Raising Kids With Astrology

This is for parents and also for old timers around here.

My son is visiting right now. Vid. He’s seventeen now. He’s in college, studying engineering. He’s getting straight A’s. If you’ve been reading me for awhile, you know it wasn’t always like this.

My son has his Sun conjunct Saturn. He’s mature for his age. He’s already able to look back on his “childhood” and see some of things I did and how he benefitted from them.

He specifically mentioned how I set him and his friends up so they could ride the light rail from the suburbs into the city (20 miles away), so they could go to Six Flags, independently. It was a risk. A helicopter parent would have never done something like this. But I was working with the charts of the boys…

My son has Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Aries. That’s a daring, independent, adventurous, combination. It’s in contrast to Sun Saturn which can be fearful but also shine (Sun) as a responsible (Saturn) person.  His best friend was an Aquarian with Moon Saturn in Aries.  You can see how facing fear and living independently would benefit these two.  So I sent them into the city, to lead a group of their friends to the amusement park.

They were thoroughly prepared. The light rail system was pretty limited in Denver at the time. I printed the schedules and the entire map so they could imagine the visual; see where he was going, while in motion on the train. I had them text me from each stop, for both our benefits.  I knew they’d be scared. I wanted them to mark their progress. I wanted their faith to pay off…which it did.

The arrived at the park, safely, and spent the summer going back and forth to the park with their season passes. They learned to leave the park and eat from the dollar menu at Mcdonald’s since they had little cash.  They took pictures of their adventures which are already precious to them.  Hey! No guts, no glory! This is life for Aries!

Two years later, my son’s friend went to work at the part, riding the rail to get there.  My son gets around the town where he goes to school, confidently, though car-less.

I’m writing this today because I had a client yesterday whose son has a really hard chart.  He’s got a difficult Saturn transit at seven years old. I was telling her, she’s got to let her kid take some knocks. And I remembered how hard this was, back when my son had his first Saturn square. It was agony watching him go through it. But it sure has paid off!

Astrology can really help you parent. There is no question about it.

Yes, that is a pic of the boys…with a passed out drunk, behind them.  They were out, having a life and I’m glad they did this!

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    1. I’m going to order a child report on my granddaughter. I only babysit her and I can feel her vibe. I’ve done her chart but a report would give lots more insight.

  1. My daughter is an Aries Rising with a Uranus/Saturn/Neptune stellium in her Sagittarius 9H. She’s all about traveling overseas by herself and learning about different cultures. I have never been able to tie down this bucking bronco. Her astrological chart clearly shows she’s pre-wired to pursue an adventurous lifestyle. Her First Saturn Return is this year.

  2. Hey Elsa is the ‘King’ your son, I love the humour of the picture – the passed out drunk. Hilarious. I’m a Capricorn with a a moon Saturn conjunction in Aries so I get this post. I’ve also got a son, 16, whose ascendant us at 18 Capricorn so is having Pluto bite his ass at the moment. He’s a Leo (king) with a fire triangle in his chart (mars Leo, Pluto sag and moon Aries)his Jupiter in 4th house is conjunct Saturn so there’s limits as well as growth I home environment. I’m in hospital for seven months now with his brother who has leukemia, so he’s learning independence and limit – right now. Great post, just made me do happy to see those boys? Thanks Elsa, wishing them further success and adventures ?

    1. He did not marry.
      Quirky is a total stud. Women throw themselves at him. He’s very much like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Seriously.

      I am sure he will marry but right now, his entire fb is selfies of him, looking slick in various scenarios and outfits. 🙂

      He’s done a number of things, but works at the airport now, I think.

  3. Hey Vid!! Such great news all around. I’m glad he’s putting together a smart future. Good for him, good for you! This is the rewards part of parenting that people talk about. Mine is a senior so not settled yet but I will be relieved if I can see some of what you’re seeing. It’s the payoff for keeping an eye on what kind of growth they need.
    I’m actually worried I haven’t done enough so I’ve been consciously having him do more on his own. When I see the special snowflake college students I think NO NO NO and I give him a nice little lecture to relieve my anxiety. He’s a mega Aquarian so I don’t know if it helps, lol. But kids DEFINITELY get self-esteem from the kind of thing you mentioned, Elsa- guidance for safety but they realize, hey, I can do this. It’s really lacking in today’s kids. I think when I was little expectations were higher- you can’t truly replicate that from generation to generation. But being aware of what they need to grow is a parent’s job and you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. Enjoy your time together!!! xo

  4. He also reports, he keeps his dorm room clean. His room was disgusting at home. He said he remembers me telling him he had to clean his room.

    “I was going to do it tomorrow,” he’d say, as if I should know this and was irrationally, impatient. He recalls this.

    He also recalls my pulling out the couch and seeing all the trash behind it…candy wrappers and such. Soda cans!

    He’s embarrassed…or rather says he was being a kid.

  5. You’re an awesome mama, Elsa! ?? You’ve spoken to your son in his love language. You’ve inspired me to peruse through each of my kids’ charts to try and do the same. This should be interesting with one of my kids who bears a strong Mars-Saturn link. I’ve had a difficult time giving them the freedom bc I’m so overprotective ?

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