Saturn In Capricorn Transiting Natal Pluto In Libra

I’ve started work on the first chart for my Saturn in Capricorn workshop – Get Ready To Get Real!

The gal has Pluto in Libra. It’s got me thinking about the entire Pluto in Libra generation.

Relationships were decimated during this transit. Many of them live with the consequences of divorce. They embody it!

This will be a really interesting thing to watch during this transit.

Do you have Pluto in Libra? How do you feel about partnering?

16 thoughts on “Saturn In Capricorn Transiting Natal Pluto In Libra”

  1. I have Pluto in Libra in my 7th house and I’ve spent most of my adult life in a relationship. But it’s trining my natal Sun so I guess that helps. at the moment though, after Jupiter has gone through my 7th house and I ended a long relationship, I feel like I have PTSD from relationships. I would like someone beside me to lean on but I can’t imagine going through everything a relationship entails, it feels beyond my capacity. Although I’ve been told that when it’s as it should be, it doesn’t feel like work but I’m really doubtful about that. I mean just the fact that you need to get used to living with someone after living alone seems like work.

    1. Interesting as I am the opposite..mainly single and I have it in the 1st. Even though the Sun is in 7th opposite. I think the trine helps….makes the energy easier without the conflict and power struggles.

  2. Transit Saturn will be squaring my natal Libra Pluto at the same time transit Pluto will be squaring my natal Venus. Sounds like a fun time. How do I feel about partnering? I take it serious, I have a tendency to depend on partners in a somewhat unhealthy way.

  3. I have Pluto at the aneretic degree of Libra in my 8th house.
    It’s conjunct Saturn.

    So, not only are Pluto “tired” – and thus transformation takes TIIIME (Saturn).
    Saturn is a judgemental B*tch as well – so carrying grudges is my thing. Forgiveness doesn’t come cheap here. Add to that – they are quincunx Chiron and Chiron is opposite my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio.

    I’ve lost all of my partners due to severe judgement errors and these relationship deaths always end up serving as a transformational Karma-force in my life, I have trouble let go but also easily attract assholes and/or dysfuntional people.

    The 8th house also means SECRETS!
    Every f… time I am dumped there was some secret energy or fact I didn’t see or knew about. There may have been a 3rd party – or there could have been another secret obsession or shamefulness about sex I became an empty can for living out physically.

    I have had to take care of my own family secrets, my own scars to find peace. And now I’m just straight out terrified about entering a new relationship these days.

  4. I have natal Pluto retrograde in Libra, @7 degrees in my 10th house. I have been single most of my adult life and hate it. South node in Gemini 7th house trine my Pluto, according to the chart I have. My Pluto is part of a Cardinal Grand Cross, Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Aries, Saturn in Cancer. I want very much to be in a relationship. My parents split when I was 10. My parents never should’ve married. My Mom just wanted to be married and rushed into marrying my Dad. She never remarried. My Dad remarried twice and now has a long-time girlfriend, per what I see in many man, he has to have someone. My brother is 5 years younger, probably also a Pluto in Libra person with Capricorn Sun and Asc. and he’s also single and doesn’t date much.
    I take relationships very seriously and don’t do much shallow casual dating.
    When Saturn transits my second house it will conjunct my natal moon, oppose my natal Saturn in Cancer and hit the fun squares with Natal Pluto in Libra and Sun and Jupiter in Aries. My second and eighth houses are intercepted, and my Moon and Saturn are in mutual reception in the intercepted houses. I’ve always wondered if that was good, bad or otherwise.

  5. I have my natal pluto retrograde in libra, 12th house. I always felts like most friendships didn’t stick but always had one or two long term deep connections.

  6. Our oldest son has Pluto/Saturn in Libra, and his life has gone pretty smoothly so far. But the Pluto in Capricorn square has not occurred yet…

  7. My natal Pluto is in Libra and in Seven, but I was always single. Maybe my Libra locked into Seven makes the difference. Otherwise I can only be puzzled why people with similar constellations say that they were never single. There are many more hints in my natal chart indicating that I should always have a partner because I seem to be only an accessory to my partner. So this is either very odd or explaining perfectly why I’m without a partner.
    I’m not embodying divorce. In my environment were rather silver and golden weddings common. I don’t know anybody personally, who is divorced.
    My natal chart should at least make me wanting to be partnered at all costs, but I think that if there would be less advertising for the idea that everybody would have to live as a half of a couple, then I could be at least as happy with being single. But I’m very interested in the research of synastry. Because I wonder whether there do people exist at all, who could/ should/ want live together with me.

  8. Saturn will next year (2018) first make a square to my natal Pluto, then an opposition to my natal Moon, then during an applicative conjunction seven minutes of angle ahead of my natal Jupiter change direction (why right there?), then again make an opposition to my natal Moon, then a square to my natal Pluto, after that station for about a week and turn direct, again making a square to my natal Pluto, then again the opposition to my natal Moon, then go quickly over my natal Jupiter, where a square to my natal Chiron begins. Looks to my like Saturn will be quite nasty to me, in particular to my natal Pluto. (Besides the triple square, that Saturn forms with my natal Pluto, I also wonder about the triple conjunction, that Vesta will make during the same time with my natal MC.)

  9. mrs elsa, this will be a little irrelevant, sorry for that, but can you start little by little to write about saturn-conjunct-pluto in capricorn in 2020? what can its effects be if it activates personal planets? I’m asking because they’ll be conjunct on my Moon.

  10. I have natal Pluto in Libra 4* 1st house and it squares Saturn in Cancer 10th 2*. When Saturn enters Cap it will create a t-square which may drag my Aries Venus 12* into a wide g.cross. My marriage ended when Pluto entered Cap. Since then I’ve fallen in love a few times but nothing has stuck not for want of me trying. My new attitude is to stop trying. Perhaps Libra energy tries too hard to relate. I agree with the others that I am very serious about relationships.

  11. I have Pluto in Libra on my Ascendant opposite Sun in my 7th (widley 6°) and I struggle so much in relationships. It is something I always crave (Sun in 7th) but rarely they work out longer than a few months (Besides two long term one). I also have Moon in Taurus (in 8th) opposite Uranus which doesn’t help but it is trine the Saturn which I hoped would help. I really hope that Saturn in Cap can bring me some stability in a relationship. I am also having my Pluto square Pluto and it is trining my Moon. Plus I have Uranus on my Sun (on my 2nd hit now) and Saturn trining my Sun in 7th. I am from separated parents…they split up before i was born but have always been in contact and they argued a lot when I was growing up. I am currently just focusing on myself but I would like to meet someone.

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