Under The Scorpio Moon – Very Plutonian Feel Out There

scorpioThe Moon is in Scorpio with ruler Pluto squaring the Sun, Mercury and Uranus.  If you’re given to paranoia, the next couple days will probably be a struggle.

People who tend to read more into something then what was actually said will also find their minds active. This is for good or ill.

Extremes are described here. Thinking in terms of balance and/or opting to give people the benefit of doubt my prevent you from “stepping on your dick”. That’s my husband’s phrase, appropriate for Mercury/Pluto.

On the upside, I just finished with a client who was able to see through a communication with her ex – a man with a stellium in Scorpio.  His communication might have engaged her at another time. But today his machinations were visible to her.

You’ll probably be okay today, provided you’re not trying to trick someone…or trick yourself.  Pluto in Capricorn is a big deal here. There’s power in integrity.

On that note, have you notices all the liars and hypocrites falling from their pedestals lately?

I have.

Describe the state of your mind at this time. And your feelings?

18 thoughts on “Under The Scorpio Moon – Very Plutonian Feel Out There”

  1. “You’ll probably be okay today, provided you’re not trying to trick someone…or trick yourself. Pluto in Capricorn is a big deal here. There’s power in integrity.”
    I’d just finished a letter to my mom before reading this and it applies in spades. I am always amazed at how you’ve got your finger on life’s pulse.

  2. I have noticed a ton of contradictions in just about everyone. Not necessarily lying, I just see the complexity of the human mind clearly. I can point out inconsistencies in not just others but myself. Most of it is stemmed from ambivalence- someone taking a stand about something they may not know where they actually even stand. Some of it is lust for power and manipulation. I could make a damm good cop right now. Lol.

    1. T. Pluto is conjunct my Pallas Athena. If I had this aspect natally, I think I’d be an interrogator.

  3. escapism has gone overboard, nothing wrong with escapism if you deserve it 🙂 and not using it to pawn off responsibilities (escaping for the wrong reason) some people know they have done nothing to achieve what they have and feel guilty so they’d rather not face anyone and stay in there fantasy bubble.

    Being in a pluto hole is good if you know what it communicating to you

    I feel pretty good though

  4. When your at the grocery store in line look around at everybody ( instead of staring at the ground or the stupid impulse items or avoiding looking at the persons groceries in front and behind you) look at their groceries and look at people around you , that will tell you a lot of the general vibe 🙂

  5. There is a very thin wall between dreaming (subconscious) and reality ,, they are almost becoming the same, subconscious is driving real life motivations, it makes people feel awkward , I think it’s cool, but you have to be mature about it. 🙂

    Fun times are a comin 🙂

  6. saw the hbo special on scientology yesterday..that was eye opener. talk about deceitful….every one always knew it was brainwashing,but the abuse involved is just awful.
    I am one of those people who try and read into everything said to me..I take apart every sentence and try to figure out how it was meant and if anything mean behind it or just being funny or straight. I give most people the benefit of doubt first as I believe most are upfront.

  7. Avatar

    Love it. Good advice, Elsa. Feeling restless to push toward the next step, but know I need to be careful of crashing unnecessarily. Not trying to listen too deeply into what the “higher ups” might be saying, but listening to my own sense of where I might belong… It’s hard. Trying not to take rash action/inaction from a place of fear, like I have done in the past. It’s a tightrope, but reminding myself it’s worth it.

  8. My mind feels pretty crystal clear and in control. Today. We’ll see how I am when it hits my Neptune tomorrow. That sounds dreamy.

  9. Good cautionary tale! I was up early this morning, Scorpio Moon golden-orange in the sky and Jupiter out ahead. We were given Plutonian news yesterday. Jolted, but not surprised. We have game plans, and lots of guidance — you among them! Clarify the intensity, check for leaks:/, test reality.

  10. Yep, the nasty and crazy is coming out of a whole lotta people I know. Also the hidden good, sweet of people I never dreamt could be that way. My love interest just revealed an interesting side of him…but, considering this sky, I am not ready nor willing to pass judgement on the why. Will let the skies clear and evaluate. I too am influenced by the cosmic weather and dont wanna screw up.

  11. Everything is fair game at this point,
    You can only go so far,,then you must be truthful,
    “Why’s” really don’t matter, we’re all human

    Great article

  12. “On that note, have you notices all the liars and hypocrites falling from their pedestals lately?”

    This could just be happening to my boss. We must be out of the space we’re operating in in 6 months. I knew this was coming, because the information related to what will happen to the space is public. I have to admit that I didn’t see it coming this soon, either, I thought the lease would be longer, ending maybe at the end of the year or even at the end of 2016. But when our boss was forced to brief the staff, he told that he’d only learned about “the change in plans” recently. He also insists he doesn’t know what this means in terms of the future of the project, but I’m certain it will be nixed. The project relies heavily on space where it operates. Creating a new space should definitely have been budgeted by now, in fact, they should even already have a space for it.

    So, I know the project will come to an end, and already had an exit plan before my health problems (which, turns out, may mean an exit from the project, but ironically, help in “the big plan”). My boss, on the other hand, is more invested here. This project has been his life for years. I think this is because deep down, he knows this is the best simply ambition can get him. He doesn’t have skills to take his career elsewhere. In case he is lying about not having known about what will happen to the space, he will probably be offered a transfer within the company. And this would be fine, because no matter where he’ll go, he won’t be able to go into a kind of a powertrip he was on during most of his time managing this project. In case he honestly didn’t know about very public information even I got access to, he might as well get fired, and even take his boss with him, because of some very costly investments they made just year ago.

    I know this, and this is why I’m not rubbing this into his face. Pluto is going to to retrograde just 0’17 degrees from my Capricorn Moon. I’m already shedding all this work drama, after being too sick and tired to play with my daughter, I’ve discovered that I care precious little about a reputation as a “hard and dedicated worker”. That never got me anyway, but almost burned me out and ultimately caused a chronic disease I have to live with for the rest of my life. My priorities are giving my daughter a good childhood and being a decent human being.

  13. I just feel uncomfortably obsessive today. Not in control of my thoughts or feelings AT ALL. I’ve been trying to fight off mood swings all day and nothings really working, so now I’m just exhausted and pissed off and waiting for this sh*t to pass. ” People who tend to read more into something then what was actually said will also find their minds active. ” <– This.

  14. Interesting post, like a sort of prolongation from this last Lunar eclipse. Frenemies (and some seriously deluded people out there) ran thick on the ground in my life last week. But I think I’ve finally sussed it. And I v’e finally called ‘checkmate’. This happened around same time on last year’s lunar Eclipse. I sliced through the fakery, and down went a so-called friend. I quit giving people the benefit of the doubt if I get the same signals again. This has been empowering for a Libra Moon & ASC.

  15. I do like the Scorpio moon. But this morning I became wistful, nostalgic, and mourned a little. Checked the moon and ploop! Right on my Neptune as I suspected. It’s ok because I acknowledged it, gave it a hug, and went on my morning.

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