Pluto Transit Conjunct Descendant – Death Grip On Your Life

pluto planet redAs an astrologer, I wind up working with people with whom I have things in common. Transiting Pluto has just crossed into my first house. I have a lot of clients with late Capricorn rising but I have even more who have late Cancer risings. The latter group has Pluto transiting their descendant.

In my world, a planet crossing an angle will affect the entire structure of a person’s life. Pluto transiting the descendant affects relationships, but also your physical appearance, your reputation and your home and family.  It’s intense!

Yesterday, I was talking to a long-time client with a 28 degree Cancer descendent. Pluto is currently stationing at 28 degrees. He’s caught up in this, obviously. For those who might be concerned, he doesn’t care if I talk about him.

Yesterday, I noted that he is currently tied up on a very short leash.  He’s got a Sagittarius moon so you can imagine how much he’s enjoying this, not.  But at least he’s got his intellect. He understands what is happening; so what’s happening?

Well, on the 7th house front, he’s got an obsession going with a dark-energy, shadowy, manipulative woman. He’s gripped by this and no one is blaming her, by the way.

On the family front, his mother died; he’s waiting (Capricorn) on an inheritance (Pluto).

His reputation has been damaged via the relationship with the woman.

Yesterday, I learned that he can now do 750 push-ups in forty minutes. He does three sets of 250. It’s fair to say, this had to have transformed his appearance.

I asked him why he was doing all the push-ups. It’s extreme! He said it was the only thing that made him feel better.

Point here is that this transit locks you in. It’s like a death (Pluto) grip (Capricorn).  You’re stuck! I understand because of what I went through with my back, among other things.  At times, a nerve would go off and I would be frozen in my tracks; pain too excruciating to even consider moving so much as a hair.  You notice things like this!

On the upside, we do have astrology. So as bad as it may get for you; it won’t go on forever.  But when you’re in it; it’s holds you in this painful grip; forcing you to dig deep inside yourself for the fortitude to carry on.

Is Pluto transiting your descendant? What’s going on?

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    Pluto will get there towards end of Aquarius, after it’s looong sq to moon, mc, venus, mercury etc. en route. 🙃

  2. this post makes me wanna cry. I have this natally within 2deg orb, and pluto also opposes my taurus sun exactly. Although I usually use placidus, I know you mean angles as in exact squares, so soon enough (I’m feeling it already) I will have tr Pluto squaring ac/DC as soon as it enters aqua. they’re all fixed! I don’t feel like dying as much as I feel dead already. Work work work work work… how much can a bull take I dunno, but Ive really felt unloved and alone most of my life. I thank jupiter in Pisces for the compassion to self and others. it’s been a soothing influence to me. thanks Elsa

  3. Pluto transiting the 7th is very intense because it is angular and subject to being projected as “the other” because it’s opposite the 1st. I could write volumes! Natal Pluto is often unconscious for a person but, when it transits the 7th, you will see it in action outside of yourself so can come to understand it inside yourself. Then you can understand your natal Pluto.

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    James Slattery

    I have Pluto in Virgo natally smack on my Desc.square a Sag Moon I was a 7 week preterm baby born to a Mom who had lost several babies prematurely with her water breaking early and I looked like a goner in the incubator at 4.5 pounds. Stayed there for 8 weeks until release. Lots of love pulled me through and my health has been great overall. Capricorn Sun Mom had three more and proved the doctors wrong when they told her I would be an only child.

  5. I can’t read it but I can feel it
    I feel liked the slo-mo commercial
    Stretching out the Nooooooo!
    As the spill finds my clothes
    Is life dripping some kind of yuck on me
    Because whyyyyy????
    I am on repeated aggravation
    Shitty feel, ad nauseum
    I need courage to know those 10,000,000
    Help wanted signs ,are real !!!
    And Jump!!no buoy ,no net
    Just me going Yeaaaaahhh!eyes closed
    I know there is no wall but yes
    A vasty sky!

  6. I had Pluto conjunct my descendant and travel through my 7th house from 2011 on and it wasn’t that bad. But I’m a positive person and if things turn out well in the end I like it that it was a lot of work and that all is well now. What happened first was how my marriage changed. See I always liked long distance relationships, the intense togetherness with a bit of a break afterwards when I can focus on myself only and keep the flame alive in a way. (Blame it on Sun&Venus in Pisces in 9th house, Aquarius Mercury in 8th, Mars in Aries 10th).
    So instead of us being together all the time, I moved for work to the States and he comes from France for 2 weeks a month. In the summer we’re in Europe. This works for both of us. We like the late night phone calls and missing one another and this change in our relationship which makes our marriage successful.
    On the other hand, in this period I invested in two business partnerships of two friends, separately. In both instances they screwed me. It caused me a lot of hardship and sadness and I was very much hurt for not seeing it beforehand. But I managed to deal with it. I found the strength to go at it and eventually recover my money. I really had to fight for it and I am proud of myself now that I did it.
    I am also partners with other relatives of mine in other businesses, and those dynamics have changed too. I am more aware of what’s happening in those businesses and am more involved so they know they can’t manipulate me anymore.
    It’s been a bit long, but overall Pluto transit through 7th does transform but it can be for the better while it is tough.
    Now, Pluto through the 8th as I’m going through now, is harder, but I’m an eternal optimist and believe all will work out for the best.

  7. 20d Cancer rising here. When I had this transit exact in 2018-2019, I married a man with Pluto conj. Saturn in his 7th house – with his Pluto opposing my Venus in Aries… It’s now some kind of extended double-whammy death grip, with t. Pluto squaring my 10H Venus and his Pluto. Our composite sun is also at 27d Cancer!

    At this point I am even more grateful for my husband and the way he is, because I don’t know how I’d be getting through this period without him, and I can’t imagine a better person for the job. Yes, I just referred to our marriage as a job.

    Our relationship is uncomfortably intense on a regular basis, but neither of us would have it any other way. I can’t help but believe that we were made for each other. The work is cut out for us. We love the challenge and we take it very seriously. We are both completely invested in learning, growing, and transforming together.

  8. Dear Elsa, I follow your steps with transiting Pluto in 12th.. with all its pleasures of isolation, defamation, sadness, being trapped, health issues, Pluto is almost opposite my Saturn 29CAncer in 6th House. Pluto will join my ASc and oppose Mars on DSC coming in a few years on 5 degrees Aqua. Sort of death and rebirth possibly…
    Thanks for the heads up! As a graduate, I went through transiting Pluto on ASC, and I got a very serious job at that time.

  9. I was young when this happened. Middle school, to be precise, which is miserable for most people.

    I was stuck there for two years. But as Pluto inched into my 7th, I got out of the public school system and went to a college prep HS, leaving the bullies and bad friends behind.

    1. Baby Scorp (no longer a baby at 18) will be going through this very soon. She’ll be much older than I was during this transit, but it’s still grueling for young people. Her Rising is 1 Leo.

      1. My ascendant is 1 degree Leo as well and Pluto is exact on my descendant today (4/4/24). My midheaven is 16 Aries and the eclipse on 4/8 will affect my house of career. Chiron and the North Node just passed over the midheaven, too. So far, absolutely nothing.

        I just asked my husband if he was harboring secret resentments and he said no. We are very happy as a couple.
        Sometimes, these major transits are only obvious after everything is over and you can look back objectively and see the lesson.

        1. would this transit indicate the potential for a partner to harbor secret resentments? I can’t find much online talking about the effects of Pluto on the DSC and am very curious.

  10. Researching Pluto transit DC because my AC is on the first degrees of Leo and I’m expecting this soon; I have to say what I’ve read has scared me. I’m sure I have some good things to expect.
    Pluto leaving behind my overloaded 6th (Uranus, Neptune, Saturn there) and allowing me to finally have a working life which I hope to stabilize as of now. I wouldn’t want any more manipulation in personal relationships though… Enough is enough…
    Starting to get some exposure by modeling even though I’m >30 now… so I’ll be taking more care of my appearance. Once it squares my natal Mercury in the MC, I’d hope for positive rather than negative attention… Any opinion is welcome. Does it have to be a negative aspect?

  11. It’s squaring it. My descendant is 29 Libra. So conjunct my 28 Cap midheaven. I don’t know what is going on but I do feel different.

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    Clifton Greene

    @Queenci: Re:Does it have to be all negative? Well, I had no problem losing weight. Just started melting off a couple years ago.

  13. My younger sibling has end stage MS and is in a “death grip” …so hard to deal with end of life issues and all the loss. It’s been rough

  14. Currently, tr. pluto is opposite my natal mars (@ 28-degrees cancer), it’s in my 7th, having crossed my 21-degree capricorn dsc. It’s also pulling in my 26-degree cancer mercury and my 26-degree capricorn north node. Tr. pluto is also coming into a trine with my natal pluto at 29-degrees virgo. Natally, pluto touches EVERY planet and angle in my chart except for saturn & uranus (though it shares my 3rd house with uranus they are 15-degrees apart and in different signs).

    What’s going on? What isn’t going on? At this point, I’m just trying to live in each moment with some sort of gratitude. No thoughts for tonight, or tomorrow, or yesterday, just right here, right now, finding something to be grateful for. Trying to maintain (a hard-fought-for) peace with myself and within myself. I’m not dying and even if I were, I believe (know deep down in my soul) that would not be “all she wrote” for some weird inexplicable reason.

  15. Pluto hasn’t hit my DSC yet, but it will in 2023. It’s currently in my 6th, and I have three maladies that I didn’t have before (I am 72), all around my head. Degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my neck, a torn rotator cuff (I am a golfer…at least I was), and most recently, vertigo, which awful. But hey—I haven’t had migraines in a long time.

    I am normally a sunny person (Leo ASC) but, as my husband is 79, I am very worried about what Pluto will bring.

  16. My life has changed quite a bit. 25deg Cancer ASC (also 29deg Cap Mercury).

    I went to court to obtain my parental rights and now see my son daily.
    I went back to college and now work in the behavioral health field and am going to begin a Master’s program.
    I do yoga, meditation, and the “Wim Hof” breathing practice, among other Kriya/Hatha yoga practices, daily.

    I have lost 60 lbs, from 220 to 160. It has helped my back tremendously, for my last vertebrae is fused with my pelvic bone.

    I also became aware of my attraction towards unhealthy women and have chosen to remain abstinent from drugs and sex, for now.

    1. May I ask the time frame for weight loss?

      I lost 30 pounds between late 2014 and spring 2015. Gained back now. Did yoga every Day for 5 years. Struggling now to get it back. Manage 4 sun salutations on work day mornings and up to 8 weekends. It may be Neptune opposite natal moon dissolving my progress.

  17. I looked way back to see when Pluto crossed my descendant/sun, and it was around my 18th birthday. Death, no. Transformation, YES. I mostly loved it. It was exactly what I wanted/needed.

  18. I was four years old – all that I can think was that Pluto transited my Asc and opposed my Desc when I first started school, which I suppose was a change to my identity (1st House) that brought me many new relationships (7th House).

  19. How’d I miss this? @Clifton Greene hopeful your take on this transit holds true for me as well I.e. weight easily coming off.

    Thus Pluto closing in on my 28 degree Cap desc IS my current life.

    Total deconstruct. So uncomfortable death grip, depth charge intensity

    And not even spot on yet.
    And will be feeling into 2024 sigh

    I am re focusing best I can on the excitement.

  20. My dad (cancer asc 28°, late cap sun) is going through this now. In the past year his daughter moved overseas, his wife died of cancer in just 2 months, and his mother went into the first stages of dementia. He is also suppossed to be retiring soon from his lifetime career as a physician. He’s very spiritual and dealing well but the life he had built is gone.

  21. Huh Pluto in Capricorn brings money? You said it did for that person you wrote about. I have this in my second house. It aspects the seventh house too which is legal issues and enemies.A boon would be welcome indeed.

    1. I think you’d have to look at your whole chart, the aspects, and the work you’ve done preceding this, to see if its come to fruition.

  22. Late Cancer rising here with Cap mars DC. My step mom died last year as Pluto hit my DC. I happened to be visiting when it happened. I decided to relocate permanently to help my 83 yr old Capricorn Dad thru it, and so that he wouldn’t be alone as he ages. He left my family when I was two. As an adult, I reconnected and built a comfortable relationship that was always arm’s distance as we lived on different coasts. I had always longed for a closer relationship, but living close to each other was hard work for me. I had to work around his boundaries and comfort zone, always shelving parts of myself that made him uncomfortable so that I could spend time with him. My Pisces moon was progressed into Capricorn, and I took on a lot of responsibilities I probably shouldn’t have. I sacrificed more and more until one day I couldn’t bend anymore. I had a boundary of my own. He didn’t like it and yelled at me. I didn’t back down (for a change) and yelled back. A few days later, my moon progressed into Aquarius and Pluto stationed to direct towards my DC again. He came to my house and coldly asked for his key. He was leaving without saying anything so I said “so that’s it, you’re done?”. He said “yeah. I wish the best for you” and left. It hurt, but not as much as I would’ve expected, and definitely not as bad as the first time. It also felt very liberating. I had always blamed myself (or my mom) for him leaving, and was able to now let that go and heal. I understand better who he is, who I am, and why I always chose the relationships I chose both personally and professionally. I also dieted and lost 40+ lbs this year so my appearance has changed dramatically. Pluto has been tough, but ultimately all positive and necessary.

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    Ulrika Lund Kjær

    I have Cancer ascending with descendant 26.00 in Capricorn. Moon 23.02 in Capricorn. Saturn 29.26 Capricorn. And Jupiter 7.04. in Aquarius. What on earth was I thinking reincarnating with this horoscope! Any suggestions how long main misery will endure??? 😉

    1. I know exactly what you are experiencing. My DC is 28.15 in Capricorn, Saturn 28.02 Capricorn, and Jupiter 5.26 in Aquarius. On January 12, 2023, Pluto will exactly conjoin my Saturn and on January 19, will conjoin my DC. Then I get the added “bonus” of Pluto retrograding back over my DC on August 31, and then taking a third pass on November 18 before it goes on to meet up Jupiter April 2026. Pluto will have two retrograde cycles over my Jupiter between April 2026 and December 2027. Here’s the kicker – Jupiter in my 7th is the apex of a Yod that quincunxes my Sun and PLUTO. I too am asking the question, ‘what was I thinking?’ This is incredibly heavy soul work that is so fated, I’m not sure if free will even factors into the picture for the next three years. To be honest, I’m really scared.

      1. My Saturn is 29 Cancer 6th house, my Asc is early Aqua opposite Mars on DC.
        I feel for you. From one side: we are heading towards major soul work, reset not meant for everyone, after which nothing will be the same. From the other angle: I feel overwhelmed and a bit helpless like a chased animal in the corner.

    2. What sign and degree is your Sun ☀️? It may be your saving grace if it is well aspected regardless this transit. Say if it doesn’t conjunct square or oppose. The Sun is our life force in the chart.
      Relationships may end change but you may come out positively transformed in some way

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        Ulrika Lund Kjær

        Sun in Gemini, 11.28. Trine Jupiter, square Pluto, sextile Mars. 135 degree aspect to Saturn, 45 degree aspect to Venus, 150 degree aspect to Neptune. A mixed pleasure 😉 But I am surviving, the last few years were really extraordinary, so I somewhat got used to unnormal conditions. Stick to my mediationpractice, and to my two rabbits.
        Thank you for your comment, and thank you for your concern!

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    Ulrika Lund Kjær

    I don’t really know if it is appropiate to write thank you, but anyway, thank you for your nice comment. All the best and Happy New Year!

  25. What about pluto in Aquarius transiting dc (11degrees) and then south node (20degrees). I expect a hell of a ride but with what kind of flavour? Thanks 🤗

  26. All very interesting, thank you; realised that my father became ill with a motor neuron disease about when tr. Pluto entered his 12th house (Sag.) Did not get a diagnosis for years, then when misdiagnosed with ALS and treated with steroids; this made the Multifocal motor neuropathy he actually had progress much faster… when Pluto went over his Capricorn ascendant. The ALS misdiagnosis also made him decide to take his own life. Still angry about the teaching hospital doctor who blurted out the misdiagnosis in front of a patient who could then only foresee a bleak future. My recommendation after that experience: don’t get caught up ‘in the dark’ and ‘experts’ tossing bad ideas around. Be suspicious and be hopeful. My father would definitely have had to deal with a new life phase with less mobility in his legs, but with the right treatment, he could have had a much longer, healthy life

  27. So sorry for your loss. My husband (and I) has been going through similar. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Thank goodness our GP saw through that. I don’t have a lot of faith in doctors these days.

  28. OMG, this is so relevant to me as well. Cancer asc 29 degrees. My life is a total nightmare at the moment. Finally bought an apartment, cost everything I have, nearing retirement now. The building is lovely but many problems as built during Covid and wasn’t properly supervised. Now we have people moving in who want to completely dictate everything, feels like an invasion. We are trying to fight them but it is hard as they don’t seem to have any moral compass. I am next door so right in the middle of everything, one of them threatened me this week. Can’t just sit by and let it happen, trying to rally other residents to fight. My Mars is in the 1st house as well. Hoping this will not end with being forced to sell.

  29. Yes, good ol’ Pluto… Back and forth over our descendants. Good luck with your impending “transformation.” I’m still dealing with my husband’s mysterious illness (he’s 80) and waiting for the other shoe to drop. No idea where it will land. Thanks for sharing. Stay strong.

  30. It’s going on a long time, – I have0 degree Leo rising, North node Capricorn 29 degrees, so feel both, and earlier on endured 16 degree Cap Moon natal transit, and before than Cap Jupiter 6 retro transit. My dad died when Pluto went into Cap. The last 15 years really has been a series of deep deep inner contractions and expansions, lots of outer deaths and difficulties and also intensity of feeling, and fear, – culminating in kind of ego death and release of grief when a boyfriend died in 2018. The 18 months prior to that was very hard, as was the time around the Jupiter transit but other stuff has happened, and I guess my own inner work has started to show. Now Pluto sits atop my nn, – I feel that intensity and focus of commitment to finding my own way and being true to my self, whilst around me someone I love is suddenly very ill and I am nursing them, and I am unsure how to head forwards. Chiron has just returned and this helps my sense of self. Leo 0 is a funny rising, as I have 12 th house placements and in 11th Saturn exact sun, – so I am realising that restriction is part of my life and nature, as is death, (and to draw on 12th house without identifying with it,) and not necessarily restriction. If I can find space inside and look and find the way outside … thanks for your post and information

  31. Cancer ascendant at 27D. When pluto first hit my descendant in March 2022 it ended a 3 year relationship. Then again, it hit in January 2023 and I found out my ex was dating someone else. I didn’t think I cared and I didn’t have anyone else in my life at the time. However this manifested as a brutal short term semi-depression about literally anything that could make me feel upset. As pluto gets closer to hitting that 27D mark again, I have ended another relationship (thank you venus RX) so I look forward to seeing how he digs my shit up again lol. Also, people noted weight loss… I lost 20 pounds that I wasn’t aware I needed to lose.

    Also I have pluto stationing on my birthday oct 10th, my solar return looks like garbage lol. Perfectly opposite my ascendant.

  32. I’m an 18 degree cancer rising, pluto was on my descendant starting in the second half of 2017. My life took a drastic 180 degree turn. I quit a good paying stable job in August 2017 with no other offers on the table but my Sagittarius moon wasn’t happy there. Two months later spent a weekend with my ex who had moved states 4 yrs before and felt just as in love as the day we met (we met up again in June 2021- we still aren’t in a relationship and idk why). Came back home and started a new job in a new industry. That lasted 5 months before I found out they were committing fraud and when the owner realized I was figuring it out he fired me. That same day my grandmother was hospitalized. She ended up passing away a month later (my first death experience). In April 2018, I got evicted, my car was constantly breaking down and I had to move back in with my mom. I lost my best friend over an argument I can’t even recall. I gained 40 lbs in 6 months. Depressed, isolated, went on dozens of interviews but never got a call back or got rejections. My dog got cancer and passed in May 2019. It’s been intense since I quit the stable job in 2017 but I don’t regret that choice as I knew my time there was up. December 2019 my dad paid for me to visit him in Europe and I live here now. I actually decided to stay bc I met someone and fell in love for the first time since my ex. He lovebombed me and that ended 3 months later. Dated someone else immediately after that. He proposed after 6 months then ghosted me on Valentine’s Day in 2021 lol. I’ve been mostly celibate ever since (I’ve had 2 moments of weakness). When Saturn entered my 8th house in August of 2021 my dad had a stroke. Even though he fully recovered it is made me paralyzed with fear of him dying, of death in general. I wish I could say I’m ready for pluto to get out of the 7th house but honestly, with what I’ve experienced of Saturn in my 8th, I’m pretty scared about pluto in my 8th. Even though I’m heavily plutonic and have a mars in scorpio.

        1. This is me right now as well. Birthday was the just on the October 10th, Im a 27D Cancer Rising, and pluto was stationing a few minutes off my Descendant. My Solar return looks terrifying.

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