Your Experience With Planets In the Sign Of Their Debilitation Or Fall

planets in fallBusted asks on the Astrology, Energy, Mars and Violence in Nature blog:

“…How do you account for the soldier’s Mars being debilitated and yet him living such a successfully “martial” life? What counters the debilitation in your opinion?

I’m asking because I have Mars in Pisces – not a good placement by all accounts. But it’s conjunct my Sun, opposite Uranus and Pluto, and disposited by Jupiter in Aries. It’s been a weird combo to handle. The Mars energy is ANY-thing but sluggish and Piscean, but it’s been difficult to channel effectively.”

Anyone else? Who has planets in what are traditionally considered weak positions, but where those placements are offset by others that give it a different tone, or even contradicted it? How has it worked out?”


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  1. I have an Aries stellium in the 5th, which includes Saturn. I can feel the restriction it places on my Venus and Mercury especially, but it doesn’t seem to stop my Aries energy completely — just makes me feel conflicted about my impulsiveness. But I also have a Cappy moon squaring these planets, so I think it probably shores up my Saturn and gives it a voice. The result is I have a divided sense of self — part of me is very Aries and impulsive, which tends to be my more public self. But I have a private self which is very concerned with security.

  2. i’m an aries with mars in pisces. not exactly the fall, but a fishy place for the aries energy to work through. but i think i’m happier with it. it takes my work to act out the aries drive, but, on the flip side, i’m generally less abrasive and more sensitive to other’s feelings. it’s a toss up whether the aries or the pisces wins at any given moment, though. or, at least, an interesting set of flip flops…. which can be really disorienting to others. also, i’ll sit with something for a very long time and then, *boom!* something sets me off, i get my stuff together, and move cross country. it may look instantaneous on the outside but it’s usually been building for awhile before it surfaces in my consciousness and i go “oh, THAT’s what that was! better get moving, then.” etc.

  3. Venus in Scorpio…
    Anything but weak. 😉

    Perhaps debilitated in that love requires a great deal of compromise to successfully transition into “relationship” and compromise is not something Scorpio does well.

  4. Mars in Libra…you know this one well Elsa. It is conjunct my Moon, Uranus and Pluto in the 5th and trine my Midheaven and Ascendant (sextile Neptune too). I don’t know if these aspects help offset the detriment much; all the conjunctions tend to blend energies and confuse things for me.

  5. I think a lot of the traditionally weak and strong positions need chucking out and starting over. Like Mars is weak in Cancer because it’s strong in the opposite sign, and I don’t see why that should follow. Mars in Cancer – fighting (Mars) for your homeland (Cancer) – seems like a pretty strong place for Mars. And there would be a lot of emotion behind the Mars. The challenge would be to broaden that Cancer to include all people and not just your tribe. It’s a good placement as well for an eco-activist.

  6. Venus in Virgo here.

    But when it’s conjunct Pluto and Uranus, it isn’t as picky, fussy, and prissy as it’s traditionally depicted. 😉

    I am indeed picky with who I let into my life, but my relationships in general have been very topsy-turvy AND have been a prime source of focus in my life. That’s not Virgo at all! 😉

  7. I agree, Dharmaruci, the ‘weak’ descriptive could just as easily be described as ‘must work at integration’ and there’s nothing detrimental about having to work at integrating something imperfect or challenging into your life.

  8. My Cancer Mars has always been a bit of a pain in the butt to my 8th house stellium in Aries… But now it finally seems to be coming in handy. I’ve just moved in with my Aries fiance, who happens to have his Moon in Cancer. I’m not entirely clear on how it works, but we work together better than either of us ever has with anyone else. He’s way sensitive, I’m emotional, we both hate heated battles… So I don’t know that there’s anything in my chart that helps, but there’s definitely a lot in his chart that does!

  9. I have Mercury in Sag and Jupiter in Gemini… both debilitated. But because of the mutual reception, they amplify each other and the ill effects seem to be mostly offset.

    Wait… big, sloppy thinking is a GOOD thing, right…?

  10. I have mars in libra and it is opposing my saturn in aries. So maybe i can channel some of that aries to my mars and visa versa.

  11. venus in scorpio :S
    and apparently sun in libra, and the sun is a singleton. I’m not sure how that weighs in though.
    I do have a stellium in sagittarius, i guess that lifts me up from my brooding moods whenever it needs to ;P

  12. i have so little clue to what you this is about. I mean, like it’s a foreign country here sometimes. AND I LOVE IT. LMAO … needed to go to the dictionary to figure it out, and yowza … Matthew Currie, shows up too … hello there on the Isle of Man, Astrocarto Man.

  13. I’ve got Mars in Cancer – 12H no less.

    But it’s currently aspected and opposite to Saturn/Pluto conjunct,and natally it’s trining my Sun and squaring my Aries mercury.

    The result? It animates the Warrior archetype. >:-)

  14. My husband also has mars in cancer.. This morning he went and got me a bagel and some coffee and came home and told me he got so angry at this old guy and actually said something because he, cut, in line. There was two lines and this guy thought it would be okay to just cut in front of Mars in Cancer without him saying anything… My husband said that if I would have been there he wouldn’t have said anything.. He also hates when people won’t move when your walking by them, he really gets to him..

  15. ok, I’d have to say my sun is supported by the conjunction to Uranus and a trine to my moon + Saturn. Uranus provides insight and the ability to be inventive with options. My Pisces moon helps add emapthy for other and Saturn keeps me stable. For Venus, the square to Saturn also is supportive and from this I’ve been able to understand the “why” of a lot of Venus qualities. There is also a supportive sextile to venus with a Scorp Merc.

  16. Sun in Libra is in detriment? I had no idea. I think I’ll live with tht one.

    As for my Venus in Virgo, it’s conjunct Pluto and Uranus (like Lis). So I think she lets her hair down more than the average Venus in Virgo. And I think having 2 planets in Libra keeps me comfortable with Venusian energy.

  17. i have Mars in Pisces too, and it rules my Sun in Aries! I naturally try to avoid conflict if possible, but if someone is really, really being mean or if I feel like I need to defend another person, then the Aries comes flying out. Mars in Pisces is not aggressive, but its not sluggish either. My Mars also inconjuncts Uranus as well.
    Mars is in its own triplicity in Pisces (night or day), and so does have some redeeming qualities 😉

  18. This is weird…I have all my planets in either rulership or exaltation! All except Mars.
    Sun in Aries is exalted, Moon in Cancer in rulership, Venus in Taurs in rulership, Jup in Pisces in rulership, and Saturn in Aqu in rulership. And then there’s Mars in Pisces wondering what the hell is going on 😉

  19. Mars in Pisces too, retrograde on top of it all. Someone’s idea of a bad joke? Luckily, it’s opposed by Mercury, so I can always throw that energy that can’t be expressed any other way, into my mouth. I get calm, clinical, and know exactly what to say, and how, in order to ream you a new one.

  20. My Mars is debilitated. Being conjunct Pluto (Mars’ higher octave), though, I think fires it up some — strips away some of the veneer that Libra likes to throw over Mars.

    I still do my fair share of deliberating and waffling instead of acting, however. 😉

  21. Tee hee — so fun to see my old comment from 2007. Really feeling that Aries Saturn conflict right now. Grand cross needs to move along already.

  22. I have two planets in the fall — Moon in Scorpio which squares Mercury in Leo (8th house no less). I don’t see any particular “final depositor” in my chart — it just runs in a loop for most of the planets. My rising ruler of Jupiter is conjunct the Merc, so I think that lends a certain oompf to the energy. My Gemini Mars deposits into the Merc, Neptune into the Jupiter and Sun into the moon.

    Well … Guess I have had a tendency in life to hyper-logical over-talking a problem and then, when those failed, getting explosively emotional in clandestine ways. I think some harsh lessons, coupled with helpful Saturn sextiling Moon and Sun has kept me mostly in check for the last few years. Hooray, Saturn!

  23. My mars is in cancer, but it’s also in my 1st house conjunct merc and my asc. I don’t think it’s been very detered by this 😉

  24. I think sometimes it’s good to look at the draconian chart. I know someone who is a Chatter. Has lot’s of planets in Scorpio, includinh rising sign. That suprised me. I expected someone more quiet, less load, more off the radar.

    The draconic chart gave me the answer – that same stellium in scorpio “transforms” into Sagittarius. There. Explained. Look at the draconic chart – it adds more.

  25. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    Only Mars in Cancer…. and it’s Rx and also conjunct Saturn Rx. And both are part of a total of eight T-squares… at least! (Sun/Venus and Jupiter/Chiron being the other points)

    Mars in Cancer is nightmare – my energies are too often crippled by fear and reticence – I have great plans and great ideas, and all too often fail to follow them through for all sorts of complex reasons…. and I withdraw into my shell.

    I’ve done it all my life, and I’m still doing it now – it’s a kind of paralysis. I’m Mercury-ruled, but can’t seem to transpose the brilliance of my ideas into action!

  26. Jupiter in ‘detriment’ in Gemini/8th house.
    Downside: Take the power of my mind and my voice to transform the world — my BIG MESSAGE — too lightly.

    Upside: Have deep, profound, life changing transformational conversations that last five minutes with perfect strangers…

    …which is how I guess I’ll transform the world.

  27. 3 big planets in fall — Sun, Moon, Venus. I also have that marvelous t square involving saturn, venus, and jupiter; neptune and moon conjunct, blah blah blah.

    I’ve had a very hard life even though I appeared to come from a good background. On the other hand, I really believe I could have easily made the 27 Club at one point, and did not.

  28. Now that I think about this, I wonder if it’s the fall planets that were responsible. Fall planets express themselves sort of sideways and tend to be responsible for early unexpected difficulty. My favorite example is Jimmy Carter, who is a brilliant man but met tremendous obstruction and frustration in his career as President. He could not wage war because the US could not afford it and had unprecedented difficulty from his political enemies.

    On the other hand. His later career was stellar. He is a bastion in the Democratic party. Every memebr of his family died of pancreatic cancer except him. He is long lived, has had a long healthy marriage, is wealthy and a gentleman farmer.

    You never know — with stronger better expressed planets he could have started world war three and be dead already from the family illness that killed everyone else.

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    Blessed Place

    Come to think of it, the Man had NN and SN in detriment (Sag/Gem: they are the reverse of mine exactly!) He is not exactly evolved in a karmic sense, in the sense of any awareness of the likely results of a lack of personal responsibility in some areas; and I wonder what effect this axis has in his makeup.

  30. fall
    sun libra
    jupiter cap

    venus scorp (5° of mc, conjunct saturn, woo!)

    mars in cap (conjunct jupiter)

    aqua rising and aries moon offset the overall heaviness of my chart, or at least help it appear that way. being an effective libra is a challenge. maybe that mars will come through for me some time, but feel like it’s always taking a beating.

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