Overcome Prejudice To Be A Good Astrologer

zodiac elkes signsIt’s normal to have some bias when reading a chart. You must transcend this so the symbols can speak to you. It’s very common that people deny part of their chart. They have all kinds of hinky ways to do this.

They may simply refuse to pay mind their Moon in Aries, preferring to pay lots of mind to their stellium in Pisces.

Others look at a planet in a late or an early degree of sign. They don’t like so declare it to be in the next sign, or the sign prior. Nice trick but you will never be an astrologer if you insist on doing this because think about it…

When you do this, you elevate yourself above the planets. You look DOWN on them as if you are the God and it just doesn’t work that way. The planets will cooperate with this, though. They will give you nothing but wrong information and it’s your fault.

If your Moon is in Aries but you want to read it as if it is in Taurus, go right ahead. But you’re on your with it and it’s not astrology in any way or shape or form. You’re much better off to look in the mirror and realize, “yep those are my thighs”. Figure out how you’re going to work with them.

Is there part of your chart you like to deny?

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  1. Yikes, yes. Saturn in Capricorn 4th house for one. But I like the thigh analogy! Might as well make the most of what you’ve got… mine are on the large side by the way, and they haven’t done me in yet!

  2. I don’t deny it, but the Sadge moon really really doesn’t fit with the rest of the chart (quincunx Sun). I think it is drowned out by everything else being dark and heavy. I have the intellectual curiosity bit big time, but not the demeanor.

    I am also not terribly fond of Jupiter in Cancer (though the 8th house placement is fine), since family is my personal kryptonite/hell and I just do not feel gifted in that at all. Ironically, the Jupiter is the one non-afflicted, non-Saturn connected planet in the chart.

  3. Yeah,
    Chiron in 7th. I can’t find enough info on it, but the little I do know scares me, so I pretend it’s not there.
    Everything else I embrace, even if I’m not too fond of it.

  4. Gosh darnit, I’m always being misinformed and I am also very gullible.

    I’ve always found money when I had none. I don’t know about good taste. I do get complimented on the way I dress.

  5. Pretty sure all my Scorpio stuff makes me paranoid, and at times delusional as to where I think other people are coming at (Ascendant, Neptune conjunct, and Moon there too). And Mars in Taurus opposed my moon, well, also not too helpful.

  6. hmmm…I rather like my chart (I blame my Aquarius ASC for that 😉 haha)…Though I will admit that when I mention my Libran Moon, I often bring up the fact that Pluto is conjunct. And while I know that it “flavours” my Moon with Scorpio-like tendencies (which I see every day, honestly), I never say I have a Scorpio Moon, as that would be silly. I think the only one I don’t pay much attention to is Chiron as I never know what to make of it. All I know is, it’s smack up against my Mercury and boy!! I sure can say some shit that comes back to haunt me! *sigh*

  7. Dorothy,
    I have Scorpio ASC, and my Geology professor told me yesterday “Don’t you go developing a persecution complex!”…
    We have a funny relationship. I told him he reminds me so much of George Carlin (his humor and his appearance) which totally lighted up his life, because he said Carlin is his fave comedian.
    Anyway, I sit in the front, so he picks on me a lot. He when he see’s me turn red he says “don’t get paranoid, I have to pick on somebody!”. He was dead on though, because I do have a slight persecution complex. I think people are out to get me!! Apparently I don’t hide it as well as I thought I did.

  8. There’s nothing in my chart that I deny because I dislike it, but I do tend to ignore my 10th house Scorpio Neptune and 2nd house Aquarius Moon because I don’t understand them.

    Would be nice to have even one planet in a fire sign, too.

  9. Satori! LMAO!! I had sciatica for the longest, after a cliff-dive gone wrong. I’m not an old lady, but I sure sounded like one for YEARS!!

  10. Oh I can go on and on… starting with:

    – Saturn (6th in Virgo) square Neptune (9th in Sagittarius)… I really have problems with reality and fantasy 🙁

    – 12th house Aries Sun: I have a love and hate relationship with this position

    – 7th house Pluto in Libra squaring my 4th house Moon in cancer opp. my ascendant (in Aries) (GODDD I HATE THIS ONE! It makes me one obsessively jealous bastard and it’s my lifelong relationship struggle!

    – Mercury in Pisces… Why do I have to be so spacey?

    Hahah… Well, I’m working on accepting ALL these aspects of myself. Ugh… and look at Virgo (Saturn) critiquing myself again. Grrrr…

  11. Yeah, I like to think of myself as a self-starter and super responsible, but periodically find myself in situations where I just drop the ball… My middle-age self is pretty tired of the paradox, and is looking for a way to integrate both sides of my personality.

  12. I don’t like my Mars in Pisces/8th. I perceive it to hamper my drive to maximize what I believe are opportunities in my chart, such as Venus/Jupiter/MC conjunction in 10th/aries.

  13. Saturn in the 1st house. This gets the worst rap of all the 1st house placements. It’s like you might as well lie down in bed for the rest of your life, because your life will be so miserable, or so all the books said.

    I haven’t found this to be the case. It’s made me more sturdy and stable, not boring, miserly, etc. at all.

  14. I managed to get through about 15 years without realising I had a rebellious tendency until Elsa pointed it out. So I looked at my chart and found…4 planets in the eleventh house, mercury conjunct uranus and an aquarian IC! It was such a revelation because I realised that I have spent my life sticking two fingers up to everyone and everything that came my way! I love it now because I own it but I just never saw it, I swear. It’s bloody hilarious.

  15. I ignore my Uranus in 1st and pretty much my whole 3rd and 9th houses.

    The former, I just can’t get a grip on. I’m sure it affects things but…I just don’t know what to do with it. The latter, I’ve never felt connected to that axis and it really just doesn’t seem to have an effect on me.

  16. Crackers… your comment didn’t mesh up with the reality of the placement (to my mind, anyway). Drives might be confused… but the upside is you have an inordinate amount of charisma.

  17. I like my chart. But wow, I have sort of forgotten my Sun, Merc and Neptune in Scorp. I have Virgo Mars, PLuto, Uranus and ASC, so feel like that is the way I operate rather than Scorp. I am sure that the Scorp reputation is what kills it for me. I hate to see people recoil when I tell them, and I hem and haw and mention that I am 0 degrees and 26 min into it, like I am actually a Libra.

    They expect such evil, and it hurts my feelings (Pisces moon).

  18. Jupiter in Capricorn! And Venus in Virgo worries me.

    I do not know if I am a lucky person but one thing is for sure with Saturn on my midheaven I have to work hard. Dunwanna!

  19. 1st House Moon square Pluto. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so deeply. It would be nice to be some flake who doesn’t give a shit sometimes, lol (I guess that’s why I have 12th House Neptune?So I can have a drink and a dance sometimes?)

    Shell, I like to do the same thing with my Taurus Sun! (opposing Uranus). Who me? Stubborn and random bouts of insanity? :::looks around blankly:::

  20. basically i heart my chart, with all its warts and flaws — saturn sq sun — not easy, 11th house chiron, friends? *sheesh* but if somehow it separated from me, i’d be like peter pan and his shadow, stitching it back on.

  21. eh, well, i didn’t see neptune square mars for years. think it’s loose enough it didn’t show up on my first chart, but it explains a lot of things. also that neptune square ascendant. no idea how people see me, go figure.
    though i guess i can come across as soft, or gentle, or weak, or something. i dunno.
    as an aries sun, it feels quite strange.

    when i was a kid i hated the saturn and pluto playing with venus. but i understand them a lot better now, having read more than those first old old books (with bad aspect calculation systems) and it makes a lot more sense.

  22. I regularly try to ignore and deny my Cap Moon, but it’s such a pain in the ass that it won’t LET me ignore it! Same with my Saturn in Leo… I want nothing to do with either one, but it’s just not working.

  23. First house Saturn and Moon in Scorpio, 12th house Neptune, Mars in Leo, Sun in Leo, six fire signs, six water, 1 air – NO EARTH – and I’m still learning all the conjunctions, etc. so can’t speak much to those yet.

    In my life, I could have used lots more security and stability and far, far less intense feelings (I hear you loud and clear, kashmiri) I wish I didn’t have to FEEL everything so much. I cannot count the number of times my feelings ruled all reactions to events in my life, and took me down some pretty rough roads.

    But since I have begun to study astrology and my natal chart I have learned soooo many things, including how to better handle all the intense emotions and my reactions to them. And I am learning to like and appreciate all of my chart/self, coz like my man Aaron Neville says, ‘it took who I was, and where I’ve been, to make me who I am today . . .’

  24. Togi, mud can make some beautiful pottery and makes wonderful housing for something like 3/4 of the worlds’ people. Oh and it grows rice which feeds a lot of people in this world.

    As for my chart. I keep trying to learn to love my 3 or 4 t-squares. It’s not the easiest thing to love when it doesn’t leave much if any “easy” aspects. Everything is a difficult balancing act. I always feel like i’m teetertottering. It probably doesn’t help that I have neptune opposite my asc. (and forget about it all the time – it isn’t ignore, it’s pure forgetting) So I walk blind in this world. I often don’t exist and my words aren’t heard by those around me. Then my moon pluto gets all wound up.

    yeah, ok, trying to love my t-squares (please note the plural – none of them are easy to love)

  25. I guess i have been denying the cardinal t-squares in my chart, both involving Saturn AND a Capricorn planet. I also just found out today that Saturn is the dominant planet in my chart; Capricorn the dominant sign. No wonder i keep coming back to this blog. ;o)

  26. I try not to ignore the whole chart. But sometimes I get a like a horse with blinders and end up focusing in on one thing. I find I pay more attentions to the outer planets to look for theme of my life and then the inner planets for the workings of my day to day stuff. After reading this I realized I pay the least amount of attention to Venus.

  27. I complain a lot, im never satisfied with anything. perfecting everything from work to little pieces of my life, and always beating myself up for everything…. a lot of self-blaming! always feeling the grass is greener on the other side.

    im sure my chart holds this in somewhere, i just have no idea what creates this in me.

  28. I have Mars in 2H Cancer. I almost feel sorry for it, but damn – it’s MARS. That won’t do at all. So I’m working on letting it shine, and figuring out what that means.

  29. I have a T-square involving Saturn in 1st house, Jupiter in 3rd and Mercury in 9th which happends to form a Grand T-cross with my descendant. It’s really difficult at times but I’m doing my best to turn this energy into something constructive and something which I can use to my advantage. Nothing is that bad after all.

  30. The Sun and a few other planets in my chart are on the cusp so they change houses depending on the system I’m using. For example my Gemini Sun could be interpreted as being in the 5th or 6th house and I feel both placements resonate with me at times.
    Same thing for 2H/3H Pisces Mars, and 4H/5H Taurus Jupiter.
    Is it denial to accept both as valid? The downside of that is that I might tend to favor one house interpretation over the other – the next one – depending on the situation.
    Just sort of feels like mixing and matching to force the chart to fit… would it be best to pick a house system and stick to it (and all that results from it)?

  31. When I first found out my moon was in Virgo I felt, “Oh, no, tell me it isn’t true!” I sooo wanted it to be in Aqua.

    But what’s even more painful is that Saturn is conjunct my moon. Hard to open up, hard to trust.

    Also, with Scorpio rising I have power and control issues. And Pluto in Leo opposes my Sun in Aqua so I can really obsess.

  32. I tend to focus on certain aspects of my chart like you, daisy. I had wanted all sorts of things, 3rd house, etc.

    I don’t like my Moon/Mercury in Cancer in the 6th house or Taurus third house because it apparently makes me STUPID/(not lucid minded, focused on fool details and my emotions)! Or my stellium in the 6th house because apparently that’s a petty placement. And I don’t want to be dumb…

  33. I don’t deny anything in my chart. I’ve got a lot of Libra in my chart and it wouldn’t be fair to deny anything. 😉

    Although I won’t deny them, there are things in my chart that I’m not thrilled about.

    Although I like my 10H Saturn, I don’t like my 4H Neptune conjunct Jupiter in opposition to both my Saturn and my MC. I have a lot of issues concerning my real worth and where I stand among the competition in general. I just fear failure. Having a Virgo AC means I worry about it all the time! What fun!

    I have Grand Trines in my chart 2H Libra/Uranus conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury – 6H Mars/Aquarius – 10H Moon/Gemini but I know it’s not always a good thing. I’ve had a lot of luck in my life but I’ve also had many tough times and had to work very had for most things.

    I also have no planets in Water or Earth -although my AC/Virgo and MC/Taurus do ground me.

    Overall I like my chart, I just wish these things weren’t so difficult.

  34. Jennifer, I too have Jupiter in Cancer, but in the twelfth. there was a time when I would have said family was my personal hell also. looking back on changing that perspective I’m remember what Joseph Campbell said: the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

  35. Hmmm…I have a tendency to constantly look for the flaws in myself and that tendency does show up in my chart. Though I am trying to look for the more positive aspects. I think that is something I would like to get out of another reading-strengths.

    I am 99.9% sure that my 7th house ruler is Cancer and I have Moon conj nep 12th Sag. What I have read freaks me out…ruler of the 7th in the 12th means affairs, death, secrets, in partnerships. Not that I have experienced any of that yet. (if anyone has any info on that saying otherwise…I would love to hear it!!!!!!

    Not to mention my Sun-Jup-Saturn all conj. in virgo in the 9th squared my Moon-Nep on the asc. in the 12th.

    I also get annoyed with the Venus Leo in 8th square Mars Scorp in the 11th.

    However, I will say that since getting into astrology, it has really helped to objectify some of the yuckier stuff and just say things like…well Neptune is transiting my 2nd so maybe I’m not just a natural born fuck-up. 🙂

    However, since getting

  36. I swear I’m legitimate. I stay up too late at night reading these boards! That’s gotta count for something! 🙂

    So…ruler of the 7th (Cancer) in the 12th Moon conj Nep…what I have read is that it means death, secrets, affairs in partnerships. Blah..haven’t found any other stuff about that one.

    Also Sun conj Saturn and Jup in Virgo 9th square Moon-Nep Sag in 12th….FUN!

  37. Avatar
    Stellium in Taurus

    Yes, my Neptune in Scorpio aspecting nearly every other planet, but in particular its opposition to my Merc, Mars, and Sun. I feel like most of my life has been in a fog because of it.

  38. mostof my denial comes from being clueless about an energy.
    like… i still don’t grasp what a second house pluto does….

  39. I always seem to “forget” to look at the opposition from my Neptune to my Mercury…..just absent-mindedness, I guess. I really prefer the bright and shiny Mercury/Uranus and Mercury/Venus aspects.

  40. For years I only knew my Sun, Moon and rising signs, which are all fire and air. Little did I know I had a stellium in Capricorn, and when I found out about it, I ignored it for a while. Haha what a terrible mistake! 😀 I only fully realized it this year when Elsa pointed it out to me. I also used to “forget” about my packed 2nd house.

    Currently I don’t think I’m denying anything.

  41. I try to ignore my Venus opposite midheaven, and Venus square moon. Venus is in the 3rd so I’m usually reminded when a joke comes out wrong or I say something rude.

  42. After a bit of thinking, I am actually denying my 7th house moon. I suck at relationships and don’t want to believe that I need to be in one 🙂

  43. My cardinal grand cross. If I focus on the fact that one change will daisy chain trouble around my life, I would never change anything. It was paralyzing for a long time, but now I just look at the change itself & let the chips fall where they may. It’s messy, but as a very cardinal person, it must be done 🙂

  44. The only thing I like least of all– the rest is fine– is my Virgo Mars in the 12th. Seems like a roadblock to accomplishment, I dunno.

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