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MetaphysicsI continue to develop my ideas about past lives. It’s unexpected because my thoughts on this topic have been more or less stable all my life. It’s not that I’ve not believed in them. I’ve never disrespected people who consider past lives, but I have never found the concept useful, personally.

My chart is pretty focused. I’m grounded and ambitious, with endless ideas and non-stop problems of a serious nature. I’ve felt that focusing on the life I’m living, that’s always full to overflowing, made the most sense to me. I have a new idea now. I’m not totally committed to this but I think my ideas are sound and logical; enough so I’m willing to put this out here.

I used to think that some people used the idea of multiple lives to excuse themselves from making an effort in this life.  It’s seemed to me, it would be demotivating to think you had endless time to work things out.

This idea also does not ring true to me, deep down. I have never felt a person can go on with their bad self and not hit a wall, eventually.  Opting to believe this was possible has always felt like a trap to me.  Something to not fall into.

I still think it’s a trap! But I had an idea. I’m always trying to do right and I mean, I really try. REALLY try.  This does not mean I am successful but I am definitely trying to mind the lines that exist in life and stay on the right side of them.  I know other people like this; a lot of them.

It hit me: what if this behavior is an indication of an “old soul”, so to speak?  People like this KNOW we’ll get our ass kicked if we mess around. Been there, done that, had it happen to us and seen it happen to others, over and over and over and over.

When I separate people by this criteria and this criteria alone… everyone who lives this way, seems to know that comeuppance is a thing.  It’s not a question in their mind.  Could this because due to experience?

This person comes to mind:

Scorpio Style Metaphysics

I’m suggesting, experience teaches a person to mind metaphysics.

What do you think?


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    1. I wouldn’t make that tie. I have met plenty of ridiculous Scorpios in my life. You can have the chart – it doesn’t mean you develop yourself.

  1. I agree..and I think the knowledge that we are here to make soul progress is very liberating..As Crosby Stills and Nash sang, life is for learning..Your life review in the Spirit World will not be focused on your wealth, it will be focused on how you dealt with other people…..

  2. I like the Scorpion, Snake, Eagle/Pheonix understanding of Scorpio. lt goes to self development.
    Is that what you are saying/meaning Elsa? As in old soul, been there done that, wont do that again…can’t.
    Forgive me today head not working as it should. Really interesting and valuable post. l want to think about it some more …I can feel that Neptune beginning to turn too. Sextile my sun exact atm.

  3. I can’t imagine the idea of multiple lives as an excuse to not make an effort. If anything, it’s even more imperative to make the effort in hope of not having to come back again, or at least to avoid bad karma leading to a worse situation in the next life.

    1. I have met many with this attitude… they think they are in charge, making the rules. But it’s not like that from what I can see. Not on any level.

      1. Wow, they’re even more deluded than I imagined! Where does this idea come from? It feels like a desperate ploy to rationalize the unknown into something less frightening. I suppose they’d say the same about those of us who believe God is in charge.

  4. It depends how that ‘idea’ of past lives comes to you and when. As a trendy thing when you are 24 ? You might embrace it as an excuse or reject it as ridiculous, I’d say that depends on your sense of empowerment or disempowerment at the time. It changes, you get more experience in this life. At a certain time – and I would say definitely after your first Saturn return earliest – it dawns on you that 1. other people also have a past 2. there are some ominous problems in your life that you can not solve in the same way as you solve in the same way as you solve most of the others. Not even by negating or ignoring or rejecting them. Not even by hating yourself or others for it. That is the first time you have a sense that there can be something that is a hangover from before you were born.

    What I am saying is – it takes time and life experience to seriously consider past lives, everything before that is just playing with assumptions in your mind.

    It is an emotional connection to something or someone, not a rational concept and it needs to be felt, not just talked or thought about.
    So, there are genuine experiences that are as real for people than the rain and the sunshine, they might not talk about it at all. They are not running around telling everyone about their past lives. They choose their audience and their words.

    I found the concept interesting for many years but felt no connection to it whatsoever – until I did, and even then, I was just curious and not convinced at all. But once that curiosity is aroused, things add up because I now consider the possibility and feel into it.

    1. I found your take on this refreshing Susanne T esp. your comments on feeling it not just going with the talk talk. It is funny how some things stick in the mind given the miriad of ‘this and that’ swirling about…eg. a past life exp. or a dream, a concept repeated in a movie, book…conversation, blog offering whatever… Doesnt matter what ‘it’ is called if there is a compulsion (or curiousity)to follow the clues…l still do this but l always go cautiously. Too many false gods out there…someone here on this blog gave me a timely reminder once about discrimination.The timing was perfect. I have always found good timing an indicator of moving in the right direction as much as feeling it, and gut based intuition.

  5. I find even more motivation to ‘mind the lines’ as you said, by minding the metaphysics. Meaning it makes it even more motiavational to me to ‘take the higher road’, (with merc/mars in my first house, this is not always my first inclincation :P) to go the extra mile and to constantly be working on my own development while simultaniously be giving what I can. All the while remaining aware that Pluto is in aspect to most planets and points in my chart.

    1. in response to music 4:00 a.m.: yes, I have many aspects to Pluto and feel that I’m hyper conscientious of self-improvement and character refining etc. but not sure why I feel this way. does it have anything to do with Pluto?

      1. Hi Nancy,
        I’d put karma/comeuppance under saturn, which is the only planet in my chart that is not in aspect to pluto (unless you count them both being in mercury ruled signs). I only mention pluto for myself, as it touches so much in my chart. So if I’m not (like you said) hyper conscientious of self-improvement and character refining, then it has been my life experience that pluto breaks it all down.

        You said you weren’t sure why you feel this way, and I’d guess as Elsa put it, there’s the possibility that you just KNOW it’s the thing to do.

    2. “this is not always my first inclination”

      I admire your honesty and understand this. I’m thinking about a person like, Henry. He had no pull to “do the wrong thing”, that I ever witnessed and I spent a lot of time with him. He had this stuff, resolved.

      My husband met him when we were kids. He said later, he’s the only person he’s met (this life), who he thinks may be a saint.

      It’s like meeting someone who has a bunch of trines or promises in their chart. This is not the case for everyone.

      What I’m trying to say, is your fighting your negative urge is admirable and seems to illustrate your effort to graduate in some way. Congrats.

  6. I am quite mindful of getting a “pass” on my journey and never engage in behaviours that may taint my Since I remember, I’ve always felt compelled to live with integrity, serve others, and “do the right thing”. I don’t want to come down here again, so this is also a motivator. When I leave this journey, I’d like to remain in the clouds and work as an angel 😇. I understand how this may sound too dreamy/Neptune-like for some 🙂, but it’s my truth.

    1. Hades Moon, I so hear this: ” I don’t want to come down here again, so this is also a motivator” loud and clear. For me it’s more of a motivator that IF I do come back, I’m not dealing with the same things, again and again and again, etc. I’ve been told so many times (most of them unsolicited) that I’m an old sadge soul and that makes total sense to me 🙂

  7. I believe it’s an old soul thing. I’ve always been a “do the right thing kind of person” it’s just who I am. I innately know what goes around comes around…this life or the next.

  8. Replying to music 4am – I am feeling, more and more that Sagittarius ppl are old souls. I mean, I am so impressed with them! The men and the women…. How do they know how to be the way they are?

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