Past Lives & Your Point Of View

point of viewThis will be my last post on my updated thinking about past lives. It’s sort of an aside to something else I’ve been thinking about.

Legions of people think about being here — > progressing to here.  The idea is that we’re going forward to a more evolved situation, personally and collectively.  It seems an okay idea, unless you start think about it.

Nations rise and fall.  This means they did not learn and grow and improve and blah, blah, blah.  Maybe they collapse due to the collective stupidity. Maybe they were conquered, who knows.

If you’ve had past lives, then you’ve lived in places and in times that have different rules.  You don’t need to have a “past life”. Things change in one life, if you live long enough!

For example, things that were not okay when I was a kid are now GREAT!  Things that were great are now taboo!   But back on this very large picture, this came up in my Akashic records reading.  The gal mentioned the rules of a different time and place.  You’re born into whatever scenario and you live in it.

When I was born, no one was shooting children at school. This phenomena began in 1979. I remember when the news broke, like it was yesterday.  This phenomena was introduced into our paradigm. If you were born 25 years later, you’ve heard of school shootings all your life.

Now take an idea like that expand it thousands of years.  If you have truly lived many times, then you have lived in all kinds of conditions, seen all kinds of things.  What’s that mean?

I feel life has MASSIVELY degraded since I was a kid. It’s just ridiculous what young people have to cope with on every level, as opposed to the opportunities I had, of  all different types. It’s depressing! It’s like a line angled downward, that never stops!

But if I really did live at this time or that time, then I have seen all kinds of hell and ludicrous things.  This perspective has seen my feelings about the current day, deescalate dramatically.   More stupidity?  What else is new and further, why worry about it?  It reminds of a quote from an old friend, Arie, who was also a green beret. “Motherfuckers are going to do what motherfuckers are going to do.”  There will always be motherfuckers, don’t you think?

That’s good but what’s even better is the time and brain cells freed up due to this realization. If you’ve lived on this earth at any time, you’ve seen all kinds of bs, thievery, abuse of power, oppression, bigotry, unfairness, etc. The key seems to be, to take stock of your own personality and figure out how you’re going to live in the current system.  Further, figure the system is some bs, because when isn’t it?

I’ll answer that. The system isn’t bs, only when haven’t yet figured out it’s bs!

In my opinion, we’re living this Romance Is A Psyop era, with the ceiling being lowered. Two weeks ago, I thought this was tragic. Today, I think it’s just life and my energy is way, waaaay up.

This is the schema you’re given. How are you going to thrive?

14 thoughts on “Past Lives & Your Point Of View”

  1. A guy I knew 30-odd years ago was of the opinion that everything is cyclical and there ‘is no new thing under the sun’, they’re just wrapped in different packaging. I tend to agree. Having said that, I do agree that life is degrading at an alarming rate and it takes some stepping back not to get bogged down by it.
    Thanks Elsa, for this past life series, it’s giving me plenty to mull over.

    1. You’re welcome. I’m amazed at how much I got from this gift. I have expressed everything, clear enough in my mind, I could write about it. I’m not trying to clear my mind to go back to normal, lol.

  2. One way to look at it is karma. All the people that have lived and created karma and then they come back with their karma and it keeps building exponentially. I have this believe or wish or hope that we come here to learn and deal with our Karma and then our so you’ll transfer to another dimension based on how we’ve been living our life, maybe it’s a pipe dream but it would be nice if it was true.

  3. Elsa, you see life degrading, not materially but morally and spiritually (which I agree with), because you are living in the end stages of the American Empire..All empires eventually collapse because usually they have overexploited their resources, and always, their elites lose interest in civic virtue and start looting the place…sound familiar? You picked this time because you wanted the experience, and the challenges..If you wanted a staid and easy life, you would have incarnated elsewhere…You are here to help people in this time, and you are doing that…

    1. While I am motivated to serve and have a chart that requires it, I don’t believe for a nanosecond, we have anything to do with where and when we might incarnate. Not that I might not be wrong. I just clarify this, in regard to me, personally.

  4. I think of the things my ancestors went through in less developed times and places, and the fact that they managed to survive along with most or at least half of their children. If they could survive if not flourish with far less of everything, I feel like I have a good chance at weathering these changes.

    I have Saturn in the first house and Mars in Taurus (sextile), and Mars trines my Sun. I’m not a huge standout but I can usually outlive what opposes me, or I swerve around it.

    1. I agree with your outlook, Kristina. Our ancestors survived more than we could possibly fathom, just so that we can exist today! There must have been countless feats of humanity required to get to this point, so I try not to take that for granted.

      As far as past lives, like Elsa, I don’t have any personal experience or memories, but I’m inclined to believe others who do. I remember the first time I heard someone describe memories of a past life and I knew they were telling the truth.

      For me, past lives fall into the bin of “things I can’t control,” along with who my great-grandmother slept with, and what I ate yesterday. Doesn’t mean these things don’t have some influence on me now, but I tend not to think about them often, unless I get reminded by something… and then it’s down the rabbit hole.

      I’ve got Scorpio Pluto seated in my 4th, in aspect to my moon and Neptune. Venus, Mars, and Mercury are transiting now, and this is timely for me.

      I’ve recently begun wondering if it’s possible for me to connect with some element of ancestral wisdom, from which I’ve been cut off. I coincidentally ended up moving to a state where many of my dad’s relatives lived. I can trace back at least 5 generations on his mom’s side, and some of them were quite prominent. Yet I realized that I know very little about any of my female relatives that lived before my grandmothers. Who were they? What did they go through? Is there some reason I ended up back in this particular place?

      I have a question for those with past life knowledge: is there a distinction between past lives and ancestral experience? Do souls get shuffled around between families or do they get reincarnated down the same genetic line? I am so curious.

      1. I asked my husband about this and he has a ready answer. He does not think your come back along your genetic line but the people you’re with might be similar. The example he used is he’s always Catholic.

        This fits with everything he’s told me over the years. It also fits with what this woman told me.

        1. Thank you for asking him. Last night I started reading Dolores Cannon’s “Jesus and the Essenes,” and the first story in that book also references Catholicism.

        2. Dr. Brian Weiss, who has performed thousands of regressions and written best selling books about some of them, says that at some point, we will incarnate as both sexes, all races and all ethnicities..But most of the time you will be your preferred sex and, based on my experiences, have a similar physical build…It seems likely, based on people I have regressed, that you will have a similar level of spirituality or religion…

            1. Yes, I think I have incarnated as a woman more often….seems to be my preferred gender. I think I have explored spirituality and religious beliefs in my previous lives. Your explanation seems plausible and possible to me.

            2. Yes, it wasn’t what I expected..but I guess we are often most comfortable with a certain kind of physique..with me it seems to be roughly 6-1 175, somewhat muscular, with some variation..

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