Pluto Direct In Capricorn: Turning Point In Your Relationship

bomb plutoPluto will turn direct in the evening on October 10th at twenty-seven degrees.  Mars in Libra will be tightly square Pluto so I expect this to be pointed in some way.

It could easily mark a change in a relationship. You may break from someone, permanently, but you may also commit or recommit, deeply.  This is true for romantic and business relationships as well as other connections, both one-on-one and more generally “social”.

This combination also describes a power couple as well as a powerful couple. These things are different, in my view.

This may also mark the point in time where someone capitulates, causing and earthquake type reaction.  Oops, changed my mind so here comes your rug pull.

Bottom line, I don’t think this will be innocuous. Mars is a trigger/ And Pluto is stationary, so very, very powerful.


Yeah, that’s possible as well.  But keep in mind, Mars energy can be directed.  You can heal under this as well, but you must try.

What do you expect to see from this? What would you like to see?

62 thoughts on “Pluto Direct In Capricorn: Turning Point In Your Relationship”

  1. That square is in my Solar return. I want to change my trajectory. I am planning some really big changes that will impact many people and affects basically every aspect of my life. I’m hoping that I will be able to persevere and stay level headed.

    1. It’s in mine, too. I’m rightly concerned because, unlike yourself, I haven’t got a plan. Hope I don’t get knifed. Figuratively or other.

  2. How was that first house transit, Elsa? I remember doing ok when Saturn transited my 12th but then I have tons of Pisces/Neptune in my chart (Pisces Moon, SN, Chiron, Mercury trine Neptune, et al).

    I felt extremely ‘heavy’ and depressed when Saturn went though my first (Leo rising).

  3. Pluto is smack on my ascendant again. Again. And now to be squared by Mars? I have been slogging away for what seems like forever.

  4. l am expecting something to ‘blow up’
    hopefully a bad relationship (not mine)…

    l also hope nothing too big happens on the world stage.Civil war? Assassination?

    We ( Australia) are having a referendum called The Voice, which is designed to give first nations people recognition in the consitution and a say in their own affairs…support has been sliding due to fear and
    misinformation…will that shift, in the name of fairness and justice (Libra)?

    Feels like a turning point…

    l have kept my head down. Saturn back in the 12th opps. natal Pluto squ. MC.

    l have not been playing out my usual role and there have been unexpected incemental shifts.

    But we aren’t there yet.

    1. That’s interesting, Dianne, about The Voice referendum in Australia. I’m interested in the progress and outcome, so thanks for mentioning it. Tomorrow is our National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (as of this year, it’s an official statutory holiday). We still have a long way to go here, unfortunately, but at least we’re slowly learning.

      1. You must be in Canada, Niki. Is that right? Canada shares some similar history to us … yes, more to do.

        Our referendum is on Oct 14th.

        I will let you know how it goes..

        1. Yes, I’m in Canada, Dianne. I’ve been interested in indigenous-settler issues since the mid-90s. While I’ve seen tremendous progress since then, Canadians have a lot of work left to do in respecting indigenous sovereignty, admitting the truth of our harmful colonial history, and to stop continuously oppressing and harming indigenous people. (Ok, sorry, Elsa, I’ll step down from my poli-soapbox… but it’s true!)

          Thanks for letting me know Oct 14 is the date. I’ll scan the media, but so far, still haven’t seen much in the sites I read.

            1. Kate it is causing great division and tension. The polls are suggesting it wont succeed. Polls have been wrong before. What will be will be.

    2. re the referenum on the eclipse [wtf were they thinking!] – at this point, I would seriously advise finding an early polling booth, well before the day! For those not oz, voting is compulsary here, and a good portion of the population are going to be gathered in specific places. Nope. nopenopenope. I’m staying the fuck home!

      1. Marty, l am going to do that tomorrow–vote early. Problem is l have a voting station opps me. Intetesting sabian symbol: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain. Key word: solicitude.

  5. That 27 deg square from my 1st house (Mars) to the 4th (Pluto) is good for me. Mars is conj Jupiter in the 1st, semisextile my Scorpio Mars at 26 in the 2nd and sextile my Sag Sun at 25 Sag in the 3rd. This combo all the way through the first 3 houses has always had an impact when triggered and while it was sometimes uncomfortable, in hindsight it was always for good. I expect the same here. Its Libra me (AC) and what’s worth it (2nd) and communication (3rd) from home or, if you like, from my roots (4th). I plan to use it. I am communicating with people all over the world on an issue that affects us all professionally, since March 23 we have been in negotiations, meetings and trying to find a way forward. I have a Cap friend who leads that together with me and we are doing well working together. So it shall continue until this thing is resolved, for good.

  6. Currently, with all the stories I’m hearing around me, relationships are really not in good shape at all. Divorce and break up announcements seem to be everywhere of late, somebody even asked me if there was something in the air?!

    The Mars square a stationary Pluto, right before a Libra Eclipse, which is a South Node eclipse as well, so linked to past actions, karma, consequences. South Node is a decreasing energy, so a release of old relationship behaviour patterns that are entrenched or intrinsic, but no longer work anymore, they self-sabotage instead of cushioning you.

    Look at what’s happening to Russell Brand. He’s now got the white-picket fence life of a stable happy marriage and 2.4 kids, but his PAST misdeeds in romantic relationships are really coming back to haunt him, in an extreme Pluto way!

    Time to pay the price for past relationship karmas. We’ve not had a SOLAR eclipse in Libra since 2004-2006.

    It does feel like a make or break time. Either relationships get revived into something very different, or fall away permanently. And more paying the piper in the mix.

    1. Just adding, we had the Libra Eclipses in 2013-2016, but they have all been Lunar Eclipses in Libra, but no Solar ones.

      The last Solar Eclipses at this particular degree have been in Oct 2004 and further back in Oct 1996. Around 19-20 degrees Libra. This one upcoming is 21 degrees Libra

      Think back to those years and see if repeating themes are cropping up.

      1. Thank you:) 21 Libra ascendant w/Neptune on one side (12th), Mars on the other (1st) both of those past Solar Eclipse dates are spot on significant for me…I’m glad for the heads up….what could possibly go wrong? LOL:)

  7. I would like to see here ,where I live ,a halt in the building of a new elementary school, being a bus driver, and approaching it daily. It was not designed with safety in mind ,in my opinion, as the left has very strong yellow, 4 foot metal fencing in yellow paint to say safe to walk the right has absolutely nothing, it has the parking for for lazy teachers who refuse to walk from the right library like the rest of them get a golf cart drive a man if it’s beyond their capability to walk 1000 feet .This is where the bus pulls in , as is where children are dropped because they’re no longer is parking And teachers also carelessly walk in and you know it’s a monkey see monkey do world, and I’ve made complaints with Selectmen, who I think hold the pocketbook for all projects within their town, certainly within their powers to create new guidelines or implement designs ;we live on a tiny island that has been bought out by the rich . The school actually advertise houses for rent as they hooked up with a nonprofit who is buying up any house in under 1 million and then trying to turn around and rent it for 7000 a month it’s just completely moronic thought ,that no one could afford, unless the house is lived in with multiple families which in turn ruins the septic system and the water table , Blauck ,So that’s my dream that they got stopped in their tracks. They will wait till someone gets hurt seriously damaged or killed before they take their head out of your ass and change the plan that they’re playing out OK got that out. Come on folks why can’t we slow down and think , maybe??

  8. I was looking at the photo you added to the post and have just read that that three of the worlds’ superpowers are resuming nuclear testing in the next few weeks. I hope this goes well, no strange mishaps and all. They have not ‘tested’ actively in the past twenty plus years.
    On a personal note the Mars at the end of Libra in my 3rd will be squaring my Cap Mercury in the 6th and my natal Saturn in the 12th, so I shall watch my tongue and see what happens in the surroundings. All this Saturn flavour makes me think of elders

  9. Pluto stationing now at 27 Cap and is for the very last time (EVER) opposing my moon at 27 Cancer! This is the 5/6th Hit (Last hit mom died. I wrote a comment about it- text book astrology and Pluto/Moon/Vomiting.) I am so weary- skinny/skeletal – cry every morning before I get on with my day – feel very sensitive in my stomach – and so much more honestly….. As Pluto turned Retro and was still
    two degrees away up came unfinished buisness and the vomiting started again.
    Literally purging like this. Ridding myself of the energy, emotions, memories. And yes afterwards I feel better.. I am so very looking forward to the NEWNESS of me when Pluto finally leaves. And have noticed certain changes within myself. So yes definately a turning point in my relationship with me .x

        1. Avatar
          Anna Risingsign

          Hello Lunar Lady,

          thank you for your understanding.
          Yes it is very painful and I miss her terribly.
          May you have moments of peace, like a ray of sunshine,
          within this process x

    1. Oh Anna, l am so sorry you are in grief and suffering. I had so many belly aches as a child (Mars/Venus in Cancer, Moon con.Pluto (wide).
      Stress is not good for the stomach.l am worried because you are skinny. You need to be the best parent for your self now. Light soups. Small walks in nature. Nothing– all at once. Do you write or draw? You can write it out here. Please take care of yourself.

      1. Avatar
        Anna Risingsign

        Dear Dianne,

        deeply touched by your kind reply. Thank you x
        Perfect wording *best parent for myself.*
        My moon is in my first house and it is a theme of
        mine to learn to parent myself and not just others.
        (Cancer moon – mothers) Which thru this Pluto moon transit I am
        literally being *forced* to. Yes I eat lighter foods and lots of smoothies/oats etc… I paint. I write. I go into to nature
        as much as possible… It gives me so much loving energy x.
        In the last 7 years I have had Pluto square my Venus. Pluto square my Jupiter. Pluto conjunct my DC. (That was hell of a 3 years!)
        And now Pluto opposing my Moon (over 2 years now).
        I am stripped bare!
        Counting the days until 10th of October when Pluto stations direct.

        This is when Pluto leaves I have a longer breather from Pluto and my rebirth/transformation can blossom and show itself fully TIME xxx

        Have a lovely day Anna x

        1. Anna, my middle name is Ann ! And I too am a 1st house moon in Cancer too! I think the latter degrees, as it’s almost Leo moon. I’m new to astrology, is Pluto forward better for us. Or , oh noes, I guess it’s getting ready to square off my moon! I’ve lived with Pluto opposing my sun as a natal, so maybe I’ll be strong enough, let’s hope

            1. Avatar
              Anna Risingsign

              Hi Sonny I had to think for a while how to reply. Especially a u state above that u are new to astrology and I know nothing about your natal chart except we have the same moon and I too have Pluto opposing my Sun natally.
              You are actually in the midst of Pluto opposing your moon transit. As for how to prepare…
              Mmmmhhh… I am not sure that one can truly prepare themselves for a Pluto transit it is more like… Be prepared for the unprepared….
              But I will try and give you some advice tho and keep it simple (no deep astrology terms etc..)

              Feeling a if I am in a pressure cooker.
              Sudden unexpected childhood hurts/ traumas arised without warning and literally knocked me off my feet.
              Be prepared for things coming up that u had completely forgotten or that were so hurtful you had locked it/them away.
              Our moon remembers everything and even more so when the natal moon is on Cancer.
              Mother issues!!
              Issues with females!
              Feeling a if you have no protecting skin.
              Having to literally lie down/ laying low.
              Stomach issues (for me personally terrible)..

              1. Avatar
                Anna Risingsign

                But most of all this is a very personal transit!! So whatever comes up it is for you only!! This can be difficult because with our moon in Cancer and in the first house we literally wear our heart on our sleeves. We are feelings! (Cancer says I FEEL)

                To help process it all I write, paint, do yin yoga, CRY, CRY and CRY some more. (water moon)

                Hopefully I have helped you somewhat Sonny x

              2. Hi Anna ! Thank you for writing back ! I have lived a tough life, so many hardships, it could fill a book ! Before I even learned astrology, Ive decided to forgive and let go of all my pain and past. I dont know if I have any healing left to do ! LOL, so its kinda puzzling when my whole life is healing and forgiving. Ive gotten so close to my Mother as well for all the years weve lost ( long story) This is why Im hoping this transit will be easy on me, cause Ive already spent so many years working up to it and I feel so much at peace ! I hope no boat rocks, and I dont like surprises. Ive been laid bare my whole life, that literally theres nothing left to see or realize, if that makes any sense

              3. Oh and regarding the crying. I think I could fill up gallon jugs with all my heartbreak. I cry so easily. I dont even know if any is left to shed if whatever comes up cause Im all dried out. lol . I hope your stomach issues resolve. What helps me is drinking lots of tea. I like ginger tea for stomach issues and I drink green tea for my weight control. I want to garden and learn about growing my own next. I really want to connect to nature. Due to my allergies and my phobias, and sensitivities, I was mostly an indoor person most of my life, but nature is calling me now. I am 51 years old. In the year 1972, March, there was an almost Star of David, two trines. and I have FOUR oppositions which was so much of a burden to me. Someone here said Oppositions are meant to balance of which Im finaly trying to do

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    blind man shopping


    Depends what you mean by relationship or more spefically with whom or what; in line with Pluto because of its association with money, I came to the relisation just before the weekend gone, that due to the hassle with one of the banks I am with I will close the account, but can this be so surprising considering that Pluto is forming, and has been for some time, with Merc/Sat.

  11. Difficult times ahead. I am currently going through pluto squaring my Pluto – Saturn in late Libra/early Scorpio degrees in 4th house which is squaring my early Leo ASC .. mars into the mix.. I do want to turn my life around but whatever I try doesn’t work.. is it Uranus that sabotages everything? I am waiting for the eclipses article as well, as this month is not an easy one

      1. oh it does liberate.. I m not sure how though as I feel more like a rebel and now financially dependent on close friends and family..

  12. Well, This hits me where I live on my IC. Let’s hope it goes back to healing. This all sort of snuck up on me. Thank you for this service Elsa.

  13. “This combination also describes a power couple as well as a powerful couple. These things are different, in my view.”

    Curious how you view these differently!

    1. I want to guess. Power couple (holding & wielding power), Jay Z and Beyonce, Bill & Hillary. Powerful couple (empowering), maybe Tony and Sage Robbins. Or just regular folk who raise decent families, a feat these days.

      1. Yes, on the celebrity couples, but my husband and I are an example of a powerful couple. The energy changes when we walk in the room. We make thing happen. You spend time with us, it changes you. You do not forget.

        1. Elsa , does power couple mean the first house ? like after combined in a partner composite or is it another house? Just learning astrology so I was wondering.

  14. Pluto’s conjunct my Sun, and has been for a little while of course…It has me withdrawing a bit and thinking deep thoughts about the general attitude remains one of extreme determination to maintain my course….

  15. Pluto- Cap conjuncts my par fortune at this station retrograde in coming week….end of third house, both squaring ASC- 0 Scorpio. It’s transited this point, I think two times and now a third, not easy due to a the slowness of steady, deep change. I experience this as a “re-do” or upgrade to my identity as I watch my trees bare fruit from afar. I’ve heard this Pluto square the nodes can be called a skipped step. Have let go of so much and with 2nd Saturn return- Aquarius happening this past year….loss and change emphasized, but then again I hadn’t moved homes in 30 yrs. Fun opportunity to relocate. I most look forward to the fortune part “fruition” coming thru… it is there. It’s likewise a bit like a ship coming in to dock, one which has crossed several oceans. It’s exciting to let go, allowing my Phoenix to rise.

  16. Elsa, I know your post is about relationships and personal impact and you don’t often look at world events. BUT I’ve got my best friend and her family in Israel and what is happening there today is Pluto stationing square Mars too. I don’t want to discuss politics, I don’t have a solution, I’m just worried about my friends.

    It’s ok if you don’t want to comment but your insight would mean a lot to me.

    1. I wish I had something helpful to say. This is outside my realm but I’m sorry for your friend and I hope she and her family will be safe.

    2. Great sadness and concern about this war esp. if other countries wade in. l am watching pne border in particular.
      If there was ever a symbol for Mars/Pluto this is it. Both countries are Aries (according to Billis: The Rulership Book) No winners. l hope your people stay safe.

    3. I have a friend over there too. She, her husband and sons are all safe right now. I am worried for them nonetheless. I wanted you to know you’re not alone in your care for your friends.

      1. Yes, me too, a dear friend with a new baby. I’m in text contact, it’s hard to bridge the sudden gap in our realities. She said the spirit amongst people is very strong though, helping, supporting.

      1. I feel very sorry for the innocent people in Gaza too. No food, power, water. Innocents on both sides…there always are.

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