Past Lives And Love: A Reassuring Perspective

The current grand trine in Earth (calming) is conjunct the soldier’s natal grand trine in Earth. Couple days ago I called him…

“I had a question, it’s about love,” I said.


“You know how you think there is love out there for everyone? That there is one soul for every other soul?”

“Yep, that’s what I think.”

“And you come across them at some point in your life, this is what you have told me in the past. And you might not end up with them… people have free will and they can walk away from the person they love who loves them.”


“And I am your love, I know that. So what happened in your other lives? Who was your love then? Whose path did you cross and what happened to her? Where did she go?”

“P, I was a soldier.”

“I know but what about this person you love who you cross paths with during your life. You don’t think we have ever met before right?”

“That’s right, I don’t think we have.”

“Then what happened. No love? No love for you in these other lives? I mean you have said that before but I am trying to find out what you think. Does everyone cross paths with their love every life? Is this your belief or is it something else? I am asking because I really think you know something about this so what is it?”

“P, I don’t know. But I do know there is someone for everyone and you’re going to wind up together eventually. You’ll just be together, that’s all.”

I was very heartened and calmed by this, I hope you are lucky enough to feel similar.

7 thoughts on “Past Lives And Love: A Reassuring Perspective”

  1. I like his view. I think I shall adopt it. I like it better than my view, which is really not so much a view as it is a bunch of snorting, grunting and eye-rolling.

  2. I remember this one, and didn’t have much to say the first time around. After a year of thinking, I’m going to go with: Man, I sincerely hope so.
    It feeeeeels right. What more do you need, eh? *smiles*

  3. I think that if you had met the ‘other half’ of you in another life, the game would’ve be over ‘then’ (taking that space and time are an illusion). I think all the ‘other life’ friends are just the ‘practice’ to make it ‘perfect’.

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