Pisces Moon Qualities

rache fish“Et d’une chanson d’amour la mer a berce mon coeur pour la vie!”
–Charles Trenet, “La Mer”

The Moon is the emotional body. The Moon “needs”, the Moon desires. The Moon feels. This is different from Venus. Venus wants and craves in an soulless sort of way. Venus does not feel. The Moon is love while Venus is a more intellectual or aesthetic attraction. The Moon needs must be met in order to find satisfaction in life. Satisfying the Venus needs is not core to emotional satisfaction. In a best case scenario, you satisfy both, but without Moon satisfaction there is no true happiness.

Pisces Moon is Neptune ruled, yin, in water. It is mutable, able to change and morph at will. Neptune is the magician of the zodiac, the deeply spiritual. It’s powerful in its vast ability to change and morph, to encompass and erode. Water always wins. It can erode, move or surround anything in its path. It is also the most painful and the most gentle of signs… because it is highly sensitive, the MOST sensitive. And it can’t turn it off easily. And it shouldn’t. If you turn off your emotions, they are not really off. What happens is that you allow some other function of your energy to take over and it’s not suited to this (so the emotions will not be operating in a healthy manner which gums up the works).

Pisces Moon feels deeply, their own feelings, the feelings of others… and just everything. This can be extremely overwhelming and they can find a way to distance themselves or tune out (also a Pisces/Neptune thing). Neptune can be higher love, but it can also be confusion. The usual Neptune/Pisces emotional reaction is to blur out problems, feel sorry for oneself, or denial.

But Pisces Moon is also the need to merge, become one. Pisces Moon can be the sweetest, most soul satisfying love anywhere. But like magic, they can also disappear (particularly when overwhelmed).

Neptune in aspect to the Moon or the Moon in Neptune’s house (the 12th) can have a similar effect. It doesn’t negate the actual Moon sign, but modifies it.

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  1. Wonderful post, Satori.

    Alethea recently pointed out to me that I have Moon trine Neptune and Moon square Venus (thanks girl!), so reading this is immensely helpful.

    A good friend of mine has Pisces Moon. He is one of the most empathetic, caring people I know. I take great care to check in with him and keep the communication lines clear. We also leave eachother “outs” i.e. it’s okay if either one of us can’t make it to an agreed playdate. It’s not being flaky if it’s understood beforehand. 🙂

  2. I love this post. Finally a true interpretation of my moon.

    I too have realised I should try and switch my emotions off, I just melt down.

    I try not to lose myself with people, the people I love. I find it frightening that I am so sensitive, and people doe realise it too.

  3. I think I need to print this out and make copies for everyone I know, then get it tattooed on my forehead with an warning sign:-)
    12th house Pisces Moon square Neptune

  4. my capricorn moon is conjunct neptune.. i find myself in this post.. :). i need solitude and nature, otherwise i do feel overwhelmed.

  5. This truly speaks to me. 6 degree Pisces moon inconjunct 6 degree Libra neptune natally. Thank God I have a 4 degree Scorpio mercury to go along with it. Don’t know what’s done me in the worse..self denial or disillusionment.

  6. OMG, Satori! This is so me!! It feels like I breathe in the emotions of the people in a room within seconds of getting there! Hard to separate where my emotions end and someone else begins. I am working on defining my emotions and separating myself from other’s emotions!

  7. The Moon needs must be met in order to find satisfaction in life. Satisfying the Venus needs is not core to emotional satisfaction.

    This is very interesting, Satori!
    What about when you have an aspect between the two? I have a trine between my Aqua moon and Libra Venus and find that aesthetically pleasing things are, kinda, emotionally fulfilling. Pleasant surroundings fill a space in my soul and help me keep on an even emotional keel; it’s not something I notice until it’s missing, though!

    Is this a one-off or are you going to profile all the moon signs? I’d love to hear what you have to say about Aquarius moons (natch). 😉

  8. This is so beautiful Satori. My mother has a Scorpio Moon in the 12th. The flavor but the sensitivity is definitively there. She is visibly upset when around those that are suffering as if she feels it herself. She also is very much into self-martyrdom but I think this is what gives her the strength to deal with the subconscious undertows because it gives her a sense of purpose.

  9. thanks guys! maybe I will do more. good idea!

    SaD, when you have an aspect between the two it’s more complicated. an easy aspect like yours, it’s not really an issue, one or the other. they go together well already. but for those of us with hard aspects it’s often drawn to the point where we have to choose or drive ourselves NUTS. I mean, you can work both sides of a hard aspect and have a lot of success with that, but ultimately one ends up taking priority (in my experience)… and I’m just sayin’, I think it should be the Moon.

  10. I agree with SaD, I love this post for the moon tones of the sign; and the differentiation between the moon and Venus. Would love to read more about each moon in the signs.

    Mine is a 12th H Capricorn moon, and without nature and solitude the ability to ‘choose’ between being NUTS or disappearing is lost. I find it impossible to choose and disappear into a nut-land. Sugar and caffeine together in my body in large quantities and my Capricorn moon is utterly overwhelmed with no place to go but nuts.

    More moons please!:)

  11. Makes sense, Satori. 🙂 I remember your post on hard Venus aspects, so I’m picking up what you’re puttin’ down. 😛

  12. Nobody wells up like a Pisces moon.

    I do it alllll the time. Even with a stranger or like a checkout person. A random comment or even something sweet.

    I was a mess in Disneyworld, seeing all the little girls in their princess costumes!! And going into the park, seeing the signs: “Welcome to the Most Magical Place on Earth” – I had to hide my face from everybody!

    I also practically bawled when Mary Poppins told me I had done a fine job with my son- I thought we were all jokey and it just hit me.

    I used to get teary eyed watching Mr. Rogers with my son, too. He said a lot of things I needed to hear.


  13. This is such a valuable insight !!!
    If everybody just knew 5 little things they can do to satisfy their moon they a would all be so happy.

  14. WOW!!!!!

    Irma Kay Sawyer had a post this evening as well that was like water- consuming, just like this one Satori–win!!

    Great work!!

  15. Welcome Satori. But I could not wait, I have already posted a thread about how to satisfy my libra moon….cant wait !! But I will look forward to when you come up with something on this.

  16. Satori- that was simply poetic. Thank you- by simply putting it in words you fed my moon in part also….
    I have moon square venus natally- so most of the time I was bouncing from one to another…but lately moon is taking over and I’m glad 🙂
    I feed my scorpio one by intensive feeling of every emotion I experience. The deeper the better. And my moon seems to never have enough…

  17. Great post Sat but I had like the worst day today ever ( can`t even talk about it ) need to leave the planet but hell we fish do that all the time .

  18. Great post Satori!

    With my Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune and trine my stellium in Pisces, I completely resonated with everything you wrote and will cop to: “The usual Neptune/Pisces emotional reaction is to blur out problems, feel sorry for oneself, or denial.”

  19. Love this post Satori!
    My Pisces Moon also conjuncts my Venus and Mars and all that squares Neptune so I can definitely relate. Being sensitive is hard for me to deal with at times (me being an Aquarius and all that detached business). I never fully trust my impressions because I have been wrong sooooo many times and have the veil drop is almost not funny anymore. However it allows me to help others in a positive way with all this compassionate energy available to me. 😉

  20. This is very lovely. I’m a pisces mooner, leo rising, sadge sun. My life is very confusing to the point sometimes i just wanna runaway and cry the whole journey to find somewhere i feel loved. My venus is in capricorn and that makes love tough for me. Ofcourse im only 23 but im tired of being so lonely. Eversince a child, I had known i was gay but no one believes me. But gay teaming up with capricorn makes it hard. I feel foolish because sometimes i get overly excited and want everyones attention when i find someone attractive. Inside i tell myself shush, cool down, stop. If i do, it kinda feels like i shut off and hide. My life feels like i was born to just constantly feel pain. I dont want to be gay, i dont wamt to feel so separatwd from my family. Im on my own at 23 while all my siblings stayed home. I got put out. Maybe mercury sadge kept arguing with my step pop. But eventhen, i was still sad. It feels like happiness escaped my life and all i have is a fake joy that just wants everyone else to feel happy so i do what i feel will make them happy which ends up hurting me… Sometimes i just wish God would come get me. ….i cant quit cigs… I just feel so overwhelmed by everything. Like i just dont know myself. Like i cant find me.

  21. there’s a very eastern concept that everything we need is right there all along, just waiting for us to wake up and acknowledge it. Dorothy searches all through Oz for a way to go back home… and at the end Glinda tells her the shoes would have taken her, and she had them with her the whole time. 🙂

    part of life’s adventure is discovering what’s already there, bit by bit. Pisces Moon hurts exquisitely, but it also feels beautifully. (((alonte)))

  22. Maybe I look for too much whimsy and floating to the beauty. Fear of myself. Looking for things that really disappoint me… Once reached. I stay positive, but then all the emotions abuse me. Highs and lows come from no where, they confuse me. Could it be my sun? Could it be venus? Maybe scorpio is hungry and mars hasn’t eaten.. Hmm.

  23. Satori, I had a strange incident a few days ago, talking.to my grandmother about her concerns with my mother. After I got off the phone I became extremely angry with her and my father, (both cancers) i started yelling and crying as if i was actually talking to them. Then I had a feeling later at work as if I was channeling my deceased great grandfather. What is this? Its akward and new to me. I found out th ings from my grandmother that hurt me deeply (abortions) andthe akward behaviour.in my bedroom, then feeling as if I was my grandfather, to feeling as if my abprted brothers and sisters were around me… I keep thinking about th is. I know I may be somewhat of a bother. But all the people i feel i can be deep with have disappeared, one being an aqua sag moon.

    P.s. The night before my cancer friend whom I have mixed feelings about came over and we drank alot. He always tell me things about my mother that she doesnt. But I felt he knew this too. They say cancer is the divine mother, so why did she abort children that she desired to have. A huge family she revealed to me younger. Confusion.

  24. Very interesting to read. I have a Pisces moon in the 12th house and a penchant for solitude a lot of the time. And a deep loneliness at other times. Does feel true to read this. Still feel like I am on the wrong planet lol. Thanks. 🙂

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