The Bad Reputation Of Mars in Aspect To Saturn

Mars alien headmaureen asks:

“I wonder if he knows how much he’s liked by so many of us on this blog…”

maureen – The soldier has no idea that anyone likes him and in fact thinks hardly anyone does or ever will. He thinks his mother loves him but only because she’s his mother and does not seem to be able to fathom what is obvious to me. People clamor to be around him because his energy is so good. He is funny and smart and just plain inexplicable and a delight.

However, to make his case, he has definitely spent a good deal of his life serving as the shadow for other people so you know. They like you right up until you become useful for some other purpose and having gone through this about a million times I think he thinks you’re lucky if one person loves you. I do love him and this is really (as he would say), “more than a person should expect or even ask for.” He would hope for this, see. He would hope for love but draw the line there.

I do tell him people on my blog like him and like him a lot but he avoids my blog and thinks people only like him because I tell them things with my “love eyes”.

Not that he is distressed about it. It is unimportant to him whether he is liked or not, although he does prefer not to be shot at.

I could go on and on but you get the idea and maureen, I am glad you asked this. Because while I wrote about this extensively I’ve not mentioned it in awhile.

The soldier has Mars in aspect to Saturn which has a baaaaad reputation in astrology. He stands as an example of the positive ways it can manifest. Inordinate degree of discipline, excellent boundaries (Saturn) which he will defend with violence (Mars) etc. etc. We actually need these things in society.

Do you have Mars in aspect to Saturn? Tell us about it!

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  1. Poor old Saturn..! I have Mars trine Saturn. Actually I’ll disclose everything: it’s also in aspect to my Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and my MC.
    Actually, almost every planet in my chart hassles everything else.

    Thank God I have a 12th House Neptune. I think it’s the reason why I’m not some crazy hard-ass.

  2. i have mars trine saturn too. i always thought it gave me the ability to sustain energy to tackle large, demanding, long-term projects. fighting through restrictions. for example. i also deal with anger much better if i can turn it into work. before i learned that, anger was pretty toxic to me. but when i pull in some saturn, it goes down much smoother and i can turn it into something productive. otherwise, it makes me feel kinda sick.

    kashmiri-i got a mental image of planets in your chart taunting one another. 🙂

  3. goddess that is an image I had more than once myself! lol. And thanks for reminding me about the ‘energy sustaining.’
    I don’t know about actual events but Mars/Saturn has been good to me in terms of making long-lasting commitment of an emotional sort.

  4. Hi, All,

    Yeah, I’ve got what I call “PMS”…….Pluto, Mars, and Saturn all conjoining each other in Leo in the 11th House and all squaring my Scorpio sun in the 2nd House. To top it off, my Moon is in Virgo in the 12th, right where Saturn and Mars are just now. I seem to bounce between crying and writing music! (Libra Rising, Neptune in the 1st House, N.Node in Taurus in the 8th House). It’s been quite a year……quite a life!!! I just got over the Second Saturn Return. Got to admit, the guidance of a wonderful astrologer has seen me thru, not to mention some very supportive comments from wonderful Elsa. I’ve struggled so much with thinking no one likes me. I’d love to get over that. I write and sing gentle music which somehow says who I really am. It seems to take a lifetime to work this all out. And I won’t give up. I was born 13 days after Hillary C. and have that iron will. This is going to sound funny, but I’m profoundly grateful that the mighty heavens gave me what they did. My life is rich. Best and blessings to you all.

  5. 1) I am a soldier by trade and have that exact same Mars/Saturn aspect, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    2) My better half is very much loved/respected on a certain forum pertaining to *her* domain, and often talks about me: and I always said, OF COURSE they like me, look at the lovely image you paint of me! Sorry Elsa, I side with your Soldier in this case– though I’m sure he’s a pleasant person behind the scenes.

  6. I have Mars in Scorpio opposing Saturn in Taurus… Saturn rules my Cap sun and ASC, Saturn is conjunct the IC, Mars the MC. This is my primary depression aspect, not helped by Sun in 12th and Pisces Moon (I’m a psychic sponge, and pick up others’ moods instantly). Fortunately, the trine from my sun to Saturn has helped me see (Sun) things very clearly (Saturn). I do think the Mars/Saturn opposition has made me a stronger, more resilient person.

    I’m also glad I have this aspect as it’s also been my primary “B.S. Detector”. It has saved me from being drawn into a lot of unhealthy situations countless times. There’s a LOT of B.S. out there, so I can get irritated very easily sometimes!

    I’ve learned (and am still learning) how NOT to repress (Saturn) my anger (Mars), and to learn how to effectively (Saturn) defend (Mars) myself. Regular, heavy, solitary (Saturn) exercise (Mars) is my saving grace, no doubt about it!

  7. I like the soldier too – gotta love someone who tells it to you straight up.

    I have Mars square Saturn. Actually I have Mars hooked to just about everything too.. my moon, my midheaven, jupiter, saturn, mercury, uranus, venus, pluto.. Some squares, some conjunct, a sextile.. some trines..

  8. I like the soldier and can relate. My Mars in Libra 5th house is opposition to Saturn in Aries 11th house. I have a hard time being confrontational until it is too late and then watch out, lol.

  9. I have the trine. Actually, I think it is this aspect plus the dreaded Mars square Pluto that gave me the ability (energy, rhythm, drive) to play the piano without tiring mentally or physically for hours on end. HOURS.

    My sister has the conjunction. With Pluto too! She took all that energy and put it into ballet and school.

    We’d both make really awful soldiers I think.

  10. I have Mars in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo. I’m still learning how to use it and there’s still a lot to learn. I’m often illogical in my actions and tend to overlook details. I’ve had to bear unpleasant consequences of my laziness or sloppiness several times, including the large (for me) amounts of money to pay for default and being almost fired from work.

    I also have a lot of emotional baggage to do with my family and past (Saturn in 4th, Mars in 12th), which has hampered my progress in life (especially relationships) for many years and only recently (first Saturn return) I’ve realised it doesn’t have to be like that and I’m working on freeing myself from it.

  11. I wrote such a long comment and it disappeared somewhere 🙁 I have Mars square Saturn and still loads of work to do with that. But my recent Saturn return has taught me a lot.

  12. “he has definitely spent a good deal of his life serving as the shadow for other people ”

    This is helpful. I know how it feels: he love- repulsion effect that i generate in others. Hard to get off, i am always sort of trapped in the middle of it. Sat trine Mars. It is about me taking responsibility for it too, which helps a lot. Neptune is in the mix… and the Moon too.

    Great post!


  13. “I know how it feels: he love- repulsion effect that i generate in others. Hard to get off, i am always sort of trapped in the middle of it.”

    Very well put, paloma. I feel caught like that as well.

  14. I have mars conjunct sun, pluto and venus squaring saturn. I didn’t know how to control my passions until I started to do yoga. Channeling my aggressive energy into an exercise and discipline has been a godsend.

  15. “I’ve realised it doesn’t have to be like that and I’m working on freeing myself from it.”

    Very cool, Invisible79!!

  16. Just a thought about the statement that people know him through your “love eyes” That implies that viewing him in that manner is less valid in some way.

    I don’t think so. I think that it is just as valid as any other filter, cultural, historical, or other that we use to view other people. Just because he’s aware of the filter doesn’t mean that we don’t like him or wouldn’t like him if we knew the rest. We just get the best presented first. That is valid as those good parts of him (as you see them) are just as much of him as the rest and so liking those good parts .. well he should accept that.

    You’re good for him as you help him put the good stuff out front. It’s not any less valid as it’s still part of him or something that you see as being part of him.

    So he should shut up and accept that it’s possible that people LIKE him. (no the sky won’t fall if he is really liked either).

    On another note: PMS – pluto mars saturn. That is the funniest I’ve read in some time. I also have those planets wrapped up in eachother. My problem is that Saturn sits on my Mars and holds it back and holds it back until I’ve been totally taken advantage of or am so angry I can’t hold it back anymore and then Mars Pluto gets going and I blow people out of the water. They don’t see it coming as far as they can tell I don’t get angry because my saturn holds my mars back from expression.

    So now that I’ve got the pattern I’m working towards warning people ahead o time and setting boundaries. If they don’t listen then I don’t feel guilty about blowing them out of the water when it happens.

    The Mars Saturn interaction also has a frustrating aspect of stop/start on projects. It’s within me and so people think that I’m being wishy washy when I’m just trying to get my energies moving in the right direction.

    Age has helped me with this the most. Watching and exploring the frustration helps.

  17. Mars-Saturn here too. Never realized it had such a bad reputation. Why so?

    “They like you right up until you become useful for some other purpose” Yes, happens all the time.

    “you’re lucky if one person loves you” Yes, indeed.

    “He thinks his mother loves him but only because she’s his mother” …actually, I’d say that’s pretty lucky too.

    Great post, couldn’t agree more with the Soldier.

  18. mudlikesubstance – That’s it, that’s what my Mars does too (minus the pluto). Glad you put it into words. And when I finally work up the nerve to get angry, I end up looking bad. It’s really frustrating!

  19. AnaBannannaaaa – glad I’m not the only one. And oh are you so right. There is something where if you never or rarely get angry when you do people look at you like “how dare you” yet the just let the people who are always angry off the hook. Soo right.

  20. “if you never or rarely get angry when you do people look at you like “how dare you” yet the just let the people who are always angry off the hook.”

    I like to call this pissy versus potent. Pissy gets off the hook. Potent gets hung. (I can relate to what you speak of).

  21. Pissy v. potent victim here, too. *raises hand* That’s a great way to put it, kash!

    I’ve got some kind of half-baked Mars-Saturn aspect, semi-square or biquintile or inconjunct — one of those fiddly things I haven’t had time or energy to figure out. I’m too concerned with learning about the in-your-face Mars conjunct Pluto firestorm effect to see the Saturn connection.

  22. yes, mars sq saturn, uranus & neptune . mars in the 2nd house, saturn in the 11th conj uranus & neptune so….. well thats a mouthful for ya. Mars (will fight) for self-worth (2nd) … and saturn in cap 0 degrees meaning I try to have integrity in my dealings, respectful, and also am learning to boundaries.. and im pretty sure im willing to fight for them 😉 ( moon conj mars in aries )

  23. I have a loose square between mars in Cancer and a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra. 6°

    I have become more accepting of change. I came to the realisation that the energy I used to impress others creatively was not for others to be impressed by. So if I impress myself, it’s worth everything I put into it. But I’m not easily impressed. I understand quite well that creative expression is important for me to enhance even slowly, I have a whole lifetime, and not necessarily to become accomplished. Because accomplishment is a public show we sell ourselves to feel validated by our actions. So therefor I act to act. The action of non-action. Wu wei
    Cancer in 5th is cured. After the lessons from a saturn return, a pluto square and now a pluto opposition. Mars has learned to put down the weapon.

  24. I have mars conjunct neptune in Libra. I remember reading once that Mars in Libra always breaks its “stuff”, which is funny because I try really hard to protect my stuff. Mars is semi-sextile Saturn in my chart (Scorpio). There really isn’t too much information about how the semi-sextile works – some say it is minor positive; others minor-negative. When I think about humility, however, I do live my Libra Mars all the time — always trying to find that middle ground, that balance. I put a lot of energy into my relationships, which the semi-sextile is supposed to indicate. I can’t say how humble that makes me though, because I will definitely fight for what I value (Saturn in Scorp). And, I just don’t like broken things. Oh, I’ve heard that when something gets broken you just have to fix it, but I was telling my S-O recently that I don’t mind repairing things, but it just bothers the heck out of me when I have to see something I like all chipped away – so I have a tendency to just throw it out — it doesn’t have to be fancy for me to value it, but is does have to be repairable (Saturn in Scorp?) Now, as I’m writing this, I can tell there is some psychological issue being aired here that might need to be worked through. More on that later! LOL…

  25. Scorpio Saturn square Leo Mars. It’s difficult to think about anyone liking you when there is deep conflict and pressures from within. I’m too busy trying to get myself back up on my two feet with all my drives, desires, ambitions, goals, my identity, my ego and actions getting constantly thwarted and blocked. It’s like someone coming up to me, thanking, liking and giving me a $5,000.00 gift card for what I’ve done for them and yet I feel I cannot accept it or don’t really deserve it.

  26. Mars is conjunct Saturn in my 8th House; both conjunct Pluto in the 7th. It takes a lifetime (at least for me) to integrate the value of the Mars-Saturn as ‘humility’ under fire, especially as it relates to deep and intimate relationships (Pluto-7th). Humbled over a lifetime is actually a great place to be, and not the same as humiliated.

  27. There is a guy at work with Mars Saturn. He has very many interesting ideas related to this and teaches me a lot. He teaches me how to behave. We have this aspect in synsstry and I am always penetrating his boundaries because I need something from him, specifically emotional intimacy. And he has learned he can set limits when I act out. I feel there are some positive aspects to this. He’s helping me put my energy in the right places if I want attention and conversation from him.
    I know it’s a volatile aspect and he really wants nothing to do with me but I need him right now.

  28. I need someone to be friends with and be safe with at work otherwise I’ll act out inappropriately. I have Mars in the twelfth.

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