Detach & View Your Relationships With Others

I have Uranus in the 7th house. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with how I interact with others.  In some cases, this have meant not interacting.

I was prompted by the current square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius. I readily absorb the energy around me. “Lie down with dogs and get fleas”, applies.

I wondered how another person’s effort or push or direction (Mars) might impact my psychology or how I value myself or others (Venus in Scorpio).  It’s been pretty outrageous.

Today, I found myself thinking about a relationship I was part of in my early 20’s.  Years later a friend told me how this person and I, egged each other on. I’d never thought this before. I didn’t know if it was true or not but I filed it away.  It’s ten years later now and I got to thinking about it.

I realized, how far away I am today, from where I was at that time.  If I’d have stayed near that person, my life would be so different right now, I can’t even imagine what it might look like. I may as well imagine living on the moon.

I’m not sure what you might take from this but I am sure that the people I interact with, impact me deeply.  I can do more than just waste time with certain people. I can degrade if not flat out destroy myself.

Who can relate?

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  1. I think I can relate to this feeling, Elsa, but more in terms of my relationship with my family of origin. I have Scorpio rising with Chiron in Aquarius in the fourth house. Some of my present day reflections (which are fairly calm and detached) relate directly back to experiences from five years ago when Saturn and the North node were in Scorpio. I think I chose well when I walked.

    1. Plus I relate to what you’re saying. I have the same natal chart. And 5 years ago I detached from a bulk of my friends and I have no regrets

  2. Wow totally can relate. I was in the same headspace this past wk. Taurus 7th here as well. Curious do you use whole sign house or placidus?

    1. I don’t use placidus at all because it makes the houses too wonky as I live in a Northern latitude. I use both equal and whole houses for a general sense of things. My progressed Sun is in Scorpio at 4 degrees while my Ascendant is 11 degrees — so I think I feel Uranus in my seventh already.

  3. I can relate. I have to choose the company I keep very carefully because some people’s influence is just very negative or destructive for me. If a person has a good influence or bad influence, it has a large impact either way.

  4. Yes, wow, I can relate! Pluto is winding up his obliterating stay in my eighth house. He exits for good at the end of November. I can no longer relate to what I was, what I had become. My Mom’s death coincided with the start of the transit and my father’s death in January marked the final lap. I got tied up during this time with someone in a work type relation who wasn’t good for me. A strong perosnality, a power person. I was intrigued and I think this person mirrored a self-awakening in me. However, there was so much I got wrong. I gave away my power, misread cues and instincts and like a dog with a bone wouldn’t give it up. During this transit, I nearly lost my son to cancer, as well as our whole family through three car crashes. I was totally on high revs and we nearly all got wiped out! Back in march / April I even nearly lost my mind (Transiting pluto conjunct mercury – crazy doesn’t come close!) All was connected to this one person who has now thankfully moved on and away. Being around this perosn was like a vortex I got sucked into, I couldn’t just walk away, time after time I got pulled in – always one more experience, one more joust, one more push for power, all to the ‘death’, with no backing down. This occured on an inner level, deep within the inner drives, while on the surface all was cool, motionless steel. This could only have ended in self destruction – however life intervened and all was dissolved. I don’t blame this person, this was the mirror within me – I learned so much about so much, especially my own power and desire nature, limits and boundaries, independence and (God) higher power . . .Pluto spared no punches and his lessons are brutal and huge, but ones of true power and self worth. Saturn is now conjunct my sun in eighth house, rebuilding and restructuring what Pluto ripped open and exposed. Bone chilling, blood boiling madness along with true self-knowledge and power that now (it’s over)I truly appreciate.

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      “My Mom’s death coincided with the start of the transit…” and “I can no longer relate to what I was, what I had become.” SAME!!

      “Back in march / April I even nearly lost my mind (Transiting Pluto conjunct mercury – crazy doesn’t come close!)”

      Pluto will be hanging out between my natal Sun and Mercury 12H for sometime… thanks for the heads-up!

  5. Past experience has me asking, in any new relationship that looks to be capable of moving beyond acquaintance –
    -am I sharing my values with this other to build a relationship between us or am I behaving so as to agree and live by their values, if oring my own?

    Something about that addage of considering the 5 people who are most close to me at any point in my life..these people are a direct reflection of me.
    And to a very large degree you have a choice in this matter.
    Are these people going to be with me 5 years from now? 10 years? 2 months?

  6. I have natal Venus in 4th house Scorpio, also my Libran Sun and Mercury are 4th house. Natally, Saturn is 8th house Aquarius, and dunh dunh dunh dunh! (foreboding piano notes)…. Mars is closing in. I was at a mental health clinic just days ago, after a crying jag day; torrent of tears. Feeling the c-r-u-n-c-h! All I can do is hang onto the yoga and meditation regime I’ve been building for 3.5 years. And one foot in front of the other. And listening to Eckhart Tolle, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron.

    The therapist I saw asked if I could see being with this person 10 years from now…. it’s been about 3.5… he did inspire me to begin the yoga as I was recuperating from colon cancer.

    I think my Scorpio Venus (and Mars) intensify my Cancer rising claws to hang on even tighter. I’ve wound up living in the lover’s house, although he wants no commitment. We have intimacy, I hook in every deeper. My 3rd house Uranus gets me thinking, oh sure! I can do open relationship – whatever this is. I sooooo enjoy the sex; can’t imagine a different partner.

    He has PTSD from childhood family dysfunction… and flies into rages. I cannot respect myself as a martyr. I will turn 55 in 4 days. I will have an education degree by December… I began building a plan that once working again, I’ll afford to live on my own, and can detach from the weirdness that’s been at my root for years now, if he does not resolve the feelings at the root of his rage. I have to guard against my self-esteem being totally gutted again.

  7. Sometimes for whatever warped
    Belief I have ,this ability to asked my oldest son(39,soon)about his business? He is Aquarius and lo maintenance, kind generous very
    Skilled carpenter.I noticed, after the probe, as if I still was a mommy
    Helping her boy; he said Ma , I am fine till you plant your seeds of worry
    And it grows into such an annoying
    Thought why Ma why? Please stop
    Does the radar need to reach beyond as a mother or is it acting like a storm searcher. I need some
    Morning prayer to be thankful and
    Stay out of where I never was invited
    It is the relationship I do honor.
    And promise not to litter seeds
    In any direction .

  8. Which part of our chart do we look at to see how we interact with others?
    As far as my chart, I don’t know but I do think about this a lot regarding interacting with people. I am from a small town in Utah & there is this weird connection between all people from here. We go to the city..hours away & only hang out with people from our home town. Not many people have friends outside of here & it seems like were all content with it… Just a random thought this post made me think about

    1. Nikell – 3 House, Gemini, Mercury all indicate our communication styles. You mention a weirdness among members of your community; Uranus and Aquarius rule this. Do you have any combination of the above?

  9. The Tr Venus Rx in Scorpio squaring Tr Aquarius Mars perfectly describes the controversy over the Brett Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court. Dredging (Rx) up sketchy (Scorpio) allegations (Mars) regarding sexual (Scorpio, Venus) improprieties (Mars) thus charging (square) that he’s morally (Venus values) unfit to be an associate judge on the Supreme Court (Aquarius).

  10. I have 4 planets in Scorpio: Jupiter, mercury, mars and Venus in the 3rd house. All but Venus square Pluto Saturn conjunction in the 12th. Venus tribe Saturn in 12th. My sun and moon are Libra/Taurus. So, lots of intensity underneath the graceful demeanor. Later in life discovered all my women friends have Venus in Scorpio. Walk the tightrope between mystery and practicality.

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