What Is Venus In Scorpio Like?

Scorpio BarbieVenus will enter Scorpio today.  Keywords: obsessive, seductive, loyal.

If you love deep love, Venus in Scorpio can’t be beat. It’s such a rich placement. I thought this would be a good way to look it over

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Do you have Venus in Scorpio? How do you see it play out?

12 thoughts on “What Is Venus In Scorpio Like?”

  1. I have my Venus Pluto transit and I like the energy.. I like plugging into people.. needing them..
    My personality has ruined friendships and relationships

    1. Pluto is still dancing in opp to natal Venus. I don’t know that I notice too much difference. Natal venus could be 8th house but I prefer to call it 9th house cusp because I don’t know what that means. 😀 I actually find myself more and more withdrawing from people on a mucky mucky level. I think it is because I sometimes feel like I am being poisoned. Isn’t that weird? I don’t get it.

  2. I have this along with Scorpio Sun and Jupiter and Mercury.

    Venus in Scorpio is deep – there is a bottomless source in her that goes all the way down to the Underworld of Hades.
    Remember Disney’s Hercules? Venus in Scorpio goes deep, so deep she will give up her life to save/heal those she seem worthy of her love.

    I see this in my Moon in Scorpio-friend falling upon my Scorpio planets. He once said: there are not many people I would take a bullet for – but you’re one of them.

    It got me thinking. Those I love I protect fiercely, deeply. I go out to the deep end beyond if that what it takes, if I truly, madly, deeply love.

    Opposite that is deep and utter indifference. Hate is not the opposite of love – indifference is. That – and fear.
    I have that as well. Lots of fear. Fear of being vulnerable, baring my neck. It requires trust. I have been stabbed in the back several times by men, so this time, I was cautiously aware of taking my time.

    My partner was too. He has Venus Rx square Saturn. We went slow. So slow. But it was worth it.
    But he also has Venus trine Pluto and Moon in Libra. That’s scorpionic flavour right there.
    It’s expressed in deep loyalty, deep principles and moral values.

  3. I have a Libra friend who, in himself, has never seemed to be particularly possessive or jealous or deep. But the women he enters into relationships with are all of those things.

  4. I have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 8th. I also have Saturn about 6 degrees away from this conjunct also in the 8th. My husband has a Scorpio Stellium on top of my stellium.

    Everything here is true. I just read all the links. All rings true. The only thing I’ll add is Scorpio may be fixed, but never stays stagnant for long. Water flows. The negative aspects of this aspect, if the person has the courage (old ruler for Mars) to evolve, will over time (maybe my Saturn talking) turn into the most beautiful thing and the highest expression of Scorpio. Leo is known as the loyal sign, but a Scorpio is loyal in such a way that that is private. When no one else is there and the world won’t give accolades for showing up, there is Scorpio. Some things are so private, they are hard to explain, but a Scorpio will try to understand.

    I feel really comfortable with this aspect. I love it, actually. But, my Venus also doesn’t have any squares or other hard aspects aside from his conjunct to Pluto.

  5. My ex-husband has Venus in Scorpio; had I known more about astrology when we met, I never would have even dated him. When we split up, he stalked and threatened me. Even years later, he hates me for leaving him. We’re no longer on speaking terms, and he’s stopped paying child support out of spite.

  6. Venus in Scorpio here. I am intense in love and very possessive of my husband. I will fight to the death to protect my loved ones, but I am also difficult to live with myself. I have extreme emotions that I do not like anyone trifling with at all. If I find something serious, don’t dare make a joke of it to me. I feel everything extremely deeply and there is no use telling me to lighten up because that is never going to happen.

    If someone needs my help and ask me for it, I will do whatever I can to help them. My life is intense and everything must go deep with me or it isn’t worth my time.

    1. Venus in Scorpio here too🙋.. exactly…il fight to death for you but don’t betray me..il never forgive you..and I almost never joke with extreme mood swings

  7. I had a phone convo with a scorpio venus last night. Her son and his girlfriend split up earlier this year after 8 years together. She lives alone so there was no one there to hear her, but she started talking real quiet like she was telling me a secret and said she had spent the day removing all the things she had been gifted by the son’s girlfriend through the years and took them to goodwill. She ended with a teeheehee. She’s funny that way. She had a mutual friendship ending with a woman once and she gave me this really cool blanket the friend had gifted her. With a look of disgust on her face she said take this, I don’t want it. I still have it. Great blanket. Her friend had good taste. Warm cozy blanket. How could cancer moon say no to that. 😀

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