Big Ego Italians? Astrology Chart Of The Kingdom Of Italy

Following up on Boasting Italians:

Kingdom of Italy – 1871
Horoscope of Italy

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer conjunct the Sun and you wonder why Italians are so confident?

On top of that, the conjunction is in the 9th house, further expanding the EGO.

Venus is Leo, we love our hair! The square from Pluto in the 8th gives us magnetism, boast, boast, boast, boast…

Mars in the 12th squares the Sun Jupiter conjunction and we find out egos fueled by ethereal sources, such as God, LOL.

Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn at the base of chart shows a profound commitment to family and there you have it – Italians!

22 thoughts on “Big Ego Italians? Astrology Chart Of The Kingdom Of Italy”

  1. Mercury in Gemini…..maybe one of the reasons why all of my Italians friends use their hands so much when they talk?

    You left out Chiron:
    11 Aries 19. Completes the Grand Cross, closely squares the Sun.

  2. This is so amazing! The things you find out about your own culture through astrology!

    Hmm… So this is the year that Italy became a nation, right? I am really curious of my own background (Philippines) now. Do you read it similarly as the natal chart?

  3. Thanks for this, Elsa!

    Wow, so July 4th is the date used on this chart. That is the day when the Philippines officially became a sovereign nation after 40+ years of US rule. The chart I pulled up was June 12, 1898 – now the celebrated Independence Day in the Philippines (celebrating their independence from Spain).

    On the June 12th 1898 chart (at 4:30 PM), I could see that Uranus and Saturn are in the first house – makes sense as this nation was born of a successful rebellion of the people at that time. Interesting how Jupiter is sextiling Uranus too and how the Moon was in Aries trining Uranus… Wow.

    On the chart you showed me – interesting… Sun in Cancer in 11th – Hahah…. We Filipinos have this thing about calling family friends (with no blood relation) aunt, uncle, brother, sister… That makes sooo much sense!

  4. I guess it would make sence to see the chart for the Republic birth, but it’s hard to call it that way with berlusconi on top of it (LOL)

  5. was about to say “i couldn’t say” (there’s so many different national charts i could look at) but i looked at scotland and, well. yeah. ok. i see it. aries stellium (sun mercury venus mars) in the ninth. square neptune in capricorn. sextile jupiter in gemini.
    there’s an awful lot of aries in my family.

    uranus/saturn/pluto water grand trine. in water houses. interesting.

  6. Love it :)!!!! I was thinking, when push comes to shove (sun opposite moon) there is an energy release (mars at the top of the t-square). Mars in the 12th doesn’t have to be physical energy, but with chiron opposing and pluto in a loose trine, it could run deep. Would definitely apply to most of the Italian’s I’ve known,

  7. This is so funny. Now I really want to go to Italy, at least once, and visit my “relatives.” I need to reawaken the Italian in my Soul!

  8. Mercury on Gemini, Mars in Libra!! lol Explains the charm of the Italians!
    I lived in Firenze for a brief period, and you could stike up a conversation with a guy at the bus stop, who would begin addressing you with these golden dripping phrases about the most innocuous things – “your freckles, dey are de work of an ar-teest”!

  9. I LOVE Italians. There are Italians in our family, of course.
    Italians are natural artists. No wonder there are talented artists in our family, drawing like the old masters in their teens.

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