100 Posts About Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven

neptune flood overwhelmI have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my midheaven. If you’ve read around here awhile, you know there is no end to the problems I have with that thing. They’re epic.

I have written more than 100 posts on this specific topic: Neptune conjunct the midheaven.  If you’re looking for an expert on this aspect, I’m qualified.

Venus and Mars are transiting my natal Neptune. I spoke with a friend last night. I told her I was wary.

“When you attract, you attract everything,” I explained. “And whatever happens will be public. It will involve my career, I suppose and then some…”

What is your interpretation of Venus and Mars transiting conjunct a person’s natal Neptune  on the Midheaven and hanging there for a month? Anyone?

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  1. I am just learning about this after 40 years walking this planet and Elsa, I have to say, your videos on Neptune on MC has shed a whole new light on my life. I have had three situations in my life, that I considered significant only because they (family and close friends) had “projected” whatever image they wanted me to be and it went sour. The lesson I have gained from each of these situations…there ain’t a thing you can do about others opinions. The strangest thing to say the least! What also confuses the heck out of me is when it’s the opposite and some people view me as “perfect”. When I hear that, I stop them fast in their tracks with a “oh no no no, I am not perfect”. I think to myself, what the…

    Thanks for your post on this topic, it has helped me in a huge way. 😀

  2. Elsa, my progressed Neptune is now in the 10th house, along with progressed Mars. I couldn’t wait for progressed Saturn to get out of there and now it has, but what does progressed Saturn in the 10th mean? People are going to see that I am really a dreamer , not the super-responsible person they thought? I was? Or that I need a glass of wine or two when I get home from work?

  3. elsa how similar is a 12th house sun to a sun conjunct or trine neptune ?

    also i have my midheaven conjunct neptune, my neptune is on the 9th/10th house cusp

  4. Well, Neptune on the mid heaven means you have a depth to you look. You are either ethereal or dreamy. Scorpio Venus and mars will give you a depth to that look , intense smoldering or sexy. I have Neptune in the ninth Capricon. I have Venus in the seventh house Scorpio. Hence the focus on looks. It could be you affairs will be powerfully delicate.

  5. On another note. It could be that you become embroiled in emotionally sticky situation and it will drive your need for expansive spiritual work. It could be the post is the answer in itself. Your Venus in Scorpio chose a natural element water and the action is best displayed by Mars in Scorpio the crash. You are expanding your emotional , Scorpio , fear anticipation of transit by crashing it into your spiritual realm, Neptune. Or. You meet Scorpio male and female and you post will bring them together on their Neptunian marriage. Or. You’ll get into a range of topics you want to further investigate dealing with issues like relations money or culture at work. Or your work will go through an elimination or addition. I ten to thin Venus adds and Mars in Scorpio eliminates. It isn’t the case but I like to typify.

  6. You don’t have to have Venus in Scorpio but the picture of the wave crashing into the tower is very Venus and Mars in Scorpio. It’s the transit coming into your life. It’s like procreation. You create another chart. It may or may not have to be your chart it can be a transit planet.

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