Astrology & Music: Aspects in Charts of Musicians


Peter Morrell writes:

“In summary, from this we can see that any planets in Leo and Aquarius tend to be linked with musical ability, especially the middle and end degrees. We can also see 13-19 degrees of any sign can confer musical ability especially those in cardinal and fixed signs, but even in mutables too. 29 Sag also seems prominent in many charts.

Musicians and composers need a sense of vibration [16 fixed signs] a sense of rhythm [Jupiter or Mars in earth?] and also a sense of subtle perception [Venus Neptune contacts]. They also need artistic sense [Venus] and the sense of symmetry [Libra] and architecture [Mercury Saturn] for composition. Many also deal with lyrics and thus a Gemini, Virgo, Mercury component also comes in.”

He has an impressive list of the birth dates of of various musicians and composers – Check it out

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  1. Sun-neptune,moon-neptune and saturn-neptune aspects seem to abound in musicians´charts, according to Liz Greene.In her book “Neptune and the Quest for Redemption” she provides a list of 72 famous musicians with these aspects, from Alb©niz to Wolf.

  2. I noticed that 14 Pisces turned up quite a few times on that list. But I’m probably a little bit biased because that’s where Mercury is in my chart. 😉
    14 Pisces might have an influence that gives people an appreciation for abstract languages like symbolism, music and astrology. I think that seems like an interesting possibility.

  3. I can use all musical enstruments without musical note. I have 16 degrees of mercury in pisces,20 degrees of neptune in saguttarius, 17 degrees of moon in scorpio and ascendant in Virgo. All i need is variety of instruments and voices because my brain can only works with inspiration. Is there any connetcion between the position this chart and my ability ?

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    curious wanderer

    Thanks for posting this in the boards. This is so funny, because I have just about all of these placements.

    Jupiter in Leo (but early, and in the 12th), 5 planets in 13-19 degrees Cardinal and Mutable, Earth Mars, Venus conj. Neptune, Mercury/Saturn both trine and in mutual reception, and 1 planet in Libra. Plenty of Mercury influence.

    I don’t play, though I’d love to learn. I love to sing, but probably need some lessons and practice to polish me. I think my ability to hear and understand the nuances of music exceeds my ability to produce music. I’m okay with that. 🙂

    Truthfully, this subject grabbed me because my Venus/Neptune longs for a musician…particularly one who can sing like an angel. 😉

  5. Venus/Neptune: check. Sun & Merc between 13 and 19: check. Libra: check. Gemini and Virgo for the lyrics: check.

  6. I know musicians with those placements.
    I’ve no planets or points in these degrees but I’ve been playing the piano since a kid,without any study.I started taking lessons 3 years ago and only recently I found a way to prevent my ear from getting in the way of the left brain teacher was puzzled because after long explanation about harmonic ties I played the right keys on the piano but still I was not retaining any notion:my fingers would just go there.when I listen to music I see the notes lightening up as on a screen. singing for me is a basic need.I see mercury here, in pisces and grand trine with moon and neptune,plus trine with sun.mercury is also conj chiron and ear is so delicate I can’t walk into a mall without earplugs on,I collect any single noise or word in the air.I thrive in silence.

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      Your entire comment is exactly how I have been my whole life, hearing vivid sounds, voices, pitches,and rifts, that i would randomly hear in my head. Always been sensitive to sound vibrations too.

  7. 🙂 I have moon 16°, Uranus 14°, Pluto 16° all in Virgo, but I also have Neptune 16° in Scorpio and Jupiter 16° in Taurus.

    Teaching myself guitar and writing a few songs. There’s a strong music ability on my mom’s side though.

  8. Neptune is almist always mighty in musicians charts, as well as Mercury-Venus contacts, often with Sun in lead singers.

  9. I have Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto between 13-19 degrees (and 3 of those make up a Yod of fixed and hard cardinal signs). Saturn in Leo at 26 degrees.

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    Myles McKinley Walker

    I have Sun in Libra at 19 degrees, Mars in Cancer at 15 degrees, and Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn at 14 and 16 degrees. Now I grew a interest in Music and be writing lyrics

  11. Sun sextile neptune- cap, conj pluto in scorpio, mercury venus conjuction in libra.Moon in leo, Jupiter gemini and mars in aries.I enjoy each and every type of music. Total versatility. Cross-linguistic, no genre-barrier. I eat and sleep music..literally. It’s my God . Mom(Gemini sun taurus moon) and Dad(sun taurus, aquarius moon) both being very musical in different aspects… one is connoiseur in terms of sounds and plays instruments like flute without any formal training and other one likes to sing and appreciates beauty of the lyrics and their sense. Guess I am a beautiful blend of them.

    and my SO has all the ingredients of a player-singer musician…he has sun sag, taurus moon with merc-venus-neptune conjunction in cap…he plays guitar <3

  12. Have you looked through his list? Seems inaccurate. For instance he doesn’t list all the planetary placements for each composer, only some, and those being different in each case. We would have better results to go on were all degrees for all the planets for every composer listed. I wonder why he didn’t do this. There seems to be an abundance of Leo and Aqua placements, but then again half of the planets and angles are missing from the list, so this doesn’t mean anything. I’m assuming there is some bias, intentional or unintentional. In any case this isn’t a valid list until all placements are put forward for an accurate count. I’m betting big time that the Pisces count will increase.

  13. I have all of those.

    Leo rising 14
    Libra Pluto 16
    Venus in Gemini opposite Neptune in Sag
    Mars in Taurus
    Mercury semisquare Saturn in Virgo

    Yet, I lack good singing and musical ability. But I love music and do have a lot of natural rhythm. Dance comes easily. Even if I’ve never heard the song before, I can anticipate the rises and falls of notes before I’ve heard the chorus, making it easy to choreograph moves to on a whim. Maybe I will work on the music part again and learn an instrument at my age.

  14. I have a strange connection to music in general, in that, any music overwhelms me after a time. The trend these days is one where everyone seems to need to plug in music, at all times. It could be for a myriad of reasons – work/relax/fun/background sound/avoid being alone with your thoughts etc. I guess I’d be closer to the other extreme.

    I have a highly mercurial chart (some planets b/w 13-19 deg), with a dash of venus-neptune.

  15. I honestly think all humans are musical, and lost their inate ability to sing during some other catastrophe where a few took control over the many. Some people can read so much better than others, but ALL people learn how to read. Same in music – some are more talented in that aspect than others – SO ALL QUIT SINGING AND READING MUSIC? They changed the Concert Tuning pitch last century and many feel it is the root of all angst – that and what the Epstinean People have done to our Music, “stars”, and Leisure activities. I honestly feel most people do not feel connected to their soul, because the DON’T sing. Just like a person who stutters, because they can’t talk. If everyone learned music – ALL things would follow naturally – and all people would be happy for ALL PEOPLE CAN MAKE MUSIC !

    1. I agree, all people can make music and we all could sing and dance, play one or few instruments, cos if you play one, you will LOVE all the intstruments and you will want to play all of them. Yep, too bad all kinds of arts are not appreciated at large, it’s some kind of rarity done by some special or weird people…
      At schools they do not spend much time on this, a child should do it as a hobby and not as something natural like cooking, which btw. also should be a natuaral thing for children to learn to prepare food. All about music and many others things are just sad, because people do not live their lifes any more, just survive and every musian also must survive like Jimmy Hendrix told himself in the interview when he played on the streets before he became the star, he did not have money to eat, he had to steal food in the supermarket. Sad…

      1. O thank you Lalilu! – if all people sang and danced everyday, we would not need any laws for they would be Happy. A happy people are connected to their soul and care about others. We are Spirit in the Flesh and to try and say only a Few are Vibrational Beings is ridiculous – just like all people don’t understand calculus -we still use it – we can all learn to read, write music -it develops the brain – the Spirit flows on Energy. We could have a whole different world if not for the Greedy – but they don’t SING – do they??? They’ve not developed their Soul connection, and they are imploded super dark, fearful beings projecting their Lack of Soul on others.

  16. Thank you, Roberta, so beautifuly said. I also dream about the same world you dream about with kind, good, strong individuals with graceful souls, world full of joy. Joy is inseparable from music, singing and dancing. Music is a gift from the world above, from Devachan. I hope and believe we shall see that world, we people must come back to each other in peace and love. Conversations like this are giving hope and strength. Many hugs!

  17. Oh I so wish I could sing. My moon is at 13 leo. I would love to be a jazz singer or play the cello or even rap, even used to dream I could become an opera singer.Practiced Queen of the night aria.Cannot sing at all. Listen to music all the time, it is truly what keeps me going and it is the most healing.Maybe it is arrogant to say , but I think I have great rhythm, love dancing.Mars in Taurus 12 .Agree with you guys , a gift from the heavens, and also true humanity and symbioses with the earth and the skies and the elements, not political, not national, not restrictive, just joy and togetherness. If I am sad I watch Second Line dancing on Instagram. Used to play the trumpet in the school band/ orchestra (ages ago) and on our day of independence walked with 20-30 other bands and schools in a parade, it is still the best day of the year for me. I am very fascinated with those who are multitalented musicians, they hear one note and can ad hoc make something. It is truly a gift.

  18. I possess a 19deg Aquarian Sun, conjunct Pallas. Jupiter and Neptune (0deg) in Capricorn trining my Taurus Moon. 13deg Mars, 16 deg Saturn in Scorpio. Venus 17deg in Capricorn. 29deg Mercury in Capricorn.

    I am obsessed with patterns, rhythms and percussion sequences, chord structures, and such. I internally reside in a world of sound and emotions, but my exterior appears sphinx-like, not to hide anything, but because there’s a lot internally going on. I am swell at drumming, creating electronics beats, mixing/editing, and have an intense knack for desiring to remember every…single…beat and lyric to any tune I enjoy. I also have music constantly playing in my internal background.

    I worked as a sound tech for awhile. I have some percussion instruments here at home, keyboards. Now that my son is getting into music, we will add much more to our collection.

    My son has 29 deg Sag rising trining his Sun & Neptune conjunction in Pisces, with a 15’44” Leo Jupiter opposing Aqua Mercury. Uranus 14deg Aries. Pluto 14deg Capricorn. He has a knack for remembering lengths of tunes as well. He wants to begin playing the trumpet but he just turned 7, a nice idea for a christmas gift now that his lips won’t be deformed for playing so young.

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    I am a natural musician with Sun (11th house Cancer) square Neptune (3rd house, Libra); Moon (12th house Gemini) trine Neptune; Saturn conjunct Neptune.

  20. I played violin . I can tell by hear which way the bow is . Up or down.
    I can remember musical notes
    Lately drawn to drums.
    Neptune trine aqua mercury. Pisces sun
    Jupiter trine sun and Saturn
    Mars quintile Uranus

    Lol my aqua Venus conjoin Chiron . I love harps

    I m a good dancer

      1. Sag conjoin Pallas trine Pluto.
        MR Jupiter cancer lol sq Uranus
        A few say sextile Venus.
        A far sextile mercury and Neptune
        My midpoint moon . Venus Neptune 😂😂😂

        Yea I been over the rainbow
        Thanks for asking

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