Client Testimonial: Candor And Grit

CG writes:

I’m writing a belated thank you for your time and energy and thoughtful consideration during our two recent phone consultations.

Your insights, findings and recommendations were clear and relevant to the pressing issues at hand. You readily accommodated my lack of a strong background in astrological terminology and lexicon which helped me focus in on the root of the matter.

Words are wholly inadequate to express my gratitude for your help. It’s not in my nature to reveal such raw fear and vulnerability. Calling you was extraordinarily hard and your genuine desire to address not my frailty or distress–but the core root causes and possibilities was an enormous relief.

The candor and grit you bring to your consultation has real value, Elsa. You are like a hard-core, extreme outfitter/forecaster (if that makes any sense). Out of our sessions, I feel more ready–more ‘dressed for the weather’, so that I can stay focused on the important stuff. It’s like, instead of standing around sopping wet to the skin, shivering, wailing about the thunderstorm and wishing/wondering about the sun, I’ve got on my raingear and boots and can slog through any muck to complete necessary tasks.

Serious thanks. Merci Buckets and Donkey Shins and everything. Sincere Regards, CG

Thanks, CG!

9 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: Candor And Grit”

  1. What what an awesome, well-written review. I love the outfitter analogy. It’s how I think about you too.

  2. 1000% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY GETS READING WITH ELSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so much guidance and support from Elsa everytime I talk to her! Thank you Dear Elsa!!!

  3. Thanks, you guys. 🙂 I agree, her writing is extraordinary. You can FEEL it. She wrote some other stuff… she has never seen me as a hologram (from back in the xanga days) and this was also striking to me. Why am I real to some people and un-real to others?

  4. I totally agree with CG’s comments. Elsa, your words have been such a strength to me over the past two weeks…you can’t even imagine how many times I’ve said to myself “I can HANDLE this…Elsa said so!”

  5. What a lovely review I am so glad you posted it. Your insights have helped me more than a few times deal with the world around me. I love your stories they are so great a pleasure to read. Thanks!

  6. Considering my own experiences with Elsa’s consultations, I can only agree….raingear and boots for slogging thru the muck………well-said!

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