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Scorpio EagleConcepts in astrology seems to morph overtime. In my world, highly developed Scorpio expresses as an Eagle. I’m talking about a person who is never petty or controlling. I’ll let Dr. Z explain it as he would know. See: Eagle

This comes up today, because I’m working with a gal who has the chart as shown. Click to enlarge.

If there were ever a chart that begged to be expressed in this fashion, this is it. The person has no business being lowly.  There is nothing shallow here or inessential.

Can she be a mouth-breather?  Sure!  But this chart is like being dealt a Royal Flush… and then you’re not going to play it? You fold your cards? Relinquish three of them? WHY?

This gal is young and she has three kids… as she should with such a fertile chart, focused on parenting.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time.  If you’re a Scorpio, especially if you have a stellium or Pluto involved, you are a lot more than “sexy”.  Dig down for real power.

It’s not about being a villain, that’s for sure. Or someone people are afraid of.  You never have to worry about high end Scorpio.  They always have your back.

I’m talking about you, Ben (a friend).  Thank you.


17 thoughts on “Scorpio The Eagle”

  1. I appreciate the tribute to Ben! I hope he is in strengthing recovery mode now.

    And the depiction of Scorpio winged (high end) and transcending is great food for the new moon cycle just begun. One of the things that happens (for this Scorpio) is getting worn down from the battle (internal as much or more than out) and loosing site of the dark humus involved in the digging!

    It helps to take a hot shower after all the excavation.

      1. So Cancer/Capricorn thing, ok. See when I see 10th house I don’t immediately associate it with parenting (that’s why I was asking, to see if it’s something else) but I see how it can be.

  2. Ben has a 10th house Scorpio sun, by the way. He has nurtured and empowered his students for 40 years! He ALWAYS knows what is best for them… and they trust him, because they can.

    Scorpio has been DEGRADED, since I have studied the subject. Maybe when Pluto transited the sign.

    This Pluto in Scorpio, Scorpio generation might want to sort this for the follow on generations. They certainly have the power to do so.

    1. I pursued your last paragraph about the Pluto in Scorpio generation; I thought perhaps one of my nephews fit the bill. He does. The older of my brother’s two sons was born with early degree Pluto Scorpio in the 12th house. (1985)

      This sort of connectivity, the astrological, has been a fine thread that beckons when my gut knowing gathers life experience, not necessarily logic.

      I feeed this wondering and will pay attention to opportunity to encourage the eagle soaring in his son a Scorpio (and his mini-me:)

  3. My father is a mega scorpio, born in late October 1958, huge stellium. He’s definitely an eagle and not because I idealize him – I most definitely do *not* – but because I’ve never, not once, seen or known him to express any of those lower, not to say common, scorpio traits. He’s magnanimous, eternally kind and generous, deeply empathetic and never, ever petty. Always impossibly hard working and stoic, and simply the most stable person I know. Nothing fazes him, nothing is too difficult and it’s just never about him but always about someone – everyone! – else. I sometimes call him the only good scorpio I know LOL but that’s just my entire Leo stellium talking. He’s great PR for them, though.

  4. So, I have a stellium combo scorpio/sag. I feel with maturity comes the eagle. In the last year I have come across a scorpio with an Aries moon. This woman has been a nightmare to my family and her own child. I have stepped in so her child and grandchldren would not be thrown out in the street after living in a temporary shelter. She is just 49 but definitely immature and manipulative. I have always been kind of partial to scorpios but not anymore.

  5. Interesting – I feel Scorpio is always painted as a dark villan…harsh
    i have Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio in my 11th house…

  6. I really appreciate the acknowledgment of the ‘high end scorpion’ (the eagle). My partner has the sun and moon in ♏️ and has always represented the best of this sign; loyalty, dedication, defending the vulnerable etc.
    The eagle interpretation has been grossly under shared and the narrow lower realm traits have been unfairly overused. There are many higher realm scorpions, particularly in the care and medical sector.
    May we hear more of these positive potentials. Fly high Eagles, fly high 🦅🌟🦅.

  7. They absolutely deserve good press even if they do not want it or need it. One high soaring scorpio has scorpio sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising and a libra stellium. Strong, gentle, principled, kind, doesn’t have a single hair strand of pettiness or nastiness in him. Some people are like that, they enter the room and the room gets more oxygen, clearer, it’s alive and abundant.

  8. Thank you for this…..feel we have been ‘downgraded’ because we have the ability to see thru the crap, we are not overwhelmed and fazed by it – it just is what it is, no judgement.

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