Once Upon A Time On An Astrology Blog… Holding Your Ground Under Duress

I thought I’d come on here and outline how this phenomena (the hall of mirrors) works with a real life story. If you can track this I am sure you will be able to identify this pattern in your own life and in the lives around you so here goes:

Once upon a time there was a regular around here, Loonsounds. She used to comment a lot and one day another astrology blogger came on this blog to address and insult her quite profoundly.  It was the first time this gal had ever commented on my blog so basically her first handshake was a viscous attack of one of the regulars.

I was online at the time as was Loonsounds.  I reacted quickly telling the other astrologer I did not allow these type comments on my blog. Loonsounds also responded to defend herself with a blistering attack back.

The other astrologer, in action as a provocateur, ignored my boundary and really sliced and diced, Loonsounds a second time while defending her right to do so.

I did not agree she had the right to attack a regular here and  I asked her again to stop. This whole episode took place in about 3 minutes mind you so there was some serious Mars (and Mercury) going here.

The other astrologer made a third very nasty, cutting remark, Loonsounds was also swearing her head off so at this point so I deleted the entire string of comments and blocked the other astrologer to cool the situation off.

I did not block Loonsounds because she was responding to defend against an attack which I think is not only reasonable but right.

The other astrologer emailed me in a fever, told me to take her off the Astro Dispatch.  I complied telling her that if she changed her mind to mail back.  She followed this up by writing a blog about me, the wormy control freak she wanted nothing to do with and at that point I looked away permanently.

To finish the story, Loonsounds who had a high opinion of me at one point became disillusioned  further down the road and me?

Well I am still here,  writing this blog same as I have for the last 9 years.

This video is from 2007. It is in regards to how a person can maintain their peace and equilibrium in the midst of chaos and confusion aka, the hall of mirrors. (tag saturn neptune, a zillion posts on confused or illusory realities.)

I am posting this as prelude to a freakishly potent nugget I got off the soldier yesterday as to who is happy and who is not in this life.  Right now I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that if you can’t find a way to hold your ground when bombs go off and people move around you, you’re going to have a hard time being happy in this world.

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27 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time On An Astrology Blog… Holding Your Ground Under Duress”

  1. “Right now I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that if you can’t find a way to hold your ground when bombs go off and people move around you, you’re going to have a hard time being happy in this world.”

    Definitely have to agree with that.

  2. It’s true. People have a very set way of what they believe is happiness for them. When something shakes things up, it can be the end of the world for some people. Indeed, it can be.. and building a new world full of new concepts and stickyards for goals and happiness can be extremely challenging. This stops people from truly living life. For example, a select group of people such as the 9th housers and Sagittarians (like me) love exploring new lands but to most people leaving their homes and encountering a land very different from what they are used to is not something that would even cross their minds.

    Changes force us to examine what our self-worth consists of. Is it tied too much to what we own and what we can show others we have acquired (2nd house)? And how would we deal with losing it all in a natural disaster (an increasingly higher probability in the world these days)? Perhaps it’s through another area of the zodiac like a partner (7th) or the 8th which involved an excessive merging of identities and resources? My stellium resides in 12th where we can lose it all or find the ultimate satisfaction in that which cannot be taken away (as Elsa said all problems are resolved [one way or another] in the 12th).

  3. Where did my comment go.. oh well.. I guess i will have to regroup as the topic of the blog suggests.

    People definitely have a very shaky security level that can be easily thrown off whack. It can have alot to do with the importance people attach to certain things which are linked to their sense of self worth. It could be things (the 2nd), a partner (the 7th), or even found in any other house including the 12th, though that is where incredible perspective can finally be attained (I have my stellium in the 12th).

    There are very few people who can easily survive a severe loss without too much pain, such is the nature of this earth. A home (and everything in it) consumed by flames, the loss of an irreplaceable lover, getting fired from a position of power you will never again enjoy.. these all shape our identities to some degree.

    As for the mirrors aspects, I once made a collage photo essay on the topic “Our relationship as mirrors” because it is at the point of the descendant where people reflect back to us. Sometimes what we see through their eyes is beautiful and full of potential.. other times people cannot handle the mirror and decide to break it. I know it’s a shameless plug but I wrote a post about the descendant in the love/relationship section, and I would love someone to read and comment on the idea of the descandant (the mirror) and it’s importance.

  4. This is weird (and neptunian).. the above comment got lost.. so I had to write a new one.. now that comment is lost and the first one is here.. oh well… anyhow, I did want to add that I wrote a topic in the love section about the descendant (the mirror) and its underestimated importance in the chart, because it is in relationship where we see our reflection.. sometimes we see beauty and potential and othertimes we cannot recognize ourselves or even decide to break the mirror. Yet we need the mirror.. can we imagine a world without any kind of reflection (mirrors, glass or even water?) Mirrors are also a link to lower and higher dimensions, so we keep looking for another reflection of us, one we like.. all truthful but the truth we can live with. I believe the descendant is at least as important as the midheaven, if not more so.

    sorry for going on so much!

  5. also if you want me to delete some of the duplicate comments, I can. Just tell me which ones.

    In the future when (if) this happens, I am usually around to fish the non-spam out of the filter pretty regularly which is what happened here.

    You posted, the comment hit the filter. You posted again, while I was digging out the first comment.

    I am sorry for this but can’t do without a filter. This blog gets more than 1000 spam comments a day and while catching (on average) less than 5 a day by accident.

  6. I agree, and this is especially important when you host a public space. If you wouldn’t hold your ground, you’d loose it, because duress -like the shark- shows up at any time…

  7. Conny, it’s true. Do you know how quickly this place could be overrun?

    I am inordinately proud I have been able to maintain this blog, this long, this big.

    Jilly – yes, that was another blogger and she still comes around (behind the scenes) with nasty things to say 6 months after the fact. I think it’s funny when a person feels they are so superior to me but they just can’t quit playin’ with this dog.

    Also interesting, I was a fan of hers before this occurred. I mean she has a mind and can read a chart but clearly it takes more than that… it takes a soul not hell bent on destruction because otherwise all your energy and intellect goes into your own demise.

  8. you should be proud! seriously, every day i am like, damn this is work…cap moon knows work when she sees it:)

    i am currently holding my ground in a family drama that is bullshit from start to finish. i just realized i have the opportunity to say how i feel–finally, at long last i am confident enough to do so…

    noting Mars’ upcoming transit to Leo: the sibling in question has Leo sun, conjunct my natal Saturn. i have faith we will resolve and can possibly transform our relationship, but it will never happen unless i finally stand and be counted.

  9. I missed the episodes featuring an attack on Loonsounds. Sometimes I wander off and miss all sorts of crazy stuff, like the time a tree fell on the neighbours car. This happens at work too. I go on holidays for a few days and when I come back someone has spontaneously combusted.
    I wonder if there is an astrological explanation? Any way Elsa, I am regularly in awe of what you do here!

  10. Sounds like you handled the situation with dignity, Elsa. I have find it difficult not to be hurt by vicious attacks and lies, but am learning more boundaries. Here is something I learned,courtesy of the school of hard knocks. A person would not make accusations unless it is something they have done, do now or would do themselves, like you said, it’s about projections. So it’s really about them. And I believe, but can’t always reconcile, that a person who is out to hurt others, is only doing so because they are in a place of hurt, unless they happen to be sociopaths

  11. rand – it was missed by almost everybody which is as it should be. The whole thing erupted and was squelched in less than 5 minutes.

    Some think crap like that is good for business but I don’t.

    Decent people with sense don’t come into bar where people are getting punched and kicked and stabbed. One look at that and they’re out of here forever.

  12. It’s one thing to read a chart and that itself takes a great deal of skill and insight, but it is yet another to communicate it with compassion and wisdom.

  13. The gal came with a knife, targeting one of the regulars who she cut with malice that was vicious and merciless so I shot her, end of story.

    I have said repeatedly I would defend my home (and those in it) and this blog is my home too.

  14. There is another community where The People In Charge have failed to ban a certain member. Everybody else has pretty much left by now, because of this one person. Last time I looked in, there was him left standing, and a handful of his buddies. The bar is otherwise empty and dead.

    And they are still not kicking him out.

    Glad you run a different sort of establishment.

  15. Interesting–I have a weirdo who is posting comments on my blog after having a scary relationship with my grown son–she is an odd ball religious zealot and has been posting under various pseudonyms..I am now moderating the comments O I can “disconnect” from her..

    after cyber staling my kid, she found MY blog and email..and is driving me nuts.

    I hope she’ snot dangerous..

    Yeah,gotta be tough in this crazy world, I guess..I DON’T want to give up my blog but I don’t want to be “followed’ by this strange person either.. and I don’t want to provide a way for her to follow my and my family’s lives!

    It’s all local so a bit scary– help!!!!!!!

    Maybe I should just leave cyber space..

  16. Dropping a ninja smoke bomb on the ordeal was Libra (avoidance of conflict and upset) and Pisces (as you made something seem to disappear). This was a war tactic all your own. You, Madame, are a shinobi, and have no reason to feel the need to be more like a samurai (Aries) to deal with these things. You are a capable person. In fact, a shinobi lost in the smoke of a heavy bombardment… Should be in her prime. Don’t fight the smoke, use it to your advantage. 😉

  17. I remember the attack. Impossible to track back precisely, but the attack, and counter attack were intense. I also remeber oonsounds going round the bend later… In any case I found it disturbing energy.

  18. A very instructive tale, Elsa, and you handled the situation very well and swiftly. Amazing that someone’s life can change that much in just a few minutes–and it proves how very careful we astrologers need to be about what comes out of our mouth because things we say carry the power and authority of astrology behind it.

  19. “Right now I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that if you can’t find a way to hold your ground when bombs go off and people move around you, you’re going to have a hard time being happy in this world.”

    Having lived a life filled with chaos, I have learned to be the center of the storm. It can rage around me. I do not have to rage and spin in response. I learned this from meditating on the Orhisha Oya, who is associated with hurricanes and tornadoes. If you stay in the center you will be standing when it’s over. You might have some cleaning to do but you also might not have to knock down some things that were previously in your way.

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