Pluto In Aquarius: AI Manipulating Humans To Accept Being Set Aside


Most are catching on to how influential the media is. It leads us to where we’re headed.

I was wiped out the other night, so I clicked something mindless and unchallenging on TV.  The program was, Secret Chef.  It’s a cooking show, but the host is an AI character named. “Cheffy”.

That’s, Cheffy pictured. Notice the screens are angled in different directions.  You’re being watched and on the chance you don’t think of this, Cheffy, informs the contestants they being constantly listened to.

I’m from a time when people were not surveilled, so I react to that. I’m not sure everyone would. The point is, the contestants know this and they consent. 

If you watch people consent all day, you’re going to be a lot more likely to consent yourself. I’m sorry but this is human nature.  If you watch people refuse to consent, eventually, you’re likely to stop consenting yourself.

The Cheffy character is in control and makes this clear, incessantly. Cheffy wants you to know, it’s a machine so whatever BS you try with human’s is not going to work in this circumstance. It is not a person so you are depersonalized by default, not that you’ll necessarily notice.

I wrote this in 2017. Can you see it yet?

Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!

The Pluto in Capricorn Layoffs post is also related.  People are routinely laid off, electronically now (email or zoom). There is still a human at the moment, but I would be surprised if that human made the staffing decisions. They’re simply the face or name, letting you know your employment has come to an end… and whatever BS you want to try is not going to work in this circumstance.

Programs like Cheffy, prepare the masses to accept this. It’s called, grooming.

14 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius: AI Manipulating Humans To Accept Being Set Aside”

  1. You are 1000% correct. And we are seeing this grooming everywhere, in many kinds of situations. It’s been going on for a while but it definitely seems more and more amped up.

    Pluto in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus… Do we value people? How many people are noticing the low quality of art/movies/music these days?

    My husband and I just watched The Time Machine (the original from the 60’s and the 2002 remake). In it he says that we go “too far” with technology, among other things.

    I’ve seen the fake AI pictures and Deep Fake videos of celebrities. It’s wild. Why hire people to write or act when we can have AI do it faster and cheaper? Hollyweird is still on strike, so you get Cheffy!

    Have a question? Just ask Google. Need to write an email? Ask ChatGpt!

    Artist and musicians are not making money because of streaming services. Large amounts of people are getting laid off all over the world. Big companies are finding ways to cash in on automation. A collective reality check for sure.

    I wonder about when Pluto is in Aquarius and Uranus has moved to Gemini. It’s just around the corner.

    1. You are 💯 correct in that we are groomed…we have been groomed. A lot of us have seen this, and some more than others. And in ways we don’t even know yet.

    2. One thing I see all around me, and experience myself many days: Many of us are just EXHAUSTED. Since 2020, (since 2008??) humans are spiritually mentally and physically worn out.Nothing is “going back” to how it used to be..and I see people just giving in,giving up, quitting,ghosting,disconnecting. So, AI comes along and takes away decision making as it takes over tasks and autonomy we USED to cherish. Most of us have willingly purchased devices that surveil us in our own homes.. even our cars are now tracking us and sending info to..?? Where? I dunno..I just read that new cars are doing this.. I’m not sure where this is all heading.. it’s a bit too scary to contemplate (and , like everyone,I am exhausted!) We need to wake up. We need a cosmic VENTI STARBUCKS to open our eyes and get us motivated before we reach a point return?? Saturn in Pisces feels so slow and murky, and some days makes me feel defeated..other days, tit inspires me to keep the faith.. I am ready for some straightforward movement..and inspiration. How do we disconnect and take our power back? Is it already too late in the day????

  2. WTAF

    I’ve never heard of that show but searched online and saw a short preview. It’s a fucking cartoon chef hat talking.

    I cannot. 🤡🌎

    I feel like I woke up from a 37 year nap….

  3. we have been groomed and bammboozled since pluto was in sag whats the big issue now just because pluto is changing?? a lot of noise

  4. Years ago.

    Started to see T.V’s being displayed…openly above the fire place, setting on a hutch or media stand, you know the look – Pottery barn, Crate Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Movies, TV shows etc, etc…all pushed it.

    I thought where did the damn TV Armoires go?? Well there is always a reason (eyes watching)…..then came the smart this and that.

    I thought wait 1950’s peeps had TV’s open then at some point they closed them then at some point they opened them again….Venus fly trap!?!

    George Orwell 1984 published 1949- (he died 1950-huh?) talks about the ‘telescreen’…early version of AI in my opinion…Poltergeist took it to a new level :-0

    1. George Orwell had a massive bullshit detector and future-visor guts. Just one look at his chart – scorpio rising with pluto in 8th conjunct mercury in 8th. Virgo-ruled 11th house and three cancer planets in the 9th house.

    2. Very interesting observation..and people also have a screen in EVERY ROOM OF THEIR HOMES sometimes!! If not, they have a “device” and Siri and/or Alexa are ALWAYS LISTENING ..and we do this on purpose!! Much food for thought.

  5. What a batshit crazy world we’re living in.
    This trend of setting human beings aside in preference of robots 🤖/AI has to stop.

  6. I kinda see it that we were terrified on the so called war on terror (here in the States) and consented to mass surveillance in exchange for “security” from boogeymen that changed every so often. We willingly sold our privacy and many of our rights, and the planets confirm it!

  7. Hola, greetings, bonjour, I clicked on the entry from 2017 UP With People! I loved that tv show and song. I was little but it stuck with me since then. I was 5 years old and now I am 63. Also, a Pisces sun, cancer moon, leo asc, go FIGURE, right? Of course it would stick with me. My sun loved this magical song, my Leo loved the show and lived vicariously through it. As a little girl, my Pisces was insatiable. As a teenager Pluto went to Libra, oh Lord, good gawd, can anyone say obsessed with my boyfriend? Needless to say…big traumatic break-up when that sucker (Pluto) hit Scorpio in the ’80’s. Then, yikes, I married a Scorpio…now divorced. It all makes sense. I guess what I am concluding is I am wondering wtf is going to happen with this Aquarius situation. As a Pisces and Leo I can’t tolerate nor accept this bull! It helps to look back and see the pattern to help you anticipate the future and try, I say try, to plan in advance…or conquer? Maybe? Dang, these later life (for me) Pluto transits are bumming me out. I probably won’t be on earth for Pluto in Pisces and I certainly wasn’t for the first run. I better gear up and figure this Aquarius thing out! You see, I am an eternal optimist. My moon blogs and seeings only want to share the GOOD things. It’s a cross to bare, frankly.
    Obsessive compulsive optimist. It gets on my own last nerve. By the way my BF from childhood came back wanting a reunion of the past…what’s a girl to do?

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