Pluto In Capricorn – Marry For Security?

pluto statueLately, everyone I work with is looking for a settled relationship. If they are in a serious relationship, or marriage, they want to stay in it.

It’s possible this is just who I draw but I wonder if this does not reflect something deeper.

I think Pluto in Capricorn signifies deep insecurity and survival fears in the collective. This would lead people to want to partner so as not to face the hardship alone. It would follow that people with planets are early degrees of the Cardinal signs would be feeling this first.

Is it me or has there been an authentic shift here?

Can you elaborate?

25 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn – Marry For Security?”

  1. i cannot decide however, I have drawn in someone to share finances with at this time. Pluto in Cap is forcing everyone to get sober and with the restructuring of everything going on it surely is scary for those who are now losing their money that never really existed anyway. ha ha ha

  2. I totally agree with the deep insecurity and survival fears

    I have a lot of friends getting engaged, even ones I would never have expected, and I was thinking the same thing- economic unrest and uncertain futures might be causing people to cling to one another more tightly

  3. It might be my saturn return coming on, combined with Pluto near my sun/mercury cnj in capricorn, but I want to get settled down very badly, and more so and with increasing intensity since last september. Time is going super fast, and there are things I want to do!

  4. I was very interested in being in a serious relationship and have been for probably most of my life. I am far more committed to making it work now so I agree that there has been a shift for me personally that results in me being more likely to sustain the relationship I’m in.

    That and I did actually get married. 🙂 But I clicked can’t decide because my intent and interest haven’t changed so much as my ability to make it happen.

  5. Eventually.

    Lately though, I want to partner but, uh, not permanently. That’s my nice way of saying I wouldn’t mind just catting around for the fun of it. I never got to do that much. 🙂 I’ve got some funky things going on in my chart, like Uranus going back and forth over my Descendant, that probably kick me out of the data pool.

    I have the survival fears like everybody, but pairing up to alleviate it isn’t natural to me. I’m working on evolving toward that, hopefully in a healthy way. Hard to do. *shakes fist at north node*

  6. I am not so much interested in the concept of marriage, but I do feel it is nice having a partner 🙂 Although I think it’s not so much due to some sort of insecurity in the physical world, but.. I just like having him.

  7. I didn’t actually vote, I want to stay in the relationship I’m in, but wouldn’t say I’m more interested. I’ve been with the same man for 13 years, married for 6 of those. We’re happy so I just plan on maintaining the status quo.

  8. I voted no…I’m too focused on my career right now and I really don’t have the time or energy for a serious relationship. 😉

    (and never mind the fact that I really, REALLY don’t ever want to get married 😉 hehe)

  9. No – and I have sun 29 degrees virgo and moon 1 degree cap. I have realised the opposite – that no one is going to look after me and that it is a lesson for me to be self sufficient in this lifetime. I would like a partner in the future when I’m not studying anymore but I have in mind two independent self sufficient people. This is a big change from growing up where I just assumed a man would support me 🙂

    Saturn is on my venus and heading for my sun so I’m getting very serious these days.

  10. Oh gosh, yes, I want to be married with kids. With a seventh house sun in Pisces… are you kidding?

    But whoever the gal is with whom I eventually end up, she will certainly have her work cut out for us to stay together – as will I. Why? Let’s just say my natal Moon is conjunct Mars; both my Moon and Mars are squared by natal Uranus; natal Saturn squares my birth Venus and Pluto. Oh yes, and Venus (conjunct Chiron) and Juno are all in the eighth.

    Maybe I’ll just have to marry Persephone or something…

  11. On some level I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be married. On another level I want to avoid it like the plague. Same old, same old. That has not changed. I didn’t even cast a vote because I could answer “yes” or “no” for all of that.

    I am pretty surprised that anyone feels like dating these days, though. I can understand clinging to who you’ve got, but I don’t really know how anyone is feeling like they can “put their best foot forward” while constantly feeling like crap. Which is how every single person in the world seems to be doing any more. Feeling like crap doesn’t really strike me as a good influence to have hanging over you while you look for love. I wonder how new relationships are working out, or if any are at all these days.

    Ninth Immortal: I looked up the asteroid Persephone in my chart and I was kind of amused to find out it opposed Pluto almost exactly (and Ceres squares them both). I pretty much AM Persephone, though, only without the guy.

  12. I want to be married and in a serious relationship. But I don’t want it more than I did last year and I don’t know if the person I’m with is the right man for the job (not that he wants to fill the spot of “husband” anyway – he says he never wants to be married).

  13. I have never been the little girl who wanted to grow up and get married and have kids. Never. It kind of makes me feel alienated, actually…my dreams were more the ‘run away and join the circus’ variety (probably because that’s what my dad actually did)

    But…just because I don’t want that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it! I function well in a relationship, as long as it stays out of the realm of domesticity. Domesticity has killed more than one relationship for me. My ex and I lived in the same building, different apartments for quite some time when we first dated. It was perfect, especially as I love sleeping with him but like the quiet of the kitchen in the morning when I’m alone

  14. Nope! I don’t even want a relationship. I rarely think about them. I have been accused of not wanting them only because I was supposedly hurt somewhere along the line, but I think that’s wrong. I have Mars and Uranus in 7th in Scorpio opposing my 1st house Moon and square my Venus in Virgo in 5th. I don’t need no stinkin’ man!

  15. I don’t believe in marriage (I consider it to be an outdated concept that long lived out its purpose), but I do believe long-term commitment is a good thing, at least for me. Venus and Mars in Taurus, Juno in Scorpio.

  16. Wow – the domesticity is exactly what I want. Cancer stellium… I love the sound of my loved one being domestic, doing daily mundane stuff. Oh yeah, my north node is in the 6th…

    And totally want to be married. Felt this way for years. Dreamed of it, of being owned. I could say more but still working on getting back to sleep.

  17. Yes. But i’m a cappy. i don’t look for anything else than serious relationship. I also have moon in the first degree of capricorn and i seem to be looking for someone since the pluto transit started…

  18. Yes, and it’s a damned good thing, too… I got married in October of last year! This time last year, I was feeling very anxious and not entirely certain that I was making the right move. Now, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. Long term relationship yes, marriage no. I don’t even particularly want to live with him, he can have his own place and I can have mine and we can be together when we want to and we can be separate when we want to. The whole marriage and domestic thing I’ve already done and it was nice, it was great in a lot of ways but I’ve been on my own now for a while and I like it.

  20. I want to get married.. but with neptune/jupiter/chiron transiting my 4th house and my saturn in cancer, I want it to have a feeling of space and freedom to it so I’m not too concerned about meeting someone just yet. Enjoying my friendships (saturn in virgo transiting my 11th) and hoping someone through group associations related to my career will show themselves.
    I realized at the end of getting over my ex ex and the beginning of my saturn virgo transit opposing my jupiter that I needed my lovers to be my friends in order for it all to work. And I do believe it is working. I am much happier all around.
    With uranus in libra squaring my saturn in cancer.. I hope I’ve stumbled onto a formula that will bring someone solid but unexpected. 😛
    There are a few people in my life at the moment that are different expressions of these energies.
    It’s really quite nice. 🙂 Never felt so comfortable in my own skin.

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