Pluto in Capricorn: Beleaguered By Problems – Bottoming Out?

I am incubating my ideas at this point. I have no choice! I don’t have the time or chance to compose them properly, however I do have the time for this!

Right now it seems that people who are working are working crazy-hard.  If you’re employed, your job has become more demanding over the last couple years – let’s just say that.

If you’re not working, you’ve got a host of problems as well. People are so weighed down.

I notice the difference on the forum here.  People don’t give the way they did a couple years ago…for obvious reasons. They’re drained!

So at what point do people bottom out?

Bottom out in my mind, means that they realize they’ve really got to make a fundamental change. Whatever kind of  veil they’ve been holding up has got to go. If they’re trying to hold on to a false belief – this too, has got to go.

Is anyone coming to this point?  Have you seen someone else come to this point?  Or do you think we (as a collective) still have a long slide ahead?



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  1. ….that would be me!!!
    pluto transit my 10th uranus transit my first/
    when pluto squared my ascendant- i lost my very secure job in the most cruel way possible: stabbed in
    the back. while looking for a new job- i helped with health care of my dear freind with cancer- until he died.
    at his funural- i met my new employer- and worked for him in a new improved job for 3 years.
    uranus on the ascendant- i left that job ( luckly- before company started having seriuos trouble)
    was out of work for almost 7 months- then got new job in PR. was there for a year and a half- and was layed off before company collapsed. was out of work another few months- and was offered current job at a huge place- in the same managment position of the job i was brutally fired from when pluto first sqared my chart.
    ………current job we are working under humagous pressure.
    so much pressure that last week at full moon and chiron turn direct- i broke my arm at work….
    …….pluto uranus have me on one hell of a ride!!!!
    I am making sure that I learn my lessons along the way. especially the letting go part- and letting pluto lead the way. it was hard when I fighted these changes- felt i had to fight to survive. when I stopped fighting I realised that through all this time -last 5 years- I have always had the same amount of money to survive- so I feel looked after
    and try to roll with the punches…
    …hope my writing in english is understandable. thank god I found this site- reading the wisdom of you elsa, satori and ee people helped me alot- thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    and best wishes and light to whomever is going through the same expiriences……
    help and divined guidense seem to always be around
    hope you get to the point you feel it too…..

  2. I’m close to bottoming out. I can feel it coming. I am “incubating”, as you said. I feel the change coming – Pluto is only a couple degrees away from exact square to my Ic/Mc/Sun (12′ Libra).

  3. Yes, hardcore! Personally, I’m on the upside of the fundamental changes. The past two/three years were very confusing, I felt very divided. I am losing/moving away from that division and I am now beginning to slowly move in the direction of the vision that’s been bubbling inside. What’s emerging is more practical, more disciplined, and more about community (family) … I really can relate to the incubation of ideas, this has been happening the last few years – and I was very frustrated because I wanted everything to happen right away, I wanted to start right away… ideas are starting to take a more rounded shape, I feel very inspired, motivated and clear lately… I like it.

  4. Everytime over the past two years I think I’m bottomed out, it gets heavier. Last month has been the most intense. I keep thinking how much more, yes some is good intense but have to clear the bad intense for that to succeed. I know mentally I can just try and take stuff but physically the cracks are starting to show…

  5. My daughter, Pluto 5° from MC, Saturn and Pluto in 7th Scorpio….the bottom’s fallen out in her accademic career and her relationship is really struggling…..maybe she can get some support from home with Jupiter transiting her 4th but what to say and how to help?

  6. Lately I’ve been cracking some. It’s been evident at my workplace for awhile. My coworkers have been bottoming out, too. Long story, but we’ve had layoffs plus more employee injuries (mostly back injuries) in one year than we’ve ever had!! You can only bend a person so far before they break. Wish the company would realize this–they probably won’t. 🙁 I’m seeing people broken who are normally made of steel!

  7. Yes: with Pluto and Uranus conjunct and squaring angles, Libra rising and Natal planets(Mars, Saturn and Mercury)in Cancer and Capricorn and Aries, as well.

    It’s just that long, long transit that we’ve all been experiencing over the last couple of years and will experience up to 2015. You know things can’t stay the same, but you haven’t a clue where its all going: Relentless pressure, explosive change and the pieces fall away. Only it’s happening again and again and again.

    Mediate, exercise, journal or draw, paint, play music, eat super healthy, all the things to keep you somewhat centered during massive change.

  8. ” If they’re trying to hold on to a false belief – this too, has got to go.”

    Yes, Pluto is halfway through my 9th and Saturn is now halfway into my 7th. Been rebuilding my belief system and feeling like I’m about to bottom out on everything I’ve ever believed about myself in relation to the other.

  9. The pressure has lifted for some people I know. There are cracks in the rock and good things coming through for some. One of my closest friends has huge irons in the fire, the stress was killing her. It still hasn’t resolved for her but one day she just said I am done with stress, I just gotta keep my boat afloat. I am continually surprised to hear people say that they have 2 years left until this or that is finished and then they will be able to this or that. What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger. Saturn is about time too. And with pluto the times are heaaaaavy. I do think people are somewhat getting over pointing fingers at whose fault it is, though. We’re all in it. We are all part of it whether we want to face it or not. I’m just concerned about doing the ‘ghost buster’ on the church lady and I’ll have made real progress.

  10. Yes. My job and most aspects of my life became extraordinarily demanding in the last year, when Pluto entered my 12th house and began moving in orb of squaring my natal sun. The ongoing outcome was almost exactly as you described – ongoing crises and endings punctuated by a shift towards fundamental changes. In the past year I’ve ended a relationship of 6 years, moved out of our shared home into my own place, began training for a new (professional) career, traded smoking/mj/drinking for mostly-vegetarianism and the gym, and culled most of my social circle down to only the most valuable and trustworthy folks.

    I feel like the point that I ‘bottomed out’ – not just realized the fundamental changes had to be made, but began actually making them – was when Pluto finally entered my 12th house for good after crossing back and forth over my 12th cusp in late 2012/early 2013. This coincided with Saturn going in and out of mutual reception with Pluto and aspecting my angles – I experienced such intense and extreme losses/reactions/events/etc that I felt like I had no choice in the matter. It has not been easy AT ALL and I wish I could say that there was some kind of immediate positive outcome once I committed to the changes, but it’s felt more like each tiny victory has been so hard-won and outwardly invisible that only on an extremely long time scale can I see how huge (and valuable) the shifts in my life have been.

  11. I’m incubating right now. In January, Pluto will finally enter my 1st house and a month later will conjunct my moon. I feel like I’ve got to get my life in order – clean up and get rid of a lot of junk. I’ve placed holds on some Christmas music from the library. Listening to carols and staying home will be my cup of tea in December.

  12. I have the same transits as Sam above (Pluto in 9th, Saturn in 7th). My entire orientation of what I have centered myself on until now has been shifting massively. I used to deeply (unconsciously) believe that if one worked really hard, then there would be progress in one’s life circumstances. I use to believe I would get “somewhere”. (what the hell does that mean anyway?) And I worked, and worked doing what I love(d), and ignored my instincts and emptied myself of my own vitality (which is naturally MASSIVE). I was hypnotized by the rewards that society reinforced and ignored/suppressed my needs & instincts that weren’t in concert with those reward systems. Finally breakdown helped me realize that the system is totally skewed and not in my favor. The (good, natural) animal in me is angry beyond words. I began to know that if I kept pouring myself into it (? work, ? “the system”) I would get irreparably sick and if I just faked it at my job I wouldn’t have the will to maintain. So, I’ve step out. I haven’t yet committed to a full decision about how to go forward and I have no idea what comes next, but slowly (SLOWLY) I feel some recovery. That’s the sign I’m working with to give me some direction. I wish everyone a trustworthy and perceivable inner light house. You all deserve that!

  13. @Wising up
    ” I used to deeply (unconsciously) believe that if one worked really hard, then there would be progress in one’s life circumstances. I use to believe I would get “somewhere”.”

    Yes, I’m on the same page!!! Good luck to you:-)

    1. Right there with @wising up and @sam. I used to work so hard! Two jobs, in fact, for most of the last 15 years. Trying to “make it” in my fields and as it turns out, I am not even sure what that means any more. I quit academia (hard to do once you have tens of thousands of dollars invested and 10 years of post-secondary education). I am now considering quitting my clinical career. To do WHAT exactly, I don’ t know. But I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’m not old and I owe lots of money, but the whole career thing is crushing me. Not that I have a toxic workplace, and I am no longer working 60+ hours a week, but well I am just not into it anymore. I am incubating too, hoping for a creative solution to emerge, every day I keep working in the system I feel like I die a little more. Hats off to everyone on the bring of a big shift! This too shall pass.

  14. As a single mom, I’ve long felt like the hamster running on the wheel and I didn’t think the pace could possibly get worse. A year and a half ago, someone turned up the speed on the hamster wheel. I didn’t think I’d make it but my kids and I are muddling through as best we can. Uranus is transiting my 6th house of daily work. I’ve also been having health issues and will get a two week forced slow down in January when I have surgery. I’m looking forward to getting off the hamster wheel a bit.

  15. I think I don’t have to be so nice all the time.. I don’t mean that I have to become really mean but it gets annoying pretending to be nice when people are annoying me. Always being nice seems more fake to me now. I’m way more picky of who I surround myself with. I refuse to let other people’s negative energy bring me down… Also I’m more conscious of my own negative energy.
    Pluto is transiting my 7th house.

  16. Hi Elsa, and yes, I’ve had my head down in survival mode. Can relate to the reactions to the workathon above. I keep checking in to read, but haven’t afforded myself the time to comment. Work has been intense, 7-days/week since June, politically dangerous and very stressful, while at the same time I have the luck to have the best project of my life, but it’s costing me, and I’m re-evaluating the nature of sacrifice vs. self-care in my life, and coming out feeling like it’s time to quit working for everybody else while my life suffers. Far too much of my work involves keeping somebody else’s badly designed project alive. Extremely hard, never a day off, crisis-laden and I told them day one the whole project was a non starter. Sisyphean.

    The past years have been tough, but this has been quite a season. In September, in the middle of the work pileup, my dog got hit by a car. Multiple surgeries later, he’s doing better, but at great cost. He lost his tail, but he’s walking on three legs now and happy. He’s family. My son was devastated. October 4, while I was driving home from vet bringing my dog home, I was rear-ended on the tollway. Still unresolved, dog got thrown forward and hurt, and it’s been a real pain in the neck for me (:-)). Then on November 11, my house and neighbor’s house burglarized. Took electronics, my son’s guitar, and more peace of mind. Home builder’s crew 2 doors down watched them carry my TV down the alley and did nothing. My son is struggling with teen angst and zits on top of everything else, and he’s seriously suffering. It’s been some high drama. And this week, worst of all, a dear old friend of my daughter took his own life. He was creative and had long been depressed. She called me after reading a Facebook post that alarmed her, and I told her to get moving and track him down (he lived in another city). She reached out to people close to him who responded immediately, but it was too late. Turned out it was long in the planning.

    That transiting Pluto has been conjunct Sun/Saturn in early Capricorn for a long time. Now just separating from Saturn at 8, thank God (I think). Transiting uranus (6th, 5th) is square saturn, transiting saturn is square uranus, tr. mercury is square natal uranus.

    My son’s 1st house aries moon at 5… Daughter Neptune in early cap. opposite her moon in cancer. Still standing. Exhausted but like the battery bunny. Amazing. I see Pluto is coming in to a sextile w/my ascendant. I’ll take it. Age old question: how do you know when you’ve hit bottom? I worry I’m too resilient in some ways for all my self-limiting style. I don’t know when to quit.

  17. This post spoke to me. I had to amputate someone I love from my life because they don’t appreciate me and I realise they are no good for my heart. It was the hardest and saddest choice I’ve made in awhile. I know now that the fall out and aftermath is going to be big because of other friends connected to this person. Bottomed out and veil down…. but I keep thinking all boats rise right. Making it on faith now.

  18. The greatest gift of the time has been gratitude. One of the great transformers and redirectors of energy. I trained myself to be thankful that it looks like up to me when I am down. Resilience.

  19. Interesting. Yes, I’m stressed out beyond anything I’ve felt at work before. Pluto has been in my 10th for what seems like forever. I also had an injury this year and many people at work have, too, which a lot of people are commenting on. Everyone at work is beyond capacity and looking to jump ship. I’ve also been in hardcore re-evaluation mode since my injury. I’m hoping that bottoms out and I can start making my way to a more peaceful, engaged and loving place. I think the love has been the thing most missing – where can that be when work is all-consuming? That’s been my question. I need to find somewhere else to devote my love.

  20. It’s about 50/50 in my world. I, and a few of my friends, are definitely at that point. However, I see others cruisin’ along, business as usual. I think those people will be in for a rude awakening when things “suddenly” change.

    I’m spending as much time and energy managing my mindset (trying to break deeply ingrained habits) as I am on doing actual work (at work). It’s exhausting. I’ve tried to conquer this before, but have always reverted. I have the sense now that nothing else in my life will change until I change this mindset and that is about the only thing that keeps me moving through the muck.


  21. My work is long and exhausting. I find myself falling asleep in a chair ….this chair when I am trying to catch up here after a long day….. I come here to read and wind down. My husband has found me face down on the desk in front of me or asleep sitting up from the exhausting work load I am dealing with.

    I could go on and on, and complain but this would be silly with so many people unemployed right now. I am grateful but so tired. I said today when I came in if anything more shows up at my door (at work) there will be no way for me to possibly do it without hiring someone to help. I have been able to avoid it and I want to avoid it at all cost …..but it seems I am going to have to finally give in soon. By summer, there will be no way I will be able to keep up. I am blessed with the income, and cursed with fatigue.

    {Bottom out in my mind, means that they realize they’ve really got to make a fundamental change. Whatever kind of veil they’ve been holding up has got to go. If they’re trying to hold on to a false belief – this too, has got to go.}

    Yeah, as much as it breaks my heart to admit it I am afraid I am going to have to back away from my adult children a bit. They adore me when they need something and they always need something. Money, babysitting, clothes for the kids, tuition for the oldest g-child. And, they still treat me like shit on a regular basis. I could/should be angry about this but I’m not because I know they treat me the way I have taught them to treat me. If I let it go on, well of course they will continue to take and they will continue to talk to me like I am some sort of crap on the heel of their shoe. We do teach people how to treat us when we allow a lot of nonsense…. its my own fault. I have no one to blame but myself really. I can’t play the victim or carry on as though I am hurt by their actions. (of course I am hurt) I let them do it.

    So there has been a veil dropping and I have been holding on to a false belief that I am respected and loved. The reality is I am neither so the quicker I get on with what is at hand and stop trying to romanticize this great relationship I have with my grown kids the sooner I will be able to spend my energy doing something useful for myself and my husband. It certainly can’t continue on this way.

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