Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Emotional Patterns and Psychotherapy

With Pluto transiting in aspect to my Moon, I have become inordinately aware of emotional patterns, both my own and other people’s. It’s as if all the fat is stripped away and all the sub or semi-conscious ways I operate are lying there exposed. Hope I’m not too horrified!!

As it turns out, I’m not horrified at all. As a matter of fact, I’m in my element. I love this stuff, the shadow. I love to look under rocks, especially my own.

About seventeen years ago I had a full course of psychotherapy. I went weekly for 3 years. And I needed it, believe me.

So back then I had a couple therapists because I moved states and they both told me I was going too deep, too fast. And I didn’t get that at all. I was going my normal speed. I was completely comfortable in the muck of it all, navigating.

And though I didn’t understand then, I know now my capacity for this type thing is highly expanded. My comfort zone is absolutely other people’s un-comfort zone. It just is. Skin it back! Let’s get to the bottom of this. No! Don’t stop there. Deeper! Way, way, way deeper.

So what’s happened with this transit, is most of what is taking place is hidden. It’s hidden because people just don’t have the capacity to go where I go, especially for an extended stay. So I spend the day, diving down. I acclimate myself to the low light and feel around down there until I find some kind of pearl in the form of some freakishly insightful potent bit at which point I surface and offer it to… someone.

Someone. Like the 4th step of the 12 step program, you only need tell one person and this makes the thing real. It cements it in reality for me and with that one thing nailed, I dive back down and repeat the process.

And I am loving this. It’s so incredibly liberating. Because once I’ve discovered what is driving my behavior I have the option to change my life completely. I don’t have to continue to go ’round and ’round and ’round, repeat, repeat, repeat, like some kind of idiot machine / train on a track going nowhere.

So I am seeing this transit as an(other) opportunity of a lifetime and looking to maximize it by discovering as many tired, worn out, unproductive emotional patterns (Moon) as possible and moving to obliterate / eliminate (Pluto) them. So how cool is that? To me, it is cool beyond belief.

Where is Pluto in your chart?


16 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Emotional Patterns and Psychotherapy”

  1. I’m right there with you, Elsa… Of course, I figured that if you’re going to spend the money on therapy, you might as well as get a degree out of it, so I went ahead and got my Masters in Counseling.

    Of course, the thing about patterns is that they end up appearing at many different levels, so it doesn’t really matter which one you look at, its all about where you’re comfortable.

  2. I’ve got transiting Pluto in aspect to my natal Moon as well at the moment so I can really relate to this. Emotionally stripped indeed. I won’t go so far as to say that I am enjoying the process but I do sense its importance so am trying to cooperate and work with it. An opportunity like this may not come again. And I am so tired of the self defeating thoughts and behaviours …..

    I love the enthusiasm in this post. And I agree about telling someone. It’s important to pick the right person though.

  3. 3 years in weekly therapy for me about 16 years ago as well. And this year I did another type of training, 3 days once a month for 3 months and it was wonderful, painful and liberating all at the same time. I don’t have to keep doing what I was doing, I get to go forward!!

    Pluto in Virgo 3/4 house cusp conjunct my Moon. Not sure what all that means, but emotions don’t scare me, but I can’t let them run me completely either. There’s supposed to be a balance right?

  4. Pluto conjunct Mercury in Leo in 12th House, sextile Venus and Jupiter in Gemini in 10th, also
    sextile Saturn and Neptune in Libra in 2nd. Sun, Mars, Uranus in Cancer in 11th. Virgo Moon 2nd. Leo Rising. Deep is where I live. Primal on!! Nothing in houses 3-MC. Lefty? Yes. Deep Lefty? You bet I am!

  5. My pluto is in virgo and square my sun. I dont shy away. I like it actually. Im going through something at the moment and it is very easy for me to skip the fat and get to the meat.

  6. Pluto is monarch of my playground! First house, opposite Sun/Merc and square Mars. Used to be “what shadow?” The pain of hiding it got too great so I finally introduced myself to Pluto. We have been BFF since then. 🙂 Oh, and Scorpio Moon too.

  7. As intense as my pluto-moon transit was, it felt right, like this is what I’m here for, it was extremely productive in terms of self knowledge, it was very exciting. I guess I had been waiting for that moment most of my life in some level. The occult/shadow is a fascinating playground. 🙂

  8. Pluto square Ascendant. I picked “what shadow” because whatever is on the inside seems out in the open for me all the time. I talk about it too much to be conscious of it.

  9. I have to say I admire you. I flunked my pluto conjunct moon transit. Issues of betrayel and abandonment came to the surface and I was abandoned again.

    This time I went to the hospital cause I feel sick and weak and it turned out I had a BP of 190 over 110. The doctor never gave me anything for my BP. They called my hubby, he was driving long distance and never got him on the phone. The doctor wanted to know if I was in severe pain becasue BP that high is indicative of pain. I said I was not in pain. They thought I was lying and left me in a room by myself. I freaked and left the hospital and became lost for two hours. Finally I got home. My hubby had called from a phone. I called the number and got a female dispather from hell. She was a Bitch. He did not call until the next day. I still feel traumatized by the whole night. I became insecure and paranoid. Before that, I considered myself a free spirited type person. Now, I do not know.

    I freaked my counselor out that had been currently seeing. I went from a self confident person to one freaked out person overnight.

    Admire you spirit.

    Now, I do not know what to do.

    He claimed he was driving that night. The doctors claim they did nothing wrong.

    I was incredibly weak for months. Something happened to my heart that night. I had a ultra sound two weeks after the night and I had developed an irregular heartbeat.

    Pluto from hell.

  10. I’m a scorpio with sag rising at 22 degrees. Pluto has been doing the slow dance across my ascendant and my 1st house over the last three years. When it hit my ascendant, I up and moved to New York in order to redefine myself. Now Pluto is hitting opposite my natal moon and it’s tearing me up. Having to redeal with some Mother issues and some bad relationship patterns, I went into therapy for the first time last week.

    Hopefully if I can start dealing with this all these emotions getting kicked up, the retrograde later this year won’t be too painful. I don’t like feeling so stripped bare, but know that Pluto transforms for the best.

  11. My pluto is in my first house, 11 degrees Libra, but according to my chart it doesn’t make contact with my moon which is 2 degrees Taurus. Pluto is sextile Uranus in Scorpio and opposite Jupiter in Aries. I constantly find that I can’t be what I hope to be because I don’t feel like I can. Like I can’t do anything unless it feels right or I’m up for it. That probably has more to do with Saturn squaring moon and uranus. However, I do seem to feel comfortable in the shadow so to speak and really like when I get to see that in others close to me as well. It’s deep and mysterious with maybe just a hint of danger. Oh, and unfortunately, I love to tear my husband down and did the same thing with past boyfriends as well… to make them bear their emotions or try to bring something deeper out of them. Not so great.

  12. I’m going through this transit now. (Moon conjunct Pluto) I have never felt so heavy for such an extended amount of time. I feel as though I’m constantly trying to mask the heavy emotions I’m feeling below the surface. I don’t know how much of a chance the mask has…

    I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m used to being the strong one for others. I’m starting to feel insecure, vulnerable, and mis-placed when with others. A part of me fears my likeability, and I am experiencing a general dis-trust of myself…

    Any advice anyone?

  13. Pluto – yes, hmnn, interesting. Currently going through a Saturn conjunction natal Pluto (in the 2nd). It’s nearly done, BUT, next to arrive is Pluto sq my natal Mars in Libra (also in 2nd).

    On my birth chart, got Pluto sextile Sun in 11th; Moon opp Pluto in 2nd; Venus sq Pluto; Jupiter sextile Pluto; Uranus conj Pluto; Neptune sext Pluto and lastly but not leastly, Pluto trine Midheaven in 10th. Not surprisingly I work in change…

    Love to those going through Pluto transits – growing pains indeed.

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