Neptune In First House – Identifying Yourself As A Victim

fairy painting Venus NeptuneHi, Elsa.

What are the implications of having Neptune in the first house of self and Jupiter in the seventh house of others in relationships? This is a polar axis that seems to have given others the ability to take unfair advantage of me. At the very least it seems to have been an unfortunate placement without much benefit. Thank you for the opportunity to explore and pick your brain.

Jupiter Neptune

Hi, Jupiter.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so  long to answer your question. It’s because I feel you’re seeing a tree and missing the forest, here. I had to get up my nerve write that because I know it may offend you.

What you’re doing is identifying as a victim. I have no doubt, you have been victimized.  But I also have no doubt that you have victimized others.

There’s also a marked lack of gratitude in post.  I understand that Jupiter’s benefits may be obscured (Neptune) from you, but at some point, you’ve got to let that veil drop.

I’ll give you an example.  For years, I saw my husband about four days a month. Poor me, right?

That’s one way to look at it.  But it is only one way. And how many other ways are there?  Billions? Trillions?

If I settle on this one view, I’m in a world of hurt and my life is ruined. But that is not real. It’s a perception!

Your perception is skewed (in my opinion).  This is essentially an amplified (Jupiter) Venus (7th house) Neptune exchange.

If you want to see more than one tree in the vast forest, there is a ton of information on this blog. Years ago, I made a video – Zodiac Predators: The Venus Neptune Land Shark. Unfortunately, I can’t find it, anywhere. However, if you search, “land shark” on the blog, you’ll find some interesting material.

Secondly, check out the Venus Neptune tag.  There is quite a bit about there about lying. People lie to you, you lie to them and you lie to yourself.

Do you have Neptune in your first house, or Venus in aspect to Neptune?  
Do you see yourself in this?

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37 thoughts on “Neptune In First House – Identifying Yourself As A Victim”

  1. Is having Neptune squaring conjunction Mars-Sun in Libra (Venus)the same, because Neptune is squaring planets in Venus signs?

    1. Not really. It would be like a distant cousin. You have to think of Sun Neptune and Mars Neptune, ahead of Venus Neptune, if that makes sense.

      PS – cute pic. 🙂

  2. To me, Neptune in the first house means that people might have difficulty seeing who you are, at least right off the bat. A bit of a unicorn? Jupiter in the 7th has some positives too, not just that you’d be dominated by SOs, but that you are enriched and expanded through your attractions to others.

  3. Oh dear…I have Mars in Pisces natally, widely square Neptune in Sadge. Tr. Neptune will be conjuncting Mars during 2015-2017.
    In my 2015 solar return there’s a Pisces ascendant conjunct Neptune, opposite a Virgo moon in the 7th (*Aries Sun rolls eyes*), square a Sadge Saturn in the 10th.
    So, I see this and it’s not exactly what I’d have wished for, but I’m really interested, more than afraid, or feeling doomed. I’m curious, what can I do about this so it can become meaningful to me?
    I’ve been dancing more, and plan to continue with it. It’s a soft way to deal with many other harsh transits, so I’m glad it’s there as an option!
    I’ve been letting go of drinking alcohol, because I’ve noticed such a sensitivity to it – just one glass of wine can make me dizzy, it’s simply not worth the effort I have to make to feel better afterwards.
    A friend passed me a book on Neptune tranists and Neptune symbology in general.
    I admit I am a bit worried on the kind of man I might meet and/or fall in love with…but I have Saturn, Pluto *and* my life experience to help me navigate through this. But this is still my chart, my own Mars, and my own choice how I go about it.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m in some kind of Neptune lala land, thinking like this, but I agree with Elsa on this one. Especially since I’ve noticed there are at least three to four alternatives every single time I felt there’s “no other way of seeing things”.

  4. I’m scorpio rising and have neptune in the first. People claim I’m soooo hard to figure out/get to know. (And yet, I feel like I’m an open book/exposed ?!?!) I have a grand water trine Neptune/Sun/Jupiter…. maybe that makes a difference because one word I would never use to describe myself is “victim.” Even when it’s been appropriate in my life, I refuse to embrace it. To me, the word victim = weak, and I value my strength over all else (not sure where that comes from in my chart…)

    1. My husband is Scorpio rising Neptune first house. Many in our family find him difficult to figure out or understand. I think the Scorpio rising part of him likes it that no one seems to have his number, except for me of course I totally get him, which I think he sometimes doesn’t care for LOL Dear husband would NEVER identify with being a victim no way

  5. I agree with L. I would never describe myself as a victim either. How sad that would be. I tend to appreciate my life and don´t dwell on the “bits” I don´t like. I´d rather move on and be grateful for all that I do have.
    My first house Neptune in Libra is part of quite a complex aspect pattern though. Maybe that has something to do with it: Neptune conjunct Asc., mars and saturn. Sextile mercury, venus, sun, pluto and trine jupiter.

  6. My rising sign is Libra, Scorpio is conjunct Neptune in my first house. My experience is that people have always treated me like a child, sometimes trying to take advantage, sometimes over-protecting, most always second guessing. However, as you pointed out my 7th house is ruled by Jupiter and Taurus. I attribute this to my own self-determination. I embrace the perceived gift of eternal youth but it has little to do with my personal self-esteem, determination, or relationships other than my ability to attract and relate to people and particularly men of all ages and of any Age without difficulty. Perhaps it’s a form of time/space transcendence. As with all astrology, interpretation of the cosmos is subjective. This is the reason astrology is not considered an exact science, and instead is taken with a grain of salt. Depending on the readers intellect and experience, a number of different interpretations and insights are possible for the same charts, aspects, and progressions. There is something to be said for the compatibility of a personal astrologer’s natal chart with their clients. We are all limited by our own experience, knowledge, and intellect. The particular gift of eternal youth has less to do with preservation than it does of imagination, the youthful essence of humanity. Just as a rose has as lovely fragrance at all stages of its life and reproduces that scent consistently generation after generation. It may be said that a rose is a rose at any and all times. It is divine grace. “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”

  7. I have Venus in my 12th house, my sparkly Taurus has Neptune conjunct her 2nd house cusp (but technically still in her first) and my triple sag has Neptune firmly planted in her 2nd. Then only aspect between the two actually planets is a trine between Venus & Neptune for my sparkly Taurus. Though I have a 12th house sun in a strong 1degree quincunx to Neptune. What you said about changing your perception rings true with me. You, Elsa, have actually been a great asset to me in learning to see things differently ;).

    It has also come to my attention that in addition to strong Pluto & Jupiter signatures. Both my girls also have Uranus squaring their sun (like myself) along with these Neptune placements. How ever interesting…..

  8. I have Neptune/Libra 1H along with Sat/Merc Scorp (also Sun/Venus Scorp 2H. When I was really young I did feel sorry for myself because my family was very dysfunctional and my sweet sister died at age 7. But when I grew up I changed my perspective and focused on all the positive wonderful experiences I’ve had. I still do this. Not every day is sunshine and roses but I slap a smile on my face because deep down I do feel very blessed.

  9. Neptune squaring the ascendant from the 4th house… I come off confusing to some people. I am confused on how to present myself to the world… I see myself a victim or society because of ‘truths’ and ‘circumstances’ of my upbringing. I am, and no one else, is a victim truly…
    you must transcend,
    for there is no fate but what we make.

    At the moment, Neptune is right on opposing my sun sign. I see many people out there claiming ‘victims rights’. How many of them are victims truly? Or have victimized?

    How can there be people in the world, right now, saying their shit don’t stink, when they’re full of shit?

  10. I have Neptune in the fourth on my grand mutable cross squaring Mercury and my Virgo moon sextiling sun and Venus opposing Saturn. I am sick to death of playing the victim. Ready to activate my Mars in Cap and be Fierce Warrior Bitch. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I want to fight for a more acceptable life.

  11. I’m Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto. I have Neptune in 7th house, 26 deg Scorpio. My relationship with my husband is sometimes up and sometimes down… like sometimes floating and sometimes sink in water. Venus is in 4th house (20 deg Leo)square the Neptune. I got accused by lots of things by my husband. I don’t get appreciated by my husband either. I consider myself a good looking person and my friends does the same but never ever appreciated by my husband.

    Since my Venus is at Leo and and I have Virgo Sun, so Venus is sitting at my Solar 12th house. I take it as Love is missing or unknown in my life.

  12. Neptune less than 2 degrees away from my ascendant in Sagittarius, Jupiter in 12th house Sag.
    You have to transcend the victim/predator seesaw. Easier said than done, it will pop up now and then. But remember there’s an angel on your shoulder.
    Also, the “invisibility” of Neptune/1st gets easier to deal with with age.

  13. Hi:) I have natal Neptune in the first house in Capricorn and I have Sagg. rising, natal Pluto conjunct Sun in Scorpio.

    I don’t see myself in this matter. I do have a lot of other people’s projections in my life. For a while, I felt everyone sees me the way they want to. Weird, but I learned how to deal with it. I do not care any more about what they choose to see, and I am pretty blunt and honest with people, sometimes to my disadvantage perhaps, but I choose that over acting out other peoples fantasies and manipulating them to my advantage.

    As for your husband theme Elsa, you have a point there. Only a matter of perspective, and what you choose to get from a given (possibly bad) situation.

    Choice is actually power and everyone has some kind of it. Even when it is obscured from them, they do. Relationships are a two way street.
    Thanks for this post.

  14. I have Neptune in the 1st house in Libra. Its conjunct Mars, but some people see me as a person they can victimize. I look pretty vulnerable and have an easy-going nature. I’ll help anyone if they need it, but if they decide to attack me, Mars takes over.


  15. My last post was cut off. I was saying I never felt like a victim. I think there’s a difference between feeling like you’re a victim and actually being a victim.

  16. Every rose has it’s thorn. Maybe, the letter author might attempt being more presentable.(based on what I know of astrology and my own configurations) Just because someone does you down, doesn’t guarantee they’ll get far ;and if they don’t–maybe they’re in error, and it would do well to see what plays out.
    It can be hard for any to tell the unvarnished truth, but that’s a heady endeavor in confidence.

  17. Elsa, thank you for the response to my question.I take no offense with what you say. If there is any offense to be taken it should be with myself. I am glad you always keep it real, I can respect that. I suppose it is true I have seen myself as a victim and I did not really realize that untill you put it into words. I know it sounds a bit bizarre but I have the duhhh, neptune happening surrounding this issue. My neptune is conjunct the ascendant in scorpio.I think this may cause some difficulty.I have venus conjunct mars in gemeni 8th house, the north node is ther also, which may compound my issues as well. There is a decent bit of scorpio energy involved anyway. My saturn is in pisces in the 4th house opposed by a conjunction of pluto and uranus. Growing up was pretty difficult so that probably has a fair bit to do with feeling like a victim. I never did feel strong I have a cancer sun and was always very sensitive. It seems that I have had limited supplies in my tool bag and I need to muster up some tools to help myself out. It would be true that I have been seeing only a tree and not the entire forest. I mostly feel that I can not see beyond my hand in front of me in this all encompassing fog, much less beyond to get a look at the forest. After saturn crossed my ascendant and neptune in scorpio last year a lot was laid to waste and it was a harsh struggle to say the least, but I have been feeling much more gratitude in the aftermath this past year. I think I am beginning to see things more appropriately. I guess saturn does that for a person. I never thought I would say it but I am grateful for the lesson saturn has given even though I was so hurt by it. I know saturn through scorpio has purged what I do not need to take with me into the future. You can not hang on to what needs to go and I have tried to do that but saturn took care of what I could not take care of myself. I am stubborn but saturn is much more formidable than I.Elsa thenk you for helping a gal in the fog and for putting to words what I have had a hard time seeing. Thank you also to all of those who have added their thoughts and experiences. It has helped me and I am blessed by it.

  18. “Do you have Neptune in your first house, or Venus in aspect to Neptune? Do you see yourself in this?”

    Totally! Thank you Elsa for explaining the astrology of this. I have Neptune on the cusp of my 1st house (Scorpio) and also Venus in 1st house. I was a victim for YEARS and couldn’t see it. Finally, I began to see it, own it and work to resolve it. That’s when my life finally began to change for the better.

  19. Yay for a neptune in the first post (:
    I like my first house neptune. Even though I feel confused sometimes. I could play the victim. But I dislike going there. Alot. I know I am responsible for my life. But I find I could easily go there. I feel like bounderies are sometimes are a problem. Sometimes I feel like a cloud or leaf in the wind and I am easily comfortable being swayed by life or others. A low sense of self. Also it brings sensitivity, cry very easily. Deep empathy. I have to be conscious to be stronger and keep my composure.

  20. Yay for a neptune in the first post (:
    I like my first house neptune. Even though I feel confused sometimes. I could play the victim. But I dislike going there. Alot. I know I am responsible for my life. No bullshit. But I find I could easily go there. I feel like bounderies sometimes are a problem. Times I feel like a cloud or leaf in the wind and I am easily comfortable being swayed by life or others. A low/foggy sense of self. Also it brings sensitivity, cry very easily. Deep empathy. I have to be conscious to be stronger. Keep my composure. You feel your way through life, sometimes I feel like I am blind. And all I can do is feel it out.

  21. I can relate to this post in terms of how I interpret events . I have Venus conjunct Neptune in the fifth house. And right now my mind is paying around with looking at things from a different perspective . This post is so synchronistic.

  22. I have neptune conjunct Uranus in 1st house Capricorn by 28′. This conjunction is sextiled by venus, mercury and pluto from 11th house. And an empty 7th house.

    Never felt a victim. Actually, I’m quite thankfull for all I have and no patience for people who like to feel pittied.

    But I can’t deny that this part of my chart is a mistery. Never really understood what neptune in first house means. I cant see it showing up in me. Most people see me the way I really am and I was always able to change ppl’s perceptions abt me, even though I have terrible communication problems. During a johari window game in university (where u write abt urself and other ppl write abt urself and then compare) people actually think higher abt me than I do abt myself (maybe thats what neptune in 1st does? it blurs your OWN perceptions abt yourself?)

    People arent really fond of neptune, but I guess mine is kinda in a confortable sittuation then maybe thats why I dont really feel its effects. Realistic and hard working capricorn sounds like a good place for it to be sitting, and besides all those sextiles theres also a trine from the moon and midheaven.

  23. 17 degrees Pisces rising here. I remember feeling very vulnerable and sensitive as a child. That could be easily read as playing victim but as I grow older I realized I was never a victim (okay, most of the time I was not a victim) but that Neptune energy is extremely sensitive and easily touched. I have to be careful not to paint myself as victim because of my emotions but most of the time, if I do paint myself as victim, it’s not malicious, it’s mostly a habit more than anything. I’d say most of the time these days, I do not paint myself as a victim, but look into my Neptunian mirror, and think about how I got myself into a trap or traps, what decisions did ‘I’ make to get myself into that situation??

  24. I am part of the Capricorn stellium group of 89-92. I also have Capricorn ascendant and cancer Jupiter. I have always felt like I am constantly SoL and taken advantage of (happen to have a Virgo stellium as well, but venus is badly suspected), and I admit that often times I don’t think about whether or not I take advantage of others. Or rather I unconsciously ignore it, because lately with the Pluto transit I’ve begun to nnotice some bad habits…

  25. My partner has Neptune in the first (unless you use whole sign charts.. then its in the 2nd). His knee-jerk response to problems is to blame everything other than himself. But if you point out the facts to him and give him a chance to think about it, he’ll usually admit that he’s responsible (very Libran). He also drinks a lot more than is healthy for him and this is another problem I’ve noticed with people who have this placement.

  26. Hi, I have Neptune rising and I am a musician. I think rather than making the native a victim, this placement has to do with identity. Most musicians have prominent Neptune and many have Neptune rising. People who are in the public eye in a glamorous sort of way also have this: Marilyn Monroe had Neptune rising, as do Jim Carrey and Harrison Ford. Bill Clinton has Neptune rising conjunct Mars in Libra.

  27. My Venus/Neptune defends against the harsh reality. So I look to it as my (((armor))). Perceptions are always being made. Take the Jury, give them the story, and they will all see it through their perception. Still I know, this is the standout in my chart. It creates that dreamy love, then come the lies, then the fall… and then it begins again. I’ve lived my entire existence with this. But with the (((armor))) there is always the dream of a new day, a new love, a new hope that tomorrow it will be better! I guess there are worse planetary combinations…or am I dreaming?

  28. venus/neptune.
    have learned that being a victim is primarily a choice of perspective.
    i have learned compassion, transcendence, and how to defend myself/set boundaries. my saturn aspects both of those planets. but a saturn anywhere can be leveraged to protect oneself.

  29. There is a certain frailty and vulnerability in the person with neptune 1st house and on the rising. We seem easy prey. Look at other things in your chart to back up this energy. Also apparent weakness can be used as a trap when neptune is buzzing at a low form. Ill people aren’t kinder, they are just ill, suffering doesn’t make anyone an elevated soul, it just gives you experience to go through the ropes and maybe help others who are scared in similar scenarios. Emotional draining and emotional leaking is not cute. But art is beautiful, music is beautiful,aesthetics are beautiful. One side of neptune is extremely beautiful. Lest you drown in it without common sense, than anything becomes dangerous and destructive, even art, even love.

  30. I don’t kno bout being a victim so much.
    Much of what has occurred w/me or to me is or has been taken in stride and accepted as my particular ‘cross to bear’.
    While Neptune is in my 1st house it perfectly tribes Venus in 9 (Gem) and sextiles Jupe n Pluto in Leo.
    Seems I’m as attracting as much as I’m attracted.
    Current Mars will eventually opp this Nep as Pluto/Sat/Jupe are all in various phases of squaring this.
    Also I have Uranus in 10 (Cancer) squaring Nep as well.
    Uranus in Cancer certainly doesn’t help vulnerability much either.

  31. Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there!
    He wasn’t there again today, Oh how I wish he’d go away!

    When I came home last night at three, The man was waiting there for me
    But when I looked around the hall, I couldn’t see him there at all!

    Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
    Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door…

    Last night I saw upon the stair, A little man who wasn’t there,
    He wasn’t there again today Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

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