Pluto in Capricorn & What Lies Below

deep root

Sagittarius, Jupitarians and 9th house people are known to be seekers. I live like this. Granted, I’m often tunneling down to expand but I also commune with the ethereal and attempt to educate myself in many fields, in a variety of ways.

In whatever case, Pluto in Capricorn describes the deep bottom. The structure that underlies everything. The substrate?

I feel this is accessible right now.  It’s possible to hit the bottom and access the deep (Pluto) wisdom (Capricorn) that lies there.  This would be like understanding from the ground floor or from the bottom up.  It’s like understanding the leaf on a tree is coming from the (hidden) root. Without the root, there is no leaf.

One of the things so interesting about astrology is the transits manifest in so many ways. Pluto, in particular, tends to operate beneath the surface. You can’t necessarily see what the person next to you is going through and in fact, their process may be outside their own conscious realm.

I don’t know that there is a lot of interest in this but it was something that hit me. Pluto is transiting the base of my chart (via my ascendant). I guess that explains that.

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  1. Thanks so much for your recent posts on Pluto in Capricorn. Obviously, we are all being affected, but I am really feeling it with Pluto crossing over (and over) my natal Mercury at 28° Capricorn and squaring my natal Pluto at 29° libra. I believe I will be laid off at the end of the year, but I’m actually looking forward to it after working there for 12 years. I feel opportunities are opening up for me, but I don’t actually see them lol. Weird times.

    It’s such a mysterious process to me, even after Pluto has conjuncted just about every planet in my natal chart (minus 2). I know I always come out the other end stronger, so trying to hang onto that.

  2. “…their process may be outside their own conscious realm.”
    I didn’t realise this. It’s a rather destabilising idea!
    Pluto will be transiting my Moon (in 4th House) which is not exactly in good shape in natal.
    Dunno what to think about all this!!!
    It seems rather scary.

  3. Pluto has definitely transformed me from the rock bottom and up the past 10 years, since he went into my 12th house.

    I went from a sunny outlook in SAG, then lost everything but my job in 2012. I lost 10 kilos of body weight, 3 friends, my living situation ended and I moved out into the country, I was suddenly single, and the only way to survive was to go through the motions. He hit my South Node, my Mars in Cap and underway has both squared my Libra Moon and sextiled my Scorpio stellium.
    Now he is leaving cap and the 12th (soon – in 2025) and I am no longer the naive little girl at 30 years old.

    I have been transformed, from the bottom and up – and I cannot recognise myself at all from that time.

    I feel more at home in myself though, and when he goes into Aquarius, I hope I am ready to tackle some big sh*t coming my way (probably), because my area of work might be moot point when he goes into Aquarius for good.

    I think what I have been working on during the past 10 years will serve me real good though. And Pluto is my ruling planet + the ruler of my 8th Libra House, so I suspect it will be nice. He will also sextile my natal Uranus in Sag, close to my MC, and having Aquarius as my 1st house, I think there will be some interesting truths uncovered in that period.

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