Does Your Experience With Law Enforcement Correlate With Saturn?

I was reading a man’s blog about his bad experiences with law enforcement. They are terrible! My experiences with police are all very good. I’m aware others are not so lucky!

For example one time my stepbrother and I got in some trouble. We were both teenagers and frankly, I was the one who committed the crime that attracted the cop’s attention. I stole a twinkie.

But in the end, the police wound up driving me home (stopping on the way so I could dump my little bag of pot in a dumpster), while they took him to jail, stopping on the way to beat the hell out of him and break his (coke bottle) glasses.  He was legally blind!

Saturn is well placed in my chart. I wonder if there is a correlation here.

What are your experiences with law enforcement? What does Saturn look like in your chart?

5 thoughts on “Does Your Experience With Law Enforcement Correlate With Saturn?”

  1. About like yours . . . always been treated with respect & courtesy. Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Leo sextile Moon. Plus I have one of those “I’m innocent” faces! 🙂

  2. Saturn in the 4th house.
    I have major luck with law enforcement. I was constantly taking my moms car and my mom had the police look for me many times. Each time they let me drive home, they just followed me.
    Ive also gotten into a few (heated) altercations with police officers over speeding tickets and gotten off with a warning.

  3. I dunno!!! My Saturn is in the 10th in Aquarius ruiling my Aqua MC!! Great, right!!! NOPE. The law has always been major major major on my case all my life.

  4. Retrograde Saturn in Gemini in 7th trine Libra Sun 2 degress and Libra Venus/Uranus 7 degrees in 11th. Opposition Neptune 6 degrees/Jupiter 4 degrees in Sag. in 1st. When I present myself as restrained and well spoken I seem to get the benefit of the doubt.

  5. saturn seems to be well aspected in my natal chart, then again what do i know about the astro?

    as for encounters with police… for the most part they have been relatively okay. i feel most of my negative experiences have been through what i have witnessed the police do to others, rather than myself. still there is always a first time, right 😉

    saturn in aquarius house 8, 9, or 10 (depending on what house system you use)trine moon and mars, and conjunct MC.

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