Clinging To Your Own Corpse

A new comment brought this post to my attention. I think it’s newly relevant with Saturn and Uranus impacting the Fixed signs.

In 2009, I’d advised people to Step Away From The Corpse. I was talking about relationships, but now I see people stubbornly hanging onto their own persona when it’s clearly outworn. I’m talking about trying to think like a 25 year old when you’re 32 or even 42 years old.

Is there part of you (a habit, or a belief, a grudge, or a whatever), that you sense you should probably let go of, but you just can’t do it?

“This is my position and I am sticking to it…even though…um…deep down, I know it’s crazy and totally unworkable for my life…”

Are you stuck like this? Do you know someone who is? What’s the astrology?

62 thoughts on “Clinging To Your Own Corpse”

  1. Found this old post to rattle my old bones and like Santana sings, “You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby!” Geez Scorpio-Taurus and plenty of Leo. Fixed to fight for old times. But my old corpse as someone in this thread described, she’s stinking. Sing to me Carlos!!!

  2. I am on 9th house Leo lunar phase. Natal Uranus is there. Mulling this past week leads me to think my whole life experience has been about freeing my mind. Mercury sextiles Uranus. I would have to say my moon widely squaring Mercury has held me up at times. Emotional responses. Also I realize that a person’s identity can be linked to beliefs or loyalty to a group or another individual. That could be a clingy needy lunar thing?

  3. Wow ! You got me thinking Elsa,it started with
    “step Away from the Corpse’s” !!
    It got me to drop the corpse immediately.
    That sentence was like a slap in the face.
    It got my attention and something clicked.
    I also laughed hysterically ( at myself?)
    Then having sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini,all the eclipses,Uranus Saturn ,Pluto Mars activity in these houses.
    Mostly Uranus, changed my perspective.
    Uranus is conjuct my leo ascendant.
    As Taurus sun ,made me stick to my guns ,like a western cowboy.
    Uranus the rude awakener , brought much needed change.
    I have been in the process of transforming.
    I thought it would be hard.
    But I just shed my dead corpse and stepped casually into my new skin.
    Open to change,new opinions, different perspective s.
    I prefer the new me.
    To the old stick in the mud.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    May I say you are always so on point.

  4. every time i lose a grandparent there’s an exact uranus aspect to _something_ in my chart.
    this time is less clear. pallas, rather than my sun, or neptune. (there was venus, too, but i was a baby then)
    it’s definitely time to start a new life.

  5. An incredibly important event in my life occurred when my progressed ascendant was exactly conjunct natal Pluto…So Pluto isn’t necessarily at all malignant…

  6. Oh wow. Yes. I did this back in 2000. I made a big mistake that was time sensitive and missed out on something I knew was the right choice, but it was too late and I had to make do with something that felt all wrong. I was all out of sorts for years afterwards. Years! I clung to it, thinking I could will it back somehow, maybe in a different form. It was pure torture what I was doing to myself. I even said that I was living in “fake time” and that it didn’t count, because I thought I could wait out the year and make up for it later. It was such a waste. I don’t recommend it.

  7. Hi Everyone! I completely understand. I’m all for change and reinventing yourself (when necessary, especially)! I have Uranus and Leo stuff natal in the first here…

    However, I feel more free and alive than in a long time. I’m old now but I actually feel a re-awakening, a return to my old TRUE self (what I really wanted to be but let others dictate me). Yeah, I do stupid things sometimes, but hey, it’s ok as long as I’m not an idiot, in my opinion.

    But yes, I AM stepping away from a corpse, a corpse of a younger, unsure, insecure version…who had goals and dreams and wishes…that I am now allowing to happen, not letting others disparage me…


  8. So now it’s 2022, I think I missed this in 2012 and 2021.

    Reading it makes me think of this guy I am fond of. He’s been a bartender his whole adult life but desperately wants to exit that career path. We’ve talked about it on and off for the 2.5 years we’ve been close enough to talk about it. He will not rip the band aid off and leave the job, though even though he knows he needs to for his own sanity! I don’t know if it’s his fixed Leo moon or his 10th house Cancer sun, being emotional about his job-career?

    On my end, he’s probably a corpse I need to step away from!

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