Music: Venus and Her Tastes

venus marleneMy daughter was a teenager. Try as I might, I just didn’t like the music she was listening to in the era. I thought I could and should love whatever (and whoever) my kids loved but as it turned out, I couldn’t manage. The truth came out instead.

We were in the car with her music baring. “What don’t you like about him?” she asked. She had a spectacular crush on the band’s lead singer.

“Well honey I’m sorry. I’m sorry but I just think he’s tiresome.”

“Tiresome? You think he’s tiresome?” She was shocked but curious. Your basic Plutonian Gemini.

“Yes, he bores me. And I am sorry to say that. I mean to like him and I try to like him but I’m just bored by him.”

“Why bored?”

“Well what’s he do? All he does is go on and on about how bad his parents are and I don’t know,” I said, chuckling. “I think that’s boring. It does not interest me after a point. I want to know what you’re going to do. I want to know who you are. I don’t want to hear yet another dramatic way to say, I am mad at my parents. Good God. Song after song after song. Blah, blah. Can you see how that could be boring? I am bored to tears with that.”

“I could talk about that subject all day and all night,” she said.

“How bad your parents are?”


“Well go ahead. There are others out there who want to do the same thing but I’m not one of them. In fact I’d rather do anything but.”

“We have different tastes?”

“We have different tastes. And I am sorry. I will try to like your next crush, okay? I swear I will. I wish I liked this one but I do not. However, I understand you do and I understand why and it’s fine with me. I got you the black makeup didn’t I? Do what you want; I am glad you are moved by the music.”

She has Venus/Pluto I have Venus/Neptune. No wonder…

Is there music that bores you? Where is your Venus?

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  1. Yes, most music on the radio these days: the screaming teenagers that all sound the same – how teenagers have changed in past 5 years (my teenage music was Good back then lol).
    These days I’m more into music that makes me emotional – Venus in Scorpio, course, but also a lot of folk and world music, exotic things (stellium Sag)

  2. Venus in Sagittarius trine Saturn. All those ‘she/he done me wrong’ songs . . . C/W, rock, blues, whatever. Just don’t like music that reinforces dysfunctional relationships. My Aries likes to listen to C/W while he works. My preference?! Andean pipes & other melodic folk music in a minor key(Sagittarius).

    BTW, growing up all of us kids played some kind of instrument in the school band . . . i played the flute. Great experience! 🙂

  3. I need music that speaks to me, and while there’s more than ample room for some oversexualized ditty, I feel like we’re just overwhelmed, especially in rap (which is prolly why I only listen occasionally). I have a pretty broad taste in music, but it must tie in with something going on in my life.

  4. Ok, now I’m curious… What band is this?

    Me, I hate anything that’s overly sappy, orchestrated, whiny, or boring. I like rock. *shrug* It can be new, old, country-fied, folksy, funky, weird, etc. I don’t care, it’s just gotta have a good beat and tune and non-irritating vocals.

    Heh. Venus in Aries. 😀

  5. venus in taurus in 8th, quincunx mars & uranus… i like mostly harder, heavier music. if not that, it at least has to be socially/emotionally challenging, intensely introspective, or thought-provoking somehow. i don’t like to have music just playing, where it’s mindless, repetitive, or some kind of emotionally appropriate product for the moment at hand. overly weepy or whiny type of music gets on my nerves, even if it does have an intense sound. i don’t like music that comes in a package and has a visual or social image to maintain in order to sell. that, to me, is ridiculous and boring. i don’t want superficial music!

    but you know, i have venus in taurus… i want to like all music, at least the idea of it being there. even if it is superficial, boring, or outright terrible.

  6. seekingzen – I purposely didn’t say. And this was no rush to judgment. I took a month to conclude what I did. See… I don’t mind dark music. My daughter is 12 and I was listening to Leonard Cohen when I was 15, hard core. Difference is, Cohen is a world class poet where this guy… well he’s more like a dipshit. 🙂

    And he is not smart enough for my daughter. In fact I think he is contrived and packaged to market to girls her age (he is 35) which is doubly disgusting.

    Anyway, ha ha. She is way too smart to stick with this for long. She just needs a crush and there he is. She likes his look. She’s just experimenting is all. And I plan to listen closely to whatever she likes because surely her generation will have it’s gems.

  7. I’m terribly bored by rap and hip hop these days, generally. The only exception would be British rap, some of which I’ve found to be interesting, lyrically. The issue with American hip hop (and contemporary R & B) is that the subject matter is the same over and over: hot chicks in clubs, big shiny cars, expensive champagne … fashion labels … boring, boring, boring. Not only that, it’s tasteless.

    Venus in Virgo, conjunct Mercury.

  8. Venus Saturn conjunction in Aries in the 5th. I’ve got a broad range, but the music I love best is loud, difficult, disturbing. Radiohead is my favorite band.

  9. My life is music…not much bores me, i have favorite genres and genres that I dont care to listen to at all. But all in all, I tend to try an appreciate all music for what it is. I really dont care much for county or rap.

    I have venus gemini(11th house) opposite neptune, venus square mars pisces and venus trine pluto.

  10. My daughter recently was caught by the lyrics from the WHO song Behind Blue Eyes- her favorite line is “if I swallow anything evil put your finger down my throat” Her father was singing it to her with full expression- she’s 7 with a Venus/Pluto square. I have to admit I was stunned by her request for him to repeatedly sing it to her, then later to witness her singing to herself in the bathroom while watching herself in the mirror. At that time she told me what her favorite line in the song was and I had to smile- Transiting Jupiter was sitting on her 1st house Pluto and she was rocking out. I sat there watching, with my Venus/ Neptune square, being transported to a different time and place.

  11. Hi again,
    i really enjoy the comments here about the subject! Especially the last one – Michelle´s little girl will be among the next generation of powerful female musicians rocking the world, I´m sure. Good taste to start with!

    Musicwise I fully subscribe to Rhiannon´s “my life is music”. As a singer, I feel at home in the jazz area, as a listener I´m all eclectic and pick “the best” from all kinds, styles and ages, as long as it´s vital and honest, as in “they´re not doing it just for the money/charts”.

    As for my twin sons, they have very different musical favorites. One has a very broad range, Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, Tori Amos and even Paul Anka plus all kinds of stuff in between and around. The other is heavily into dark, doomy, gloomy, screamy and very heavy metal, Slipknot first of all. I had to get used to the band posters on his wall, since I find them so scary, but ok, that´s his taste and it fits him. (I only objected a single time to something he put on his wall, and that was when he hung up Paris Hilton. And it was not because of her music…) Both their venusses are in Libra, so I think the latter twin is more on his scorpio moon in that matter.

    Myself, I´ve got a cancer venus trine moon/saturn in pisces. Gemini sun. Guess my singing self is on the moony side, my listening self is all “just curious” gemini.

  12. TThe usual suspects bore me (James Blunt et all), but I have to say one of my all-time favorites is Bjork, especially Army of Me–Oh, and Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries, so it’s a fitting anthem…
    And I’m with Piya-misogynistic music is the shits.

  13. I’m bored to tears by hip hop, rap, pop, music made for comercial purposes in general.
    I have venus in capricorn on the 12th, square pluto, trine saturn, sextile mercury.
    I LOVE dave matthews band, he is a capricon. I have a soft spot for music with lyrics that are about social causes or some ideal, like tracy chapman, gospel, and others.

  14. I love many different kinds of music– obscure, average, or popular. all it has to have is “something”: joy, depth, intricacy, honesty, integrity, sadness– something real.

    aries venus, ninth house.

  15. Avatar
    the other Kat

    I generally find something to appreciate in most genres with the exception of a few(hardcore rap, death metal in particular) but the only thing that really BORES me is jazz…don’t mind blues, but I can’t abide jazz ~ venus in capricorn, 2nd house, opposition saturn.

  16. For what it’s worth, I like old-school hip-hop, post-punk, power metal, and pretty much anything weird, different, or out of style.

    Venus in Aquarius, of course. 🙂

    The story reminds me of my own daughter… she’s almost 16 and seems to have a similar taste in music as yours. While I do consider most of this music boring, what bothers me is that she actually *believes* that we are bad parents and that she has a bad homelife. Maybe that’s a generation gap thing that I just don’t understand. 🙁

  17. I like rock in geenral, classic rock, and music that “speaks to me”. I have a thing about intelligent lyrics.

    I don’t like rap, hip-hop, most cheesy junk on the radio, overly popular songs, or what I call “overly macho nu-metal”.

    My Virgo Venus is conjunct Pluto and Uranus–the Uranus explains some of the out-there songs I have on my iPod–70s soul and pop.

  18. i’ve got to admit i’m okay with most genres of music. there are two areas however that i have never taken to: experimental jazz and some fundamental/pentacostal hymnals. i had a roommate once who when we first met said she was into jazz. i thought cool i get to hear something different. it turned out she preferred experimental jazz. although i tried i couldn’t get past the discordance, but it sure was different to anything i had heard before. as for the hymanals, well…

  19. Hmmm, Venus barely in Pisces (0 degree) in the 11th. I cannot live without music. All day, everyday. I even have the classical station on at night when i’m asleep.

    I have XM radio with 170 channels and only listen to two. I like the “well-crafted song” which means great songwriters from any decade since the 60s. Well, I like the old classic standards too. But my music is “jazz, blues and funk. that ain’t rock’n’roll. Folk with a beat and a little bit of soul.” As my boy Van the Man (Morrison) sings. I’m obsessed with his music. Also blues. And classical. I’m a classically trained musician.

    So. Van Morrison and Mozart.

  20. I am bored by country music. It’s too whiny and nasal and samey. The exceptions are of course, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton’s Jolene. I also hate the new emo-rock-ballad-indie hybrid crap that is just trying to stuff as many sud-genres as possible into a song to make heaps of money from it. Lame.

  21. Hans: don’t most kids think their parents are terrible? I know I did, I ran away from home at 16 and never came back! I only see now, at 30 how freaking awesome they actually were.

  22. @Kashmiri: Yes, I suppose they do. It never made sense to me, but I guess that is how most kids think. It bothers me because I never was like that, so I can’t really relate to it, and because parenting seems like a very thankless job. I’m still wondering when I will finally get to the good part… 🙂

  23. Okay this is a little off subject but I have been looking for a place where maybe someone can help me answer some questions. I am an astroloholic (lol just made it up!- thats jupiter(grandiose,larger than life) in gemini(words) in 11th house(invention) talkin’) and i’ve been going over this in my head for months but just recently started looking for places on the internet where i can ask ppl questions about my venus and mars. They are in opposition BUT they are out of sign. Venus is at 0’12” Libra and Mars is at 29’56” pisces. Pretty Crazy Huh!?! one in a million i say. I have found tons of information on the internet about mars opposing venus, mars in pisces and venus in libra and it all points to one thing-i am probably very creative and possibly musically inclined. but I want opinions from other ppl please! what do you think mars in pisces opposing venus in libra means? Do u think the planets being at the VERY EDGE of they’re signs would have any effect on how they function? If you want to see my natal chart i was born at 11:37 PM Oct 1988 in Plymouth NH.

  24. OH yeah a few other things… not only do my mars and venus oppose out of sign they form a T-square with Saturn and Uranus conjunct at the End of Sag in the 5th house, the house of pleasrure and creativity (I know… saturn in fifth house… it sucks). I believe saturn puts a strong dampening effect on my musical creativity while giving me the endurance to master my work-I play guitar- while Uranus makes it more electric, energizing and offbeat, which is probly why some ppl think my music is too eccentric or unlistenable.
    Besides the venus mars stuff i also have a kite formation in my chart with my scorpio sun conjunct pluto(u heard that right… sun+pluto…) trine my cancer moon(woohoo for CANCER!) trine north node in pisces with the vertex neptune in capricorn opposing my moon and sextiling my sun-pluto conjunction and north node. after looking through the internet once or twice about this formation ive figured that neptune being the vertex and making all those contacts u think that would make me a person of great illusion and deception? much of the time if feel like im lost and i dont know where im going to do next and i do know why i do certain things and daydream and imagine alot. its like i got a million a ideas and dreams but cant quite find a way to achieve them giving me great frustration but motivating me to find answers to my questions and problems(thats a kite formation for ya. easy flow between trine planets and frustration between opposing planets giving u a good dose of luck and challenges) Do you think Neptune being the vertex would have anything to do with my creativity as a musician and as my confusion with daily life?

    I love all sorts of music and im really not that picky. Ill listen to about anything u put in the stereo, although i might not like it as much as other kinds of music (piscean mars(music) ninth house(worldliness, openness)?) all it takes to get me to listen is that it is music in at least the most basic form and ill probably accept it. even rap hiphop techno and classical are in my arsenal of choices. but i am especially drawn to music that is transformative and DEEPLY moving like linkin parks old stuff, system of a down-“toxicity”-, eminem-“the way i am” and the songs about his mom b4 he went mainstream-, and led zeppelin-“No Quarter” and “Kashmir”-. When im driving i get deeply lost in my own world driven by these songs and often lost all touch of reality and forget my problems sometimes to the point of neglect. tougher, louder, rhythmic (aka Arien traits) music pumps me up like no other and motivates my to stand up for myself and take action. Its like i take suit to whatever music i hear or, in other words, my ego takes the form of the music i hear…. ….music is a powerful too tool for me…

    I also like (in no particular order) My Chemical Romance, Jimi Hendrix, The Used, Led Zeppelin, Sum 41, Blink 182, Macy Gray, ACDC, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, M&M, The Ramones, Blue October etc.

  25. pisces venus conjunct mars over here.. i consider music to be an addiction.. one that i really enjoy.. i also make some myself.. i enjoy to lose myself in the harmonies and if i really like some piece i imagine that it is a world in itself and that i am “living” there.. probably my moon-neptune square to blame..

    i think music and astrology are closely connected and i am even thinking to put a website on the topic, since it’s not easy to find an interesting resource, especially on contemporary music.. but maybe i’m wrong.. so if anyone could post some links that would be much appreciated..

  26. I have just been pondering about the influence of planets and ones’ taste in music. It’s fascinating how our patterns in music emerge even across genres. I can listen to pop, rock, classical, electronica. etc.. but they would have similar qualities in their sound. I am drawn to songs with sonic, atmospheric, synthetic, otherworldy types. Musicians who use not only the band instruments or any musical instruments, but also incorporate different noises like the tick of a clock, the creak of a door, the sound of a videotape rewinding.. weird noises that just creep on the song.. sort of mixing noises and creating harmony out of it, that’s my thing. A perfect example would be Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Velvet Underground

    Because I like synthetic sounds.. the types that kind of bore me are those with pure tones like the jazzy ones.. maybe some folksy ones. I’m also not into music that levels my emotions.. I like the intense real down or real high feeling I get. So music has to either make me depressed or make me jump around and bounce on the walls… extreme emotions rather than just level. No jack johnsons or ben harper for me.. their music bore me. Jazz can’t give me that extreme that I need as well.

    I am also not into the overformulaic music that we hear from manufactured pop nowadays. Not into rap or hip-hop and not big on R%B as well.

    Lastly, I like songs with very shifty tempo on them.. and ones that don’t follow the stanza-chorus-stanza structure. If you’re familiar with the beatles’ A Day In The Life.. or Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.. or Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.. then you know what I mean.

  27. My taste in music is eclectic. I like so many different types. I’ve got Venus aspecting a bunch of planets – Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter…

  28. Venus in Taurus in 8th,
    -trine Mars and Neptune,
    -opposite Pluto

    I mainly love gothic metal, heavy metal, darkwave, steampunk, some electropop, new wave, new age, and anything in general that is alternative and atmospheric. Not too bothered about the words in the songs (maybe a mercury in pisces thing), it’s the music I love.
    I find the current chart music either very dull and boring or rather irritating, particularly hip-hop – can’t stand it.
    Basically music for me has to have some kind of good emotional effect, especially the ability to carry me away with it so to speak.

  29. Venus in Libra square Neptune… I can like music of any genre and any lyrical theme, as long as the melody is beautiful.

    Even if the lyrics are worthy of a Nobel Prize, if the song doesn’t have a good melody I don’t like it.

    (I said any genre but rock -distorted guitars and feedback- will always have a special place in my Aries Moon heart).

  30. Venus aspects everything in my chart except mc and jupiter. So I like a lot of things. An awful lot. If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s bland sounds. Give me ethereal, sad, magical,angry, drums, rock, country, acapella, ethnic music, epic anthems, hip-hop opera remixes, indie, pop, alternative, electronic, haunting, jazz, contemporary classical music but not bland. I don’t dab deeply into a genre but if I like a song, I like it. My playlist looks like a chaos but wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. Ah, I didn’t write any examples from the ones I often go back to – Eric Clapton -Layla Unplugged version, Yanni – Playing by heart, Mitski – Pink in the night, Alessandro Safina – Luna, Tanita Tikiram – Twist in my Sobriety, Can’t help falling in love with you- dark version, Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap.

  31. Today my music mood is Ed Sheeran – The Parting Glass, Nathan Evans- Wellerman and Walk off the Earth’s Eye of the Tiger cover.

      1. NF – The Search

        See, we’ve all got somethin’ that we trapped inside
        That we try to suffocate, you know, hopin’ it dies
        Try to hold it underwater but it always survives
        Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise

        1. Susumu Hirazawa – Parade. In the recent future event of transit mercury rx square my uranus/neptune and to make it even more ridiculous, my progressed mercury is also square natal uranus/neptune exact. What better song than this to portray the feeling.

  32. I never liked early-mid 90’s indie rock. Too watered down for me, no strong emotion or teeth to it. I have Venus in Capricorn. Beyond that, I love multiple genres from flamenco to rock to funk to soul.

  33. Yes, that’s exactly what I was talking about. They were huge when I was in college. To be fair, when I was younger, I sometimes confused finding the singer and band members sexy with actually liking their music. But my soul and gut went right to Soundgarden back then over anything I found tepid. Grunge had a passion and angst to it the former just didn’t seem to.

  34. Virgo Venus. We’ve come a long way from the Beatles’ hit song, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” to Snoop Dogg’s song, “”Can I Get a F*** Witchu?”

  35. Harmony, clear vocal enunciation and upbeat, energetic lyrics with no call to violence or slimy sexuality thanks. You can get a good message across without making it a rock tied around the listener’s neck. Frisky wording is so fun. Pisces ASC/ Gem Sun/ Sag moon & Leo Venus/Mars. Good songs are being made.

  36. I feel as if most, if not all music , media, etc, is only a form of mind control, and manipulation – steering the population into the mountain. 150 yrs ago, children did not go to school to learn how to be like everyone else and programmed to not think.

  37. Venus in sag trine moon, square Jupiter. I don’t like polka music or John Philip Sousa, but I like some of everything else I’ve heard, I just have to be in the right mood to enjoy it.

    I definitely have my favorites tho, artists that make music that makes me feel understood, like “oh you put that feeling into words.”

  38. Venus in moon ruled cancer. I should say mood ruled cancer so that sometimes I am in the mood for classical or hard rock or jazz and sometimes I am not depending on my mood. I am usually comfortable with classic rock. While I like the bite of Americana, country western is unbearable. To be locked in a car flooded with uncomfortable sounds is very difficult. Some years ago I was on a ride along with my parents. Their dodge van had a really good sound system. I stayed in the vehicle with my dad while mom went into shop. So weird to watch the world outside through the window to blaring polka music. But they were dancers and the polka was one of those dances they did.

  39. A lot of music bores me and a lot of genres I won’t list because I just don’t have the patience right now. I have Venus in Aquarius. The music that excites me are grunge, punk, alternative rock, new wave, and anything considered classic rock.

    1. Charles Aznavour- Et pourtant.? This song puts me in a good mood despite the lyrics describing someone who’s not letting go of their love but not in a toxic way. It gives venus sextile pluto vibes. I have this transit these days.

  40. i like music that is soothing and calming, as well as rock n roll with a good beat. Music like Grimes and Lykki Li are really nice, with soothing calming music as if you are sailing on the ocean and it’s with a touch of Enya. i have a strong 12th house, maybe thats why.
    boring music would have to be elevator music. lol xD and for some reason i can’t get into jazz even though i think its talented and sassy.

    1. Lykke Li and Enya have such calming songs, your music taste is very nice! I want to recommend two songs with similar vibes but a bit sadder. I’m excited seeing someone enjoying this type of sound. Adriana Mezzadri- Marcas de Ayer, Blank&Jones with Delerium& Rani- Fallen

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