Physical Appearance Of Jupiter Conjunct The Ascendant

elsa horseIf you have Jupiter conjunct your ascendant, you tend to enter a room, smiling.  There’s an openness about you.  Dimples are common.

Jupiter rising tends to have an overbite…like a horse!

I’m sorry if this offends people, but I have this position and I know!

Last, the “haunches” or hips and thighs are generally notable.  Again, there is a horsey thing to it.

If this is upsetting to you, this may help:

“Portrait of A Girl” by Leonard Cohen

She sits behind the wooden shutters
on a very hot day
The room is dark, the photographs gloomy
She is profoundly worried
that her thighs are too big
and her ass fat and ugly
Also she is too hairy
The lucky American girls are not hairy
She sweats too much
There is a fine mist caught
on the dark hairs above her mouth
I wish I could show her
what such hair and haunches
do for one like me
Unfortunately I don’t know who she is
or where she lives
or if indeed she lives at all
There is no information about this person
except in these lines
and let me make it clear
as far as I’m concerned
she has no problem whatsoever”.

Do you have Jupiter conjunct your ascendant? How does this show in terms of your appearance?
What have others observed?

34 thoughts on “Physical Appearance Of Jupiter Conjunct The Ascendant”

  1. From observation Jupiter conjunct asc both from 12th and 1st aren’t on the tall side, they are short. Could gain weight easily because they overindulge, very beautiful long eyelashes. The ones I know aren’t smiley by default but when they smile they have a beautiful smile, they are loud when talking, laughing, there’s a resonance with them, large gestures when expressing themselves. They will have a lot of entertaining stories on their pure loadshit of luck. From nailing the test with learning half a page thing from 200 pages book to getting out of a crash scratch free. Charming and warm.

    1. A small added note, the description in the post seems very fitting for a saggitarius rising. These friends are horsey looking and appear a bit lanky, proeminent big teeth square teeth or squarish smiles(*) and even the walk is a bit like dragging their feet or’galloping around’ and they adore horses. Two of them know how to ride in a pro way. But the jupiter conjunct ones (that I’ve met) are a different bunch, the jupiter sign might make a small or big difference.

      1. I agree. I noticed many Sagitarrius or Rising have dimples and women tend to be hippy. Which isn’t a bad thing in my culture.

  2. Can I assume that there is a difference between Jupiter conjunct the ASC and having a Sag ASC, correct? Or are their similarities, but still differences to be seen?

  3. Well, I knew a Sag 1st house and he had a smile I got scared of the first time, because it looked like a horse’s open mouth LOL. He flashed both his tow of pearls and I thought it was pretty ugly.

    Now I can see, he was only horsey 😛

    He certainly had some preeetty long and well defined legs for sure!

      1. My mom is Sadge Sun/Moon/Rising and there is a picture of her laughing next to the Budweiser Clyesdales, both horse’s and lady’s heads were thrown back. Iconic!

  4. The first chart an astrologer does is usually their own. Back when all horoscopes were cast by hand, that is, without the assistance of computers, every effort had to be a high value target. My first chart took 12 hours to cast, so that kind of investment required the subject to be someone I knew and knew well in order to investigate the astrological effects without the necessity of probing personal questions. I did my chart first. Then my brothers.
    So, yeah, I know my chart better than anyone else’s. But, it’s funny that no matter how well I know my own chart, I’ve never had another astrologer look at my chart that they didn’t ʼseeʼ something that I didn’t.
    Looking at your own chart is as dishonest as looking at yourself in a mirror. We have a way of holding our head, or a way of standing, artificial expressions that we don’t even know we’re doing. I’ve been looking at my image in a mirror for 68 years and yet I still see photos of myself and think, WTF? I look like that?
    So, think what you will about your own abilities as an astrologer. Then, pack up your most precise birth info and send it to Elsa. She’s the only astrologer I’ve ever seen who wasn’t as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.

  5. I have a Sag asc, I have those “osmond” teeth. I also have a bit of an overbite. I have put on the lbs later in life so a round face, but when young oval. Depending on mood I can have those wide eyed round eyes or narrow cutting scorpy eyes.

  6. My biological dad is Sagittarius rising and that describes him. You will know when they walk into a room because the archtype will be laughing the loudest and talking or yelling across the room. My dad will walk into a grocery store and start yelling out loud about how amazing something is and cause folks to jump and drop their groceries. He is an Aquarius sun too and has a Scorpio moon with Jupiter conjunct his moon. So, he is a double dose of enthusiasm. His sun/mars conjunction is in his 3rd house of Gemini and oooh boy! That man can talk and talk! He walks around with a blue tooth on and is always talking to someone. Loud and boisterous and wants a party atmosphere 24/7! He is in his 70s now and someone would think he was just 50. LOL!

  7. My Sagg son, soon to be 44yrs has Jupiter tightly conjunct Taurus Asc in first house. Tall, long slim legs, large around the middle body, a puffiness around the neck just under the jawline since he was three, life of the party, can talk under water. I never watch sports but when pregnant with him, watched them on tv A Lot! He travels the world to watch car races. Drove over a cliff in South America and the car was stopped on its way down by a tree growing out horizontally. Miraculously saved during many accidents. Lives with suitcase half packed and handy. Finally contemplating marriage. Lives permanently in a foreign country. That’s Sagg with Jupiter on the Asc.

  8. Another Maria? Hello! No coincidences, right?

    I have Jupiter on my Asc and I have been searching for info about this aspect forever. There’s not much available.

    Most of what has been said by Elsa and everyone else is absolutely correct, except for lanky. How can I be offended? It’s funny because it’s true. ?

    1. Hi, my 2nd post/comment above is about saggittarius rising. I mentioned lanky because sag risings were tallish/thin and a bit horsey looking (actually lanky with noticeable ears could be an aqua rising description, hehe) but with jupiter rising the people were slightly different in looks and behavior. I assume the sign Jupiter is in changes things.

  9. I don’t have the conjunction but I have the trine. Had braces for two years to correct one of the worst overbites that my orthodontist said he had ever seen and I have pretty big thighs and I do have a fat ass.

  10. My husband is a Sag, has Jupiter in the 1st, conj a Cancer Asc. He is open and smiling, always liked by everyone he meets. He is definitely jovial. I wouldn’t use “horsey” to describe him in any way, but he has good, strong legs. He is very fond of fine food and good wine and his weight shows it. He loves a party and is often the last to leave, with me tugging on his arm. He is not athletic but he enjoys watching sports of all kinds.

  11. My ASC is 27 Scorpio so it splits into Sagittarius from the first to second house. I don’t have Jupiter there (Saturn and Merc), but I also have an overbite, generous thighs and love to laugh, I used to ride horses and adore them! I’ll have to pay attention if I throw my head back…I am not as gregarious as a Sag but I’m friendly and interested in everyone and had a foreign father and lived over seas. So of course we traveled all the time!

  12. My 22months son is sag rising with Jupiter conj asc. He always wants to go out from the house. I have to take him out for a walk at least four times a day. Before work, after work, before dinner and after dinner. He’s very active and cheerful.

  13. Both of my kids have Jupiter conjunct Asc. One is a Virgo rising like myself, and the other is a Leo rising (Leo is my sun sign). They both have beautiful smiles, extremely energetic, very well liked by others.

    The Virgo rising/Jupiter kid is the most energetic out of the two (he’s a Gemini Sun/Venus/MC all conjunct) and has strong legs for his age, but can also be very serious. Meanwhile the Leo rising totally has Leo hair, and a bit eccentric like the Aquarius Sun/Mercury that he is!

  14. One of my grand daughters has cancer Jupiter conjoin rising. Virgo sun. Gem moon.
    Virgo sun in third house with mercury there too.
    So far she living up to Virgo.
    Just curious what she look like.
    She has Venus libra quintile mars Leo too.

    She is charismatic ! Jupiter I guess

    Bigger than life Virgo 😂 should be interesting
    Sag rules are sixth
    Aries MC
    Traveling for money

  15. I am of the opinion that any rising sign can have any physical characteristic(s), it’s just going to strike you in a different way depending on the bigger picture of that sign. For example, there’s a Jupiter/Sagittarius “horsey” kind of overbite, but I have also observed that Scorpio, earthy or watery Mars, Pluto, or a combo ascending can make an overbite remind me of a hognose or a rattlesnake. Look at the eyes and the jawline. Just my two cents for the coffee fund. 😀

  16. I noticed holidays cancer rising had a defo heart shaped face. She jumped 3 size s , but that means she getting ready take off height. She 11

    Cancer risings have long legs I read.

    My bro in law Jupiter rising aqua. He comes off bigger than life. I think that is more Jupiter than anything. An air of bigger than life. It overshadows Scorpio sun

  17. I’m back here again after three years. My son now is 4.5y. He’s with Jupiter conj with sag rising, jupiter trine moon. He’s definitely a juval kid , everything around him can make him have a laugh or a play. He’s alway ready to explore anything new or any new place or any new person. He’s always bringing joy to the family. Of course he’s “ naughty and cheeky “. And he’s an overbite type as well. It’s blessed to have him. Sometimes I wonder what I have done in the past life that I deserve to have him in my life.

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