Pluto Transit Conjunct My Capricorn Ascendant

my cervical spineDaniel asked on Pluto Transit 12th: Spine, Healing Culmination

“Please do fill us in on your Pluto/ascendant journey when you get the chance.”

Okay, Daniel!

If you’re new here, I have chronicled Pluto’s transit through my 12th house since 2007.  Pluto is now conjunct my ascendant and while Jupiter and Saturn will move on, I will not be clear Pluto until early, 2022.

You can click the link to look at my freak-trash spine, that was miraculously repaired by a highly skilled surgeon in two surgeries over three days. I have not felt a lick of pain since waking up from the first surgery. It’s mind-boggling. My back had caused me grief for more than 20 years.

normal cervical spineMoving on, I still have my neck to deal with. Yes, that is my personal neck pictured.  It has a reversed curve and the bones are currently fusing together on their own. As always, it’s a complicated problem.

Here you can see a normal spine and a spine with it’s curve reversed.  My haplessness is almost comical! I mean, come on!

Believe it or not, my neck is okay as far as I am living with it. This was made possible about four years ago when a doc went in there and killed a nerve. I was told this might help me for six months or a year. I’ve been very lucky!

reversed cervical spineSo my back was fixed and I had no pain at all. But then winter came and my neck began bothering me. “Bothering me” is nothing like the pain I’ve experience with my back or my neck before the ablation of the nerve. The point is, I’m not quite clear this spine stuff.

Now it’s possible I could do nothing. Springtime will come and I could be back to pain-free. But I have this great surgeon so I figured I better address this. I went to see him last week.

My surgeon feels I will have a good result using traction so this is what I’m doing. I’ll have a home traction device within a week or so.  He thinks I can create some space this way.

He said if I had surgery, he would need to fuse three levels. It really sounds like something to avoid, if possible. It I stretch my neck all the time… well, I have a good feeling about it, actually.

I left the surgeon’s office and drove to a physical therapist’s office with his orders.  The had a cancellation so I was seen, immediately. Another good sign!

The therapist worked on my neck a bit. As part of her routine, she put the electric stimulation stuff. It was pretty shocking, because I could not feel it on the dead-nerve side of my neck.  This seemed good to me. When and if the traction fails, I will kill some more nerves. Chances are, it will work.

It’s pretty amazing, really. My situation is impossible and has been… well, throughout my life. But I’m still here and it just goes to show you, it’s up to God, what happens.

17 thoughts on “Pluto Transit Conjunct My Capricorn Ascendant”

  1. Elsa I’ve been following along your journey since 08’, as my moon(6)sun(15)mercury(18) are in cap 12th house squaring 9th outer planets. I still can’t really put words to this transit for myself..but..this year my chronic back pain started to really ramp up (April) I decided to go to a chiropractor where he took X-rays. I was speechless. He wanted to know why I failed to mention my physical trauma at intake. I didn’t because it doesn’t exist. It’s been 8 months. I can hold my head up high. My posture has improved 76% and my feet no longer turn blue. This is in no comparison to your story, but I too feel like a new person. Thanks for the support over the years.

  2. My sister in law who just buried my brother a few days ago had to have emergency surgery in her neck today, her c3 and c7 were burying into her spine making it almost impossible to walk. They said if they waited she would be paralyzed . She put off seeing a Dr because she was caring for my brother. These Capricorn transits have been a kick in the butt.

  3. Much appreciate you sharing the bare bones of your personal journey – it really has come down to that for you during this period of time hasn’t it – the bare bones – finding what’s most effective and efficient for you to move forward.

    1. You’re welcome and yes. I have my last PT neck deal today. I am pretty hopeful, I will have few problems once it warms up. It’s like horrible ordeal. I’m on the other side of it but so traumatized on some level – I have not fully fathomed this fact: I am no longer crippled.

      1. …a bird in captivity brought to health from crippling wounds, the cage door has opened with you unmoved in it – shaking. Peering this way and that way; a slow step forward and two steps back to comfort. Another step forward and then another…..from the confines of the 12th house prison until the day comes where she took flight.

        1. “I’m surrounded by death, people dying and loss” same! 3.5 months in on this exact transit and I’m looking forward to a break from it come July. At same time very different person now and different looking – no messing. Discovery process is alight! Hope your continuing to be physical comfortable and that things are moving along nicely with you in your multiverse life. All the best.

  4. Checking in to see how you’re going with life!? Pluto’s been in my first house since it hit 26 degrees this month and yep it’s a completely different beast to it being in the 12th house hey – amazing how all 12th house pain and life long pains have disappeared. I am just imagining how well you’re walking now – walking tall! Now I’m doing hardcore soul work on bringing my book out into the world, but I want to know where your intense focus lies atm?

    1. I’m physically comfortable.
      I’m surrounded by death, people dying, and loss.
      I’m working a lot (consultations) and getting ready to get my garden going.
      I feel good, as if I have a part to play in this world.

      1. Beats last year where most of us felt physically uncomfortable.
        I’m around slow death, not quite dead! I see your having to let go let go let go atm….a most personal process. You know how it goes.
        I’m finding new people or they’re finding me as new colleges are aplenty and old ones have gone. Can see why you’re consulting more….as if the universe is shining a light on relationships for you atm and the need to relate in new ways.
        “I feel good, ……….” – it does feel like walking through a door that says to oneself and the world that I’M HERE with Pluto in the 1st.

  5. Daniel, I am curious what is your date of birth? I know someone who seems to have alot in common with you from what you write. It seems a pretty amazing coincidence.

  6. Tell me a little about this someone.If I was to, you would then know my birth chart in full (which I don’t reveal). I’ll give you a teaser and say my birthday’s next week, 1974…that should do enough to satisfy your research.

  7. Elsa, Pluto really hitting hard now. Things have moved right into serious. May have to reach out for some kind’ve chart reading from you. I’ll see how things unfold this week for me.

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