What Is The Part Of Fortune?

Part of X-Men“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.”
–J. Paul Getty

The Part of Fortune is marked in the chart by an X in a circle, just like the X-Men logo. It’s a theoretical point in the chart calculated from the positions of the sun, the moon and the ascendant. Because it is a theoretical point I don’t consider it to make aspects itself but is instead aspected by one’s own planets, the planets of others and by transit. When figuring this I take into account only the conjunction.

This point is associated with general prosperity, health and the career. When a planet hits this point its energy affects the blending of the sun, the moon and the ascendant taken as one. When Saturn transits this sensitive point you can expect a slowdown, to work hard for your good fortune. Jupiter here can indicate windfalls, an inflation of your fortune. When you take into account the sign and house of the Part of Fortune you can see the general flavor and area of life where these energies manifest.

My granddad’s Venus (assets) conjuncts my Part of Fortune. When Jupiter conjuncted his Venus in the seventies he set up a college fund for me. In the late eighties when it hit that point again, I used that money to go to school.

Where is your Part of Fortune? Have you noticed an effect by transit or planetary placement?

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  1. My husband’s north node at 8 degrees Virgo conjuncts my part of fortune at 10 degrees Virgo and my Mars/Pluto in 9 degrees Virgo. We first met at his first nodal return (age 18) but I’m going to have to dig out the old empheris to figure out any important transits in my own chart. I think Saturn may have been transiting in the early degrees of Virgo when I landed what turned out to be a very limiting contract job. This is very interesting. Thanks, Satori.

  2. Is the Part of Fortune always on the Decendant? Cuz it is for me – 27Virgo. Jupiter is currently on my Ascendant 26Pis. So, its opposing my POF. Any insight into what that might mean?

  3. the PoF is the same distance from the ascendent as the moon is from the sun. so if your moon opposes your sun the PoF will be on the descendent!

  4. 8th in Leo conj vertex and a close trine to saturn.

    sabian “Glass blowers shape beautiful forms with their controlled breathing.”

    I’ve always had good luck w other people’s money – stock market, gambling, scholarships, insurance, etc & chalked it up to 8th house jupiter but maybe PoF there too is helpful as well.

  5. I have POF conjunct Jupiter. Out of sign (POH in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini), but tight (less than 2 degree orb), none the less. The life hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve always been provided when I’ve most needed it. My Jupiter is retrograde, and I guess this is something I’ve worked for in my previous lives.

  6. Thank you Satori. I just checked it out on astro.com, my PoF is 10 degrees Sag. Exactly conjunct my m/c. I think that is an excellent, early Christmas present. Now, I had better see what it means.

  7. I have the same question as astroboy. Mine is opp. a Jupiter transit right now. My POF is on my MC (well 10degrees before) and I just missed a Jupiter opp. POF transit. What does that mean?

  8. Great post, Satori! I haven’t paid much attention, and I’m really glad you pointed it out! Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are just about on top of it! In the 5th House, so this should be FUN! PoF is at 28 degrees Pisces! Yah!

  9. My POF is conjunct my Saturn in the 7th house. I guess my sun/moon/asc (Sag,Gem,Leo) are all affected by this conjunction…bringing a seriousness to me. I think that’s pretty true!

    And Neptune is about to transit both of these…

    What does that mean?

  10. Satori, What do you think of someones saturn on the others PoF? My PoF is 16 aqua and his saturn is 16 Aqua. Its in my 10th my Plac and my 9th by Equal. Its seems to me since I’ve known him I have looked more at my career and at how I am viewed.. but I have also gone back to school mostly to advance and have a career!

  11. yes, thanks Dawn, I was out christmas shopping. it’s my one day to shop.

    I don’t mark aspects other than conjunctions to the Part of Fortune. There are MANY arabic parts. I believe it’s the Part of Spirit that is opposed to the PoF (by virtue of an opposite equation for calculation). Googling arabic parts brings up all kinds of great info. there are arabic part calculators out there for the ones that astro.com doesn’t do.

    Tina, I would consider any planetary conjunction significant. Saturn in general I think of as good glue in synastry.

  12. as far as astroboy’s comment about paying… I tend to answer questions when it’s further clarifying a general understanding of what I’m writing about, or astrology in general. If I answer one person’s question then I feel duty-bound to answer everyone’s. not only can I not commit to that (time) it’s also not fair to those who do book me for personal consults.

    if you have a specific, personal astrology question the boards are a great place to get your question seen and often answered.

    so, again, not about money… it’s about being fair. and only so much time available.

  13. The pink in your new avatar is really eye catching, I like. Also, I’ve googled arabic points and asteroids a lot and theres plenty of information out there but I like the way Satori (and everyone here, really) can always put it in ‘chewable’ form. I finally understand PoFs! Among many other things.

  14. ThankYou Satori Great posts as Usual !!!

    Merry Christmas !!!

    My Point of Fortune is in Sagitarius 19° 5th house and i am going to see What happends now because Mercury is going to hit this point twice in this Retrograde period I can feel it comning in the air !!!

    Blessings !!!

  15. Satori you look great in that pix 🙂
    and thanxs for posting this…my P.O.F is early capricon…so that makes this post right on time for the sun transit…….so far I have luck selling my handmade work for christhmas.
    Merry christhmas to everyone!!!!

  16. Yes the part of fortune is very important . I agree with what Satori has shared on this. I wish mine at 23 cancer 11th house was involved more . Will keep an eye on transits to it . Being in cancer i’ve noticed being luckier during full moons ,but not certain about it. Have taken note about ruler of the house its in , for me its Gemini , hmm .

    If you look at the POF for ted turner you see its conjunct his north node , which looks good ,team player in 11th. Now,Bill Gates has a uninvolved POF yet its in a 8th house AQ , and with uranus conj his rising it seems to be a factor to his luck with in this computer age.

  17. HI Elsa,

    Yes, glad to chat . I find this topic very important .

    I posted a reply related to this on the 5th house thread. Stating that Bill Gates POF is opposite jup/pluto conjunction. So the POS -spirit is involved ,using a 5 degree orb. Yet if you use aspects his POF is trine neptune and Ascendant, so a grand trine .

  18. and immediately after i ran ted turners chart , the POF conj north node —noticing the south node conjunct uranus but now adding “POS” !!So, via serendipity ,had ran julia child’s chart ,like ted , a 11th house POF conjunct NNode! , her south node/moon (a major factor to her kitchen skills),yet the POS factor , perhaps added her soul purpose or love for the craft. Anyhow, its clear that well placed POF/POS are very involved factors in a astrology chart.

  19. I have retrograde Psyche conjunct Part of Fortune and both conjunct MC (Midheaven) by 2.5degrees. What does this mean?

  20. ….I just found out my part of fortune is conjunct my sun-moon midpoint nataly.
    ….and next weeks full moon will be conjunct it all.
    wonder what it means???
    I sure could use some good luck now- it has been a really hard year…
    Thanks satori for yet another enlightning post 🙂

  21. My POF is 9 Taurus- a Christmas tree decorated with gifts. That has to be one of the best images ever. 🙂

    Venus will conjunct in a few days and I am looking forward to it.

  22. Super interesting. Mine is at zero degrees Cancer, which conjuncts my Grandmother’s Sun. She paid for my college education.

  23. Hmm. Even more interesting. My husband’s is at 29 degrees Gemini, so we also have a conjunction, each in our tenth house.
    Maybe we should have gone into business instead of marrying! 🙂

  24. Hello my 2nd house cusp is 20 degrees Aries my part of Fortune is 20 degrees Leo and my midheaven is 16 degrees Sagittarius the planet Uranus is right on top of my second House cusp Saturn is conjuncting my midheaven I am also experiencing a Jupiter Jupiter conjunction by transit which is also trining the transiting Pluto in Capricorn. I feel that this is extremely lucky and will assure that my hard work pays off.

  25. What does it mean if person A’s Part of Fortune is exactly conjunct person’s B’s Part of Fortune? Specifically in a friendship.

    1. Welcome, Kasey. I don’t have specific experience with that but I would guess that the people would have the same sort of luck at the same time. 🙂

  26. Is this also called pars fortunae on the astro.com list? If so I have mine in capricorn in my first house? No natal conjunctions. Pluto is transiting it as we speak. I don’t really know how to interpret that? I would greatly appreciate some insight if anyone has some?:)

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