Threatening To Amputate: Scorpio, the 8th House and Alcoholism

Surviving crisis – life, death and alcoholism – NC-17 content.

This was filmed Dec 22, 2007 during one of the peaks of Pluto’s transit to my Moon. To update, sadly this friendship did not survive. I’d known the gal and her family for 9 years…

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18 thoughts on “Threatening To Amputate: Scorpio, the 8th House and Alcoholism”

  1. I was able to view it, and thank you for lowering the rating to facilitate access. I feel seethingly helpless right now; I can’t be there for either of you, but I think I have been directed to your blog at this time for a reason. Time will tell why, or not. Just know that you and your friend have my psychic support, for what it’s worth.

    I’m driving to freakin’ Amarillo tomorrow for family stuff tomorrow, but you and yours will be in my thoughts, that is for damned sure.

  2. Elsa, sorry to hear things are so difficult right now. I agree with you, though — at the end of the day we all have to look out for ourselves first and if someone is a major threat to your well-being its not a difficult choice — they’ve gotta go. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

  3. Watching this video was heart wrenching . . . and much appreciated insight into how us Pluto/8th House sorts deal with heavy s**t! Take care of your business first & foremost and don’t worry about anything else . . . {{{{Elsa}}}}

  4. I’m the first to pick up on this thread, and appreciate a place to put this … burden.

    I am in an ultrasensitive situation, vulnerable in so many ways to the decisions and the hidden yet vile beliefs others have about my “’30’s style Appalachian” looking wanderer’s life. These are comments made by the ethernet-unknowns, they don’t know me, yet they have an opinion out there that I feel I must defend against.

    At least one close friend may be just staying away, and not saying any thing. “Surviving in my inner circle” … Amber, the inner circle in my situation simply gets smaller … like can you see the fingertips touching?

    The truth of it is this Scorpio has had many rough places, and the friends fall away … I must step away/amputate/freeze, because like you say Elsa, my own life requires everything else I’ve got.



  5. Re: that friendship, it was severed about 18 months ago and from this vantage point I am pretty sure the split would have been inevitable due our very passionate but disparate beliefs on issues pertinent in my life.

    really, I don’t miss anyone I lost (in the the last few years) except for Stevie and she just had to go.

  6. “I should have been more careful with the things I said during one of my friend’s Pluto transit.”

    Let me restate that:You should always be careful with what you say, transit or no transit.

  7. Oh, Elsa, I’ve lost some friends also (who hasn’t?), but one time this Scorpio was gas lighting me and I knew that our friendship just had to end!

  8. I just want to repeat what said above (as Amber). This is a great video. And I have come to the conclusion that only people who are in a REAL crisis or have been in one really understand. It’s very different from ‘just looking out for yourself’. It’s when other people cannot see the danger you are in and treat you carelessly (unbeknownst to them). You have to protect if you don’t want to end up dead.
    I do not amputate completely, but I have different levels of communication for different people. I have learned to contain (negative) energy a lot more, because people just don’t know what to do with it!

  9. Ambidee, I know just what you mean. I am full of a lot of negative energy right now. I feel like the only thing I can do that is useful is to withdraw so that I don’t hurt anyone. Which helps them, and also helps me because then I just feel like shit, instead of feeling like shit PLUS feeling like a monster for hurting people.

    You’re right, people don’t know what to do with it. Although, I don’t know that I can expect them to know what to do with it, either…

  10. It’s a strange, surreal, sad thing how a deep time of raw, personal pain can sometimes bring the closing of a door. Yet others sometimes, surprisingly, open and the people you get close(r) to through that time, who are really there with you, sitting it out, rocking silently with you, quietly making soup and leaving it beside you..they shine forever. I’m so sorry you’ve had such tough, tough times ((Elsa))

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