Fated Relationships: The Vertex In The Composite

The BountyThe vertex is a “fated encounter” point in any chart and linked to timing by transit and aspect. There is more than one way to spot the chart of a person with whom one has a fate link, but it is often reflected in vertex interaspects between the charts. But what of the relationship? The relationship itself has a chart; it is called the composite and is the chart of the midpoints between the planets and angles of the two individuals’ charts.

The composite chart has a vertex as well. Its vertex is the midpoint between the individuals’ vertices. There are many possible indicators of a fated relationship. Not having any particular one does not mean the relationship is not special or destined. I hesitate to use the word “soulmate” because there is no specific, agreed upon definition. However, one such indicator of a fated relationship is the composite vertex conjunct the composite descendent.

This doesn’t mean the relationship will be easy, or blissful or even long-lasting. What it means is that it will be important and ultimately growth-inducing. Of course, reflectively, that doesn’t mean it WON’T be blissful or long-lasting. There are so many factors to consider, but I find these individual indicators interesting and one more to add to your arsenal of “hmm, isn’t THAT something!”

Before I accept that something “works” I really need to have a grasp on WHY it works. In this case, what enters the relationship through that destiny “stargate” is at the point of the 7th house cusp, Venus-ruled, what one likes. It is an aspect of embracing the destiny of the relationship, whatever that may be.

In addition, transits in conjunction or opposition to the composite vertex show the timing of fated events or people entering your joint life that affect you jointly, affect the relationship itself. Individuals whose planets closely hit that vertex axis can have a profound effect on the relationship. On the descendent they are in agreement with the relationship desires. Or at least when a malefic presence enters there is more likelihood of accord in handling the influence.

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  1. Composite
    All in Virgo
    H6: Psyche 0*, Venus 5*, her S/M 5*, Descendant 8*
    H7: Sun 13*, Mercury 20*, Vertex 20*, Cupid 24*, Jupiter 24*
    H6 Pluto at Leo 29*42 cj Psyche 0*

    Vertex/Desc are sign-cj 11*. In Synastry Virgo Vertexes are cj 2* in H7 (both). Have not found anything online about that aspect. Comments?

    Comments appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I just checked a relationship that felt *fated* at the time of meeting and in composite the Vertex is 2 degrees off the descendent.
    Somehow this info has made me feel better. We each had something to learn and then move on. It felt like *coming home* when we first met; when it was over, the loss was painful.
    Learn and move forward.

  3. I just checked the composite chart of my boyfriend and me, and our composite Vertex is EXACTLY conjunct the descendant! I have always felt a strong soulmate feeling about him. I was convinced he was my future husband before we even started dating. (We were both dating other people, but started noticing each other) We have strong synastry and composite aspects. It isn’t easy though! Some of the aspects are tightly opposite or square. Anyway, I was blown away after reading your article because I didn’t expect to have this aspect at all, none the less be exact! Can you explain why this aspect indicates a fateful relationship? I know the Vertex represents fateful encounters, but why would it be fateful for us being placed on the descendant?

  4. *bump*

    ….checked out ALL close and important relationships in my life- including family members. guess what? in ALL of them we have vertex in 7th house composite. and all the really good relationships- the vertex is conjunct my natal jupiter-sun
    how about that 🙂
    thanks so much satori- you are the best teacher

  5. in synastry my vertex conjunct his dc and my vertec conjunct his sun/moon midpoint .
    I love him so dearly and I think from the moment he saw me he liked me as well.
    On top of it sun and venus conjunct his venus on his ascendant and his moon is on my asc.
    The first time I saw him I thought he would be THE ONE! WOW! (I can not speak for him)
    His sun is exact opposite my moon! Oh, it is the perfect love story, isn’t it?
    UNFORTUNATELY it has a Romeo/Julia twist. We met 20 years later than we were supposed to. Ironic and maddening! WE are Both married!(to someone else of course) And we have a lot of planets (even so they are the beneficial ones) in the 12 house.
    Talking about self sacrifice and letting go!
    So basically living hell. But I still love him so deeply for over a year now!
    What am I supposed to do? Any advice?

  6. in synastry my vertex conjunct his dc and my vertec conjunct his sun/moon midpoint .
    I love him so dearly and I think from the moment he saw me he liked me as well.
    On top of it sun and venus conjunct his venus on his ascendant and his moon is on my asc.
    The first time I saw him I thought he would be THE ONE! WOW! (I can not speak for him)
    His sun is exact opposite my moon! Oh, it is the perfect love story, isn’t it?
    UNFORTUNATELY it has a Romeo/Julia twist. We met 20 years later than we were supposed to. Ironic and maddening! WE are Both married!(to someone else of course) And we have a lot of planets (even so they are the beneficial ones) in the 12 house.
    Talking about self sacrifice and letting go!
    So basically living hell. But I still love him so deeply for over a year now!
    What am I supposed to do? Any advice?

  7. I’m in a new relationship that has a composite Vertex conjunct composite North Node (1.5 d orb) in the 8th house. Also composite Venus is exactly opposite here. Additionally, Composite Sun is in the 1st conjunct the ASC. Any thoughts on this? Is this “good”?

  8. Weird! My last relationship had composite Vertex conjunct the DC within 3/4°… VERY growth-inducing. Being with him taught me a lot of self-esteem and self-assertiveness. He was extremely supportive of me and the process of finding my confidence and voice. Very interesting…

    I actually found this article by googling “composite sun conjunct composite vertex” (as I found in the chart of my current relationship), but apparently that’s the one thing in the whole universe that hasn’t made it’s way onto the Internet :-p what would you make of that conjunction, Satori? (It’s actually the composite vertex conjunct the composite sun AND the composite moon, because the composite sun and moon are conjunct each other… Can’t find much about that either!!! :-p )

  9. Hi! I realize this blog entry is 2 years old, but I just found an interesting discovery in my family charts. I found that the following charts had the vertex conjunct the descendant in the composites between me and my father, my son and his father, my daughter and her father (same man), me and my son, me and my daughter, and a man of interest with my son and also my daughter (he and I have several soul mate indicators showing many lifetimes together, apparently). My mind is blown! 🙂

  10. Lovely article!

    Have you ever encountered the composite Nodes conjuncting the composite IC/MC points?

    I have this with my partner:

    composite North Node conjunct composite IC
    and (obviously) comp SN conjunct comp MC

    Do you have any thoughts on that?

  11. WOW. Mind blown. 2 husbands and a very significant relationship Vertex conj the DC. All of them fell into place within hours.

    There really IS something to this astrology business, isn’t there? 🙂

  12. I have Vertex in H7 conj DC conj Venus, but the relationship lasted only 2 months :/
    I notes that in my past two relationship the Vertex is in the H7 but is not conj DC and the relationships lasted longer. It is like the more is far the more is longer :P.
    Well what about that? 🙂

  13. Wild! My husband and I met each other while we were traveling in Peru. The moment I saw him, I looked over to a friend of mine and half whispered, “He’s perfect.” Our meeting was so powerful, I have never felt anything like it before. He actually said to a friend of his that he would marry me some day. Our relationship has been deeply transformative. We are from different countries and we are 13 years apart. Our daughter was definitely the key that held us together as we learned to live with one another. I have a lot of natal planets in the 4th house (Scorpio Saturn, moon and Pluto) and our composite chart is heavily aspected in the 4th house (Leo Venus, and Virgo Saturn and Mercury). We have healed and grown together as a family. …but, anyways, our composite vertex is conjunct our composite DC. Awesome.

  14. how interesting Satori..how would you summarize difference between Ve.ac/dc and Ve./venus?talking about Ve.conj venus in composite,plus very active in synastry

  15. Hi there,

    Can you tell me what, if anything, it means for his chiron (7th house) to square my vertex (also in the 7th house) ? Orb 3 degrees 58s

    Thank you

  16. Hello Satori, would you consider the orb of 2°31s ,between composite vertex and composite Dsc ? or is it too wide? Also does composite vertex square composite nodes with 2°18s have any sort of significance? Thank you in advance

  17. Hello Sartori,

    I’m going through a rough breakup in which I kicked myself out of the relation because it was weighing down on me hard EMOTIONALLY.

    His vertex is in my 7th house (Moon in Cancer lies there)
    Mine is conjunct his Moon in Leo by 1 degree!!

    What does this mean??

  18. What about composite Vertex opposite composite Ascendant and square composite Midheaven? Does this then mean that the relationship is still fated? Does the Anti-Vertex come into play here at all? Would appreciate the feedback, thank you!

  19. Isn’t this just a question of worldview? For some, every relationship is “fated” as is everything that happens to them. For others, their free-will means nothing but their birth and death is guaranteed. What is the need in this point named Vertex with that in mind?

  20. Massive fated moment right here when I stumbled on your page and saw your photo of tall ship Bounty. I kid you not, four of the most significant relationships in my life have been related to that ship. WHAT a spin out!

  21. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    All my significant relationships had this Vertex conjunct DC feature in composites. With the unavailable soul mate karma nightmare one, his abusive wife’s composite with me also has that conjunction, nearly exact!
    Just tried composites for a friend with her late husband — yes, it was there — and with the man she now has feelings for, whose Sun is conjunct her MC — his birthday was the day her husband died. Their composite Vertex is conjunct Saturn on the 8th house cusp. Anyone know what that could indicate for their future?

  22. Hello.
    I just saw in somebody’s chart an interesting combo. The natal vertex in tight conjunction within 12 minutes with progressed composite vertex. Does it mean that at this point the relationship is kind of highly significant in this person’s life?

  23. Can’t believe the date you posted this was when I got it together with the person I have composite Vertex conjunct descendant with so only seen that now, I knew it was fated….not been together but we remain deeply involved…the eclipse this week falls on that point. More fate.

    At the same time transiting Lilith/NN/Juno hits the composite Pluto in 7th and transiting Jupiter hits the composite Mercury/Juno

    An eclipse and Pluto. I expect a complete death of it or rebirth.

    The eclipse is also on his Venus and my MC/Pluto/Uranus so individually we have strong links to that composite Descendant/Vertex point too. And the composite Jupiter is on my Descendant. BIG person in my life.

  24. Composite vertex sitting on top of our DC, at 0 degrees libra. We haven’t got together yet, he’s not my type physically but there’s this strong intuition that something will happen and it won’t be superficial.

  25. hi , just had a look at my own composite chart w lover,vertex in a close orb w dc , not exact conjunct but pretty close.
    W sun opp venus, moon opp mars and true node,a bunch of oter stuff.. hmmmmm.

  26. I checked the composite with the man I have met about 5 weeks ago, in a University-related event(he is a foreign exchange student) I am 26 and he is 23, but I from our first conversation I felt a kindred spirit thing, however there are some harsh aspects in our chart that scare me.
    He is though. I have no fire in my chart, he is a sadge rising and Moon, Cancer sun and venus, leo mercury, taurus mars. I am virgo rising, pisces sun, venus, mercury, north node, Gemini(or last degree taurus) Moon, and Mars-Jupiter in 0 Gemini.
    My saturn is opposite his sun(6 deg orb) trine his Mars.
    His Moon in 2 deg sag is opposite my Moon-Mars-Jupiter, his ascendant is exactly conjunct my IC, my Eros is exactly conjunct his DC.
    Plus mutual Venus trine Sun aspects and mutual Mars-Venus sextile aspects.

    In our composite we have Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars all conjunct in Taurus, in the 7th house, and Vertex is conjunct sun-venus-descendant.
    But Moon is square composite Mars, trine ascendant(all the major aspects it makes) and that stellium is also sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn and opposite Pluto. The heavy Pluto energy scares me…

  27. I’ve just had my heart broken by a guy that I have this in composite with..we started out hanging out as friends 2 months ago and I fell for him, even though it was not love at first sight.
    We have significant aspects in composite and synastry, but I guess not enough for him to love me, he said he always thought of me as a friend and would continue to have me as a friend(he’s a foreign exchange student, so he only spends 3 months in my country; and asked me to spend the winter holidays at his place, plus asked me to come visit), in our composite we have pluto in the 1st house(scorpio rising), sun-venus-mercury-mars all conjunct, in the 7th house,some of those also conjunct the vertex, and the vertex is conjunct the dc, moon in the 5th house, square mars, trine ascendant, semi-sextile saturn. The Sun-Mars-Venus-Mercury is also trine Neptune, sextile Jupiter, opposite Pluto, and trine Saturn, and sextile Chiron.
    Jupiter is opposite saturn and trine Pluto
    However saturn is square the ascendant-a 3 degree orb, and saturn is conjunct composite north node(3 degree orb) so maybe those are deal-breakers.
    also, composite sun-mercury-venus-mars are conjunct his mars, the composite jupiter-chiron conjunction is conjunct his natal sun.
    composite moon is conjunct my mercury, vertex and north node, composite mars is loosely(5-6degrees) conjunct my natal moon.
    in synastry, my moon-mars-jupiter conjunction falls in his 7th house, his sun trines my sun and venus, my venus and sun trines his venus.
    His ascendant is conjunct my IC, his jupiter is conjunct my ascendant(7degree orb), opposite my venus and sun.
    his mars sextiles my sun and venus,trines my ascendant, my mars sextiles his venus
    his moon is opposite my moon-mars-jupiter conjunction.
    My sun and venus are square his ascendant, also our ascendants are in square.
    his psyche conjunct my ascendant, square my eros.
    My eros almost exactly conjunct his descendant.
    also, my chiron conjunct his south node, his moon square my north node.
    my saturn is opposite his sun.

    1. I can’t go through all the aspects but much of the composite sounds similar to a situation person I knew…again not love at first sight but I fell hard …we were involved for a short time though …and that Saturn/NN conjunction will be hard to break Saturn is like glue so needed but can create connections we need to let go too. If it’s already breaking your heart you’re very lucky he’s not in the country more! My advice from (long, hard, brutal) experience is try and let go before it consumes you as if he wanted more he’d made it clear. And why should you expect any lesser yourself? Friends never work when one person is in love.

  28. The composite sun is conjunct the vertex, which are both conjunct the descendent….i have to imagine that being together is the main point of the relationship, or being brought together, i should say

  29. Freaks me OUT!
    Conjunction with:
    My Husband, best friend, daughter in law (I will have to look at this differently now) My Scorpio moon Granddaughter, my Children’s father(ex-husband, My Mother, and my sisters. All with the conjunction to the dsc.

    I almost fell over when I saw it. That many people!

  30. Its really creepy, this vertex/composite descendant thing . I have this with my husband, exact. While our relationship has been very rocky at times, and there were plenty of times I wished I werent in it, it has been the most growth-inducing relationship of my life. I think we were meant to be.

    1. It is creepy!!! I cant believe it. The people I have had the most profound relationships with are right there ….I couldn’t believe my eyes. WOW

  31. My composite Vertex is in our composite 7H and it is also conjunct MY natal DC. Our composite 11H Scorpio Venus exactly trines our 7H Cancer Mars/Uranus conjunction. Lots of passion.

  32. I had this with my first husband of seven years. Through our relationship, I was deeply transformed and then came the time to part. We continue to be friends. Our friendship is inspired and supported by our common goal of raising her together, in a nontraditional family. We’re doing great as friends and co-parents. The first man I’ve had any kind of butterflies and desire since my divorce (it took a year)… we have the Vertex conjunct the descendant in our composite chart! And a YOD to boot with Venus as the apex. and the Moon and Mars as the base. I need to read more into yods. However, I’m feeling a lot of Venus/Neptune energy and there have been various red flags. The attraction, feeling and pull, though, is undeniable. Oh Lordy. My game plan? I barely know him and there are complications that could go against my own moral code. So, my game plan? I’m going to step into patience and continue to find joy and happiness in my life. If it’s meant to be, things will align.

  33. If I understood correctly, then it is very useful to know the vertexes and DCs of other people. But for that you need to know exact birth times. So it’s very difficult to make use of this lesson. I just cast a line:
    My Vertex: 26 degrees Virgo
    My DC: 19 degrees Virgo

  34. Vertex is pretty crazy. In our composite chart, we have vertex conjunct descendant, juno, and south node all within 2 degrees. Vertex is on the DC exact to the degree. I’m surprised we didn’t elope as it was a married at first sight type of situation, lol

  35. My ex-boyfriend and I have composite vertex in Aries (24 degree 33) conjunct composite DC (24 degree 35) to the exact degree too. My moon is 22 Aries too. We have so many aspects –
    My south node is conjunct his Venus and his Venus is conjunct my south node. His vertex conjunct my natal AC and my North Node conjunct his DC and lots of our aspects that point to a fated relationship, past life, not meant to be together in this life stuff. We broke up 2 years ago but still keep in daily contact, multiple times a day, every day since our break up. We can’t seem to let go, but he keeps pulling away from me. I am still trying to figure this out – I know I need to let go, but don’t want to. Very very mind blowing finding this. Love reading all your stories, maybe I can make some sense out of this situation with him. Blessings and Love to All

  36. Wow. This is crazy.
    I finally (at the age of 48) have come together with what I would call my soulmate. We indeed have Vertex conjunct descendant!
    Also, poignantly, this is the degree of my natal Chiron. And Sun is conjunct Chiron in the composite.
    Thanks for this article!

  37. Hahaha -Awesome Post!!! :-)))

    I’ve studied the Vertex point in Astrology for some time now…

    My Twin Flame and I composite chart has the Vertex conjunct the Descendant in Aries in opposition to Lilith and Pluto in Libra conjunct the Acendant in Libra…. lol

    I can vouch to you it’s powerful stuff playing out between us in the transformation!

    Cheers – Shane

  38. I have my vertex in Virgo and my love interest has his vertex in Pisces and Pisces is my rising sign and Virgo is his rising sign.

    Does that mean our composite Vertex is on the composite Descendant or where can you calculate this?

    I also like to know where you can see when you have a transit on the Vertex?

  39. Omg I could pass out. So accurate. Composite Vertex conj composite desc, 7th house Libra. I wish I could give the whole backstory, but all I can really say is wow.

  40. Composite vertex @24 Gem in the 7th. Trines the comp Neptune in Libra.. opposite comp Mercury.. His Jup 19 Gem, my Moon 5 Gem…. That vertex is just inside my 5th house, and in his 9th. The relationship spent 25 yrs as an affair. Then broke off for 14. Got back together last mid-Dec we are both free. The Covid19 intensified it very quickly, and now transit Venus has a stay in Gem in the comp 7th, while Mars will be traveling thru his natal 7th for months soon, and the comp 5th!

  41. Composit Vertex in the 7th house conjucting north node sextile MC and opposes sun,moon,mercury,pluto,south node and lilith.I have been havibg having problems with ladies all my life

  42. South node conjunct Vertex in the composite 7th house.

    We also have small orb sinastry conjunctions such as Venus-Jupiter-Uranus in the 8th and Sun-Saturn in the 7th.

    He shakes me up in many ways and I feel that some of the energy he projects towards me has to do with past live events.

    I am generally very confident, but with him, I have specific moments where I completely lose it and feel very intimidated. Maybe his Saturn on my Sun does that.

    Any comments on the vertex conjunct south node in the 7th composite?


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