I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 3 : Closed Circuit

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You can’t sit with us

Oh yes, there’s more to say about Grand Trines. Another big issue is a bit more esoteric and I don’t hear people talking about it much. It’s that Grand Trines are closed systems. They are complete circuits, and nothing gets in or out.

That can be a wonderful thing! Most people I know who have Grand Trines are very sure of who they are. They have a way of existing in the world all their own, and it would never occur to them to change it for anyone. That is some surprising stability.

But, as with everything, there’s a downside to that too. One of my friends growing up was a walking Grand Trine. Every single planet with the exception of Pluto was caught up in this thing. This man was a world unto himself. He almost never spoke, and when he did it almost always included references that only he understood. His inner world was so rich and engrossing that he just didn’t feel the need to step outside it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he didn’t have a ton of friends, and he didn’t begin to date until his mid-twenties when Saturn entered his 7th house. When he finally did meet his match, it was his astro-twin. Her Grand Trine sat right on top of his, and they created a closed circuit together.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with him and the way he’s lived his life. To each their own! But it is hardly the scene of joyful ease most of us picture when we think of Grand Trines.

Have you known anyone like this? Would you prefer to have a closed circuit?

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5 thoughts on “I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 3 : Closed Circuit”

  1. Avatar

    Wow, that is quite profound. It reminds me why astrology is so valuable.

    I have a friend with this and he never drops anything. He behaves in a very supportive way but he doesn’t communicate these things.

    I feel when I get astrology right it reduces tension and this is one of those times!

  2. This is pretty true . . I have a grand trine in water . . emotionally self sufficient;
    but then I also have venus and mars conjunct in the seventh house so I’m constantly being forced to deal with other people and relationship issues whether I want to or not. It creates a nice balance actually.

  3. anonymoushermit

    “You can’t sit with us.”

    Oh no!

    On a more serious note. Yup, it can seem like they have their own little club in their head.

  4. I have a grand water trine, and that’s an apt metaphor, because I have let the water take me where it will. I guess I knew who I was. Problem for me was I also have a Leo ascendant that hangs out with Mars, Venus, and Mercury that wanted to fit in when I was never going to. I’ve always felt a bit at war with myself. All of that fiery first house ego energy competed with the grand trine. (My Capricorn moon also forms a kite with my trine, though I’m grateful for the shot of earth.)

    I am as much of an enigma to most others as I am to myself, so I’d have to agree with the closed-circuit, though I also believe for me there were other astrological factors at play–not just the grand trine.

  5. Grand fire trine coming up, can you post about this so I can understand the background and work through the energy in a positive way? Thank You

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