What Are Planets In Mutual Reception?

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–Jerry Maguire

Two planets are said to be in mutual reception when each planet is in the sign of the other’s rulership. An example of this would be the Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Leo. Leo is Sun-ruled while Cancer is Moon-ruled; they are in each other’s signs. This gives these two planets an affinity for each other.

If they make an aspect mutual reception elevates the importance or strength of that aspect. If they do not make an aspect this affinity creates a connection not present otherwise. It is a placement of mutual support that links the two energies. An aspect of ease here requires even less energy to manifest. The difficulty of a hard aspect is mitigated by this affinity.

Mutual reception is particularly helpful when one or the other planet is in its detriment or fall (essential dignities), a sign where that planet is considered to be debilitated. An example of this would be Venus in Aries (in its detriment) paired with Mars in Libra (detriment). As Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra they are in mutual reception, ameliorating the effects of their detriment.

It’s pretty simple really. You have what I need and I have what you need; we’re in the same chart… let’s share!

Do you have planets in mutual reception in your chart?

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  1. Yup, I have Uranus in Sadge sextile Jupiter in Aquarius! Don’t get me goin’, I might start a riot! 🙂

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    curious wanderer

    I have Saturn in Virgo and Mercury in Cap, also trine one another. It is a powerful feature of my chart.

  3. Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Libra (semi-sextile at 0 deg). And going by old rulerships, also Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra (no aspect). This same combo of Libra and Scorpio repeats more in my chart. Maybe I should be thanking the mutual reception for keeping me from being the obsessed stalker type I sometimes read about in relation to my Venus placement?

    1. I have the same venus /mars and venus / pluto…and while Im ultimately a balanced libra i do have somw secret stalker and obsessive tendencies when love breaks down, before i come back to balance..and i know i always will. But as a libra sun conjunct pluto, my venus in Scorpio is intense and it makes me far from a typical cool hearted, balanced libra lol….ive so much pluto and venus, scorpio and libra mixing, its definitely a case of struggling to find assertiveness in my weak libra mars and a more easy lovingness in my emotionally needy scorpio

  4. I knew a friend who had Mercury in Sagittarius in mutual reception with his Jupiter in Gemini. It was hilarious watching him talk about the big picture (Sag/Jupiter) then switch to the trees in the forest (Gemini/Mercury)! But since they were in mutual reception he did it in such a way that was understandable while sounding like he was speaking an alien language at the same time, LOL.

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    Mercury in Aquarius – Uranus in Virgo. And perhaps if you go by old rulership jupiter in Aries – mars in pisces.

  6. My Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception by house. My Mercury in Virgo is in the 2nd house, while my Venus in Libra is in the 3rd house. Those planets are the final dispositors of my chart.

  7. Venus in Aquarius in reception w/ Uranus in Libra & Saturn in Taurus. And I have NO idea how it works out in my life. LOL

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    Hey Satori! So i went looking for info on this topic, because i’m curious.

    I’m an Aries Sun and Venus with late Scorpio rising – very Martian chart. So i was hearing lots of negative talk about Mars in Libra (my 11th) for seven months. However, i am LOVING this period and finding it hugely refreshing.

    I feel more cheerful and sanguine about relationships than i have in years – despite Saturn transiting my ascendant, a Chiron square, and a whole host of other heavy transits. (Plus a tight natal yod formed by my 10th house Virgo Moon and ascendant focused on Venus, just for fun – unsurprisingly, i tend to have much better results in work than with love.)

    Anyway, i was wondering if this has to do with Mars in its detriment somehow playing well, in a nurturing if opposite way, with Venus in its detriment? Like neither can overpower the other for a change, so they’re finding a surprising… balance.

    1. Me too….10 and 9 degrees… the search for love is painful but since Im a libra sun conjunct Pluto (1deg), its all i live for too, lol….

  9. Moon in Virgo/Mercury in Capricorn
    Mercury & Venus in Capricorn/Saturn in Pisces

    I think.

    For some reason I am having so much trouble getting my head around this….

  10. I have Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Sag w 1 deg orb square; Venus in Pisces, Neptune in Libra w 1.2 deg orb inconjunct; and Saturn in Cancer, Moon in Cap w 5.2 deg orb opposition. Sometimes difficult to get the “committee” to agree.

  11. Hi,

    Nice article. However, I have read something different when it comes to mutual reception.

    1) If one of the planets is in a sign of its detriment or fall, it is not likely to have the resources to be of much assistance to the planet it rules.
    2) Similarly, with Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra, there is inherently a weakness in the mutuality of the relationship. Venus in Virgo is in fall, and can provide little support for Mercury, although Mercury, if otherwise powerful and well-positioned (for example in the first house or tenth house), may be helpful to Venus. But the relationship is further impaired by the fact that the signs Virgo and Libra are in aversion to one another—that is, they are not in aspect—and hence there is no easy way for these two planets to work together.

    Source of this is: James R. Lewis (1994), The astrology encyclopedia, p. 383.
    The matter is also available on the net.


  12. I wondering about this in synastry. Is venus in aries opposite pluto in libra a mutual reception in synastry? Can anyone offer an answer ?

    1. No. A mutual reception is where two planets swap their natural domiciles. So Venus in Aries would be in mutual reception to Mars in Libra or Taurus–both Venus ruled signs. Pluto’s natural domicile is Scorpio so it would only be in MR to Venus if Venus were in Scorpio and Pluto in Libra or Taurus.

      But that doesn’t undermine that opposition. Potent stuff that Pluto-Venus is! ?

      1. Well, hold on here. I might have to eat my words. I suppose in traditional astrology thought, Pluto was a co-ruler of Aries. So maybe it is still? It’s been in debate off and on over the years so I apologize. Maybe it is in MR? Probably. Worth researching further. There’s so many layers of thought and translation when it comes to astrology, especially these days ?

  13. Yassss… Mercury in Cancer and Moon in Gemini. I feel my thoughts and think my feelings. I can’t say it’s a strength, per se but it’s all I’ve ever known. *shrugs*

    Supposedly, it endows one with a smattering of psychic powers because of the endless inverted communication loop between mind and spirit –but that only happens for me via dreams (Mercury in 12th)

  14. what about moon in scorpio and mars in cancer, am I MOON CANCER AND SCORPIO MARS TOO?, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS DOUBT?

  15. Saturn in Pisces Neptune in Capricorn, 3rd and 1st house connection. Its crazy that they make 0.20 orb Sextile and i still can not use them easy cause of differences between planetary functions. This two rule my whole chart as i have Pisces stellium and Jupiter in capricorn as chart ruler (Sagittarius ascendant). If anyone had experience of blending Neptune and Saturn conscious drop comment i m very willing to learn from you ;P

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    David Lisansky

    here’s the worst: moon in Capricorn in tight opposition to guess what in Cancer– yes+ sun ialso applying to conjunction with , yes, saturn abiding, languishing, still in Cancer. On 7/14/22, I nevertheless will have survived this s__t for 76 years. An infirm 12th house mars saves everyone more trouble. Good luck to us all, “every one.”

  17. Really paying more attention to the mutual reception in my own natal chart these days… they are sextile: chart ruler Jupiter 24° Libra with Venus 25° Sagittarius. I would love to think well of these as they are the benefics in mutual reception. Except they are in the malefic houses: Jupiter in the 11H which belongs to Saturn and Venus in the 1H which belongs to Mars. Does house position remove some of the fortune and favor?

    1. That is a good one.
      My husband has this. Jupiter third
      Venus fifth.
      He has one great voice.
      The houses sort of say how it be.

  18. Lol! Just read they eat each others food. Wear each other s clothes ! Mutual reception
    So I can be sag moon and cancer Jupiter.
    Jupiter in seventh and moon 11th.
    Libra aqua tinge.interesting clothes.,
    International foods.
    I guess.
    My final depositor Jupiter.
    What else they do?

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