Weekly Forecast: April 29 – May 3, 2024 – Venus and Mars RULE

Venus and MarsEarly Monday, Venus moves to Taurus, joining the Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter in the sign. Taurus ruler Venus finds fertile ground in this fixed sign, rich in values and resources.

Venus squares Pluto in Aquarius through Tuesday night (with Pluto slowed for Thursday’s retrograde). How are your friendships? Your standing in your groups? If someone shows their wicked side, believe them. Certainly Venus tracks relationships of all kinds, particularly the romantic type, but the involvement of Pluto in Aquarius and having Uranus in Taurus, shakeups in groups and friendships seem likely.

It could be as simple as a dying connection, bittersweet but natural. Or it could point to something more sinister. Even still, it might be the end to an end! Maybe someone comes back around out of the blue.

In any case, is there still affection? Which is dominant, joy or pain? Monday’s Capricorn Moon sextiles Cap-ruler Saturn, squares Aries Mercury-Chiron, and goes on to trine Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. Slow down for discernment as the mood aids in opening up a corridor to observe the wound… and learn or heal from it. Stay realistic and you’ll find an open path to upgrading your prospects.

Mars has been a bit wavy in Pisces lately. It’s noodley and soft, which is not ideal for cutting. Tuesday morning, Mars moves to its own sign… ARIES… and action is on the table. So if you’re going to cut, your time is coming.

Tuesday morning’s Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune and Mars in Pisces, then heads into airy Aquarius. Immediately after, Mars move to Aries. Emotion and drive shift in concert; feel your way forward. The Aquarius Moon squares Taurus Venus and conjoins Pluto, ahead of Tuesday night’s exact Venus-Pluto square. It’s likely to feel like loss. Or perhaps it hurts so good. Intensity is the given. The direction of it all depends on you. In any case, this cut is likely for the best, an intensely powerful upgrade.

As Venus pulls away from active square to Pluto, Mars heads into sextile with Pluto (exact on Friday). It’s an opportunity to actively divest.

On Wednesday, the Aquarius Moon squares the Taurus Sun then goes on to sextile Mercury-Chiron and square Uranus-Jupiter. Venus and Mars have returned to signs they rule, Mercury is direct, and the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction is waning. This makes for a lull of cracklingly present calm and an opportunity to assess our standing. It’s also a chance to breathe and check in with what IS working. It’s natural to still feel a bit off kilter, but it’s not a serious diversion. Take note of what feels BETTER.

Thursday morning, the Moon finishes up in Aquarius and heads into Pisces by midday. In Pisces it picks up a sextile to Venus. Pluto stations retrograde, an intense pull on the Mars-Pluto sextile. Opportunities may reassert themselves. Power moves erupt in the collective; and personally, direct action is a way to consolidate power and impress others. Desire precedes action: When wants and needs are complimentary, next steps seem inevitable or fated.

Friday morning, the Pisces Moon sextiles the Taurus Sun, a feeling of divine righteousness in the merit of our path. If you’re not quite there, let reality blur till you can see its outline: inspirational. Afternoon takes the Moon into conjunction with Saturn and an eventual sextile to Uranus (exact overnight). Cool your jets and attune yourself to the acceptance of an unusual tide. All things in their right time… but you’ve still got to reach out and grab them!

The highlights: Taurus Venus on Monday; Aries Mars on Tuesday; Venus square Pluto, exact Tuesday; Mars sextile Pluto, exact Friday; Pluto retro on Thursday.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: April 29 – May 3, 2024 – Venus and Mars RULE”

  1. I am 82 today, sun Taurus, moon Libra rising Aquarious; it has been a great, active, delicious challenging dance and this week seems to in dictate it continues. Gratitude and Curiosity!!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday; I plan on smiling to the earth and wave to al the fear choked crazy.Me and my garden, here 5/2,5/3,5/4 good plant days
    Planting rosemary and saint John’s wort looking for “Chill”

  3. Oooh, yes I can feel the Venus square Pluto already, something like a simmering undercurrent, but not quite present yet? To quote Obi Won Kenobi, I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

  4. May Day, wild juicy Plantain, Nettles, Dandelion leaf omelette for brunch. Last day of April was a great Grandmother Spider day of connections!! Wow, this old gal is a flaming web thrower.

    Now, a bit of respite and relaxing.

    Thank you Satori, I loves this space you create weekly
    💜🦋🌈❤️ ahh…

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