It seems I’ve developed an extreme distaste for psychodrama. Yours, mine, his or hers, it doesn’t matter. I’ve lost patience with triggered people, myself included, who want have extreme reactions or freak-outs over inconsequential things.

I think the shift correlates with Pluto’s transit through my 12th house.  This transit has increased my sensitivity and made me more compassionate. The more time I spent communing with people who have real problems, the less patience I have for people who create problems. If you’re out there making problems for yourself or others; if you can’t control yourself socially (Saturn in Libra), I want to distance myself as fast as I can to avoid the energy drain.

I tend to be on the cutting edge of a trend and I think others with wind up feeling similar eventually. This is because, collectively speaking, we are in a real and severe crisis and people aren’t going to continue to cater to dickheads is what I’d say.

How well do you manage your pathology?

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  1. “….have extreme reactions or freak-outs over inconsequential things”

    This is me. I freak first and consider second. I’m notorious for it. I do have Saturn in Libra, though, so I dunno what’s up with that.

  2. “…if you can’t control yourself socially…”

    This is what I’m hoping Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will accomplish in our society. I long for the return to Victorian mores, but obviously an updated version.

    I long for class, civility, politeness, kindness, respect. I want men to be protective and respectful of women. I want the nuts of society to be shown that their lack of restraint will not be tolerated when it affects others.

    I respect individuality with friends and family by all means, but in public, there needs to be an accepted decorum.

    Saturn Aquarius 12th, Pluto Virgo 7th

  3. Somebody told me the other day, I was obligated to put up with them. ::laughs::

    Why in the world would I have to put up with them?

  4. I’m feeling exactly the same @Elsa. I’ve been watching this “grow” in myself. I’ve always figured it was a relative thing. I mean, something that may be “trivial” to another may be perceived as HUGE to you (not you… just as in “you- the other”) & so I have naturally felt compassion, tolerance, sympathy etc. for all & any, but over the past few months this has shifted somehow.

    I’m not sure if this will last or not, but I am uneasy with this energy because it’s very unlike me. It’s making me feel “stiff” & judgemental…

  5. I have never been one to “suffer fools gladly”, which in my younger years came more from arrogance, yet the longer I walk in this world,the more I observe that fools gladly suffer, and are oblivious to the consequences of their reckless indifference upon others.

    There comes a point where they aren’t mirroring you, and you’re not mirroring them and that belief dies a much welcomed death.

  6. I hear you! I just don’t want such situations around. I think I’m using my neptune merc trine differently these days. I redirect the conversation but if that doesnt work I find myself disengaging or disappearing. And I’ve gotten good at staying gone 😉

  7. I don’t know whether Pluto is in my 11th or 12th natally – at least, it depends on house system – but both Saturn and Pluto in Libra had me controlling myself to an extreme level, after their transits when I was younger. Both trekked through my 12th house, and both left me extremely socially anxious and eventually reclusive – also very polite.

    Pluto in my 3rd seems to have me having more extreme reactions. I’ve always had a lot of compassion, and for the most part, have been more understanding than others. Now I’m not, but I’m also not as emotionally stable as I once was.

  8. I’ve always had a very low threshold of tolerance for other people’s psychodrama. I used to work with someone who apparently had to invent little dramas to make her life interesting for herself (Leo!). A lot of people seem to feel compelled to cultivate this stuff like a crop. I was raised NOT to cultivate it, though, interestingly, by my mother the Aries (Saturn is very strong in her chart, though). I think a lot of people learn this crap early and there is still a whole lot of it out there (just look at “reality” tv). If you’re lucky, they (and you) learn to cultivate something better.

  9. I have always done this- in my head I call it having an allergic reaction. You can smell these people coming and I just do not want to get involved because you just know sooner or later you will be involved/blamed in something that takes up too much energy.

    The only bad part is that I can also be so wary of having my energy sucked that I can reject potential relationships ’cause I am pretty sure I won’t get a lot out of it. And esp since I moved I need new people in my life so not a good stance.

    I did not have a lot of support when I had my son- always felt like a single mom and I felt some people wanted to see me struggle & fail, even my ex-husband- and that’s when I started getting this self-preservation tendency.

    Honestly, that’s when I noticed a real shift to not helping people. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Except for people I really, really care about- who I’d give a kidney to- I am not the recipient of favors and I don’t do them.

    In my case it’s all related.

  10. Pluto transits my 12 H as well, Elsa. My Capricorn Moon doubles up the deep introspection, so I feel that shift. With this morning’s full moon I felt it intensively, got myself up and out of bed to shift the symptoms and found it.

    I’ve never been much for sound-bite living and now that’s more true than ever.

    @LTG … your description of using Neptune to disappear, and getting good at it is the nectar I drink, too. Very apt that recipe, especially when I consciously decide it’s time travel time.

  11. As Pluto goes back and forth in my 12th, I’ve had the opportunity to learn that freaking out does me no good at all. There has been lots to freak about–no job, will I lose the house?, lost one cat, about to lose another, but somewhere amongst it all, something shifted. Now I know that freaking out gets me nowhere, just expends energy, and, why bother? Somehow, some way, it will all get worked out, even if I don’t see the way “out”.

  12. This post is exactly how I feel. 🙂
    I’m just removing people from my life who are like that. I can’t deal with it. I have too much on my plate already!

  13. Elsa, you could have not explained that any better. This guy I’ve dated for 11 years came to visit me last Thursday (two years since we’ve seen each other) and this morning he wanted to dump his emotional crap on me. I told him just like this,”back-off, I don’t have patience for your emotional garbage, period.” He walked away looking crazy! He’s been on the telephone since I told him to back off. I guess I shocked him.

    I could feel my body going into a panic and stressful mode when he was trying to suck my energy with his emotional stuff. I could feel my anger rising. I realize if a guy does not respect my boundaries, he gotta go or get out of my face. I was really trying to respect him, but he went to far with his emotional bloodsucking-sucking the life out of me.

    He leaves this Thursday! It has come to my awareness he needs a woman who wants to nurture him like a mother. I’m not the one! That’s psychodrama!

    I want a MAN!!! One who does not need a nipple to suck on.

  14. for most people: aquarian detachment. i can’t be bothered to get terribly roiled up over people whose perspectives i don’t value deeply. but those people… eh, i have a bit to learn about communication. and clarifying things that come across first as insults.

  15. I just cut ties with a girl who’s life is on giant crisis after another. I wasn’t terribly close with her but my best friend was and she kept trying to drag me into the middle of their problems. On top of that she’s obsessed with sun signs only and I got really sick of hearing about how awesome she is just because she’s an Aries and I’m not. Aries (sun) narcissism and single-mindedness coupled with Pisces (rising) martyrdom and Scorpio (moon) obsession- that’s how I saw her and I wasn’t willing to waste anymore of my time on her drama.

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