Neptune Types In Real Life

50 first datesYesterday I walked into the living room just as the soldier who was watching TV, burst out in a loud guffaw. “What is it?” I asked. “What are you watching?”

“Our life,” he said. “It’s our life on here.”

I never watch TV but I walked around to glance at the screen. “Fifty First Dates” was on.

“Oh yeah,” I said. I am sorry about that.”

The soldier, the AMF, Scott and Stevie all equated me with me the Lucy character and I hate to tell you because it seems unbelievable. That movie is fake but there is actually a person in the world who is like that and I am her. I smiled and went on about my business and a few minutes later he yelled to me, “If you were watching this you’d be crying.”

That’s code that means he’d like me to watch with him but I do so hate TV. I hate TV but I love the soldier so I headed into the living room and by the time I got to the couch and sat down next to him I was crying. “I don’t have to watch,” I said. “I know what’s in this movie,” I said. “How could I not?” I thought.

He looked at me and my tears and smiled as if there’d be no way he could ever explain the ways and reasons why he loves me.

I glanced at the screen and the couple was playing. He was teasing her and Lucy was all spaced out. However she was singular and I just plain felt uncomfortable seeing her.

“I can’t help it,” I said. “I can’t help it.”

“I know that, P.”

“Do you think I have frontal lobe damage?” I asked because this is what was said on screen a moment before.


“No?” I asked wondering if he meant it.


“Okay, good.”

On that I went back to my business because like I said, I don’t like TV. I grew up without one and I have just never acquired a taste.

6 thoughts on “Neptune Types In Real Life”

  1. that is one of my favorite movies. I love it when he plays a joke on her pretending he has electrocuted himself and she freaks out saying something like “I had a cousin who was killed that way”! then he says “oh man, I’m so sorry, I dont’ know how I could be so insensitive.” and she replies– GOT YOU SUCKA!

    love it.

    I also love how when the father and brother say, “and this is Henry. he’s your boyfriend,” he says, “I’m sorry I’m not better looking.”

  2. I have to say they made this movie work, since the premise sounds bad. The only time Adam Sandler is not a dick in movies is if he costars with Drew. This one was pretty adorable.

    Sadly, my grandma now has no short-term memory thanks to dementia and this movie is slightly less cute to me since that happened…

  3. I resonate with the waffle houses, BIG time. I’ve been making “art” out of my food since I was a teen. My hubby does it, too, and also since before we met and it’s one of those little idiosyncracies that make him my soulmate. *gag*
    The best was the time we ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet place (there’s always great things left to play with afterwards) and we had a waitress who sounded Dutch. She would stop by, offer suggestions, and tell us which ones she liked. It was great!

  4. This is one of my favourite movies too! I love everything about it! Love it:)

    It has Neptune signature all over it! And at the end, she recognise him through her dreams!!

  5. Sandler and Barrymore… both Cancer moons? They have a sweet chemistry and give off a great “nonstop fun” vibe like two playful kids. I have much adoration for the Cancer moon people who I’ve known in my life. They crack me up and their tenderness gets me every time.

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