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This is the chart of client of mine.  Noting Pluto, you can see she’s boomer age.  She’s a retired psych nurse; an RN who also worked as a therapist.

This gal is sharp as hell. She is truly as keen as they come. I don’t think she would need anything from me, if not for her extraordinary circumstance.

She fell in a pit of psychopaths, basically. Quite a feat at a sixty-nine years old.  Don’t ever think nothing new is going to happen to you!

She hired me because I am unconventional. She knew all the conventional stuff. She needed another person’s energy.  Outsider ideas.

Do you see Venus Saturn conjunction in her chart?  This gal understood doing right by others.  Mars in Libra tends to be relatively fair as well, but I’m talking about the metaphysics of life, which is something she understood, deeply, and talked about, frequently.  “I did X, because I understand the metaphysics…”

I don’t know that everyone figures this out because people operate in different realms. But when you’re wielding this much energy, “comeuppance” can be quite drastic.

No doubt she witnessed this over and over, throughout her lifetime. She knew and she stayed on the right side of the line on the metaphysical plane.

This did not stop her from blurting about things she was passionate about. My God, this woman has a mouth of fire + razor sharp KEEN observation skills. It was nothing to her to blow her mouth off at authority… police and judges?  Just imagine the possibilities here.

I am talking about her like she is dead, but she’s not. She’s in her county jail for provoking the wrong people. I don’t know how long her sentence is but it’s been about sixty days and counting. I’m waiting!

juice boxThis woman spent her life, boiling it down.  She honed and applied her skills to help and serve for decades. Outside of working all her life, she was married for a long time. Her husband left her flush when he died. She’s lived in the same house for 45 years, never crossed the law in her life and now she’s in jail for her 70th birthday?

I’m trying to make a few points here. First, metaphysical law is far more important to this gal, than anything else. Believe it or not, I don’t think she minds being in jail, certainly not as much or I or you might, but I’m learning.  She’d deal with it, knowing whose on the wrong side, metaphysically, in this circumstance.  Because this is the core of what’s important in her world.

I’m pretty sure about what I’m saying because before this happened, she was taken to lessor “lock-up” and I’ll tell you what she did, on the chance this ever happens to you – she kept her head.

She said they put her in cell with a cot and came around to look at her now and then; she chatted with them.  Dignity, see?  They gave her a “juice box”. When they put in a cell with other prisoners; drug addicts for the most part, she counseled them.  What else would she do? She’s a nurse!

I guess this is a good place to stop but I hope some of you get this, deeply. You don’t know where you are going to wind up.  It’s a “Man’s Search For Meaning” type environment, right now, worldwide, on a metaphysical level.

Saturn in Pisces; you either see it or you don’t.

I have more on this topic if people respond to it.

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  1. Please write more! I’m a Scorpio rising and Pluto’s conjunction mercury in Virgo at my MC……I’m gonna need all the info I can get.
    This email has helped already ……..

    1. This is so real right now
      My Scorpio Stellium is reading this woman
      I am just younger at 66 years
      Have put myself in compromising sitches more then once
      Still on the outside and alive
      So happy you found each other
      Elsa I love your open eyes

  2. Wow, an inspiring example of wielding one’s true power. We need powerful examples like this right now to show us it is indeed possible to act with dignity, despite what’s going on in one’s environment. Hopefully she’s out soon! But man, major respect to her.

    1. I am nowhere close to being an expert in astrology, but I get “man’s search for meaning” vibe from pluto in aq. Via death or destruction or restructure or crisis, whatever else pluto.
      Or maybe that’s because I’m 1st house aq sun so I know it’ll be personal?

  3. Yeah, this gal is fine in jail; but she would not be caught dead on the wrong side of one of the real lines. 🙂

    I’m sure she’s pissed but also studying like a MF’er. I can’t wait for her to get out!

  4. A monk stole a temple bell to feed the starving townsfolk and ended up in hell for breaking the precept “Do not steal”.” Perfect he said, I am where I am most needed.

  5. At our age {I will be 68 soon} Its good to have a purpose. Even though I have a scorpio stellium I am not sure I would be willing to get locked up for it. Right now I am helping my family with their different woes. {Saturn is in my 4th house right now.}. I hope she gets out soon, Thats a lousy way to spend ones 70th birthday.

  6. Avatar

    I can relate to this person on many levels so yes (except for her stability externally of home and career, which I have never known), please continue… I have even been considering jail or a zen buddhist monastery as a possible form of healthier survival options. I have to hear how this pans out for her anyway, and her experience of it all as well! ☯☮☸❣♾
    Also, this month has been piling on the beatings from my car being broken into and left undrivable (I live on SNAP and $100 a month so… breathe) to my reading glasses breaking (I am wearing them crooked with one arm right now) to my left eye deciding that the day after my car discovery it would FINALLY after 18 months of slow creeping go into full on vitreous detachment mode (floaters, flocks of birds, flashing lights, migraine etc) (my right started full on 18 months ago AND IS STILL having dark floaters -death eaters I call them and flashes so now BOTH eyes are shot…) and my glasses just broke in a way I can’t DIY back together. I missed my mammogram because THAT was what I was leaving to do when I discovered my car… this has actually only been my last 12 days, but no one wants to hear it all because WHOO EEE there is so much more (No contact Narc mom drama the previous week right up until I sent a photo of my ignition) but I digress yet again…isn’t someone doing a free chart read somewhere? Did I not read that? I should go look…
    Fortune 6°28′ Libra 11 STATUS/INCOME/GAINS
    AS 23°14′ Scorpio 12 SUBCONSCIOUS
    MC 1°32′ Virgo 10 SOCIAL STATUS/CAREER
    Sun 23°33′ Aries 5 PLEASURE/CREATION
    Moon 10°19′ Gemini 7 PARTNERSHIPS
    Mercury 29°23′ Pisces 4 FAMILY AND HOME
    Venus 29°44′ Taurus 7 PARTNERSHIPS
    Mars 25°18′ Я Libra 11 STATUS/INCOME/GAINS
    Saturn 5°06′ Aries 5 PLEASURE/CREATION
    Neptune 23°46′ Я Scorpio 1 SELF
    Chiron 27°20′ Pisces 4 FAMILY AND HOME
    Pallas 15°57′ Taurus 6 HEALTH
    Vesta 0°13′ Я Sagittarius 1* SELF
    Node 6°55′ Taurus 6 HEALTH
    Lilith 26°58′ Aries 5 PLEASURE/CREATION
    *VOID OF HOUSES 2, 3 AND 12 (BUT 12 IS MY RISING and two is my Vesta but due to degree it is in house 1 not 2)
    House 2 23°15′ Sagittarius POSSESSIONS
    House 3 26°43′ Capricorn COMMUNICATION

    1. Can I add that I JUUUUUUUSSSSTTTTTT missed Astro Fairies free consult because that is how I roll through October…. like the last runner in a marathon… bloody blistered exhausted, but still looking for the finish line.

      1. “Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) occurs when the gel that fills the eyeball separates from the retina. One may have symptoms such as seeing floaters (small, dark spots or shapes) and flashing lights. Floaters may appear as spots, lines or squiggles” that move across/around your line of vision (in my case it’s like a ‘flock of birds’ in my left eye and a ‘ghost’ in my right with each having one more dark solid glob that stays right at the pupil level and moves back and forth, and of course the squiggles, cogs etc that are grayish and transparent and usually only really obvious in white environments like the bathroom, looking in the fridge, outside looking at the sky, etc. And them there are the flashes of lights, which is a bizarre show when both are doing it at one time in the dark… really weird.
        Unfortunately, I don’t think castor oil IN MY EYES is going to help that and I’m pretty sure my Ophthalmologist wouldn’t be too stoked either. But thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate the intention.

  7. Oh yes, I resonate so much with this post and the metaphysics – thats my world and when I was younger I actually assumed its obvious to everyone …haha I was so wrong and by now I got on top of all the assumptions and projections going on (particularly mine but I also ceased to defend my ego when I feel projected upon) – stories and especially tales and fables convey this metaphysical reality perfectly – also dreams. Had a conversation yesterday about the tale of people being a herd of sheep, knowing how to distinguish their shepherd’s voice from among other voices even when they call using the same words – and what I did not know and a shepherd told me was that some sheep always stay on the fringes of the herd and never move to the centre among the others. They might risk to be the first to be attacked but they are also the first to flee or hide and not being pushed along in the crowd. That shepherd knew them by name and went looking for them and calling them whenever he coralled the herd to another place. He said he needs them cause they are the first to see danger and warn the others. I thought that’s what the dogs are for but he said nope, they just keep the herd together and move them along. Ever more to learn… even from the sheep.

  8. This is what I imagine I would do if I were in the same situation – keep my head – but if I’m honest I’d probably lose my mind.

    I hope you hear from her soon!

    1. It was very helpful to hear her account of this. It make me realize, it’s possible to not get overexcited.

      She said it was not that bad. It’s too stupid to get upset about?

      I don’t know. I could see her view. I have had a lot of experiences, many of them have been negative and so what?

      It is stupidly funny. You’re in a cage, getting handed a juice box. Now you’re going to talk to a bunch of junkies about what’s shakin’. If you’re bored in retirement, wtf?

      We have to zero out what we have learned from TV and just think.

      1. It’s giving me the same realization! I like hearing stories like this being the reactor I am.

        “We have to zero out what we have learned from TV and just think.” – YEP!

  9. I have Mercury, Venus, Sun and Jupiter smashed together in Scorpio.

    Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Libra, with the moon in the sign too.

    To say I am focused, used to being in a crisis, would be like saying “Does the pope wear a funny hat?”

    This girl would sound like someone who knows how to deal with a crisis. I know few people like that. But I’d probably talk to the people giving me a juice box as well. Because I’d know the bigger picture in this thing, is first and foremost to be aware who’s the a-holes in the case. It’s not the prison staff. It’s not the junkies. Make something out of every lemon you get, eh?

    Every human being has a potential they can expand, if you give them the right circumstances. And this lady knows it. It’s about dignity, honesty, honor, (self) respect. The whole thing fuels into the concept of INTEGRITY.

    The funny thing about the word “Integrity” is that it contains the word “GRIT”.

    You gotta have grit if you want to get through an ordeal like this. It seems like the upper expression of the Scorpio which is an eagle. I think this lady’s energy is high class Scorpio energy. They have the ability to endure, protect and rise up, even in the “lowest of life circumstances”.

    I once heard it described as “Even if Scorpios do fall from grace they never really do, and you can be sure that the rest of the drunkards on the bench will move to let them have the best seat among them”

    The circumstances is a Saturn in Pisces thing, but the person will rise from the ashes, and it will piss the bullies off like mad.

    1. Case in point: I once had a BF who stated the ultimatum that he couldn’t be with me, if I didn’t go to therapy.

      I went into therapy (Librans hate to let go of a relationship, if they can, and when young, you don’t know better). So, into therapy I went, and I became stronger, better and healthier because of it. It changed my life for the better, but I don’t think this was what my BF wanted. I guess it was because “I need you to be easier to live with, so that I can have my selfish needs taken better care of by YOU”.

      I think he got what he deserved, but he hadn’t expected exactly WHAT that was *LOL*

  10. I’m starting to see Capricorn as the “matrix” more and more. I used to call it the “system” but it’s more energetic than that. It has programs and agents. Those agents seem to be working double time in these last degrees of Cap. Pluto is loosening a lot of threads that kept that matrix tight, it’s security threatened and it seems that there was a type of call (Pluto relating to Judgement in tarot) to kind of keep those it can keep. We will see what happens next year when Pluto makes its last pass in Capricorn. I honestly think if you are targeted in some way- you are probably doing something right, that you are onto something, that you’ve found a chink.

    Hope I’m understanding what you are talking about here Elsa, and that my comment isn’t so out there as to be misunderstood.

    1. Also, I was just listening to someone who was saying that the goal of these attacks is to essentially “get your goat”, get you upset and fearful and lose your dignity because it feeds off of this type of lower energy. I thought about then when you described this woman’s demeanor and grace. It’s inspiring to me as I’m encountering something that I’ve been allowing to get me upset. I’m reminded that I’m probably feeding this in a way when actually grace and dignity is called for.

    2. This is exactly what I am talking about.

      She reported one point of the system to the another point of the system, thinking this was the thing to do.
      I explained they were the same system and she found out almost immediately, this was the case.

      Then a number of other points found out and what unfolded was jaw dropping and is obviously ongoing.

      Further, age be damned, this woman has energy and sadistic psychopaths are getting off on every bit of it and she’s totally aware.

      So basically, gal with a lot of education and insight, crosses two wires. Her life begins to be dismantled. Then her mouth goes off, because she’s outrageous. All hell breaks loose, because her mouth continues to go off and these bastards have some type of attraction… she’s fun to play with, you might say. It’s complicated, I’m sure you can imagine. Lots of eye bullshit, going on.

      Anyway, she knows all this, almost instantly, once it starts to unfold.

  11. “There but for fortune go you or I”..our current system is full of traps for the unwary…Best to stay completely away from it..This “good citizen” stuff can get you locked up, even killed…

    1. Fully agree. She came to understand this, very quickly. What she’s enduring now is the the first impact of this.

      I keep meaning to write on this, in a broader way, because it’s going to become enormously relevant for huge numbers of people, very soon.

  12. Please write more about Scorpio. You are right when “the Eagle” energy of Scorpio is often forgotten. Only the low energies (Serpent) are dwelled upon. I have Scorpio Sun and Moon and am trying to improve.

  13. With 12 aspects to Pluto/ Scorpio in my natal chart, I feel what you’re saying is true.

    My Sun is in Leo — but I have all the feelings of a Scorpio.

    I would like to hear what you have to say on this topic. Thanks

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