Weekend Love Forecast – Mars Square Pluto and Intensity of Action

rocket jupiter camFriday night, the self-ruled Cancer Moon cruises along unimpeded as the Sun, Venus, and Mars whip up some drama in a series of squares. Emotional regulation is key as we make space for the less-than-ideal timing for fun and love.

End-of-sign Aries Mars semi-sextiles Pisces Neptune through Saturday night, a touch of anesthetic in its ongoing, out-of-sign square to Pluto in Aquarius. While action is powerful, it’s unpredictable. It does tend to spring some traps, though. If you can get over the fact that something isn’t ideal, it’s possible to gain the advantage of wiping out some less favorable options.

When you know what doesn’t work, move on to something else. Neptune can erase a bit of the bite. It’s not failure, it’s a process. Experiment, and distance your mood from the results.

Also Friday night, the Sun and Venus in Mercury-ruled Gemini actively square Saturn in Pisces. Scale back your expectations for what’s possible, and what’s left is gravy. Make what’s necessary a goal, and concentrate on appreciating what you have. If you’re doing what you ought, chances are – there IS something good in there somewhere.

Venus perfects its square to Saturn early Saturday morning while the Sun’s square continues through Sunday morning. Don’t get bogged down in drama; instead, concentrate on slow but timely progress.

Saturday afternoon, the Cancer Moon trines Saturn then squares Aries Chiron. If you’re in the swing of emotional regulation (good on you!), expect to be tested. Active awareness can keep you in the flow. Overnight, the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus, a bit of zest in the strange or unusual occupies our need to grab some reliable pleasure/treasure.

Saturday night, Mars makes its move into Venus-ruled Taurus, and the qualities of its square to Pluto shift as well (a bit harsher, to be frank). All weekend Mars squares Pluto, but overnight through Sunday the clash intensifies. Action is volatile, and both sides may dig in. Avoid conflict where you’re able. If you can back down, do. The risk is probably not worth the payoff.

With Pluto in Aquarius, the main effect may play out in the collective. However, active eruptions and erratic forces manifest on all levels. It’s not the weekend to take a chance with safety. With Mars in Taurus, there are also costs involved.

It’s not the weekend to BEGIN to gamble, but it may be the time when a gamble you’ve already committed to will pay off. Or tank. That’s why it’s called gambling. Don’t risk what you can’t bear to lose.

On Sunday, the Moon finishes in Cancer with a trine to Neptune, right before it heads into fiery Leo and a t-square with the Mars-Pluto square (Moon square Mars, Moon opposite Pluto). Again, Neptune is the mood anesthetist, so get into emotional flow ahead of the rapids (by midday). Once in Leo, the mood quickens and drama rises. The extra-drama version of this is rockslides on fire out of nowhere, so approach it all with your EMT headspace and firefighter pants.

The Leo Moon sextiles Jupiter Sunday evening, so it’s entirely possible to re-route the fireworks into hero territory, to take a lucky turn and find yourself on the winning side. Watch for the opportunity to ground and pivot.

How is your new moon beginning taking off? Do you have any weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Mars Square Pluto and Intensity of Action”

  1. Well, all them squares account for the riled up snake skin and vertigo Emotional regulation, you say … hmm okay more “god can.”

  2. The Venus star poing brought me the breakup with my girlfriend on friday and saturday morning. Prior to that a breaking point situation ocurred on thursday when again she cancelled our date last minute due to family problems with her sister, mother, daughter, you name it. A recurrent situation… Something died inside me. Of course this is a simplification of a more complex story. Now its farewell time with tears, memories and the leftovers of love. Its a failure, but also time to acknowledge the good things. Back again to loneliness and the cruel wild world with no protection. This is to call out the vulgar conception our culture has about love. For the Romans and Greeks Venus was not necessarily a favorable goddess. She was even feared as selfish, treacherous and unfaithful. After all, it was her who provoked the Troja War with the golden apple challenge. Similarly, our culture is full of vulgarity and childish conceptions about love and happiness. Actually everything is much more complex, deeper, contradictory, and irrational.

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