Upside To A Bad Aspect: Moon Square Venus

Gap Real Straight JeansA major facet to the Moon square Venus aspect is that what you need is at odds with what you like. So here’s a mundane expression: it’s tough to find good jeans, ones that fit suitably and are at least somewhat fashionable. So what’s the upside, the good news? Over a lifetime of dealing with this aspect I have lowered expectations. I plan to fail and in doing so I find that over time I actually come out on the winning side much of the time.

Over the last few years I’ve bought three pairs of jeans from the same line. One was too big, one too long, but one was just right. For me, one out of three is Big Win. Instead of bemoaning the two that don’t work, I revel in the one that does.

This last pair I just ordered is a new cut so I checked out the reviews. It has an average of one to two stars out of five. Big Fail? Not for me, with my Moon square Venus! There were lots of comments of, “larger than expected.” No problem, I have that one figured out. The next most common complaint was poor quality, the denim was too soft, too thin, too stretchy, “unless you like saggy knees and butt stay away from these jeans.” GREAT! I love soft, I don’t care about saggy knees and I have Amazing Expando-butt! Also, I either stand for hours on end or lie on the sofa. Unless these jeans are made of tissue paper and baby sneezes they will work for me.

Because I have this “crap” aspect I have learned to roll with the punches. Because I don’t expect things will be perfect I’m perfectly thrilled when they’re adequate. This happened over time and because of it I am generally a satisfied individual. That is the upside to a challenging aspect. Challenge pushes you to accommodate and I am more flexible for it.

What is your most challenging aspect? Can you see its upside?

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    Reanna (asc taurus, sun gemini, moon scorpio)

    Well…I have the same aspect, and didn’t see any upside to it till today..but the way you’ve described it here gives me new perspective..thank you 🙂

    I also have Sun square Mars, Moon square Saturn, Venus conjunct Saturn, and Venus square Uranus…I hope to discover the upside to these aspects as well 🙂 Still have a lot to learn…

  2. So, so, complicated Satori! I too have Venus square Moon and Mars! I also have Venus conjuct Pluto, Venus trine Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune plus other Venusian aspects. What you wrote certainly resonated with me. Thanks, yet again. Your writing helps clarify aspects to me. Thank you.

  3. Ha ha 😀 I have Cappy Venus square Aries Moon, and I never, ever look Really Good, not even if I really try. There’s always something wrong with either my make-up, hair, I have ill-fitting clothes, whatever. And if I ever think I look perfect, no one sees me. Or it starts raining. Or it’s steamy hot/ridiculously cold (like now, -26 Celsius) outside and my face gets firetruck red. When there’s the possibility of bedroom action, I’m wearing granny pants.

    The upside to this.. well, I look more approachable than perfect women, and I find men come talk to me more easily than to some of my amazing-looking friends. I’m actually not sure if this is an upside. 😀

  4. Thank heavens I prefer older men (with Cappy Venus and all), and they don’t mind granny pants. Or ill-fitting clothes, or any of that really.

  5. @marge.LMAO.Rock that granny pants look!I have my special undergarments.They are like new.Because I have’em off as quickly as I put’em on!Hanes 100% cotton works for me.No frills or thrills.Taurus Sun/Moon in 2H.I value comfort.

  6. I would have to say the most challenging aspect(s) in my chart are my Pluto oppositions. Pluto is opposite: Mercury/Mars/Jupiter/Chiron. The phrase that comes to mind? Do or Die (and start over).

  7. Moon sq pluto. Ugh. Despite the the high level of emotion the moon pluto aspect gives me, I have a venus cap asc, so cappy’s got poker face and venus wants no part of a fight or even a disagreement. Maybe I’m learning to defend myself more aggressively when the aspect attracts its less than desirable situations?

    I’m having a pretty crazy pluto transit right now so I don’t really know anymore.

  8. Most challenging? I’d have to go with either the Scorp Moon/Leo Pluto square or all the opps to 4th H Aqua Chiron (6). Or Leo Sun/Scorp Saturn square, or Sun/Libra Neptune square. Sheesh.

    Upside? I know who I am and what I’m worth. I remember the days when I didn’t, so this means a lot to me. Also am in a position now to help others, esp. women and girls, with serious abuse issues.

    Satori thanks for this post, very thought-provoking and meaningful, makes me feel like I’m making some progress when I can see the upside to things :)!

  9. I also have the Moon squaring my Venus and Mars. The one that worries me though is Pluto squaring both my Venus and Mars.

  10. @Melody 1971: Totally! Granny panties kick some serious ass. With my Sun in 2nd house, I also appreciate some lovely comfy luxury, not the G-string type of luxury.

  11. Well, try this unforgiving aspect: Venus in Cancer Square Saturn Aries at exact degrees, with Saturn in the 7th house. Life and love cannot be anymore more unrequited and depressing than this, particularly for a motherless, never been married, utterly single female. Cheers and happy “Saturnalia” to you all.

  12. WOW Awesome post it made me laugh because I have this aspect. In fact I have a whole stellium squaring my moon and so mostly everything doesnt mesh with my needs but you learn to compromise….. and I just had an epiphany!!! I like this guy but he rarely mets my needs but for someone reason I like him …… it was right there all along, so simple in my astrology of Venus square my moon hahaha! Thankyou satori for reminding me.

  13. I’ve also learned to lower my expectations a little and not cry and whine all day long! 🙂

    I have a hard time understanding my Venus square Saturn, Pluto & MC… I know I tend to keep to myself but its because whenever I try talking to others (not my close friends) I feel they’re not interested or I’m just annoying them… on the flip side tho I try my best to actively listen when others speak.

  14. Yup, I have this too: moon in gemini square venus in virgo (also squaring sun in virgo). I have so many squares in my chart, its hard to pick a favourite 😛 but the problem being the difference between needs and wants is right on. I suppose it’s a going to be a life-long struggle to always try and find balance…but I guess it at least keeps things interesting (which at least my moon in gemini likes! lol)

  15. I just came across this article when I was googling moon square venus aspects and I am so glad I did. I have Venus in Libra (12th house on AC) square Moon in Cancer (9th house on my MC) and all I’ve ever read are bad interpretations. Yours was the exact opposite and made so much sense to me. That’s exactly the kind of attitude I have and I just realized the positive side of that. Thank you so much for this article. If only more astrology articles showed the positive sides to negative aspects!

  16. My natal moon squares my Venus in second house. I am always likings things. I consider myself materialistic; however the things I purchase give me a temporary pleasure instead of a long term satisfaction. The emotional need lies in true love and devotion I think. Food and natural will not give rise to emotional security. Eventhoughj I know this I fall victim to this Venus moon square.

  17. Satori, I have the same aspect: Moon in Cancer in house 11 and this squares Venus (conjunct Neptune)in Libra house two. I have also Pices on my descendant. On different levels in my life I have the same experience as you describe. I began to understand when I became older, AND after my first Saturn return with itself.
    And I really think that this aspect is a gift: very, very difficult when I was younger and a blessing after that. I am almost 63 years old. 🙂

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