Values And The Second House

“Context is the necessary link that gives meaning to everything we observe.”
–Gavin de Becker

In general the second house is ruled by Venus and shows the very basic template for our personal values. Venus rules two signs: Libra and Taurus. Libra is in tune with the relationship aspect of Venus and Taurus with resources. It is Taurus that is associated with the second house realm, Taurus that is known for the slow-moving tenacity that is associated with the deeply ingrained qualities of personal values. Values show what is important to an individual, what is deemed positive or negative. “Values” show how one ranks the importance of what they innately believe to be truth.

Values then become an ingrained set of rules for behavior. Values are not “sexy” but they are likely the single most important factor in predicting behavior. People may or may not be in tune consciously with their values and many of these qualities are hierarchical: one is held more important than another and a lower ranking value may be overridden by a higher one in a specific circumstance.

A person may be mistaken about their values or they can consciously mislead in communicating them. It’s not always clear whether this manipulation is meant to consciously mislead or if they are simply espousing what they wish to be true or wish to think of themselves. One great example of this is when people say to their children, “Do as I say, not as I do.” They are trying to instill in the child a concept they value which is hierarchically overridden in themselves.

If you want to know how someone is likely to act, look to their values. If you wish to see what someone’s values truly are, look to their actions. Past actions are a great predictor of future actions, but only if you correctly determine the motivation behind them. Actions follow values and values are tenacious.

The sign on the second house cusp gives a general flavor to a person’s value system. Any planets there have further importance, as well as their aspects. It’s also useful to look to the placement of the ruling planet of the sign on the second house cusp.

Where is your second house cusp? Can you see its influence in your system of values?

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  1. Saturn/Cap rules my 2nd House. I have Saturn in the 8th. I can see Saturn’s influence on my values, absolutely. I was provided with a very rigid structure as a child, and the purpose was to ensure I grew up a good Christian. Personality not required, LOL. Sorry just a little joke about my handlers, I mean parents.

  2. I’m not entirely unhappy with it, either–don’t want to give a false impression.

    I am happy my dad taught us to defend ourselves and stand by our actions. I am happy my mother taught me that art was a link to emotional well-being.

    I have Sun/Saturn square. My Dad’s Saturn in Scorpio opposes my Sun and my mother’s Saturn in Taurus is conjunct my IC/Chiron (their Saturns are not in aspect).

  3. My 2nd house is completely contained within Gemini and my Sun/Jupiter conjunction is there, opposing Neptune, square Moon, trine Pluto and sextile Saturn.

    Very intense, changing values, depending on what I’m learning that day;-)

  4. Depending on house system, the cusp is either in Virgo or Libra. In any case, it’s a packed house, center of my chart, with my Sun/Pluto conjunction in Libra sitting firmly there. My Sun trines Jupiter, and both planets square Moon, sextile Saturn and Neptune.

    Be fair, be useful, be friendly, spread beauty (my NN/Venus/Uranus also fall to the 2nd, with Equal Houses). I guess these are he values I firmly believe in.

  5. Venus rules my second house, which is in my 9th, i was always better at earning money abroad. I also value higher education (i studied different subjects). Love quirky personalities and ‘outsiders’.

  6. I have Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp, and ruler Uranus is in Libra in the 10th. My values are sometimes unusual. It seems like I always want (or value) something different than what other people want.

  7. Mercury rules my Second house (in Gemini). I tend to waver and second guess or at least, am constantly reassessing and seeing all angles of what I consider valuable to me or not. I can change what my ideals are quite easily if something is presented in a way that I feel is something I can adopt or adapt as my own. I am not fixed in this area for the most part. I think still, I am black and white about what I am and what I am not in a single moment, but of course, ever the Gemini, what is black could be white in the next moment.

    My Mercury is in the 1st house.

    I have Jupiter and Venus conjunct there.

  8. I have Aquarius on the 2nd house and Uranus in the 10th. While i don’t think my values are that unusual relative to the folks currently in my orbit I’d say they are pretty different than those of the people I grew up with (friends that is, not family…my parents suns are both in my 2nd house and i’d say they influenced me heavily). Hard to be more specific without writing a novel…

  9. Pisces is on my second house cusp, and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is trine Venus (ruler of the second house itself). I have strong spiritual values, and a deep love of music.

  10. ‘These are my values, and if you don’t like them I have others’. I have Neptune very prominently in my second house, Mars is there too, and all is ruled by Venus in Libra in my first. I fight in a friendly way for my not totally clear ideals of friendliness, elegance and beauty.

  11. 2nd house is in Gemini, ruler Mercury is in the 5th house in Virgo.. also I have Saturn in the 2nd house squaring Mercury. I’m not sure what this means astrologically, but I find in any situation I struggle to see what is right/good and I don’t ever look at the big picture, I drill down to the details. I waffle for a while before making decisions then creatively shape my values to suit my latest ideas and make impulsive choices… but usually find I second guess myself ALL THE TIME. And usually my family and friends are quite perplexed and often disagree with the snap decisions I make.

  12. Sun in Virgo on the cusp of my 2nd house, ruled by Mercury in Virgo. I value logic, intelligence, good writing, practicality. I should say that I also rather value the opposite of all these things in some ways – like, it’s a joy for me to jettison these things once in awhile for messier (Pisces/Neptune) influences!

  13. I have Scorpio on second house with Pluto in the 10th (Cancer on the cusp of 10th) but my values seem to be based more on my ascendant and moon — notwithstanding outstanding need to have a career. I am wondering about my Aries son with 2nd house Cancer and Moon in the 8th (wide conjunction Neptune in the 7th). Can someone tell me what his values are?

  14. Cancer, and I definitely have strong values around mothering, family, women, and children. I have since I was very young.

  15. My 2nd house (Aquarius) is a bit sparse, I think. I have Juno retrograde in there, but that’s it. In spite of my Cancer 7th house stellium, I think that placement stands up strongly against the presumed neediness of the Cancer stellium (Sun, Moon, Jup) – my need for independence and space in a relationship seems to be at odds with the expected Cancer 7th house “neediness”.

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