How To Handle Your Chiron Return

Hi Elsa,

mother-teresaAny tips for Chiron return?

Many, at one time or another, have used astrology as an excuse to justify their bad behavior or negative outlook. How can one avoid that?

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Hi, Striving.

I’m no Chiron expert. But I vividly recall struggling with my Chiron return, before coming to terms with it. I’ll tell you how I did this and post this so others have a chance to weigh in and help you.

I have Chiron in Pisces. During my Chiron return, I felt weak and weepy. Oh my God, I am a victim. I did not enjoy this at all.

I found relief when I put the astrology to the feelings.  Chiron, huh? I started thinking about the concept of being a “wounded healer”.

At first I thought if it was to be a healer, I best first wipe my tears.  I’m supposed to heal the sick, not be the sick. Understanding this helped.

Next I thought about the charisma of a wounded healer.  Think of Mother Teresa. She was old, bent over and still giving.  What’s she got to complain about? Seriously. Look at her. Do you want to be wounded? Or a healer? I chose, healer.

I wound up writing this, Chiron Rules Charisma, during my Chiron return. I don’t even know that you can have true charisma without a wound. Who do we cheer for most on these X-Factor type shows?  The people who look stupid and then blow us away!

Back to your question, I think I’ve addressed the negative attitude portion. As for your bad behavior, I’m not sure I would relate that to Chiron. Bad behavior is aggressive. I’d look at Mars for insight.

Bottom line, do you want to be wounded…or a healer?  Act (Mars) in accord with the decision you make and this should fix the situation.

Good luck!

Anyone else want to weigh in on the Chiron Return?

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16 thoughts on “How To Handle Your Chiron Return”

  1. A lot of people take the final steps in their career during the Chiron Return. Age 49-51 can be a time of real achievement. I’m looking forward to mine because Chiron is the only thing in my natal that makes nice aspects like a quintile and a grand trine.

  2. I returned to my family home, to rebuild it, during my Chiron Return in Scorpio. There was so much to rebuild physically, and even more to repair karmic-wise as old ghosts and my role in the family/tribe would reveal itself in the 9 years we lived there. Chiron conjuncts both my Sun and Mercury, there were wounds to discover, heal and move on from. The journey continues. I’m glad I was able to do the work (hard, deep and valuable). My career would forever be changed and that has been a long process.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Thanks, Elsa! I was just researching this today — you must have read my mind!
    My Chiron return happened over a decade ago. I was not aware of any of this at the time. I gave up on a goal, let an opportunity slip away. Seemingly innocuous at the time, this non-choice had far-reaching and life-altering repercussions.

  4. …excellent advice!!
    …I have chiron conjunct ASC natal, and in my expirience this is the healthy way to express this energy.
    also , chiron is the maverick planet – so energy expressed with that in mind is… well not-at-all-doom-and-gloom ***blush***

  5. I had my chiron return in 2012 – 2013. With the first conjunction in April 2012 I finally returned to college to finish a degree that was started back in the 1980’s. I have chiron in Pisces second house.

    The second time it was conjunct we found out that we would be moving again and I wasn’t particularly happy about where we were moving to – it was a bit bittersweet because we loved the state we were currently living but we had to move for my husband’s promotion.

    The third time was the fall of 2013. I remember I took a personal stand and refused to participate in certain social events for two reasons: 1. I felt like (and another woman there validated my feelings later on because she opted to participate and she was crapped on) that I wasn’t valued as a member of this group but rather what I could do for the other members (like clean up after gatherings, serve refreshments, etc.) My stand was I was too busy to kowtow to others because they demanded it. 2. I was involved in classes at college that really sparked my fire and I look back on that time as a time where I gained a lot of confidence in the area I finally decided to do my grad work in.

  6. I Just had my last chiron return a few days ago. Also going through my saturn square saturn transit. At the moment I am pondering alot upon the results of descisions made seven years ago (when saturn opposed natal saturn) I am lately considering taking up an old skill I never thought would come to use again. In the late eighties I trained as a masseuse/ aromatherapist,and worked for a couple of years as a masseuse onboard cruise-liners. Then life happened and took me in other directions.(Not very prosperous ones for my career) Now,Just out of the blue the idea has begun to take hold of me…
    Maybe I could take up on this old training and open my own little studio…Part time at least..
    One funny thing, my chiron in pisces trine my neptune- mars conjunction in scorpio, twelfth house. An aspect/house placement otherwise to little advantage. But I have read that mars conjunct neptune can make a good healer/massagetherapist. In the twelfth house (private surroundings) maybe I can make good use of this aspect after all…? 🙂

  7. Ah yes, the chiron return. I performed the most chironic of feats. It was hard work but the right things to do. And yes heaven did open up for me. There were details that had to be worked out post chiron return of course. Heaven just could not slip away once found. I may be jaded on chiron because it is so embedded in my natal chart. A long story indeed. Long and involved and very personal to me.

    I can share something interesting I learned in the end. I read so much about the NN. Like it’s all about the NN. That’s were one is headed. And then once I read someone who said we learn the NN so that we can experience the gifts of the SN. Hunh? Where did that come from? That can’t be right. It disagrees with everything else I had read. But lo and behold I get it. I suppose it is not true for everyone. It’s just my setup. Not everyone is on the same track and here to do the same journey. Chiron trines mercury and my SN. That’s only part of it though.

  8. I made the decision to divorce during my Chiron return in my Aquarius 1H. After having my two children, divorcing was the third best decision of my life. No regrets.

    1. Also, Saturn Rx was exactly conjunct my natal 7H Virgo Venus – lots of deliberation before making my final decision.

  9. No idea about the Chiron return, but about Strivings idea of not using astrology as an excuse. Astrology serves very well as an excuse for many things. Why not use it as an excuse?
    About the kentaurs in general do I have the idea that they all show ways in which you influence other people. They are not so much about how you are yourself. Chiron is an adviser, Pholus is a magnifier, Asbolus is a persuader, … (about most others I still wonder), so they should only be important in synastries.

  10. Also a Chiron in Pisces. My dad died the day transiting Chiron hit natal.
    So we’ve made it thru and are ready for Chiron to move to Aries. Any thoughts on this? Will Chiron leave gifts as it goes for all our hard work, or does the healing continue on into the next area of the chart.

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