What Do You Believe About Love?

we_are_marshall_2.jpgWe were watching a football movie last night… no idea what it was about. It began with a date on the screen.. 1970.

“I was playing football in the 70’s,” the soldier said.

“Yeah? I was the girlfriend of a football player in the 70’s,” I said. My high school life flashed through my mind in seconds. “Oh my God!” I said with complete sincerity and no idea where the thought came from. ‘What would I have done if I met you back then and I already had a boyfriend?”

“Oh, you’d have been my friend. We’d have been friends, P.”

I look and felt struck. “I’d have been loyal,” I said. “I would have been loyal to him but boy I’d have been in a mess.”

I shook my head to clear it, realizing I’d never been in the circumstance. Been committed and seriously drawn to someone else that is. How lucky can you get?

“No mess. I’d have just told you don’t worry, P. I’ll date only blonds! I will only date blonds until that guy dumps you and we can be together.”

“Are you serious?” I asked having no way to tell.

“Hell yes, I’m serious. You know we’re going to be together. The Thunderbolt, P. The Thun-der-bolt!”

“You think we’d have had that then?”

“Shut up, P, you know we do. You know we have it and you also know ain’t nothing going to stop the thunderbolt.”

“Yeah, yeah, I do know…”

We believe in this stuff. We really believe we’d have come together at any time, at any age regardless. (Venus Neptune)

Do you believe in this stuff? Why or why not.

50 thoughts on “What Do You Believe About Love?”

  1. I want to believe. if I didn’t believe in the possibility life would feel ugly and dry and dull. twelfth house jupiter?

  2. Yes!, And I’ve been a livin’ a thunderbolt relationship for 17 yrs now. So that is why I say I believe it. But I always believed it would be so. Which is probably why it came true, if you get my drifty drift.

  3. I believe in love and am apart from someone I love.

    I have been in some difficult situations due to VERY
    strong feelings of love.

    I wish for what you and the soldier have.

    saturn conjunct venus, neptune in the 7th

    All the best Elsa.

  4. I believe it.

    I believe everything happens for a reason, and that in the end, what happens is what was always meant to happen. So if two people are meant to be together, there’s nothing that’s going to stop it πŸ™‚

  5. I have been wanting to say this for awhile, but I knew if I did , I would be kicked off your website…well here goes because I can’t stand it any longer…
    ELSA… I am SICK of hearing about the Soldier!!!!
    Every single post you make involves him in one shape or form.

  6. ….?…..

    I don’t get it. The blog is called ElsaElsa. It’s Elsa’s life. Elsa loves a man…Elsa writes about it.

    Back to the question, I do believe it (I have Venus/Neptune). I knew about 6 months before I met my partner he was en route, and when we clicked it was instant. I never had any of the anxiety or second doubts that I’ve had with, well every single person before then.

    I don’t know what the future will bring but I endeavour to create a life about which I can always say that I tried my best and gave it my all.

  7. love, schmove- it’s never real for me (neptune on the DC). i’m always confused as to whether it really exists or if it’s just me wanting it so badly to exist in its absence. i think i’m just crazy though, so that’s just my crazy talk…

  8. I believe it. I had it once. But we had baggage from before this life, and we could not be together this time. Not the way we wanted to be, anyway.

    It was hell. For both of us.

    So yes, I believe in it. I know it exists. I don’t think it exists in this lifetime for me now, but I could be wrong. In the meantime, I’ll just play Love The One You’re With and call it good.

  9. ELSA is Jerri a man or a woman ?

    So Elsa has a man that she likes being with..
    Thats good (as I put my bubble head boyfriend on Mute he explains to me about some weird grab bag Christmas thing his family is doing) OK he is muted now, he won’t even know that I am gone)LOL

    Back to Jerri, ???? I am confused rewind what ????

  10. OMG of course I believe it! How else could you get up in the morning without that kind of faith?

    And even if it’s temporarily gone and you get that little ache, just look around for a sign; you’ll be reminded of people who came into your life in a way that seemed so accidental, who got through to you when you were the most unreachable, that you’ll know it was meant to be.

    And you can be sure there are others meant to find you, and who are waiting for you, too.

  11. I don’t know what to say to that…

    All I know while all of this was going on my senior cat just got up and stuck his paw in my ceiling paint. I just washed and dried his paw..
    I guess he still has curiosity. I like hearing about the soldier. Its nice to know people are out there who have some magic between them..

    And it is also good to see the applying transits when this stuff goes on in astrology…:)

  12. yep, Pixie, I think so too. I met Elsa at one of the lowest points in my life but because I was open I was able to put myself out there and she has become one of the greatest blessings of my life.

  13. Avatar
    Scorpioland's Synthia

    What Do I Believe About Luv?
    Why do you u have to make me cry with this question?

    Yes, I believe Love is great and it is the highest joy one can experience. Will I have it in any lasting form?


    And as a Scorp w/ Cancer Moon and a Cancer Descendent… you can just imagine how I ache for a place to rest my head and call home…and feel safe…and protected… and unconditionally loved.

    But alas, I have Saturn opposition Venus, an empty 7th house & my Venus is in Sag.

    Apparently the universe doesn’t think I need a stable, lasting relationship. Um, OK. Thanks Universe! Too bad I’m too sensitive to endure this.

    It’s brutal. I have intense, very short love affairs that I unconsciously destroy or the Universe destroys for reasons unbeknownst to me.

    It’s fate.

    And yet, I need love like I need air…but it just slips right through my fingers…
    And it’s too painful to keep starting over since I’m apparently doomed due to the Saturn opposition.

    Ironically, I do believe in synchronicty and bonds that are meant to be. I believe in higher forces that make two souls collide. And I’ve felt that in my life…but they NEVER stay. So, I guess the other person doesn’t feel it or the “curse” of the opposition is too strong.

  14. Scorpioland you now made me remember why I never sleep…Your not the only one out there who has felt that…I just remembered a little crack of pain..It came through..

    You are not doomed..What you are looking for you just haven’t found yet…I have always thought saturn venus contacts showed stability..But stability doen’t come easy and all of us have a different definition of it.

    My version of it is owning my own place that I can alway run home too if things get weird even if its only for a day..IT WASN’T A MAN PROVIDING THAT FOR ME EVEN THOUGH I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT Was..Even when I had that I NEVER FELT SAFE..

    You just need to really think about what it is your looking for. You are the only one who can make you feel safe..That really is the truth…
    It seems so far away I know..There is never going to be a perfect day but I will tell you what there are some great things out in the world..
    Wake up Monday and check out a squirrel…
    As Jack White said
    You can learn a lot from squirrels…

  15. Jerri, there’s such a thing as “scroll and ignore”. Use it.

    I believe in it, always did, and was lucky enough to experience it once, even though we couldn’t be together in the end. I’ll always treasure it, knowing that not everyone gets something like that.

    Venus sextile Neptune, Jupiter conjunct DSC, Neptune in 7th (8th cusp).

  16. Elsa, you get crazy comments like that all the time, right? Except this one was bold (or stupid…or both) enough to put her spew where everyone can see it.

    If people don’t like you or your stories, why do they read this blog? People…ugh…

  17. Wow. I get a bit tired of hearing about the soldier always, but like kashmiri says, it’s Elsa’s blog. You should set up your own blog if you don’t like this one. As for the person who hates Elsa and continues to frequent the site- you are a big meanie beanie fofeenie and I hope your poo turns green.

  18. i must admit i had to laugh at the irony of being worried about getting kicked off a blog that you’re sick of reading.

    then i laughed again when i did a quick survey of the home page to see the number of stories involving the soldier. he is in most of ’em. i hadn’t noticed. πŸ™‚ he’s clearly a writer’s goldmine and funny as hell.

    but the absolute biggest thing i must note is that it utterly delights me and lifts me up to see elsa radiating with joy at having this man in her life. i consider it a gift to share in a small part of the joy.

    thanks, e.

  19. Reality – your comment (#23) is beautiful. Scorpioland – I’ve been in the same sitch.

    I very much believe in a lightning bolt when it comes to love, and often I’ve sought escape or solace through finding love. I’ve been without love in that sense for almost 2 years now, and it’s been one hell of a ride. Slowly, though, I’ve started to reach that point where I am seeing that I can rely on myself for everything I need in terms of emotional security, when before I looked for it by having someone close by. It’s a moment to moment type thing sometimes, because my life hasn’t been the easiest. But it’s also not been the hardest. Now I want this lovely Venus/Neptune thing to mean enhancement of life more than idealizing love too much.

  20. Well I think some people don’t want to see me happy. Not that this means, Jerri – I don’t get her at all. But I can tell you for a fact, people write me and bitch when I have not bled out for ahwhile. They want to see some motherfucking agony – more specifically, MINE.

    As to the content of the blog, as always I write about my life. Before the soldier I wrote about the AMF. Before that I wrote about my kids… my daughter primarily.

    I write about whatever is going on and the soldier has been around for the last 2 days and consequently…

    In whatever case, there are 5000 blogs here. If you want to read them go ahead. If you don’t want to read them this is not going to bother me. But I am not apt to change a thing.

    I like myself and my blogging… I think I am highly developed and if I wanted someone to tell me what to write I would hire myself out. Since you don’t see me doing that well… obviously I want to do whatever I want.

    I was raised by mega Aquarians. If you keep that in mind, I am not all that hard to understand.

  21. I got a little taste of that hate thing you deal with Elsa, and it was just WEIRD. Someone seemed to get pissed off at me because I (had the nerve?) to be ‘glib, humorous, cracking jokes, etc’ about some upcoming planetary situation or another.

    I thought it so ridiculous that someone would actually concern themselves with how I was feeling about it, I mean, that is absurd that you care how I feel about it, so I wrote back some 2 word glib comment (that pulled the astro of the event into the situation in a way that should have been amusing for many)

    Well…then it comes spewing out, basically that this person hates me, and everytime I open my mouth this person hates me, that I am perceived by this person as this evil smart ass who dogs this other persons every step, not only on elsa but on astrodispatch! LOL I have contribued on astrodispatch like all of 4 times, but anyway I didn’t respond and here that has to do with reinforcement of behavior:

    Saying “I love your post” is something called Positive Reinforcement…positive reinforcement increases behavior, therefore, don’t do that unless you want more of what you read.

    Saying “(anything at all really)” saying smart ass stuff back or arguing back or confronting or anything else, guess what, that is called Negative Reinforcement, REINFORCEMENT meaning the behavior will INCREASE! This person just wanted to rile up, no response, the behavior is certainly not reinforced to continue.

    Elsa has taught me so much about the power in refusing to negatively reinforce unwanted behaviors in others, because while negative, it is still reinforcement and will up the behavior.

    The weird thing about the hate was that it was so bizarre and out of nowhere that it was obvious that the other person owned the whole pile of shit and everything to do with it, and it was not me at all…hard to brush it off instantly.

    Reminded me of a line from L-word when someone is just all over someone else for no reason at all to do with the person getting attacked, the line was “Wow, I hope you bleed soon.”

  22. That is it, it is what you said, sad but true.
    Some people, it seems, just don’t want to see other people too happy. Or they don’t like it when you are not living out your life every second scared like them or miserable like them. So instead of posting about their own pain and fear and what not, they just go around vomiting angry words on the people who are happy, content and fearless. I think it is weird, weird, sad phenomenon. I spend a fair amount of time praying for prompt forgiveness of people like this because it is not good for ME to go around feeling stirred up by it.

  23. I don’t get hate from Jerri’s comments at all.
    Jealousy maybe? Projection? Who knows.. What was interesting to me was her fear that she would be kicked off the blog for revealing what she did. Elsa’s reply was so spot on cool.

  24. Jerri’s comment / hate are two different topics. The
    “hate” came in via another direction, you have to run through all the comments.

    I don’t think Jerri is a hateful person. She sent me cookies, remember? I mean COOK-IES! πŸ™‚

  25. To me, love is the most powerful force there is and so a ‘thunderbolt’ kind of love is not only possible it’s probable. Lucky, lucky Elsa and her Soldier for having found it, I say! And good for both of you! And I love your Soldier stories, wise and funny and insightful – they’re a treat as far as I’m concerned.

    As to Jerri: when it happens to you, you’ll understand. And if it doesn’t, you won’t. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  26. I remember that…that was a very kind thing to do. I don’t know if this comment necessarily means she doesn’t want to see you happy, either. Could be quite simply she wants to see more advice letters..?
    Damn, people are complicated.

  27. “Could be quite simply she wants to see more advice letters..?”


    And someone else wants more soldier, less dog stuff. Someone else wants to read about Vid, lots of people want agony and when I STOP writing about what it is they don’t like… well son of a bitch if they don’t miss it and realize they like it after all. Boy, we haven’t heard any rude rhino stuff in awhile… What happened to the love on this blog?

    I got news for you… all of you:

    Most of you are a fuck of a lot happier with this blog (and your life) then you realize!

  28. “Most of you are a fuck of a lot happier with this blog (and your life) then you realize!”

    Yup, I’d agree with that statement.

    For the record I don’t think it’s cool to request/demand content from you…I’m aware that people do it and simply put I don’t agree with it.

    I like your blog, I like your style, and I don’t actually care *what* you write because I like you as a person and I appreciate good writing.

  29. “For the record I don’t think it’s cool to request/demand content from you…”

    Well I think of myself sort of like a juke box that sits here and plays for free. If you want to pick the song, maybe you ought to pay???

    And if you don’t like the music there is a WORLD WIDE WEB of choice…

  30. This blog is sort of like art. It IS art. I come here to be inspired, to be validated, to learn, to laugh, to be opened up (if that makes sense). And I like it this way. I like it that you don’t set out to move me or anyone else any which way, you just do by putting what you have out there.

  31. Thanks Maureen that’s exactly what I meant! πŸ™‚
    (Mercury is currently conjunct my 12th House Neptune so I’m never quite sure if what I’m saying reflects how I truly feel).

  32. Kashmiri, I knew what you meant! In fact, what you wrote inspired me to write what I wrote – which is another reason I like coming here. Um, thanks Elsa, for that too. Geez, are you AWARE how big a force you are here on Planet Earth? It’s something.

  33. I heard this great phrase on an interview on Polyamory Weekly, of all things

    “If you don’t like it, you can’t have any.”

    Teehee. Makes sense though.

  34. Wow!I love this blog I am glad a stumbled across it,lol. I appreciate your insights Elsa and how you think. I also see a lot of love her among the peeps and that moves me. I also understand being the shadow as well the person others can pile their shit on and blame you for it all,lol. It is just their own projection of stuff they don’t want to own. Then they can focus on you and how if you were only this way or that way their life would improve, weird.

  35. It’s very true…if you don’t like it, just go somewhere else and find something you do like that fulfills the needs you have. I read this blog because it is so human…and different from myself. I love the perspectives and haven’t found another blog quite like this one anywhere else. But if it stopped being interesting to me, well, I’d just quietly disappear.

  36. I love the “soldier” stories. Please keep ’em coming! It’s like a movie…equiped with sequels, prequels, and more to come! My feelings are in invested in this saga damnit!

  37. I have Saturn opposition Venus, with Saturn on the DSC, my Venus is in Sag and I have thunderbolt… and i believe in it.

    and I love the stories on this blog- but Jerri has a right to her opinion without having to be hounded by all the regulars ‘defending elsa’- elsa can defend herself (if she were under attack- which she is not) it is called and opinion- grow up people.

  38. ‘For some months the most commonly used search phrase to access this blog was β€œI hate Elsa P”. ‘

    That might have been me, though not for all that long and not for the reasons you might think.

    You had posted a while back that a long time ago, there were sites out there dedicated to hating and bashing you, and I was trying to find them. I don’t think I did that more than maybe three times, though. And I’m not sure if I ever clicked your blog from one of those searches. Anyway, I never did find any of those anti-Elsa sites, and I hope they’re long gone.

  39. Del, I was not called “Elsa” then. Those sites came off my original blog and I have no idea if they are still there or not. I didn’t bookmark ’em, LOL.

    Anyway, none of this matters anymore. That happened back when people actually believed they could stop me. πŸ˜‰

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