood with my mother was so heavy & draining, it has warped us for life.) She is a great grandmother though, has come to a good place with my Dad and I’m happy for them. Working on healing my relationship with my crazy childhood is definitely the key to remaining in a long-term relationship and I’m working on it! Wooh.

  2. My niece Scorpio moon she got harsh treatment. But now loves her mum. But is a hard girl now stone faced.
    I’m a Capricorn moon my mum never stood to anyone I always had to defend her from early age she was and still is very niave.
    My brother he’s Pisces moon she may as well still wipe his ass he’s 37! Useless but any worries he does it quietly in his room.
    He’s always in a dream world.
    My other brother Aries moon Libra sun awww its all me me me me me its embaraasing he always wanted to be free as a child.
    My boyfriend is cancer moon he’s so emotional but cares so much his dad always hit him as a child.his mum use feed him make him feel better .

  3. I have a Scorpio Moon. My sister has an Aries moon. My mother has been very nice to me as a child. I lived in a joint family. She would tell us negative stories about everyone in the family but they never felt manipulative. Most of the elders in my large family were weird. They were peculiarly toxic towards us. She did her best to protect us from them, going the extra mile to give us a good time.
    She was pushier with my sister.
    After I grew up, I felt she was unfair to my father, this change of feeling in me was not taken very nicely by her and she became quite mean to me ever since. After all that she did for my sister and me, maybe she felt I was a turncoat. My father was never emotionally available to her.
    In my childhood, she was a pillar of support, very loving, kind, and caring.
    The long and short of all my blabbering is that it might be circumstances that make people behave in a certain way, they are sweet people, we need to look beyond their behavior.
    I would not have been born or grown up without her. I am grateful to her for what she has done for me and all that she continues to do. Everyone becomes quirky when they grow old.

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