Why You’re Exhausted Even With Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces Sleep

Jupiter has come back home to Pisces! After years of planetary pile-ups in Saturn-ruled signs, a dose of the Greater Benefic operating at full force from his home sign is some much-needed relief! But one thing I’m seeing from clients, friends, on social media, etc, is that everyone is shocked at how exhausted they still feel. They expected to wake up to a whole new attitude, to miracle and rainbows, and instead all they really want is a nap. What gives?

There are two excellent reasons for this, both dealing with the essential natures of Jupiter and Pisces.

First, let’s look at what Pisces means to Jupiter. Like most planets, Jupiter has two homes in traditional astrology, one diurnal and one nocturnal. The diurnal (fire and air) signs are bright, active, and externally-oriented.  When diurnal signs are highlighted, we get the burst of energy and productivity that so many of us were expecting with Jupiter moving into Pisces. But Pisces, like all water and earth signs, is nocturnal, and doesn’t operate the same way.

Nocturnal signs are calm, receptive, and inward-looking. They transform from the inside out. You may not always see their action, but it is always there beneath the surface. So when Jupiter’s freedom-loving, generous nature takes on its nocturnal form, we are often given what our souls need, not what our minds want.

And what most of us need right now is to rest.

And that’s the second thing. Think of where Pisces is in the zodiac. Being the last sign, Pisces is associated with completion and the ends of cycles, not with unfettered growth. Pisces is not Sagittarius! It’s about faith, not optimism. It’s about forgiveness, making amends, and transcending, not about seeing how close to the sun you can fly.

Pisces also comes after two Saturn-ruled signs. After the hard work and harsh restrictions of Capricorn and Aquarius, it’s common to have forgotten what it even feels like to be light and airy and free. After the high hopes of Sagittarius, the two Saturn signs teach us to curb our optimism and expectations. And by the time we reach Pisces, it’s time to stop, reflect, take stock, and figure out what we’ve learned from the journey.

We also shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the Saturn-ruled era isn’t even over! Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces is only a sneak peek. This is our brief respite before we must return to the lessons of Aquarius and continue to figure out what the new rules are and what belongs in our life versus what is holding us back. That work is not done. But for now, Jupiter is here to give us a little breather.

So if you’re not feeling invigorated in the way you’d hoped, don’t fret. We’re all exhausted. We’re all trying to figure out how to move forward in our new normal. Everyone is navigating their own choppy waters, but no one is in this alone. If you need to rest, rest! And if you’re ready to sing in the streets, do it! Enjoy this transit while we have it and have faith that the right gifts will come to you at the right time. Even if that gift is just a really, really sweet nap.

How do you feel since Jupiter has entered Pisces?

9 thoughts on “Why You’re Exhausted Even With Jupiter in Pisces”

  1. I’ve been absolutely exhausted. I thought it was because I gave up caffeine a couple weeks ago, lol.

  2. Exhausted here, too. I also know at least two people who are exhausted, and in pain, to the point of tears. Compassion will be much needed at this time!

  3. The final two signs if the astrological cycle – Pisces and Aquarius – diminish personal reality in preparation for a rebirth thru Fire and Aries. The esoteric ruler of Pisces is Pluto.

  4. Tired!

    Even my progressed moon is now in Pisces, in the 12th house.

    So,even my evolutionary journey is tuned into rest and healing.

    I have been through therapy on/off for almost 2 years now, and I am tired, SO TIRED, I just want it to be over. That will happen in June.

    And frankly – I can’t wait *Zzz*

  5. My Father in law died shortly after the vax. Im tired and confused. Im not a anti vaxxer so Im sitting in confusion and grief. I dont know what to think.

  6. I just wanna lie down and go to sleep!
    All worn out, and loads stuff to do – how will I ever get it done?!
    Maybe I’m allowed to have a rest, but I find this hard to implement.

  7. I am not sure what I feel. Even though I feel super-charged to take off, and sometimes even when tired, some energy to plod on, I feel like all around is a bit dull and gloomy, and I suppose I must also curb my enthusiasm a lot. Trying to help others is not going well. Both others and I are better off minding our own businesses and helping only if and when asked. It’s a weird zone for sure, but I feel like inside me is like calm water that flows on and on. I can’t call this happy or anything, just the best way I know to feel in the present moment.

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