Venus Neptune: Saint To Sinner In Record Speed!

elsas story cookiesRecently a gal contacted me with an offer to do me a favor. This was not the first time I’ve heard from her. This is a young woman. She encourages me to mix it up with her generation.  She smart, likable, kind and she can adapt to whoever. In this case, I am the whoever.

So she made me this offer and I wanted to take her up on it.  I really and truly did, even though it would be quite risky. Like giving someone (you do not know and have never met), access to the back-end of this site. Probably not a great idea.  But I did take some time to think about this; then I wrote her to explain that while was grateful to her and thought her ideas were good, I really couldn’t take the chance.

She understood.  She thought it was too bad there was no way I could know she was trustworthy.  I responded:

“I think you’re trustworthy, but I know that over time, I tend to piss people off. It almost guaranteed! And no telling when or who, why or where! It’s a phenomena!
Thanks for understanding.”

She understood that too. Later I was talking to a friend about this, I mentioned, “THE COOKIES”.

Years ago, I used to write a lot of stories. This gal came upon them and she just fell in love with me. I’m serious. I could do no wrong! I was the Queen of the World.

Within a week, she came across these cookies in a mall – Elsa’s Story. She figured I had to have them and I wound up giving her my address so she could send me some.  She went back to the mall, bought the cookies and sent them to me within a couple of days.

Do you know that within ONE WEEK, she hated me? Yep. She came across something I’d written that she didn’t like. I went from Saint to Sinner before I could even stuff my face.

This is a Venus Neptune thing of course.  Do you know how many times I have endured this cycle? More than 1000 times. I’m serious.

If you love me, I’m glad but I’m also holding my breath. Because chances are, you love my hologram and when that veil drops, yikes!

It’s very hard to be accepted as a flesh and blood, multi-dimensional person, with your own ideas.  This might be why we’re putting dead celebrities up to be worshiped. No farts or warts or words off-script.

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19 thoughts on “Venus Neptune: Saint To Sinner In Record Speed!”

  1. I can see the Neptune hologram thing but I find this whole phenomena a Uranian thing as well. You are so unusual, it’s refreshing, and people like that about you because you have this spark, all this energy. But Uranian energy can be kindof jarring, this stuff is shocking right, sudden hate? An you seem to view it all from a really detached pov. Then there’s all the 8th energy. People can be repulsed by things this house shines a light on.

    1. I was going to mention my 7th house Uranus but edited it out to not muddy the astrology… but it does play and also in my 8th.

      But really, I don’t think people deal well with actual people anymore. They want a facade and I’m not drawn that way.

      1. The facade thing is a real problem in this era. Probably social media caused that..maybe it’s just an era and real people will be a hot commodity eventually. In my book they always were.

  2. anonymoushermit


    I hope all the people that pass judgment on you never have to go through what you went through. I have skimmed and scanned your book, and I believe you. You have went through a lot.

    I know that empathy/sympathy doesn’t always excuses mine, or your actions, but I hope people can find a balance. That’s hard for human beings, because we tend to think in black and white. I hope that there is a heaven, or reincarnation, or whatever. And one day you don’t have to deal with whatever you deal with. Sounds like you’ve helped a lot of people, and that karma will one lifetime, or even sooner, come back to you!

  3. you know I have venus opposite Neptune and when the veil drops on someone I’m with, I cant stand them. Because the thought of kissing them or being with them makes me literally sick to my stomach, I thought maybe this was mashed up with pluto somehow. Not sure, but it has been a thing my whole life. Maybe it is just my venus in Taurus )(11th house ) opposite Neptune in scorpio (5th house).

    1. Watergal – do you drop the male friends/relationships (11 House) in your personal life once you discovered that they had disingenuous (Neptune) motives? Maybe they used you for “arm candy” (Venus beauty) or sex (5 House or Scorpio) or your money (Venus)/personal resources (Taurus)?

  4. This Neptune Venus effect is really something. Again and again I see how it affects me, and others. Holograms of who one really is. Geez. Neptune trines my Venus(11th) and Pluto(7th) (on opposite ends of a grand trine across the chart. Illusional, dillusional what’s the flavor of the season? It confuses me, how can it not confuse others.

    It’s amazing how you have maintained this site and thrived inspite of being loved and hated by largely anonymous people. But, when you counsel clients it’s the real you that they want and they get that. Somehow your makeup infuses you with many tricks and sensibilities. Over time that counts alot. Like living with a real person you get to know all the sides of you; and learn something about yourself in my experience over the years of coming back here.

    Hats off to your stamina and resourcefulness.

  5. The neptune effect becomes really amplified when one has a big public image (e.g. your successful blog and reputation in the astrology community/astrology fans.)

    I really enjoyed acting and singing as a kid yet when I look at how much is projected onto actors, actresses, singers, etc. (who do play with hologram-making for their craft and business goals), I am relieved I didn’t end up pursuing these careers. I have a 4th house Sun (Placidus house system) and I am very private. Couldn’t take too much fame.

    Most of these people with huge public profiles have strong neptune/pisces yet I suspect all those projections are too much for neptunian people to withstand in the long term as we’re extremely sensitive and tend to absorb what is going on or around us.

    I think having earth helps neptunians when dealing with a big public role. As I have no earth in my chart I’m glad I’ve gone down the root of becoming a professional helper/consultant (another neptune theme), and that I enjoy my creativity in a private way. I am aware how cautious I am about my work reputation because of neptune, 8th house, and holograms.

    I feel more comfortable with people who take a bit of time getting to know me. There are still plenty of people like this nowadays, despite the digital/social media era. That’s good.

    Ironically I have a Gemini Moon too so I can feel really social and open at times, and find it hard when others go slow in the acquaintance or the trusting. Yet I also need others to go slow (Sun in water! Pisces) as that way they get a chance to see and experience more of the real me and I can try and dispels misunderstandings or excessive holograms getting in the way. Sun in Pisces, squaring the moon – behaviour and purpose in conflict with needs.

    With 8th planets, my sun in Pisces ruling my MC and then my neptune square and opposition aspects, I also often take the decisions you took, Elsa.

    I’m glad this person understood where you were coming from without taking it too personally (we don’t know if she might have felt hurt, rejected or quite disappointed with your response yet she kept her emotional boundaries and respected your boundaries and choice.)

    I also like that you were straight with her and she appreciated it. It is not easy to be straight with neptune (so tempting to say what the other wishes to hear or reject in a way that protects more the other’s feelings.)

    This is a story of good character and boundaries from both parts.

    (Sorry to go on and on talking, gemini moon plus I’m in a big neptune transit so I’m really thinking about the hologram bit.)

    1. I just wanted to add how the film A Star is born (the new film/movie version of this classic story) is actually helping me understand deeply all the neptune stuff.

      Bradley Cooper’s character…it’s clear he has some chiron (innate personal wound) and/or neptune (loss, merging) and trauma history (the losses)…the holograms are there…how people treat or see him…

      Lady Gaga’s character and her journey as an artist and then as a famous artist…the holograms too…

    2. No, it’s not easy to be straight but it’s even harder (for me) to try to avoid being straight. And generally speaking, it’s obvious when someone is trying to be evasive.

  6. Trust. I might trust you to dog sit for me but not with some financial deal. Trust is about intimacy. Once I get to know you better, I have some idea what I can trust you with. If a person says you don’t trust me it’s a laugh. Why should you assume your something about who they are until they show you.

  7. maybe every once in a while you run across another sinner. maybe one who doesn’t mind warts but would call you on the farts.

  8. There’s something very dodgy and pathological about ‘adoring’ someone too quickly. I knew a guy who did this to all new people he met. He would label the new person as ‘he’s a god!’ or ‘she’s a goddess!’ (the words he used). As soon as the new person refused to do any type of small favour to him, the new person would immediately be brought down from the pedestal and labelled as a &*$%, and discarded. There was no in-between.

    Unfortunately I don’t know his birth data to check about Venus/Neptune. But it was just like you said it Elsa, saint to sinner in record speed!

  9. I have Venus in Scorpio/Neptune Midheaven and I always get queasy when people like me. Got an email from a co-worker that called me a “treasure” and my first thought was -now, but how long before I’m “trash”. Thank you for teaching me how to navigate being a hologram!

  10. My daughter has Neptune exactly conjunct her MC – Venus is not aspected. She is a chameleon (Neptune) at work always making a great first impression; she’s great at job interviews. However, her limited skill sets eventually are noticed by her managers and she’s held accountable or fired.

  11. My Neptune is connected to Chiron in the 4th house.
    My Chiron is conjunct fixed star Algol (The Medusa myth) but Chiron is also about Charisma. I have enough cgarisma, can really be a chameleon, but I also seem to attract the types who has Venus/Neptune in my love relationships. I also don’t deal well with people who hurts me. Then their veil fall and I can really judge people. By learning astrology I have had some interesting insights about myself and I try to be as honest as I can – about my scars, but apparently these scars seem to attract the opposite sex more than it repels them! This is the Neptune in effect. Men want to cuddle me, and be my knight. After which the drop falls and they end up saying I am not who they thought I were (usually after they move in with me), carry resentment until they either leave me or take my head like Perseus did with Medusa’s head. Tsk.

    I don’t need a knight. These days I have to be my own knight in shining armor.

  12. Interesting read. I have Neptune in Scorpio, in 7th, square Venus in tenth. I have often been, by men (and women) as a sexual, softish creature, so I just open my mouth, Aires rising, Mars in Sagg, and lay it on the line. Men can get quite angry, Mars conjunct Saturn, and try to force their projections onto me. It’s outlandish!
    Another frequent projection is that men believe that I am in love with them, and that’s downright embarrassing to watch.

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