When Will The Social Unrest End?

nuclear bombWhen will things calm down? This is what everyone is asking me. I can’t claim to know but I can present the astrology.  It’s not pleasant. That’s my Libra-remark on this.

First, the Jupiter Saturn and Pluto conjunction will be sustained for the rest of the year.  You can compare this to a storm cell that seems to just sit there.  It’s moving, of course.  But if it’s aspecting planets or an angle in your chart, as it is in mine, the movement is so slow, it seems irrelevant.

Soon, Mars will ingress into Aries. It will inflame the planets in Capricorn.  We’re talking about Mars Saturn here and Mars Pluto. This is not a fluffy situation. It’s acute, it’s cruel and it will be sustained for months.

Add to this, all the frustration that will be created by all the retrograde planets for the rest of the year. It seems a safe bet the violent upheaval will continue through to the holidays.

Now that coincides with the US election. Some people think things will calm down after the election. Unfortunately, I don’t agree.

Things will change. Jupiter and Saturn will ingress into Aquarius. New story! However, Saturn (control / government) is going to clash with Uranus (rebellion).  Does that sound calm to you?

So now we’re into 2021. And Saturn and Uranus will square each other (with varying intensity) all year long.  Yes. The square will be maintained into 2022.  Based on this, I think we’ll see upset for the next 18 months, at the very least.

Right now, everything is focused on late degrees of the Cardinal signs.  Next year, the Fixed signs will be featured, 2-12 degrees, give or take.  The storm cell mutates and moves on…

I haven’t thought about this beyond this point. It’s too unpredictable or maybe this is all my strife-hating Libra can take.

So there’s your answer. I’m sorry.

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    1. I think Trump will be president again because they will have rigged the election. Also, we are in the darkest timeline and the worst possible thing happens all the time now.

      1. Republican Rigged??? lol that’s a hoot. The Soros Clinton Cabal rigged the Soros owned voting machines for years! See Blue run disaster states. See Elder Genocide, Baby Genocide, EPSTEIN ISLAND Satanic Cannibal Culture perped by HOLLYWOOD, Music Industry Riots, Seattle Held Hostage by terrorists condoned by psychotic Mayor, Economy held hostage, and nearly flatlined intentionally, Gates forced vaccine plots, Hydroxy Zinc CURES Blocked, Black Lies Matter, Law-abiding, successful Black Americans enslaved and traumatized, their business’s and lives DESTROYED, Antifa Goons maiming and destroying, MANHATTAN SHUT DOWN, CHICAGO SHUT DOWN, History Erased, THOMAS JEFFERSON Statue destroyed, Police slaughtered, Staged Killings, disgusting graffiti everywhere, needles, feces, homeless rampant in the streets, Citizens terrorized everywhere, Big Tech Censoring Americans, our Freedom of Speech destroyed daily, our 2nd Amendment RIGHT to protect our lives and families lives threatened daily ALL perpetrated by Democrat Politicians and their cohorts … etc. Who in their right mind would vote for that?

        1. Wow- even in these posts – I rest and fighting. No escape . Put down your sword and maybe say a prayer of love to help the strife
          It’s all rigged and change as slow as it will be is coming . Maybe no political parties

        2. There is always three sides to the coin! I supported Trump, after two years of his distracting ways snd lies I could not wait for him to leave. Many fellow independent / republicans did vote him OUT. I am personally tired of conflict, can’t understand that people don’t see how spiritual this war is. So go on and worship trump instead of God and watch the result. Pray for this nation and for our Earth!

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        Susan Steffen

        He will win despite the opposition stuffing the ballots against him. There is a serious lack of respect for voting laws and the one who smelled it dealt it! The deep state is so desperate to hold onto power that they will stop at nothing to take him down.

      3. Lol -Q has really got its Archontic claws into the populace. Dumbp will go – not quietly, possibly in a straitjacket. He is trying to rig it again. There is too much change in the air for the presidency to stay the same. Thank Goddess!

  1. We need change. In the midst of that you are in charge of your own “calm.” And in charge of your enlightenment. Be open and remember that everyone ultimately wants the same things in life.

  2. oh dear, after three intensely hard personal years, i have lots of fixed squares in early degrees, i was ready for a break way back in early 2018…….

  3. Don’t say inflame Elsa. Neptune is conjunct natal Mars.:D Natal Mars being in Pisces, maybe I have immunity? I hope rolling around in the grass and dirt is healthy because that’s all I really want to do at this time. Groovin in the Grass is a gas, oh can you dig it. Or is like my lawn not the grass they were singing about?

    1. Correction: The tune is Grazin in the Grass. What a catchy tune!

      I can dig it, he can dig it
      She can dig it, we can dig it
      They can dig it, you can dig it
      Oh, let’s dig it
      Can you dig it, baby
      I can dig it, he can dig it
      She can dig it, we can dig it
      They can dig it, you can dig it
      Oh, let’s dig it
      Can you dig it, baby

  4. This is not mere unrest…it is a coalition of the Deep State, antifa (Marxists), and some easily led minorities…The result is Pluto in Capricorn, the destruction of empires….I wouldn’t be surprised to see martial law declared at some point, just to be able to hold an election.

      1. This is what I see. Martial law coming. But thousands upon thousands will riot with their 2nd Amendment weapons, Homeland Security will feel their wrath.

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    Clifton Greene

    Have finally begun to move on from my personal late Capricorn descendant nonsense and read the first couple dozen pages of the Maurice Nicoll Commentaries of the Guirdjieff work that I have been neglecting for about six months. Anyway, Gurdjieff was asked why doesnt he install permanent headquarters. He responded by saying that everything will undoubtedly change including the location. The work is within oneself, and it must continue even through monumental changes in external conditions.

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    Susan Steffen

    I went shopping for some things for a friend who is with her parents out in the country- I got her some embroidery supplies and stood in a number of lines to get her the tools, threads, and material she wanted. It occurred to me that things are running out of supply due to high demand and that one should prepare for some harder times ahead. I did so in January with food, then rested. Got inspired since then to buy some new winter clothes(South America). I noticed more stores just selling their stock and look like they will be closing down. A friend with a bakery is looking grim. Egg prices are rising. But it is good to know there will be a respite eventually.

  7. Also, Saturn squaring Uranus is very tense but not as uncommon as the rest of what’s been going on. I see it as the next big struggle after COVID and police brutality and racism – the breakdown of control by the banks. The planned op of purposely injecting violent unrest is to deflect from the robbery Mnuchin orchestrated when he gave billions to his cronies for the PPA. It’s fallen to the bottom of the news cycle but it’s not been forgotten. New monetary values and structures could come but it will be a battle. Just my 2 cents – Mnuchin didn’t give me much more!

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    Personally, I have not been doing too bad. I feel somewhat content and the stress is definitely affecting me a lot less than in 2017-2019 (when I went through a nasty divorce with a narcissist). I wonder what could it be? I’m 8th house Pisces and all these retrogrades are sitting in conjunction of my South Node (20 deg. Capricorn) in 5/6 th house. I can see my two older children being depressed, but those are my only stressors at this point. I wonder if anyone else is feeling okay.

  9. Re: Trump being re-elected…maybe not so certain if you check the astrology of USA, Trump, Biden….I think a lot may depend on how the collective handles the upheaval Elsa is talking about. I think all bets are off at this point, even around who may actually be running on either side in November…astrologically, I also find it difficult to see either one of these men as president through the 4 years after the election…just my take on it…perhaps a nod to real attention being paid to running mates…I think we are a bit of a way through some astrological chaos almost unprecedented in our lifetimes & anything could happen, especially something unprecedented & unexpected within the business as usual election trajectory all are focusing on…:)

  10. This forum is not the place for political rants, Otter,but I hear your frustration. Listen to Lauren’s and holly’s good words: Put down your sword and say a prayer of love…we need change….
    Change and transformation is coming for the USA, like it or not, as we are in our first Pluto return until 2023. And, as wise Elsa said, expect martial law in action with aries mars square capricorn saturn into January 2021. It won’t be pretty. The long view is that by focusing on humanity with love and compassion, we can bring peace. Focusing on hatred and conflict just breeds chaos. It’s up to us as the cosmos doesn’t really care about our manmade walls and boundaries, or our financial wealth and status, or our constitutional rights. It’s about our spiritual evolution.

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        Bring astrological insights or have the grace to know when to zip it, take a seat and learn, is my recommendation and my hope for standards in this forum.

        1. When the topic is Social Unrest, then the TOPIC is being put forth. Perhaps you don’t like what I said which is too bad for you. I’m entitled to say it. BTW I’ve known the Pluto in Capricorn 16 year transit starting 08 was going to Blast Furnace out the Deep State from the get-go. The Non-Federal Reserve Bank is now being controlled by the US Treasury, the scab on festering Cabal wound HAS been ripped off, the maggots are exposed, The HEAT of Pluto & God’s wrath is bearing down, so again, it’s working. So the bossy gaslighter’s and pretentious censoring types are going to be taking the back seat in the future so they best get used to sitting down.

    1. Avatar

      Witchy, I agree with this. Anyone focusing on politics and trying to get one up on the other is lost on the weeds.

      Only by raising one’s vibration and connecting to source will people get through this period safely. Resonating with anger and violence will be an invitation for the same energies. The era of instant karma coming up real soon in my view!

  11. You nailed it, Elsa, as usual. I so agree that the next few years will be very turbulent ones. The US is having a Pluto return at the moment and it will go on through 2023. At the same time, the Pluto return is opposed to Mercury in Cancer during that time (in the US chart). We have always had robust debate in this country, but now, the most extreme opinions and ideas are being expressed.

    No matter who wins the election, all of this social unrest will continue. Just think of where we’re at now. A global pandemic, economic catastrophe and social unrest. A failed Coup d’etat by the Deep State in our government. I think Trump will win in a landslide because he can best deal with these huge problems and is undaunted by them. Also, the Democrat party seems to have been taken over by Socialists/Communists/Globalists. Their ideas are way outside the mainstream of America.

    So much is being exposed now and uncovered. There is destruction everywhere, but we’re going to get through it. Its an ugly moment in our history, for sure.

  12. All these predictions of a Trump win sure puts a smile on my face. I was losing hope – but then I live in the Socialist State of New York run by incompetent de Blasio who criticizes the police nonstop when they do their jobs.

    I forget sometime that the rest of the country isn’t as crazy.

    Still, if there is mail in voting what prevents the Dems from making fake ballots?

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      Lakshmi. This is an astrology forum.Not a platform for blaming the blue suits or the red suits. The American flag is red white and blue. It takes all these colors to make it.
      Theres plenty of people out there who’d rather use their energy to rage about how unfair life is instead of using that energy to be part of the solution.
      But Im thinking since youre here, youre not one of them.
      Give us your astrological insight, not your political suspicions

    2. Between now and the election, there will be all kinds of anti-Trump messaging. It isn’t going to help the Democrats win anything. They’re just digging a deeper hole.

      I can’t imagine what you’ve endured living in NY during the pandemic, Lakshmi. Mayor de Blasio, yikes!

      1. I’d be worrying about that lying thing in the White House if I were you hunny. He’s all kinds of trash. Any President that tells people to drink Clorox and touts drugs has got to go. Oh the list goes on and on. Trump will lose this November unless he grovels on his knees at the Chinese leader to help him. Which I’m sure it’s already happened from what Bolton says
        Bye bye!

        1. Avatar
          Warped by Wuthering Heights

          If you and other fans of leftist propaganda media would read actual transcripts of the President’s remarks you could save yourselves from embarrassment and the nation from unfounded strife.

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Thats ok Elsa. My aquarius Saturn is in my 5th house of fun for its 2nd Saturn return. So knuckling down and dropping and giving the universe 50 is my comfort zone.
    I like to focus on the fact that all this breakdown was overdue and much needed. We built houses of cards for ourselves. Now its all falling down. But at least more mindful infrastructures are being built. Not on American Idol and fads like Fitbits
    But on what the earth and its people were always built on. Work, home,clanship, land, and culture. Back to the drawing board. Let it come. What doesnt kill you….

    1. Oh me too. Saturn in 5th and second saturn return. I’m so curious to see what it will bring for us. Any thoughts

  14. If y’all can’t find Tums in the stores, it’s because me and my fellow Libras bought them all up. Looks like we are in for a brutal couple of years and my heartburn is back.

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    I can’t predict the future but I think the road between the Cancer eclipse coming up and the Dec 14 eclipse this year will be very dark. I do have hopes that group meditations, prayers and energy work spreads across the globe. The TM people believe that a small number of people participating in peace meditations actually resonate across the collective – a critical mass or hundredth monkey theory.

    My hope is that as we enter the age of Aquarius, these postive and international energy events link up and cause a quantum shift in consciousness. I’ve noticed a distinct change in the new age and law of attraction schools of thought in my lifetime. They’ve gone from a fringe hobby for most involved to an intentional spiritual social movement.

    Use the eclipses and lunations to plant resonating seeds of energy. Open to feeling the flow of energy intentionally through meditation, energy work and devotional practice.

    I used to be an atheist and now I have had a spiritual awakening, guided by palpable energy forces, angelic experiences and out of body experiences that I could not rationalise away. I don’t think I’m alone in that, it’s the gift of living through a Neptune transit through Pisces.

    I think the culmination will be in July 2026 when a minor Grand Trine of the outer planets aligns with a Jupiter/Pluto opposition conjunct a Full Moon axis.

    Then the following solar eclipse at 20 Leo with Mercury and Venus popping into place to take two of the other three points of a near-Grand Sextile at 4-5 degrees of the yang signs.

    Look at the eclipse chart of 12 August 2026 if you want a beautiful sight to behold, and check out the full moon lunation chart two weeks prior to that. It will take your breath away

    I think that is when we will truly harvest the spiritual awakening that this current plutonian devestation is paving the way for.

    1. Avatar

      Oh, and don’t forget to check out the degree of Mars in that solar eclipse of Aug 2026. 0 Cancer. Ring any bells? Far out stuff coming down the pipe

      1. I love you! Someone else in search of the elusive Grand Sextile! I just looked at my ephemeris and feel so much better. The Mars at 0 Cancer to me means every bit of love, peace, light and healing we pour into humanity during this eclipse portal will shine back out at us all the stronger when we’ve made our way through this mess. I think we can all do that no matter our political leanings.

        1. Avatar

          Thank you, yes I appreciated your contribution up-thread as well.

          I really feel there is a portal opening, something to do with those 2026 transits.

          I also felt this during a new moon at 4° Aries earlier in the year which was square to the nodes.

          YES I am I’m total agreement with you that these lunations this year are seeds for the new age and I love the way that you summarised that! I don’t know if there’s anything significant at 3-5° of Sagittarius but that is obviously a point that completes a Grand Sextile transit pattern for anyone with that in their natal chart. I do know that I have Jupiter at 4 Leo, Sun at 5 Libra and Mars at 5 Scorpio so those transits are going to be hitting my chart strongly.

          I want to link up with global synchronised meditations this year but I am not aware of any, apart from ensuring I am on the mat for exact moments of lunations. If anyone has any recommendations for where to find the times for such events I’m really keen to hear them

          1. Global Meditations usually happen when we have Eclipses and full moons etc, Julie Poole has information on her Web page, she also does Angelic work. It would be nice for all to work together during these trying times.

            1. Avatar

              Oh cool thank you so much – I’ll check her page out. I have been praying and invoking the angels too, and had certain experiences that felt angelic. Thanks for the tip! Yes I was definitely meditating for the eclipse on the weekend, I always feel this ecstatic buzzing energy leading up to the new moon and full moon now.

    2. Avatar

      The more I look, the more I see. Mars in Leo at the moment of the great American eclipse of 2017 was at 20 Leo, exactly the degree at which the solar eclipse in August 2026 occurs. This point formed a minor Grand Trine with Saturn and Jupiter.

  16. Maybe the social unrest will end when people stop telling each other how to feel and think. Ugh, I’m so tired of this trend of people trying to school each other! At this point, no one is changing their minds, anyway.

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